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  1. Karin Match: (4C75F4B4A) (Ranked)
  2. Poor/No Punish on Ressenha
  3. No attempts to intercept ressenha
  4. Ate a bunch of DPs
  5. Weak Punishes/Whiffed Punish
  7. (you won the other pair of matches, so i assume you adjusted to this person's gameplan)
  9. Ryu Match: (4C75F3688) (Ranked)
  10. No fireballs in neutral against ryu?
  11. Anti-airs
  12. Dropped aegis combo (check spacing dependence for cr. mk)
  13. Poor punish on sweep (countersweep works, cr. hp at point blank, NOT cr. mk)
  14. Something specifically fancy with the aegis combo in r3? Didn't really turn it into anything other than a random vskill
  16. Juri Match: (4C7B01A37) (Casual)
  17. Unfamiliarity with frame data
  18. No punishes/challenges for minus moves from juri
  19. You gave up R1 after you got stunned. Don't give up, you can build meter, even mount a comeback
  21. Notable things about Urien:
  22. - You don't really challenge in neutral much using urien's normals. St. mk is a good poke, and a buffered st. mp into hk tackle is one of Urien's better dash checks/whiff punishes.
  23. - Combos that go off of lights off of jump-ins. Try some heavier hitting stuff, either commit to the cr. hp or use st. mp, cr. mp xx hk tackle, for example
  24. - Anti-air consistently. Remember, if they're beating out cr. hp due to weird jump-arcs, st. hk works even better, but gets no followup.
  25. - If you convince your opponent to stay grounded, start forcing them to reckon with your st. hp. The ckarate chop can be factored into your blockstrings by nature of how far it hits and its crush counter properties. An example string could be cr. lk, cr. lk, st. hp (charge) xx lp fireball. If you convinced your opponent to press less buttons by doing this, you can then factor in dashing forward into a throw, or jumping at them.
  26. - cr. mk links into cr. lp on hit, if you want a low conversion that starts with that normal at point blank
  27. - Mirrors can be used for damage, or for resets. If you don't feel like trying to link all the normals after, a cr. mk xx vt1 activation can be followed up with a dash forward into a charged st. hk instead of bouncing them off the mirror. You can then follow up with cr. hp into whatever shenanigans you prefer.
  28. - Do not corner yourself in a bid to get offense started. Urien's got great neutral game and a disgusting anti-air, you get more mileage out of kettling opponents in the corner. Force them to make mistakes to get out.
  30. People to ask about Urien specific stuff (resets, combos, general strategy):
  31. Rushdown
  32. Adam
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