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  1. You see, it takes quite the intellect to fully comprehend this user's importance and value to this site.
  2. This sole user has contributed in many ways a majority of this forum's users never will.
  4. Allow me to further elaborate.
  6. This user has been a part of many important productions and developments that have not only improved this community, but the environment surrounding it.
  7. For instance, one of this users primary contributions has been the development of the "Jahcoin Simulator."
  8. In this 'Roblox' game, the user is given the choice to "gamble" their 'Jahcoins'.
  9. This game introduces the player to the ideal gambling simulation.
  10. These modern cryptocurrency-based "Jahcoin's" presented in the game also may have more meaning than you might have originally comprehended.
  11. For example, these "Jahcoins" not only include a comical and easy-to-say name, but also provide a important and extensive origin.
  13. This currency was based on the popular american rapper, Jahseh "XXXTentacion" Onfroy whom was known for his iconic raps. However, on June 18th of 2018, the famous rapper was announced dead. Due to his strong connection with his followers, his fanbase went on to mourn and cherish his life.
  15. By basing this development off of "Jahcoins," which hold a true value, this user creates thee feeling of a comical but important insight.
  16. After extensive participation in this simulation game, the user can fully understand what the game's true message is.
  17. And that message is not only important to those users, but can be an important lesson for anyone who browses this site.
  19. This lesson is that the exploiting section of roblox is ruining the site.
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