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  3. »Charles« : bathroom in crayon...chalk didn't stick well to linoleum. He dropped the codex into the bag that hung at his side, grabbed his can and stepped into the first circle saying, "Illuc." As he stepped from the first circle to the next, he vanished in a flash of white light...and appeared in a similar flash of light, so very akin to celestial light...just not quite so pure...after all he was not an angel, or even a Nephilim...but several generations removed from such a heritage.-d-
  5. »Charles« : -c-)
  7. »Charles« : He appeared, standing next to the piano at which the proprietor of moonlight had been so recently playing, his hands folded atop his cane, looking quite relaxed for all the haste he had put into leaving what was his true home. -d-
  13. Ðamoп : -Everything went swimmingly at Moonlight once Lucifer had begun to play the new tune. Damon almost instantly felt the tension evaporating from within his muscles and it was reflected in the way that he let his head slowly rest back onto the back of the curved sofa. Breathing in and out through his nose brought back the memory of his first few moments here at the Lounge and as Damon's eyelids sank shut, he mulled it all over within his mind. For the time being things within ...
  15. Ðamoп : ... Moonlight were calm, relaxed. Damon could even have sworn that the pain in his head was less. His cheek still smarted though and without the regenerative ability that came standard with all vampires, he was unable to do anything about the shiner. Time would heal it, he figured. Still, even with all the relaxing, the pain deep in his gut had not gone away. At least now he was able to focus on it a little more and it begun to dawn on him just what it was that he felt. ...
  17. Ðamoп : ... Hunger. But.. was it for blood, or for a nice greasy cheeseburger with bacon? He swallowed, saliva instantly overtaking his mouth at the thought of all that cheese, melting in his mouth. Dragging his eyes open again, the humpire?? Nah..The former vampire pulled himself to his feet quietly. His hands then moved to the edge of his shirt and he pulled it up a little, gaze cast to the lower left hand section of his washboard abs. There it was, right where it should have been. .
  19. Ðamoп : ...* Thanks OA.. }}
  21. Ðamoп : ... The three black spirals, connected together in the centre, with the added runes and circle around the edge. Even on a different planet that curse still refused to piss off. The shirt hem was dropped again and Damon turned his attention onto Lucifer as the tune began to draw to an end. He would wait for the haunting sounds of the piano to die away before speaking up quietly.-"That was.. Wow. Not to listen and run though.. but.. I have a home and this isn't it."-He would ...
  23. Ðamoп : ... keep the hunger issue quiet until his belly betrayed him. So far it hadn't. It was just then that they were joined by Charles and Damon almost shat himself. Did everyone pop in and out in the blink of an eye, here? What sort of planet had he ended up on anyway! So many questions. Eyeballing the newcomer, Damon finished what he had been saying to Lucifer while still eyeballing Charles.-"Help a fella out and send him home?"-His left brow twitched, but his gaze did not ...
  25. Ðamoп : ... move.-"...Please?!"-
  27. Aяιϵl : .: Ariel had moved into a different part of Wesley's house while he and the the others were preparing the spell and the room for it. She needed to talk to her father, she had to get him to speak to her. The situation was so dire that she had resorted to dreamwalking. She forced the archangel to see her in this way, because for whatever reason he had grown distant with her. "Daddy!" Casiel looked surprised as hell to see what her daughter had done. She managed to pull *him* into a dream. //Ariel.// His tone resembling that of surprise. //Ariel what is wrong?// "Why are you ignoring me and Wes? We have both prayed to you, we blow up your phone but you just don't respond to us." Casiel felt a pang of guilt in his stomach, the angel tilted his head and gave his daughter the kicked puppy look. Those oceanic eyes looking at her intently. //I have been working.// Ariel didn't believe him. "You always work, but that's never stopped you before. What's going on, tell me." He relented <C>
  29. Aяιϵl : .: and told her the truth. *Because Ariel would know if he was lying. She probably knows that he is hiding something at the moment.* //Ariel, I've been working for Death.// And it was in this precise moment that he could hear Ariel's hearts breaking.  "You... you... " her tail fluffed. "You've been working for Death? Why? Why would you do that? What is he making you do?" She dared to ask Casiel. //Yes, Ariel. He is using me as a reaper, It was a deal I made to get your mother's body back. I didn't have a choice.// Ariel's eyes grew to the size of saucers. "YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE CASIEL!" she used his name... Her raised voice made him flinch. "we could have got help... we could have figured out some other way. How are you supposed to get out of the deal now?" //No, no Ariel you don't understand...// "No, Father, you don't understand." He wouldn't get the chance to respond to her, because she vanished from the dream and the house. Only to suddenly appear in Moonlight :. <C>
