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Dadonequus Discord Part 295

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  1. >"Ok, so. Your other you came back yesterday." Scootaloo tells you
  2. >...yeah...you knew that already
  3. "Ok, so..go on. Did he do anything bad? Because, ya know. I can stomp him if I need too"
  4. >"What?! He didn't do anything bad Anon! Wow! Why would you even think that! See? This is why you had trouble before! That other Anon?.." Sweetie Belle began to slow down as she put on a goofy smile and blushed "He's everything a girl could want"
  5. >.........oh no
  6. "...y-you're not ser....WHAT?! WHAT EVEN HAPPENED?! Sweetie Belle, you didn't seriously somehow run into this guy yourself right?!"
  7. >"Mhmm, sorta...He said I was beautiful as always. He called me Miss Belle. He definitely is a prince. ohhhhh....I wish I knew when he came back..." Sweetie Belle's legs began to jiggle like jelly as she fell back, nearly fainting. Applebloom catching her
  8. >"Get a hold of yerself Sweetie Belle" Applebloom tries to snap her out of it with her words, and gives her a small shake
  9. >"...ugh...She really is Rarity's sister" Scootaloo rolled her eyes "You know that's not even the important part, right?"
  10. >"Huh?" Sweetie Belle took offense to that and hopped out of Applebloom's legs, fuming at Scootaloo "Not important?! He's the prince of Equestria! The fact that he actually knows who I am personally sounds pretty important to me!"
  11. >"........You mean the you that he personally knows in his own world? And not ours? that you?" Scootaloo looked at Sweetie Belle with a agitated stoic expression
  12. >"..I mean...I guess" Sweetie Belle was agitated by that point. "....lucky other me"
  13. >You sigh...this was going nowhere
  14. "Can somepony tell me what happened with Scrappy please?"
  16. >"C'mon girls. calm down." Applebloom tried to get the other two to stop bickering.
  17. >After they took a moment to apologize to one another. It was Applebloom herself who decided to relay what happened to Scrappy.
  18. >"It's like this Anon. Yer other self was here to get the low down on Queen Chrysalis."
  19. >now that...was interesting.
  20. "Why? Don't tell me he has her in his basement too..."
  21. >Applebloom shook her head "Ah don't think so. Ah think, from what Scrappy said, he's gonna attack their whole hive! Sounds pretty kooky if you ask me"
  22. >It did. How the fuck was he going to do it? From what you knew. Chrysalis had a throne that could nullify magic. And while yours made the mistake of coming out of it. His sounded like she was fine sticking there.
  23. >Though, he also seemed very resourceful. Not many ponies you could say would come up with an idea to cross dimensions just to dig up some info on your enemy. Hrn...this guy sounded like he was too smart for his own good. Hell, sounded like he was going to get everyone killed. what army was he going to send to attack Chrysalis? It'd be like what happened to Scoots en masse.
  24. "Geez, yeah. That's really...bad."
  25. >"I think it's better than keeping her in your basement. Anon, come on. He's the prince for a reason. And look how smart he is. Nopony would have thought to come to another Equestria to learn about their enemy. He's a genius" Sweetie Belle was blushing as he praised him.
  26. >......
  27. >ergh
  28. "...Sweetie Belle, he said one sentence to you, don't you think you're overreacting?"
  29. >"Anon, I'm a girl. It's ok to fantasize." She eyes you up and down. But the magic was gone. Even if you looked like him and shared his name. You weren't as well kept, shiny, smart, or anything like he was. "I mean...I won't say he's the better Anon. But, he's definitely nice and cute"
  30. >....Was she saying that he was cuter and...nicer than you were?
  31. >....but...you were super cute. Even you'd do you.
  32. >What does this fuck have that you don't got?
  34. >You started to feel that internal anger known as jealousy
  35. "Aren't I nice and cute?..."
  36. >"...Anon, come on." Scootaloo, as well as Applebloom, was trying to immediately nip the situation in the bud
  37. >"Anon, that ain't important. What's important is who ya are on the inside" Applebloom makes a gentle tap at your chest.
