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  1.     Doll Collector vs Winter King
  3.        Its not everyday you see something that is completly impossible. I normally consider myself a skeptic, and even today I am not inclined to believe everything I read or see; however I am no longer as dismissive as I once was just because something doesn't match local folklore or any regular myth as I once was. I have heard of two rather impressive explinations for something appearing that no one has ever seen before and nothing in local folklore covers. One of these is a rather popular concept online, the Tulpa. The belief that one can through strong emotions and belief cause something to come into existence, like a psychic projection with a mind of its own; one of the theories I read was the idea of a mass created Tulpa. That if enough people believed something existed than something like it would come into existence as a result, some amalgamation of those different beliefs, limited by the real world; supposedly this could cause an old house that otherwise has no reason to be haunted to become haunted, or cause a real version of something completly made up to roam the woods like an explination for seeing a real Slenderman even though we know it was just an online story. This thought process has some interesting possibilities, although I am less than wanting to believe its possible for some real but watered down from its litterary counterpart Cthulhu to actually exist as a result. Normally you hear about the Tulpa phenomonon in relation to the Ouija board, some kids, teenagers with strong emotions getting together, all with a preconcieved notion in their head the Ouija board can contact something evil, so their group subconciouses work together and make that real, creating a hostile ghost when one didn't exist before. I'd say how dumb that is your minds creating something that can attack you, but its not any worse than a psychic version of how spicy food and allergies and stuff work biologically; guess people have a weirdly self destructive habit.
  5.    All that said there is the other possibility, I've heard this from Fae lore believers in discussions about alien encounters. It is fascinating as they do have a point, if its not hallucinations or hoaxes, than in the 50s through 70s there were alot of different kinds of aliens described; but then it wittled down to mostly just the greys with the occasioanl MIB type encounter. Fae Lore types say this is because the Fae which can change shape were working on a new game/trick to play on people and trying out different forms.The further implications there, the idea something out there can alter its apperance for its own reasons or maybe something more natural, better to frighten people, or hunt people, who knows; but this would be another reason why something with no further back sightings than a few years to a few decades could actually be out there. Something that was already there, changing its look. Like the Hide Behind getting ahold of human pop culture so changing from a skinny bigfoot creature to a faceless man in a suit. This would also explain how something I saw in the woods looks like something that for all my effort to find online doesn't seem to exist in actual myth but was a product of a movie maker possibly mis-hearing someone talk about a myth portraying a monster one way; only for a game developer to extend that look further; till you get a ton of art and anime and whatnot using that look for be seen actually walking the woods.
  7.    I am talking about the Wendigo, in myth its just a spirit of cannablism, not a skeletal undead creature with an elk skull for a head, like how its depicted in so much online art. I did find stories of "Deer Men" and the Deer Woman, horned gods, some weird ass flying deer man demon; but the specific version at best a few claims that extremly localized legends described something like that but were similar enough to just be grouped in with the Wendigo, otherwise was a made up version whose look really struck the imagination. I have like I said read encounters online of people with a giant Deerman, very few describing it having an undead look to it. I am reminded though of stories about the Pig Man or Goat Man, how some urban legends describe a human/animal hybrid, others a crazy guy in a mask, and even some where it is bigfoot in a mask. For some reason I feel the idea of Bigfoot wearing a deer skull or an antler hat like some sasquatch dark priest to be no more believable that a "Fae creature" shapeshifting into a popular image or too many people grabbing ahold of this mental image of a wintery monster causing it to Tulpa into existence; if that's a right way to say that.
  9.     Anybody reading this is by now probably thinking, "what is your point", "what are you getting at?". I guess I am somewhat procrastinating, in truth trying to legitimize my encounter; possibly even still trying to rationalize and process what I saw. Give it some basis in something in reality or at least real life cryptozoology and folklore, and remind myself I don't live in a video game or anime fantasy world. Because this doesn't feel like a ghost story; if I read anything like my encounter I'd have written it off as pure fiction, some aspring author trying to see if he can fool people, become the next Creepypasta internet sensation.
  11.    I guess to get down to it, this didn't happen recently, it would have been two years ago just after Thanksgiving when it all started. I was 32 at the time, so this isn't a story from back when I was a kid or teenager and could have more easily mistaken something mudane for the terrifying; from my days in my 20's when I'd go urban exploring; although I did have a few "spooky" encounters then and a few close calls with people who could have been murderers or cultists; and sharing one of those stories would be alot more believable, but also a dime a dozen from what I've seen; guess there really are a ton of us out there acting like idiots. Makes you wander about all those who go exploring and don't come back to tell the story of their close encounter. But anyway, onto THIS close encounter. I had been a few days since Thanksgiving, and I was getting the exploration itch while sitting around my house; which was located middle of a whole bunch of houses, typical middle America city set up. Although there was a cornfield and a little stretch of woods not far from the end of the street there, running parallel to a highway and a bunch of smaller roads and more spaced out houses and the woods before a bigger highway and the interstate. This I knew in detail because my solution for scratching that exploration itch was to fly my drone I had gotten the year or two...maybe three, prior as a Christmas present from my parents who even as they get older try to stick with our hobbies. Had played with the thing all over their yard, neighborhood out in the country (or what passes for out in the country these days with so many houses just sort of spaced apart between farmer fields). I feel bad not remembering what year it was specifically now as I do remember playing with the thing and showing them the video it played back with its WiFi on the remote.
  13.    So, anyway, two years ago right after Thanksgiving. There I was by the cleared out field, mid-afternoon, flying this drone around, getting down by the tree line when I saw something strange; like a deer skull hung up in a tree. As  flew down towards it to get a better look, it moved, walking away into the woods. I realized this hadn't been in a tree, but was atop someone's head. Now being a drone I was seeing it through it was hard to get a good estimate on height, but it looked to be at least seven feet if not taller going by how thick those trees looked compared to the ones in my yard. I wasn't about to walk out there and figured I'd stumbled upon some weirdo cultists, new age paganism harvest time solstice or whatever and packed the drone up and left. After all he looked to also be wearing a white robe that mixed in with the colors of the pin oaks and ash trees around him.
  15.    A few nights later, going into December while driving home from work I nearly hit a deer. I mention this in relation to this as this wasn't a normal deer. It was an albino deer that looked like it was the size of an elk, maybe just a white elk but we don't get elks around here I am pretty sure, ten points easily, but it just stood there in the road its face looking into my headlights with bright red eyes, I told mysefl reflecting off the headlights, but also something was first I didn't realize it but after a few seconds it occured to me its eyes were too big and too far forwad, looking like the eyes of a cartoon deer. I backed up slowly, getting a good fifty feet away to a driveway to turn around and go home another way, intending to cross over to the highway and interstate instead of my usual scenic backroad route (I hate the interstate, too many accidents reported daily); As I was turning around I heard this horrific screeching sound and realized it was the deer as it stood up on its back hooves and just stood up, like it was a bear or something. There started to be some weird glow like more headlights behind it perhaps (told myself that at the time), but I wasn't sticking around and booked out of there.
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