  31. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: Morningstar was very much into his playing until the sudden appearance of Charles threw him off, he'd accidentally hit the wrong key. What terrible luck, he must have lost his senses. There he was just standing there with his cane. The former prince of darkness just sat there quietly staring for a minute or two before finally speaking. //Why, hello there.// A wry grin tugged at the corners of his lips. He took his hands away from the keys of the piano and <C>
  33. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: turned his gaze towards Damon, checking on the former vampire to see how he was getting on now. Also hoping that Lucifer's misstep in his playing hadn't jarred the man too much. He stood from the bench  and placed his arms behind his back while dipping his head a little. //Welcome to Moonlight, I am Lucifer Morningstar.// In this moment? His niece suddenly appeared out of thin air, her wings spread open and due to her earlier haste; she smacked right into her tall <C>
  35. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: Uncle. He didn't sense her coming, she had hidden herself quite well, even to him. There was a flash of pink fur and blond hair, and then he found himself being knocked to the ground and sliding a few feet away. //Ariel?// Another bit of bad luck wasn't it? He could see how upset she was. It took a lot of power to knock someone like him down. //Ariel, what's wrong? Tell me, please.// His gaze lifting to Damon a moment, hearing what he said but not <C>
  37. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: immediately answering him, but he had been pleased that he seemed to be doing better. From what he could see anyways, he was unable to focus on Damon enough to tell. //I could easily send you home, but I need to tend to Ariel first.// He said to Damon, completely assuming that he was talking to him. Lucifer started to stand while helping Ariel to her feet. //I'll make you some hot cocoa and you can tell me all about it.// he told her. Lucifer offered Charles an <C>
  39. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: apologetic look, but saying nothing further. :.
  43. »Charles« : He seemed to take the sudden appearance of a fuzzy pink missile with complete aplomb, though one eyebrow did raise when Lucifer gave his name. His gaze then turned to Damon, the cornflower blue eyes holding a calm that seldom faltered. That period of study in India had done wonders for his mental focus. "Home...and where might that be?" He asked in a voice that carried that honeyed southern song, delicately interwoven with what some mistook for a French accent, which -c-
  45. »Charles« : was in truth Acadian. He stepped away from his landing spot the cane moving to support his steps out of long ingrained habit, which was more to conceal its truth, than to allow for any infirmity in his body. His bloodline, were it to be traced, would be to some auspicious, and to others, a reason to end his life. Not all of the big man's children got along in a peaceable manner. To Lucifer he said, "Don't mind me sir, y'all tend to what ya need to." and smiled as he -c-
  47. »Charles« : thought, ~so, the rumors were true...dis could be all sorts a interestin'~ -d-
  51. Aяιϵl : .: Ariel was lucky that she wasn't anyone else right now. Lucifer might have sent her through the wall if she had been! The bunny nephilim stood to her feet-paws with her uncle's assistance, she went to the bar with him. Her head turning towards Damon and Charles, the girl lifted a pad-less handpaw and waved towards them. Ariel lifted herself into a one of the barstools, the toes of her feet paws just barely touching the bottom ring of the stool. The stools were leather, they had a cushioned back, but there was an open gap between the seat and the bottom of the back. There were arm rests that were attached to metal arms that sort of had a crescent moon shape and connected the backing to the seat; they also rotated. She didn't speak to loudly when she explained to him. //Daddy is working for Death.// she told her uncle. Ariel now wore the kicked puppy face, she wasn't crying; she didn't want to in front of them. //That's why he's been ignoring us.// <C>
  53. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: Oh, what a ball drop, he had just finished making the hot cocoa for her. He set the mug on a saucer and added extra marshmallows. He could see it in her eyes, her desire to let it out but she was holding back. He however, would not hold back. Lucifer felt the devil aching to come to the surface but he pushed it back down, he did not want to show her his devil face. *He has once before when he scared the fluff out of those werewolf boys.* //I see...Classic Casiel.// he <C>
  55. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: gave no indication that he was upset, but the weather outside defied him there are soft claps of thunder subtly booming. Even the lights in the lounge flickered, a cracked formed in then glass his wine was in, it spiderwebbed across the surface. //I am sorry, Ariel, I am so sorry.// he told her. //In his mind I am sure it was the right thing to do, but it was a hasty decision we will need to work very hard to get him out of again.// Charles' uniquely accented voice <C>
  57. Mσяηıηgsταг : crack*)
  59. Mσяηıηgsταг : the glass**)
  61. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: distracted the Morningstar enough he began to calm himself. //Thank you, for that understanding. Would you like a drink?// His attention left Ariel for the briefest of moments. :.
