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Winter Reverie

TheHumanDirigible Nov 24th, 2017 88 Never
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  1. “Gosh Chimi, this sure brings back fond memories! When was the first time you invited me out here? Had to have been, like, at least twelve years ago or so…”
  3. “Hehe, it was our sophomore year in high school, remember?”
  5. “Yes! Now I do! It was me, you, and Angie.”
  7. “Oh yeah! Angie was with us! Wasn’t she, like, the captain of the swim team or something?”
  9. “Yes, she also lead the cheerleading squad! I remember it was after a gym class, and we were all in the showers freshening up before second hour, when you offered us the invitation to do something wild and crazy and super super secret!”
  11. “Hehe yeah! It’s sort of always been a tradition in our family to come out here at least once a season and embrace who we are. I remember how curious but nervous you two were…”
  13. “Oh, I was really excited but incredibly nervous! I really can’t explain why, I guess I had never tried any real element of naturism at that point. All it really was, was just a friend’s day out, but with one big catch; No clothes. God, it was also one of the coldest winters in years haha!”
  15. “Haha! Yeah, Angie was shaking like a leaf! Poor girl was never designed for something like this, but she stayed out with us like a champ the whole time! Honestly, it was maybe the closest I’ve ever felt to you two. Remember how some of the assholes on the football team had done that humiliating prank where they basically tried to single out all the fat girls in the school with that locker room photo?”
  17. “Ugh, Darrel Harris. What a character he was. I sometimes wonder what he’s up to now. Gosh, that really was awful. At least they got suspended for two weeks to return with detentions for a month!”
  19. “Yeah, haha! And y’know, after that embarrassment, I just thought the offer to come out here and be ourselves and appreciate who we are and our animalistic heritage was a fun and private way to build up our confidence again and head back to school with smiles after that debacle.”
  21. “I certainly felt it was. I think Angie did too. I miss her… I wonder where she got off to? We were really good friends and just kind of went our separate ways after college.”
  23. “That’s life though, isn’t it? At least you still know how to find me, Jule.”
  25. “Right back atcha, sister. Y’know, this is the time of year where it’s juuuust about unbearable to be out here like this, but it’s still warm enough to endure, especially with a warm scarf and a nice, hot beverage. Thank goodness for proper fur coats!”
  27. “Totally agreed! It’s so beautiful here with the light blanket of snow starting to cover the trees and brush, and the air is so quiet. Honestly, I could stay out here all day probably.”
  29. “Me too, Chimi. Me too.”
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