  38. >Applebloom then looks to Sweetie Belle, with a tired expression on her face "C'mon Sweetie Belle. can we not get everypony riled up?Anon is right, ah think he was just being polite. he probably already has like, royal princesses asking for his hoof or somethin' like that already"
  39. >Sweetie Belle flinched at those words. A Prince in waiting? Well, she wasn't a princess herself. She wasn't royalty. Sweetie Belle sighed as she began to realize she may have had a crush over the unobtainable. The more polite and nicer Anon no doubt. But...she didn't want to lose the friendship of the Anon she had. Especially after her spats of last time.
  40. >"...I'm sorry. I guess I got ahead of myself there" Sweetie Belle admits, looking down feeling ashamed.
  41. >Ugh, you could feel your own anger leave you as she slowly raised her head to reveal an adorably pitiable face.
  42. >You reaaaalllyy wanted a real answer, you kind of wanted to rub in her face that she barely even knew this other Anon.
  43. >...But that would be mean. That would have been the you you were originally becoming. And that would give them justification to actually hate you. And you didn't want that.
  44. "..I'm sorry too. I really am. Look, let's just forget about which Anon is the best and move on with the story. Like, why and how exactly did he get Scrappy to tell him everything? He isn't usually the type to actually cause the ruination of his own queen. He wouldn't go that far. No matter what dimension of Chrysalis it is."
  46. >"Well, ah guess that ain't the case. Because he definitely told him everything he needed to know. Then again, Scrappy said that other you finally challenged him to that battle he's been wanting." Applebloom informs you
  47. "..woooah...what?! They actually fought?"
  48. >That...wait...
  49. "...Don't tell me...I-is Scrappy ok? He didn't hurt him did he?"
  50. >"He's Fine. Turns out it wasn't really a fight. They just played chess." Scootaloo smiled as she shrugged "Who knew the little guy was so good...sorta...I mean, he said he lost a lot. But the way he beat all of us? I could swear he was playing for years or something. He apparently even won the last game against the other you"
  51. >Chess?!...fucking..Chess?! And he was good at it?!
  52. >No fucking way, that made you curious enough to challenge him at it. No, you know what? First chance you get. You'll definitely challenge him. Because that, you had to see. And you felt, just like in a physical fight. That he stood no shot against you intellectually.
  53. "That...I need to see to believe"
  54. >"Oh trust us Anon, he'll whoop your butt. I've never seen the little guy so focused. When he plays, it's a magic all it's own. And it's like...every game...he just gets better. It's almost creepy" Scootaloo said.
  55. >"Speaking of creepy. Anon, did ya know Pinkie is throwing that party for Chrysalis...tonight. We all got the invites this mornin'. They we're pretty weird too, said not to mention there was a party at all. But we at least had to ask ya about it" Applebloom informs you
  56. >Ahh good, Pinkie was right on track.
  57. >You smirk. Since they weren't aware of your plan. And was sure this would blow them away.
  58. "Well hehehehe..."
  59. >You rub your hoof against your chest then blow on it.
  60. "I do know, I'm the one who asked Ponk to set it up"
  62. >".......WHAT?! ANON, ARE YOU NUTS IN THE HEAD?! DON'T YOU REMEMBER WHAT SHE DID TO ME! AND NOW YOU'RE ACTUALLY LETTING HER BE IN A ROOM FULL OF PONIES?!" Scootaloo was obviously the most displeased about this. Even blaming Chrysalis for what her children had done. Even if, Chrysalis probably did want it to happen anyway.
  63. >The other two looked pretty frantic about it themselves.
  64. >But you just smirked as you raised your hoof to try to settle them down.
  65. "Relax girls, relax. Check it. Scoots, you actually just said exactly what I had in mind"
  66. >".......WHAT?! YOU WANT THAT TO HAPPEN?!ANON..WHY?!" Scootaloo looked utterly befuddled. She was wondering if you had a screw loose or something..or even...went to her side.
  67. >"She's right Anon! What are you thinking?! She's just going to use the party to feed off everypony! That's like...the opposite of what that other you would do!" Sweetie Belle just couldn't wrap her head around it. And that mention of the other you...goddammit. Fuck him, he couldn't come up with something this good even if he tried.
  68. "Ugh, calm down...geez. Look, what I meant was that it's Chrysalis stuck in a castle with everypony in town. That'[s a good thing"
  69. >"Uh huh...and how exactly is that a good thing? That's like givin' a rat all the cheese without settin' traps first." Applebloom, of course ever a simple pony, couldn't figure it out either.