  63. »Charles« : "Ah would greatly appreciate a glass of wahne, whatevah red you have open would be fahne." He said as he made his way over to the bar, settling himself close to Ariel, but leaving a seat between them. It was a simple gesture, one that spoke of conviviality, without the drivings of the ancient urge. In short he didn't want to crowd her and thus give a bad first impression. His hearing was good, very good for what passed as human, but it fell short of the supernatural by -c-
  65. »Charles« : a ways. He placed the end of the crook of the well weathered hickory cane on the edge of the bar, letting it hang there within easy reach. It would take a damn sharp eye to notice, that what looked like quite convoluted wood grain, was made up of continuous lines of Sanskrit less than a millimeter high that twisted and wove about the cane from the silver feruled iron tip to the chased silver cap on the end of the crook. His clothing, the camp shirt and dungarees, were of -c-
  67. »Charles« : a simple cut, but the fabric and fit spoke of the hands of a tailor who was very skilled. Upon the middle finger of his right hand, he wore a silver ring, wrought in the shape of a rams head, whose eyes were formed by small pieces of tiger's eye, fitted so the pupil formed in the proper horizontal direction. A silver chain hung around his neck, and disappeared into the open collar of his shirt. His feet were shod in sturdy hiking boots that showed signs of long wear and -c-
  69. »Charles« : diligent care for the supple leather, which had a soft oiled sheen rather than polish. -d-
  71. Aяιϵl : .: Ariel wasn't so naive that she couldn't tell when her uncle was upset. "Thank you." she told Lucifer. She carefully lifted the mug of hot cocoa to her lips and took a drink. "Classic Casiel? What do you mean? I don't see how we can work that out with Death, I feel like we would end up in an infinite loop of deal making." she informed her uncle. Those bright blue eyes then noticed Charles settling in at the bar and while she had the chance she took in his general appearance. The cane was noticed as well and she took a little time to study it from her seat. "Hi." she greeted him. "I am Ariel." There was a subtle hint of a smile tugging at the corners of her maw. Her feathers weren't as ruffled now but she was still a little miffed at Casiel. *Even Ariel couldn't stay upset with him forever though, at least she knew what was going on.* She should probably tell Wes too, but that can wait for the time being, he was working on something with the others. <C>
  73. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: First he retrieved a crystal wine glass from the rack above him and then he took down the bottle of red wine. *The same one he poured for Fury, it was one of his favorite vintages.* He poured the wine into the glass and then rested the wine glass before Charles. Lucifer also took this time to take in his appearance, his gaze was not invasive, he was just simply getting a good look at the man. He noticed the cane but didn't offer it the same inspection Ariel did. <C>
  75. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //Hope you enjoy this wine as much as I do, its one of my favorites.// He informed. Ariel had his attention when he heard her speak and introduce herself. //Ariel, don't forget that you have a strong warlock in your corner, among the others in your circle.// he told the girl. There was a glass desert case at the other end of the bar that was the next place Lucifer was going. He reached under the counter and palmed a ceramic plate so that he could set a slice of carrot <C>
  77. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: cake on said plate. He held the place and looked over at Charles again. //Would you fancy a slice?// He asked and while he was waiting for the answer to that he walked back over to Ariel and set the plate down before her. Reaching under the counter again for a fork that he rested on top of the plate. He wasn't a cook, that was not one of his talents. No, all of his baked goods came from the palace, any other food he had cooks for. He had to learn most things he knows <C>
  79. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: now when it comes to anything that isn't musical. *Even with music he doesn't know how to play every instrument, his knowledge is limited to string and keyed instruments. Because those are his preferences.* :.
