book of shame (twiggyxanon) WIP

Jun 5th, 2017
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  1. >"Discord? Anon? What are you doing in my treebrary?"
  2. >"Oh Twilight! Just the unicorn I wanted to see!"
  3. "Discord stop fucking messing around!"
  4. >"You see my dear, Anonymous here just confessed to me that--"
  6. >A snap of his fingers later and you find yourself ballgagged, your hands instantly flying to it to try and get rid of it
  7. >"Ahhh, isn't it better? So, as I was saying, we, our human friend and I, were drinking some cider and confessing some secrets to each other, and he might've told me that he liked writing when he was alone. A lot."
  8. >Your eyes go wide, you can't believe he's selling you out.
  9. >Booksmart's quizzical expression turns exuberant when the meaning gets past her ears.
  10. >"Oh?? Really? Why didn't you ever tell me that Anon? I never expected you of all pon--humans, to like writing!"
  11. >Discord chuckles at that.
  12. >"Oh but he does, he's just a bit shy..."
  13. >You shake your head towards her, mmmphing, trying to tell her to not listen but this strap is impossible to detach
  14. >"So, what do you write about? Science fiction? Historical events? Fantasy?"
  15. >"From what I heard, it's mostly... romance."
  17. >You jump on him, trying to find a way to shut him up but a blink later he disappeared, leaving your arms flailing at thin air.
  18. >A small blush comes up her face.
  19. >"Romance? Wow, I never thought that you'd be interested in this subject Anon. B-but there's nothing to be shy about! I myself have wrote a couple pieces when I was younger..."
  20. >"Oh but his are much more... mature."
  21. >He snaps his finger once more, making a huge book pop out of existence right in front of the purple mare.
  22. >You know this book.
  23. >No, anything but that.
  24. >You run to it but you find yourself paralyzed mid step two feet away.
  25. "Mmmpghhhphh!"
  26. >"D-discord why are you--"
  27. >Her snakes his way around her back, his long tongue slithering an inch away from her twitching ear.
  28. >"In this book lies Anon's secret desires, his dreams and his nightmares..."
  29. >She eyes it once more, a hoof reaching for it. But stops, bringing it down.
  30. >"No, I-I shouldn't, Anon obviously doesn't want me to--"
  31. >"I am quite certain that deep inside, Anon wants you to read them... Hay, most of those stories involves you, after all..."
  32. >Her eyes widen in surprise and she lifts them to meet yours, the blush from earlier getting stronger and creeping down her neck.
  33. >"M-m-me?"
  34. >She whispers, her eyes going back down to the impossibly large book.
  35. >"Just a little peek couldn't hurt, right? I'm sure your friendship would come out stronger than ever..."
  36. >She nods. And her hoof reaches for the book.
  38. >She opens it and starts reading the first page.
  39. >You don't even find the strength to make any sound anymore. You lost.
  40. >What was the first page about again...?
  41. >The blush on her face and her breath getting heavier tells you it was bad enough.
  42. >Discord grins at you when he finds your death glare, then leans forward to read the page from over her shoulder, whistling when he gets past the third paragraph.
  43. >You see her sheepishly glancing up to you from time to time. And every time your eyes meet hers, you feel like killing yourself some more.
  44. >What is she going to think of you now? It's not your fault you were used to fap twice a day, there's no internet here, they didn't even invent porn yet!
  45. >And they all keep running around naked with only their tails covering their puffy, inviting lips.
  46. >And that hers were the most enticing and beautiful of them all.
  47. >A sigh escaping her lips tells you she finished the first story. You prepare to be bombarded with questions and scowled to death, but nothing happens, you just see her eyes shifts towards the next page and she starts reading your next work.
  49. >You just gave up, waiting for the sweet release of death.
  50. >She was finishing the sixth page, and the smell floating around the room as well as her back legs fidgeting tells you that this one was especially saucy.
  51. >Guess it was the one you wrote about her casting that want it need it spell on your dick and then pushed her in the mirror pool.
  52. >You remember it because you can see the stains you left on the middle of the pages when you finished writing it. You were still kinda new to these things...
  53. >Meanwhile Discord was just as invested as she was, sending you knowing grins and whistles from time to time, his paw even giving you a thumbs up a couple times.
  54. >Her horn started glowing and she turned the page, eyes widening when she saw that the next two pages were filled to the brim with words. Then she flipped the page, again, and again, not bothering to read everything. When she found out that she couldn't find any blank page, she stood up and flipped the whole book around, raising an eyebrow at you when she realized that you finished the book. This entire book.
  55. >"I can't believe you wrote all of this Anon, when did you even find the time to do this?"
  56. >You avert your eyes in shame, or try to, the stasis in which you were still stuck didn't give your eyes enough freedom to completely remove the small pony from the picture.
  57. >"Oh, but that is only the first volume my dear!
  58. >A snap later and two more books appeared in front of her.
  59. >She gasped and sat down in disbelief, her blush deepening again.
  60. >She gulped and her gaze shifted between you and the books several times, her gears obviously turning as fast as they can.
  61. >Then she cleared her throat, obviously coming to some sort of conclusion.
  62. >"Discord? Could you... leave us alone for a bit? I think we need to talk..."
  63. >"Yes, and as much as I'd love to hear it too, I can smell where this is going."
  64. >"W-w-what--"
  65. >He disappeared, his chuckle still resounding inside the room for a couple seconds.
  67. "Shit--"
  68. >His spells on you dissipates with him gone, and you stumble down on the floor in surprise.
  69. >You groan, slowly lifting yourself up and stretching your jaw to try and ease the stiffness you felt.