  70. "Not exactly. See, It's the same because instead of a pony being stuck in a room full of changelings. It's a changeling stuck in a room full of ponies. She may feed on love, but trust me...she absolutely hates being shown it. Love and affection just being love and affection without a string attached makes her really really angry"
  72. >"Wha?...huh...wait" Scootaloo began to think on it. She remembered being stuck at the wedding when she revealed herself the first time. And being defeated by a giant love wave. "wait..I..I think I get it. She can't stand ponies loving on her. She can eat love energy, but can't stand ponies loving and caring about her....ohhhh" Scootaloo smirks at you as she finally gets it "You're gonna use the party to get her back for what she did to me? That's so cool! She can't even do anything about it either, not unless she wants everypony to know who she actually is"
  73. >Right on! Scootaloo may have not hit the bullseye, but she was nearly close.
  74. "Almost Scoots. But I actually want her to realize that she doesn't need to be so hateful. I want her to feel loved and adored. I know it won't change her, but I know it'll leave a mark on her. And I'll use that to try to get her to reform. And before you ask how I'm going to keep her there. My horn has a couple of charges now. So It'll be alright. I can keep her contained"
  75. >"Hold on Anon, now that sounds like an ok plan and all. But leavin' ah mark? Ah dunno, ah think she might just get really sore at you." Applebloom couldn't see Chrysalis taking it as any way but a form of insurrection against her.
  76. "Oh, she will. But trust me. I think it'll work out in the end Especially when I have two charges to......wait"
  77. >....two?
  78. >....no.....wait
  79. "....wait...ahm, just a refresher. You all said my other self showed up in this world...right?"
  80. >"Yeah, we did. Why? What's that gotta do with the Chrysalis of our world Anon?" Sweetie Belle asked. She was curious, but as she answered, she noticed an insane smile curl up on your mouth "U-uhhh Anon...you ok?"
  81. >that magnificent idiot. He showed up...
  83. >And while, you being the superior Anon could go and stomp his ass. You were indeed above that. You were a good pony now, through and through...yep...totally.
  84. >But no, you wouldn't. But...because he showed up. That means the three charges you would have had to deal with his ass. Are now yours to play with.
  85. >And it wouldn't even be three now...would it?
  86. >It'd be four.
  87. >Four whole charges.
  88. >With the right setup. You could make sure Chrysalis never escapes the love.
  89. >You thought back at how smug she was
  90. >How she treated you
  91. >No, at first you just meant to contain her. But with this much power?
  92. >Oh, you could feel it
  93. >It was the same feeling you got on Nightmare Night.
  94. >Maybe you may show her more than just the love of the ponies
  95. >You could show her that you too, we're not to be trifled with
  96. >She didn't know you had that many charges. She only knew you had one.
  97. >Oh....this day just got better. Thanks to your doppelganger.
  98. >Finally, you'd have the upper hand this time.
  99. >Just knowing that made you feel good
  100. >So much so that you tittered, then giggled, then laughed, then entered insane hysterics.
  102. >You felt a hard slap on your cheek.
  103. "W-what'd you do that for Applebloom?"
  104. >"S-sorry Anon, ya just got kinda creepy there for a second" She, nor the other three seemed comfortable after that little outburst of yours.
  105. "O-oh..s-sorry. I just was thinking of something funny"
  106. >"Yeaahhhh...ok..erm. So, what..should we do then..y'know. About this whole party thing?" Scootaloo asked, wondering if you had any part for them.
  107. "Huh, just act natural. And don't let Scrappy know. He doesn't know yet does he?"
  108. >They all shook their head.
  109. "Nope, he's been practicing chess all day" Sweetie Belle informs you
  111. >Practicing..hehe, he was gonna need it when you faced off against him.
  112. >But enough being smug. You had to focus...you had the power sure. B-but, after being slapped for that kind of laughter?..yeah..you better get a good hold of yourself.
  113. "Ok, good. Because I don't know what'd he'd think of the situation and it's better he doesn't know so he doesn't have to take sides."