  81. Mσяηıηgsταг Because has to play into the devil and fiddle trope))
  83. Mσяηıηgsταг : held the plate*)
  85. »Charles« : "It's a pleasure to meet you Ariel, I am Charles, though my friends call me Chaz" He said with a smile, as he took the glass of wine that Lucifer had poured for him, and swirled it, taking in its boquet before he took a small sip, letting it linger on his palate before he swallowed, his eyes slipping closed for a moment. "That, is an excellent vintage, I do not think I have encountered its equal before." He said as he set the glass down, he could feel the heady nature of -c-
  87. »Charles« : the wine, the warmth it spread, was more akin to a very strong brandy compared to a wine. "I think a slice would be prudent, this wine...she has quite the presence...she be like touching the face of de Madonna in de flesh..." Bein raised in Louisiana, he had been brought up in the catholic faith, educated by Jesuits, but he had found his true calling in something portions of the church had considered evil, no matter what purpose it was put to. He would leave the holy -c-
  89. »Charles« : things to the knights of the cross, and take care of the rest as best he could. He had chosen to be an agent for good...and the good had no say in the matter. -d-
  91. Aяιϵl : .: He mentioned Wesley and the others, for a minute or two she thought about this. "I don't know how Wes would feel about that sentiment." She noticed that Lucifer did not answer her question about what he meant concerning Casiel. She wondered if that was intentional. When the carrot cake was set down before her Ariel let a smile tug at the corners of her maw but before she took a bite she replied to Charles first: "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Chaz" Her eyes then looking back towards her uncle who was already heading back to the other end of the bar. Cake and wine? She wasn't sure about that combination, hot cocoa was acceptable. "Uh, I don't know if carrot cake pairs well with wine Uncle Luci." *If this was an anime, she might have had a sweat drop to pair with that sheepish smile.* At least she felt better, the sweets certainly helped! It was hard to imagine returning to Earth and eating the food there, after she had been here for so long. Her taste buds might be<C>
  93. Aяιϵl : .: underwhelmed or regular food might be ruined for her. She had a bit more thinking to do, maybe she should ask Stephan about what to do. There is too much going on in the universe at the moment. :. <C>
  95. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //I am pleased that you enjoy the wine. I have not either, which is why I take a bottle of it with me whenever I leave home.// He admitted. Wine from Earth that wasn't magically treated was okay, but he could never get the sensation from Earth wine that he does from the wine here. //This wine is able to inebriate me.// Another little confession. He caught what Ariel said while holding the plate for the other slice and took pause; especially after hearing what Chaz <C>
  97. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: said. //Oh.// His mind seemed to have wandered, as he appeared miles away for a few moments. //The chocolate is probably better to pair with a red like that.// There was another pause and he looked between them. He got a little ahead of himself because now he had a plate with cake on it and wasn't really sure what to do with it. Lucifer rested on the bar top anyways. < I think Ariel hit me harder than I thought. > //Regarding Wesley and your concerns, I think <C>
  99. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //The warlock is capable of handling the old man. There are solutions for most problems. Death is primordial, hes not invincible.// He looked at his own glass of wine and noted the crack in the crystal, a deep sigh left his lips and he downed the rest of the wine. :.
  101. »Charles« : He listened to their conversation, but also to something that he perceived as a sound. The energy that flowed throughout creation, to him had a distinct sound, influenced by the layers of experience that had been laid atop it over time. On earth, it had a softer more delicate tone than here...the power in this place to him resonated within the bones, like a subsonic bass note, potent and near to hand. "Some wines go quite well with sweets actually, this one, is perhaps -c-
  103. »Charles« : not quite dry enough to be a dessert wine, but it would go very well with a piece of red velvet cake, or chocolate of any sort that was not overly sweet." He mused, his eyes half lidded as he considered their words. What Lucifer said of death was quite true, not invincible, just a true force of nature... Not that he would wish to tangle mano e mano with that particular being, He knew enough to be respectful of such powers, even if he did not fear them. -c-
  105. »Charles« : "Death has gotten a lot of really bad press over the eons, he is a necessity, without him...well, life would literally be without meaning. That which is finite, carries value equal to the brevity of its existence." He said, quoting from the Kitar al Ibadh. -d-
  107. Aяιϵl : .: First, she nodded her head, since they were currently on the topic of wines and sweets. "Oh, okay. That sounds right." The conversation quickly shifted to being about Death again. "That is true.." she agreed with what Chaz said regarding Death. For a moment her ears drooped and her gaze was cast over to her tall uncle. "Are you suggesting fight Death? I think that would be a terrible idea." For a few long moments she went silent due to considering and mulling over a few things. "Wes is working with Jolina to summon Death's ring." In that moment she swear she could hear Lucifer's reaction, maybe she was just imagining it. "From what I have observed about him, at least when he was in Muriel's body, he seemed reasonable enough that we could talk to him. " she mused aloud. Ariel then lifted the mug of cocoa to her lips and she took another drink, washing down the residual carrot cake taste. This could get much more complicated.<C>