  70. >Then you finally notice her getting closer to you. She stares straight at you while moving, an unreadable expression on her face, but the blush still clearly there.
  71. >Is she mad? Disappointed? Did you ruin everything?
  72. >Whatever it is you don't feel yourself apt at dealing with this.
  73. >Your face turns to the side, to escape her gaze, but also to find the way out.
  74. >You quickly gets up and dashes for the door. You'll just talk to her tomorrow. Or you'll send her a letter, that seems like a good idea. Or maybe you'll just move out of ponyville and--
  75. >You find yourself magically stopped right before you could grasp the doorknob.
  76. >You groan in defeat. That's fucking cheating, why can they all do this.
  77. >"Anon... I think we really need to talk about... this."
  78. >At least you still have control of your head and you can talk this time.
  79. >So you groan again.
  80. "C-can we talk about this tomorrow?"
  81. >"No. If I let you go I won't see you for a week."
  82. >She's not wrong.
  83. >You hear her hooves clopping closer and closer from behind.
  84. >"I just want to understand Anon."
  85. >You can't let her do this, not today, if she keeps going you're going to say things you'll regret, you need to plan this kind of shit. You need a way out.
  86. "There's nothing to understand,"
  87. >Good start. If you don't count the stuttering.
  88. "I-uh, it was fun! I just wrote it for fun! Hehehe..."
  89. >You force a chuckle.
  90. >You know she's not going to fall for this. She's smart, much too smart for this.
  91. >The soft thuds finally stop. You don't need to turn your head to know she's right behind you.
  92. >Then you feel her hoof against the back of your leg, pawing at it the same way she always did whenever she wanted to get your attention.
  93. >"Was it?"
  95. >Your heart finds your throat and you open your mouth to lie to her once more, but nothing comes out.
  96. >"Was it just for fun, Anon?"
  97. >Her hoof digs ever so slightly deeper inside of your leg.
  98. "Twily don't..."
  99. >You're so going to ruin his life. You're not sure how, but you'll find a way.
  100. >"If... if you look at me and tell me that you wrote all these... stories, for fun, then I'll believe you Anon. And I'll let you go."
  101. >Okay this sounds easy enough.
  102. >You can do this much.
  103. >You turn your head and look at her, opening your mouth, then closing it.
  104. >You gulp. Your throat is just dry. Nothing else.
  105. >T-this has nothing to do with you losing yourself in her beautiful eyes or wondering how soft her lips must feel.
  106. >Then she tilts her head to the side slightly, her hoof pawing at your thigh once more and an ear twitching in anticipation.
  107. >And you can't take it anymore. You tear your gaze away from hers and lift your head back up.
  108. >Fuck, you were going to do it. Why did she have to do this...
  109. >You need a plan B, pronto.
  110. >"You just have to tell me Anon."
  111. >Seconds go by, and nothing comes out.
  112. >Her sigh nearly makes you jolt.
  113. >Then she makes her way in front of you, sitting down back to the door, chin up to stare straight at you.
  114. >But you can't meet her demanding eyes, forcing your face all the way to the side.
  115. >"Look at me Anon."
  116. >You shake your head.
  117. >"Please Anon, look at me."
  118. "I-I can't."
  119. >"Of course you can, you did it a hundred times before."
  120. >We're not before.
  121. >It's not the same.
  122. >"Don't make me use magic Anon. Because I will."
  123. >That's it, a way out!
  124. "You can't do this! A-and I'm sure you're not allowed to abuse your magic to keep me like this either! I'll send a letter to--"
  125. >"You don't seem to mind me pinning you down against your will in these stories of yours though."
  127. >You peek down to catch her grinning expression.
  128. >But when you try to retreat you find yourself stuck in place, the fading aura around her horn giving you the exact reason.
  129. >"Told you I would~"
  130. >You can't fight this. Her.
  131. >You still have control of your eyes tho and do your best to keep them as far away as you can.
  132. >"So, Anon..."
  133. >Why does she have to say your name like that.
  134. >"Care to tell me why you /really/ wrote them?"
  135. >Shitshitshitshit
  136. "I told you I can't."
  137. >"Why?"
  138. >She asks, tilting her head again and placing a hoof on top of your knee.
  139. >Why does she have to be so stubborn about this kind of shit.
  140. >Why are you in this position? Why you? Why did you have to fall in love with a horse? With her?
  141. "I don't..."
  142. >You gulp, preparing yourself mentally.
  143. >But close your eyes, because you're a pussy.
  144. "I don't want to ruin this Twilight. I-I'm fine, really, I just..."
  145. >"Ruin... this?"
  146. >Her magic tugs your hand forward, pulling it against her cheek.
  147. >She doesn't waste time and nestle against it when it's close enough.
  148. >You open your eyes when you feel it, when you feel her warmth spread through your skin, the soft fuzz of her coat tickling it while your heart hammers in your chest.
  149. >"Why would something like this ruins anything Anon?"
  150. >Her voice is soft and gentle and kind.
  151. >But you still don't find the courage to keep your eyes on hers and look away, but you find out it's not enough, so you force them close again.
  152. >She sighs once more.
  153. >Then you feel the control of all your limbs coming back.
  154. >"Listen, Anon... you're right, I shouldn't try to force this."
  155. >She says looking down.
  156. >"If you want to run away... you can go. I won't stop you this time."
  157. >You inhale strongly and look at the door, thinking of running for it for a moment.
  158. >But her smell hits you.
  159. >"But running away won't do any good."
  160. >"I-I know I'm not really experienced in... this, but if you really don't want to ruin this, then I think we should talk."
  162. >She nuzzles against your palm again when saying so.
  163. >She's right, you know she's right.
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