  114. >"Oh yeah..that actually sounds ok. Ah wouldn't want him feelin' bad about what we're doin" Applebloom actually agreed with you on this one. It felt nice.
  115. >"Yeah, if he sided with bugbreath for this. It would be pretty bad" Scootaloo too? Rad
  116. >"Or he might try to stop it just because. I think he'd be worried for us and her." Sweetie Belle adds, agreeing. But, probably was the more right than Scoots.
  117. "Ok then. As for getting Chrysalis there? Just leave that to me. I'll use one of my charges if I have to. Not like using one would actually matter at this point. Girls...look. I'm sorry about, in any way, acting like a derp. The news just kind of irked me and all."
  118. >"..It's alright Anon..like I said. I'm sorry too. You may not be a prince. But you're still our Anon. Still High and Mighty" Sweetie Belle giggled before giving a sweet smile "But also brave and caring. You're the only pony I know who'd go this far for Queen Chrysalis. And, without that. We would have never helped Scrappy."
  119. >"Yep, I wouldn't have been able to experience flying on my own. Well..sorta..but still, I wouldn't have flown without you Anon" Scootaloo adds in
  120. >"And ya know? Ah just like havin' you as a friend Anon, you,Scrappy, and everypony in Ponyville." And then Finally Applebloom, not the best bit of praise. But, it was balanced,fair, and you knew she meant it.
  122. >Shortly after, the bell rang to come back inside the class.
  123. >You all hugged, and vowed your usual solidarity.
  124. >And while you knew you'd have their support. You just had to wonder a three things.
  125. >One, how capable was Scrappy? Surely he wasn't that good
  126. >Two, Sweetie Belle...Goddammit. You knew...you just knew...she still had the hots for that other you. A small part of you wondered what could have been if it was you and her instead of you and DT. Egh..maybe you shouldn't think about it.
  127. >And finally Three, the other you taking on the changelings. Boy, he was gonna need some major fucking luck. Because even with Scrappy's info. It sounded impossible. But, him being another version of you? You felt bad for him in some way. You didn't want the poor bastard to die. But what could you do? You just had to hope for the best.
  128. >Chrysalis herself would be a four. But with a smug smile and a flick of your horn. You just knew...just knew. You had her in the bag today. You had too many charges to fuck this up now.
  129. >And for that, you could at least thank your other self. Even if he did seem like a dweeb.
  131. >The rest of class was the same. The lesson continued. You wrote notes. Though nothing noteworthy happened until the bell rang.
  132. >You were however, planning on seeing Scrappy before the party. You were particularly interested in that chess playing
  133. >You waited awhile inside the classroom as you pondered on what the night would bring. Telling Diamond you'd meet her outside, and the CMC that you'd catch up with them soon.
  134. >But as you were stepping out..
  135. >"Anon...can I speak to you for a moment"
  136. >That was Miss Cheerilee's voice.
  137. >DAMMIT....
  138. >You slowly turn around as the other students leave to see Cheerilee at her desk. Looking directly at you.
  139. >....uggghhh
  140. >Your ears droop downwards as you slowly approached her from the side of her desk.
  141. "Y-yes Miss Cheerilee?"
  142. >Was it because of the homework you didn't do. You wondered?
  143. >"Oh..oh Anon" Miss Cheerilee could already see you stressing out about whatever it was she called you for. "What's the matter? You don't think you're in trouble do you?"
  144. "I mean...I didn't do the homework so..yeah..sort of..I'm sorry"
  145. >You were, in that sense. Miss Cheerilee was a pretty nice teacher...sexy too but thats something else.
  146. >"Anon, homework is important. That's true. But, you're not in trouble for not doing it. I was actually wondering if anything had been bothering you lately. You looked kind of off today..is it because of this?" Cheerilee takes out her invitation to the party and shows it to you.
  147. >The party? Were you nervous? Nervous about what? You had everything in the bag.
  148. "Ummm, why would I be nervous about that?"
  150. >"Well Anon, your sister only showed up only a little while ago. She's adjusting. And you're adjusting. And after the story I heard about you crossing to another Equestria. I can't imagine things being easy to handle. I mean, it all sounds...wellllll.." she was trying to come up with a word for "Crazy"
  151. >"...Zany...Is that story your sister told even true?" It looked like she was pretty curious about it since she first heard of it. "It sounds way to dangerous to actually be believable"
  152. >Hrn, so it seemed the story being so fantastic may have caused skepticism in some of the adults despite the proof. Well, at least the proof Twilight knew to be real.