  109. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //I would never be so foolish as to suggest a confrontation with the Horseman.// Lucifer started to clean up the area around the bar, straightening things up. //Chaz is right.// He admitted. //Death was created in response to the vast amount of life that came into existence. He is a by product of gods playing in their sandboxes.// There was a small grin tugging at the corners of his lips. He wanted to get his niece off this topic so he attempted at changing it. <C>
  111. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //In regards to Casiel...// Lucifer looked at one his shot glasses and started to focus his efforts into polishing it. //He has always been impulsive, he has an annoying tendency to self sacrifice. I am sure there were other solutions besides pledging his service to Death. However, his impulsive nature over rides his intelligence. Especially when it concerns people he is very close too.// There was a pause. //I don't think it was Muriel being possessed by Death that <C>
  113. Mσяηıηgsταг at one of *)
  115. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //caused him to make that decision. He probably threatened the Welshman.// He said. //He puts his life below others, he and Muriel share that sickeningly heroic trait. The strong must protect the weak.// He muttered. *ramblerambleramble.* //Except, Muriel knows better. She spent too much time around me when she was younger.// He smiled and set the shot glass down. //Death is probably more reasonable at this moment because his siblings are creating chaos unabated. He <C>
  117. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //is obviously overwhelmed and his troops are spread out to thin. Life exists in a delicate balance, and his siblings are upsetting it. I am confident that if you stopped the rest of the horseman, he will release Casiel. He just needed help but was too prideful to ask for it, so he needed to use manipulation and deception to get Casiel to do this for him. Otherwise he would not have. Taking life goes against the core of Casiel's existence// He paused. <C>
  119. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //Trust me, he's doing exactly what I would, because in that way we are similar. We're both very old and we have known eachother for a long time. Though, he does not fancy me at all. He thinks I am brat throwing a tantrum.// Lucifer wouldn't admit to this, but Death wasn't wrong about that. :.
  121. »Charles« : And so it had come around, to the reason he had come to this world, albeit in a different manner than he had suspected.  So the rumors were true, and the question of what could be done, was being pursued by other minds than his. He listened as he sipped at his wine, quite enjoying the experience of it, all the while learning a great deal about some of his several times removed relations. He had kept the truth about himself close for so long, out of sheer necessity, yet in -c-
  123. »Charles« : this place, among those present, well when would he have a better chance to ask the question that had hung about his mind from about the age of ten. "So, something I have wondered for quite some time, is...What is Zadkiel really like?" He asked the question, in a manner one might use to ask after an ancestor that you had never met, but were curious about." The other name, well he had given voice to that one before, and had gotten an answer, perhaps far more promptly than -c-
  125. »Charles« : he had desired. So he kept that one to himself for the time being, he did not want to seem to be name dropping. After all anyone who had been under the thumb of the Jesuits for twelve years, would know many names from the host, though by no means all of them. Most scarcely remembered those of the archangels, let alone those of dominions and the angels of the throne. -d-
  127. Aяιϵl : .: Ariel eventually finished off the carrot cake which was a difficult task to behold due to Lucifer giving them a little history lesson. The more Lucifer spoke the more she felt enthralled, she wanted to know all she could about heaven, about him and about the other angels. This was a side of Lucifer that is rarely seen and she wanted to take advantage of that, little did she know it was a way to steer her away from the topic of Death. At this point she was more than happy to follow into another topic. Her ears perking a little and she nodded her head. "Yes, I have seen Muriel display that kind of nature before." It was Chaz's question that had her curiosity bubbling to the surface. It was a piece of information she wanted to know as well, even though she wasn't entirely familiar with that angel. The angels were all basically aunts and uncles, and usually Nephilim were cousins or siblings. :. <C>
  129. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //Zadkiel...The Patron angel of all who forgive.// he started to speak. //There are few things that the humans get right, but he was pretty spot on. Zadkiel is forgiving, even towards me. Merciful, he holds freedom and benevolence to a high regard. He's a boy scout.// Lucifer said. //He interfered more than we should, stopping Abraham from killing his son... Even I was taken aback.// Lucifer smiled fondly when he talked about his siblings. <C>
  131. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //Father got so mad at him, and then mad at me when i tried to get in the way of him being reprimanded.// His expression soured. //God is cruel and capricious, he is a child with a magnifying glass...When he gets bored with his creations he makes more.// Lucifer muttered. He looked between the two of them. //The human scripture paints me in a negative light. Leaves my side of the story out.// :.
