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Sep 8th, 2014
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  1. HowTo.
  2. General description:
  3. Neo Editor is the map editor, where you build and edit game levels. Its using a highly modified version of Maratis3d.
  5. Using Neo Editor:
  6. Neo Editor allows you to choose between different input methods and also to make your own using lua scripting via the form of a plugin. To chose different input method go to > menu > Edit > configuration > input tab, then choose one.
  8. Navigate the scene view:
  9. Using: W/s/a/d. e/c
  10. Rotate view: Hold middle mouse button and move.
  11. Pan view: Hold shift + middle mouse button.
  12. Zoom view: Scroll the middle mouse button.
  13. Select objects: Left mouse button, shift to multi select.
  14. Center around selection: Double click mouse left button.
  16. Ok, now that we learned how to use the scene view, we can now make a little demo.
  18. Go to > file > new > project, make a new one, name it what ever you want. now lets add some objects on screen. To do that you go to the menu, add > object > mesh or drag and drop one from the browser. Ive exported some free objects from Blender3d using the Maratis blender exporter. Now lets juts drag some ones. Ive first drag and drop the ground mesh in the editor then the crane and the oil drum. As you see our scene is completely dark. We need to add some lights, so add some lamps. Go to > add > object > light. Add a camera too.
  20. More options:
  22. Go to the menu > Edit > scene setup and add some ambient light.
  23. Now that we have a lot of objects on screen, we can start selecting them and moving, and adjusting their attributes. Select some object, you see now from the left panel, we have the hierarchy of all the objects loaded in the editor. the root displays the camera, the lights, the objects. You can select, delete, drag to parent, double click to focus on a selection, etc.. On the right side we have the Object, Special and Behavior panel. Each of them allows to manipulate the objects on screen. We could now create a group and parent the some objects to it or create a new scene, etc..
  25. Behaviors:
  26. ToDo
  28. Plugins
  29. ToDo
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