  153. "Would you believe me if I said yes?"
  154. >"I...Well...It's kind of yes and no really. No because of how it sounds. And Yes because I know your father could probably make it happen. But, I guess I lean more towards a yes because the proof your sister had was also very convincing...ugh" Cheerilee put her hoof to her forehead in frustration when she realized she was going off track "Nevermind, the important thing. The thing I'm trying to say is are you alright? Is there anything wrong at all. Because as your teacher. You can tell me and we'll keep it between us. Ok?"
  155. >Yeah no...she was nice. And probably super trustworthy. But you could never tell her whats going on in your life. She'd fucking spaz so hard.
  156. "Nope, trust me. There's nothing wrong. I just really forgot my homework. Y'know, it happens. kids stuff"
  157. >You shrug dismissively
  158. >"Hmmmm, I suppose...Maybe I'm just a little too worried. Alright, if that's the case. I'll give you your F and be done with it." She takes a gradebook and goes to mark an F by your name.
  159. "A-An F?!...ugh...yeah, I guess I deserve that, huh?"
  160. >Dammit, you forgot for a moment that not doing homework gets you Fs...fuck school man.
  162. >"I'm sorry Anon, even though you're telling the truth. I can't give you a freebie. If I did, every student would want one. But don't worry" She closes the book up and looks to you with a cheerful little smile "You've been doing well enough that it won't affect your grade really. Though, you shouldn't miss school too much either. Some work can't be made up. You understand what I mean by that, right?"
  163. >You nod
  164. "Projects and stuff, yeah I get it. Ok, I won't sweat it."
  165. >You peer over at the invitation
  166. "So, you're coming to the party then?"
  167. >Cheerilee giggled "Mhmm, I always go to every "Welcome to Ponyville" Party that Pinkie Pie throws. When it comes to welcoming a new resident, you always want to try to show up to make them feel welcome."
  168. >Awwww.....
  169. "That's really cool of you Miss Cheerilee"
  170. >"It's just the right thing to do Anon, and it's always enjoyable. hmm, why don't you run along for now. I want to get my papers and planning in order so I can get to that party on time. You should get ready too. I'm sure your sister would love your company before you surprise her."
  171. >...hehehehe....nope
  172. "Sure Miss Cheerilee, I'll get right on that. You take care, ok? and thanks for worrying about me...it felt nice"
  173. >"Anon..." Cheerilee puts her hoof on your head as she gives you a more, sunny and gentle smile "I care about all my students. No matter what. You're all important to me"
  175. >Or heartwarming anyway
  176. >With that out of the way. You head out, to go see Scrappy.
  177. >Or you were.......oh no
  178. >You spotted Discord. Leaning down and giving Diamond Tiara an adorable little boop on her nose. You could hear her giggling. Silver Spoon was at her side and she didn't seem too comfortable at all.
  179. >....what the fuck was that about?
  180. >You just watch Diamond Tiara nearly skip with glee as Silver Spoon followed. And as they left, Discord looked over to you and waved for you to come over.
  182. >.....ohh lordy. Well, it's not too bad. You did have to talk to him before the party anyway.
  183. >You walk over to him very warily
  184. "So....what..um...what was that about?"
  185. >"Oh, you mean with your marefriend? Nothing much" Discord said as he pulled out and looked upon his invitation to the party closely, acting as if what he just did was no big deal "I just promised her to make her fake wedding to you nearly perfect"
  186. >.....WHAT?! IS HE SERIOUS?! WAS SHE...no.DAMMIT..of course she was, of course he is...egghhh
  188. >"A near perfect fake wedding. In which I told her yes" He puts the invitation away as he puts his arms on his hips and looks at you as if you were deaf "I'm sure you understand what that means"
  189. >You felt weak, you could feel your legs jiggle as you wobble about.
  190. "...oh my god Discord...why? Just..why?"