  133. »Charles« : "Of course it does, it would not do to have an adversary that had commendable traits now would it...would sour the purity of the narrative." He said with a chuckle, "One of the reasons I left the church, they deny anything that won't improve their version of the story. Had they known what they had brought into their midst...well you know their story on the sons and daughters of angels." He said in a manner that was oh so relaxed, "They hate them even more than wizards -c-
  135. »Charles« : and witches, no matter how we make use of our power." He grinned as he thought of a particularly apt trick he had played upon a troublesome cardinal...The look upon his face when he tasted the result of true had been so easy to transmute the wine and wafer into their supposed true forms. Yes, it had been rude and disrespectful, but having been put through an exorcism will make a teenager do some rather drastic things. -d-
  137. Aяιϵl : .: Ariel blinked a little, listening to her uncle speak. She wanted to ask about his past but she thought better of it, that sounds like an emotional experience and one better left untouched. Instead she became enthralled by what Chaz was talking about. She paused and really thought about it. "They had my brother... or cousin Rhys captive." she muttered. "Vatican City, I mean." "So, I can believe that." She informed. The cocoa had been finished off and her plate was empty, she set the mug on top of the plate and the fork inside of the mug. These items were pushed to the edge of the bar for Lucifer to take when he got to it. Ariel was still thirsty and as a result she was eyeing the water bottles under the back counter. She didn't interrupt yet, she was much too involved with the discussion which resulted in her anxieties melting away. Her nose was twitching slightly, something it did off and on, mostly when she was drawn in by something. :. <C>
  139. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: Luci leaned back against the back counter, one arm resting over his waist while his other hand reached up to rub his cheeks while he chuckled lightly. His fingers meeting the scruff on his face created a scratching sound. //Oh, no. The church definitely does not like us. Their public image is different, but really they abhor our existence, not only for the reasons you said, but also because their control would slip if we all decided to sing like canaries.// <C>
  141. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: He heard what his niece said about Rhys and also the fact that Chaz had mentioned nephilim in such a relaxed manner. //They perceive Ariel's kind as destructive, powerful giants. Gadreel started that, you know. Breeding with humans, he and a few of his followers. He betrayed his duty to the Garden, he left it unattended and in doing so made it possible for the serpent to slither in and corrupt eve.// *Not him.* //That wasn't me, by the way.// <C>
  143. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //Nephilim... The father has wings, the mother is a primate, and this child has a human soul mixed with angelic grace.// He looked at Ariel when he said that. He had two nephilim, though no one knew about Rhys, everyone believed that Rhys was Muriel's. //Oh, yes, they are certainly not fans of magic. This is amusing to me. They call my half-brother's magic, miracles, when all he was doing was using a different sort of magic.// Enochian magic. :.
  145. »Charles« : He nodded, "I'm three or four generations removed, so its been a bit thinned out, but I believe that is where my facility with magic stems from, I got it from both sides, though mother's side is a bit more removed than father's. I've never had the urge to smite anyone...well, not in that manner anyway." He said with a chuckle. "I've only been to the Vatican once, on a school seemed impressive then, but now...I just want a few hours in their library vaults..." -c-
  147. »Charles« : he said with a grin that was positively vulpine, "If half of the rumors are true, there is knowledge locked away in there that could be of great benefit. Of course there is much there that should be guarded, there are some things that man is not yet ready to know." This was coming from someone who believed in the purity of knowledge, that it was how the knowledge was used that determined good or evil. But he realized, that some knowledge would corrupt and corrode the -c-
  149. »Charles« : mind that held it, if the soul was not strong enough to resist the potency of the power the knowledge unlocked. "Magic, is merely the manipulation of energy, probably why electricity was viewed so grandly when it was first harnessed." He said with a smile. -d-