  191. >"Why not?" He starts counting off the reasons on his talons, growing more talons for the bigger number "She likes you, she's demanding of you which I find hilarious, she's adorable, She's smart..which that is very important Anon, it offsets your....questionable intelligence, ahrm, anyway, she knows what she wants in life, and I think Fluttershy would get a kick out of it. Those reasons are as good as any, I think so anyway"
  192. >goddammit...some of those..wait
  193. "...Are you saying I'm dumb?"
  194. >You look at him with cute adorable frustration
  195. >"No, I'm just saying you have some mental complications. And only sometimes....most of the time"
  196. >.....and it's times like this where that special bond between you and Discord stops being special. How agitating.
  197. "...Say's the guy who couldn't dodge a slow rainbow laser or realize he was being tricked by a horse man"
  198. >"...oh..now you're just splitting hairs Anon, that's not very nice" Discord pouts, crossing his arms.
  199. "Yeah yeah, I know you're just messing with me. But, what do you mean "Near Perfect" wedding? Why not just a perfect one for the fake wedding?"
  201. >Discord sighs and then knocks on your head with his paw "And this is why I think your skull is made out of pure unbreakium. Anon, how can she have a perfect wedding if the fake one was already perfect? Use that brain of yours. Especially since this concerns you too"
  202. "ergh.."
  203. >you back off, frustrated still....but...he may have had a good point on that one.
  204. "I see, so have a good fake wedding to just get a taste of the real thing. got it, but Discord. C'mon. I like her, I do. I really do...But we have to take our time. Y'know...because we're kids? Remember...I'm a kid now. Right?"
  205. >"I mean yes, that's true I suppose. But, I also don't care too much about such frivolities as long as you don't make me a grandfather within the next few years."
  206. >You just let yourself slip onto your stomach. Goddammit, he just doesn't get it. You just peer ahead into nothingness.
  207. "....never mind. So, what are you really here for then?"
  208. >"Glad you asked!" Discord grinned as he snapped his talons.
  209. >You both appeared on at a corner booth in a familiar place
  210. "...Hey...this is"
  211. >You were back. In the Griffon bar.
  213. >you looked around, there were griffons already looking back at you. Some had murder in their eyes, but they left you alone. others were more jovial as they drank whatever they were drinking.
  214. >As you gazed. you heard a deep scratchy voice, manly as hell. "What can I getcha?"
  215. >At first, you thought it was some male griffon. But nope. you turn your head to see a huge, buff, female griffon with an eyepatch, and spots of missing feathers where muscle just stretched on outwards.
  216. >"Ahh, hello Girtha, how have you been?" Discord says with a grin
  217. >"Yeah whatever, this yer kid?" She looks over to you, with an uncaring stare
  218. >"Indeed, say hello Anon" Discord says, quite happily
  219. >You however...this bitch was scary. There was even, what appeared to be, black smoke constantly coming from her nostrils everytime she exhaled. You ducked down, only the top of your head and eyes visible from the side of the table.
  220. "H-hello..umm.."
  221. >"Cute...Now what are ya both having?" She says as she holds up her notepad. "Make it quick, ya don't make tips by being slow"
  222. >"Oh, just food for now. I'll have whatever mold has been growing from under the bar and Anon can have a ham and cheese sandwich. Grilled if you don't mind" Discord did not seem at all worried or phased by this griffon. Well, he wouldn't be..but still..christ.
  223. >"Ya, got it.....ahrm" She holds out her talons and wiggles them a little
  224. >"Oh Girtha, you rascal." Discord eyes move like a slot machine, showing two coins on each eye. He then pukes a few bits into her talons. It doesn't even freak her out or phase her as she just walks off.
  225. >You pop your head out, glad that she left. But..holy fuck.
  226. "Discord, what's up with her?!"
  227. >He shrugged "Couldn't tell you, she just recently started working her. I love her work ethic though."
  229. >You and Discord turn to her, as she goes over to a table and wraps her tail around a tough looking griffon's neck and throws him so hard he goes from one end of the bar and out the window "AND DON'T COME BACK TIL YOU CAN PAY YER TAB YOU DEADBEAT!"
  230. >.....you turn white. Holy fuck...even her tail is a deadly fucking weapon.
  231. >"Ahrm, so Anon. I've heard your doppleganger showed up again"
  232. "...."