  151. Aяιϵl : .: "Some angels don't like nephilim either." she told Lucifer, meeting his gaze and feeling a chill run down her spine. her eyes closed for a moment and she started to think about something else, the adults were talking and she didn't have as much knowledge to offer when it came to the topic of magic. She was just a novice, still learning. The revelation from Chaz about his origins gained a surprised look from Ariel, she didn't know what to say about that so she remained quiet. Eventually she opted to slip out of the stool and head around to the opening of the bar. She went back there and put the dishes in the sink and then got herself a bottle of water. She understood what was being said of course, she had the intellect to comprehend it. Everything made sense. "Wesley must have a strong soul.." she commented. "Everyone else in his line, that used magic ended up corrupted by it. Even, Malcolm." <C>
  153. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //Some of the older angels are a little...// he paused and tried to think of the right word. //bigoted, old school. They get that from your grandfather. Fortunately, most of their kind died in the fall and as far as we know, Mikey disintegrated the rest...And what ones he didn't wouldn't defy his orders.// As far as Lucifer thought. He looked to Chaz and listened to what he said, absorbing it. When his origins were revealed, Luci took on a similarly surprised look <C>
  155. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: His mouth made the O shape, as though silently saying *ohhh* //Ah, I understand.// His gaze turned to Ariel when she mentioned Wesley's soul, he laughed somewhat heartily. //Sweetheart...// he began. //The Moriarty side of your family didn't have the advantage the Welshman does.// He looked towards Chaz a moment and then back to Ariel. //Your other uncles succumbed to the corruption because they lacked the Draconic ancestry that Wes has.// <C>
  157. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //That and he works for heaven.// he scoffed. *eye roll.* //That's unfortunate, smiting can be fun. A swift way to deal with ones enemies// he grinned. Oh, of course he can still smite, he just couldn't heal people. //Knowledge is power. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.// The books in the vatican were brought up and he smiled a little. //Oh, I don't think accessing those books would be difficult now, considering Vatican city took an attack recently. <C>
  159. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //You are right though, Humanity isn't ready for all the secrets that are held in there.// He has his own feelings about humans, but he is civil towards them. *mostly civil.* There is a lot of resentment there, but he is learning that their existence is not their fault. :.
  161. »Charles« : He nodded, "One must not meddle in the affairs of Dragons is best to remember, that you are crunchy, and taste good with ketchup..." He said with a quiet chuckle, the very nature of dragons made them quite resistant to corruption of any sort. "I have encountered some of the "Old School" angels though fortunately, they were otherwise occupied at the time. I must admit, that seeing them in their full glory...yeah, I wet myself, managed to do it while running -c-
  163. Wϵs <.< xD)
  165. »Charles« : too. Not exactly flattering, but often common sense isn't. Last I saw was the glowing aftermath, completely glassed the ritual site. I'm no fan of necromancers, but, damn..." he said with a shake of his head. He had no idea who had called down the wrath upon those people, but it had to have been someone in good standing to get that sort of response. "I think I prefer my angels, with a bit of mud on their feet. Too much purity cain't be good fer folks..." -d-
  167. Aяιϵl : .: "I am glad he didn't turn out to be like those old school angels." referring to Lucifer. "That would have been terrifying." she admitted. Ariel suddenly found herself giggling at what Chaz said about dragons. "Hah, I think Wes might agree with that." She remembered when Wes turned himself into a dragon once, boy was that scary. Fortunately, Wes retained his memories and intelligent in the dragon form, otherwise he might have eaten Ariel! She then heard what Chaz said about his experience with old school angels. "Yikes, yeah that's scary and intense." All the while she was mixing herself a non alcoholic drink. *It's a Shirley temple.* "Wes isn't fond of necromancy either, or blood magic." she informed. Ariel finally took a sip of her drink and smiled. Good stuff. :. <C>
  169. Aяιϵl : intelligence*)
  171. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: Morningstar watched Ariel quietly as she came behind the bar and washed her dishes, only to get something to drink, he quickly got out of the mini-nephs way. He too found the comment about dragons amusing, he chuckled lightly in response to it. //A paladin might have that kind of pull with heaven.// It reminded him that Death hated necromancers, they really upset the delicate balance of life and death. He couldn't imagine what the horseman thinks of vampires. <C>
  173. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //Hah// At the comment about too much purity. //Some of us, have tarnished our purity, its much more freeing. Some of us more than others.// Like himself. Only, he wanted his light back, he wanted to retake his light bearer title. //See, Ariel? A trip to hell doesn't have to be a bad thing.// He says this, but he hates how much his time in hell has wrecked his everything. :.