  233. >"Anon..." Discord tapped your head as you just watched the griffon work. That smoke, was as black as her feathers. Despite the feathers on her head being white. Where did it even come from? Was she like? Smoking a million cigarettes inside her stomach somehow?
  234. >Discord makes a glass of water appear and splashes it on your face. He didn't seem pleased you were ignoring him.
  235. "G-gyah! What the?! What was that for!"
  236. >"I was just trying to get your attention Anon. I didn't bring you here to gawk at the pretty griffon"
  237. >.....ewwww, god no. She was burly, buff, and missing patches of feathers. She even had a scar on her right eye. She was totally not your type. Especially with that murder tail,
  238. "...yeah...no...ugh..ok ok fine. What were you saying?"
  239. >"I was talking about your other self. I heard he showed up. But, it seems like you didn't take the chance to exact your revenge. I take it you have bigger fish to fry with those extra charges you now have? hmm?"
  240. >So...you did indeed have them then. That's good to know.
  241. "Bigger bugs is more like it."
  242. >Discord chuckles as he leans back on his chair "That's what I like to hear. Oh...by the way" He holds his paw to his talons and smiles at you, a genuine smile "I..do have to say this at least. Thank you, for whatever you told Fluttershy last night. Because whatever you told her, she seems a lot more receptive and less upset at me. Which is good because I actually did bother to sign us up for that booooring class. Well, maybe boring. We'll have to see what our options are for when we actually take them."
  244. >There we go, some common ground in how you both felt Chrysalis went to far.
  245. >you grin and lean back on your own seat as well
  246. "Look, that other me isn't anything to worry about anyway, he's dumb. Right now, Chrysalis has to learn her lesson. But, we can't actually do anything that would hurt her or just piss her off just for the sole reason of pissing her off. I do want to reform her. Remember that"
  247. >"I am, I remember. I'll leave most of what will happen at that party to you. But those classes? Oh no, that would be my turn. I trust you have everything mostly set?" Discord asks
  248. "Mostly. I just need to think of a way to get Chrysalis to the party. Which, I think it wouldn't be too hard in all actuality. All I have to do is challenge her resolve, tell her the castle has some weird book that might have something she may need, and tell her that I want to see, with my own eyes, why helping her is better than being a pony."
  249. >"Oh Anon" Discord says as Girtha drops off your plates and walks off, he takes his mold and shoves it down his throat "That's a terrible plan. She'll see right through it, even if you do manage your emotions. She's not an idiot, she'll catch on to it eventually and it just won't work anymore. "
  250. >...huh...you never did think she could catch on. But...Discord could be right.
  251. >You take a bite out of your sandwich
  252. "So, what do you suggest?"
  253. >"be genuine. Ask her that your curious as to what she means by ponies being insufferable by demonstrating it with Twilight"
  254. >what?
  255. "What do you mean?"
  257. >"I mean, ask her to show you things from her point of view by showing you that the princess of friendship isn't actually so friendly. Chrysalis knows you've had problems with her before, you still have a few hang ups about it, use it to your advantage. I sure do...mmm, this is good" He says as he munches on a particularly hardened piece of mold like candy.
  258. >That plan though.it could work. Chrysalis was just telling you about something like that. Maybe giving her the chance to "show it" would be all you need.
  259. "I Like that plan, and in lieu of not having a better one? Yeh, I'll take it. So..erm...you gonna be there? It'd be cool if you were"
  260. >"Oh..I'll be there. It's my obligation as a father after all. Besides, not only do I need to be there to make Fluttershy happy. But then there's seeing the bug crumble while showing those ponies what a REAL good time is like, oh..it'll be grand" Discord let out an evil chuckle this time as he peered forward as if he could see it happening.
  261. >Actually, given his words, and this bar. It made you wonder something.
  262. "Discord, do you actually ever go out to learn what a real party is like?"
  263. >"Oh, you don't think I don't? Anon, believe it or not. But, I do happen to venture into some pretty swanky establishments" Discord says with a cocky smirk
  264. "Then why didn't we go to one of those places instead?"
  265. >Discord sighed to that "Because Swanky places are for swanky business, shady bars is for shady dealings. Now then, let's order us some drinks. Shall we? To make a toast to whatever you did last night, I want to show my appreciation"
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