  175. »Charles« : "There are some aspects of Necromancy that have good uses, and there is some blood magic, that is used for healing that cannot be truly matched for its finesse. But one has to tread lightly on both paths, there is a great deal of temptation." He was not lily white by any means, but for him magic was more than a tool. Much of the energy that was used, flowed from life, and that made it, to him at least, something sacred. It was why he did not go easy on those who twisted -c-
  177. »Charles« : magic into an ugly corrupting force. "As you said, power corrupts..." He said as he ran the fingers of his left hand through his hair, "So much going on, I don't know where to even begin. I have seen some bad times, two world wars, three police actions, and hundreds of brushfires...genocides in Africa, Bosnia, my faith in my fellow man, is pretty damned low...I ain't never give up on 'em, but I am sorely tempted to jus say fukital. " There was a weariness in his voice, -c-
  179. »Charles« : that went deeper than the body, a weariness that spoke of years beyond what showed on his face, but in that moment, they could be seen in his eyes. It was the pain of a soul, far too sensitive, that had been exposed to the brutal truths of creation.  He drew a deep breath and polished off the glass of wine and set it aside as he drew another deep breath and released it, drawing together his self control. "Your wine is potent, and I apologize for my, has been -c-
  181. »Charles« : a very trying week." He said with a lopsided smile. -d-
  183. Aяιϵl : .: Ariel felt wary, but for other reasons. Nephilim may have been part angel, but they still needed to sleep! *Eventually.* Ariel could go a long time without sleep, but eventually she hit her limit. This was her, hitting the limit, her small frame leaning against her uncle's taller body. Ariel was able to get this unnaturally close to him, he likely wouldn't allow it from anyone else. "I have a read a little on both schools of magic, this is truth. I think it is the temptation of using them that keeps Wes from indulging too much." she commented. Her ears perking up at the mention of what Chaz has seen over his life time and what he was saying about humanity. "That all sounds awful. I don't know many humans, only Wes." wait was that right? She doesn't remember knowing any other humans. Ariel might have been sleepy, but she could see the look in his eyes, her ears drooped in response. :. <C>
  185. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: The weight of his niece was not easy to ignore, but his focus was else where for a moment. //I tend to keep my fingers out of that kind of magic, it does not mix well with what's left of mine.// he had to admit. He had knowledge of it, it comes with his age. //I was walking the earth during most of those events. I laid low during it mostly. // Before he was banished to hell he had a nephilim named Jet, and then when he escaped all that time ago, he had another, named<C>
  187. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: Rhys. Rhys he kept a secret and well hidden for many years until recently. He was unsure about that one, he was keeping his eyes on him from a distance. Lucifer could see the pain in the man's eyes, that wasn't hard for the angel to do. There was a small frown on his face and he spoke. //No, no. Don't give up, some of humanity may not be worthy of the gift they were given, but others will surprise you. Some of them do deserve to be saved.// In the end Lucifer felt more<C>
  189. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: pity humanity than resentment. That isn't to say that he hasn't seen some abhorrent things come from humans. *Whenever he does, he feels the pang of resentment again.* //No need to apologize, It is perfectly understandable. The wine does tend to be potent, which makes me glad it didn't do to you what it did to the former vampire who took two sips of my vodka.// A wide grin was on his face. He finally noticed Ariel. //Sweetie, you do not need <C>
  191. Mσяηıηgsταг more pity for humanity*)
  193. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //force yourself to stay awake. I will see you soon.// he told her. He was of the mind to send her to bed. "Okay, okay." she relented. The nephilim waved to Chaz. "Good night." From there she left her uncle's side to head up the silver spiral staircase and to their upstairs apartment.:.
  195. Mσяηıηgsταг *squints at the time.* ))
  197. »Charles« : He nodded, "I'll stay away from the Brandy then..." He said with a chuckle, "Sleep well Ariel...I need to find a bed myself, between the wine and the past week's labors. You mind if I borrow one of your settees for a few hours?" He inquired, knowing he was riding the edge himself, and just how much further he could push it if necessary, experience was a stern school mistress, but a damn good teacher. -d-
  199. »Charles« : ish ded from the neck up..)
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  203. Mσяηıηgsταг : .: //I would advise that. I am not sure how the alcohol effects everyone. Personally I stay with the wine.// He informed. He tilted his head a little. //Of course, I am told the furniture is quite comfortable to sleep on.// he said. With that Lucifer shapeshifted into a black cat and began to follow in Ariel's footsteps. //Sleep Well Chaz.// Now hes going to go curl up with Ariel, as odd as that might seem. :.
  205. Mσяηıηgsταг : yeah im not sure how im still going. must be the espresso, but i need to sleep anyways xD)
  207. »Charles« : Thanks for the play, been a while since I've gone this long.)
  209. Mσяηıηgsταг : This was a lot of fun though 😀 )
  211. Mσяηıηgsταг : same! )
  213. »Charles« : later)
  215. Mσяηıηgsταг : im usually asleep by midnight)
  217. Mσяηıηgsταг : laters)
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  221. Mσяηıηgsταг saves this log for Damon and Fury so they can read later if they want.)
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