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  1. RayNightMusic has joined the chat
  2. AdwelNightFire has joined the chat
  3. LizzieDragonStorm has joined the chat
  4. LilithRoseDalkasav has joined the chat
  5. AdwelNightFire: hes creep out ur aunty bunny big time by flirtting sexual
  6. AdwelNightFire: hey sen
  7. senshinohime: hey
  8. senshinohime: how you all?
  9. LilithRoseDalkasav: hello Sen
  10. AdwelNightFire: just taking care of a little family meeting
  11. senshinohime: ahhh okay no worries ill myob :]
  12. NoraNyteWolf has joined the chat
  13. senshinohime: hellos rose how are you
  14. LilithRoseDalkasav: do u need dameon on daddy
  15. LizzieDragonStorm: ?
  16. LilithRoseDalkasav: im well
  17. AdwelNightFire: no
  18. AdwelNightFire: bbg
  19. AdwelNightFire: u all have a new sister amaya and soul is xnia bro
  20. SynNyteWolf has joined the chat
  21. AdwelNightFire: welc home babe
  22. LilithRoseDalkasav: me knows already daddy\
  23. AdwelNightFire: hes no good bbg
  24. LizzieDragonStorm: ??
  25. AdwelNightFire: bbg he not who u think he is
  26. AdwelNightFire: i seen him
  27. LilithRoseDalkasav: what you mean
  28. RayNightMusic: i am lost
  29. AdwelNightFire: i had to boot him from ur aunty buuny home
  30. AmayaSingingbird has joined the chat
  31. RayNightMusic: welcome sissy nora and mom and sissy amaya
  32. AdwelNightFire: he was flirting with my twin whispering and wanting to get into her pants
  33. AdwelNightFire: wb bug and sweety
  34. RayNightMusic: hone
  35. RayNightMusic: z
  36. SynNyteWolf: whats going on with my ohana....I will rip heads off if I have too
  37. AmayaSingingbird: thank you
  38. AdwelNightFire  puts bbg on my lap
  39. AdwelNightFire: yw sweety
  40. AmayaSingingbird: which soul reaper was is
  41. RayNightMusic: soulraper mom he came in here then poof
  42. AdwelNightFire: exnias bro
  43. AmayaSingingbird: War's daughter is soul reaper
  44. AdwelNightFire: with the numberes
  45. LilithRoseDalkasav: wow
  46. RayNightMusic: wow
  47. AdwelNightFire: soulreaper99
  48. RayNightMusic: in a way i thought he was gonna help war something daddy
  49. RayNightMusic: z
  50. AdwelNightFire: not in our home
  51. AdwelNightFire: i be dam to let shit fly in our home
  52. RayNightMusic: ik daddy
  53. SynNyteWolf: right!
  54. AdwelNightFire: growl
  55. RayNightMusic: that why i told u when he came in
  56. AdwelNightFire: i will boot
  57. AmayaSingingbird: he is an enforcer for the four horse mank
  58. AdwelNightFire: ty son
  59. AmayaSingingbird: War's MC
  60. RayNightMusic: yw daddy
  61. AdwelNightFire: he came cause of u aweety
  62. AdwelNightFire: sweety*
  63. AmayaSingingbird: meaning they aren't letting me go without a fight
  64. AdwelNightFire: if he wants to battle its on
  65. AdwelNightFire: but not in our ohana home
  66. AdwelNightFire: then they got it
  67. AmayaSingingbird: I don't get how soulreaper found me here
  68. AdwelNightFire: see bbg and u want to join mc
  69. AmayaSingingbird: I have my location off I could have sworn
  70. AdwelNightFire: ik
  71. AdwelNightFire: gonna block him
  72. SynNyteWolf has left the chat
  73. AdwelNightFire: covers little one ears
  74. LilithRoseDalkasav: aww
  75. AdwelNightFire: fuck
  76. AdwelNightFire: growl
  77. RayNightMusic: daddy but your location is on my side
  78. RayNightMusic: o.o
  79. AdwelNightFire: yeah and this is friends only
  80. RayNightMusic: that why i find it streage that he come in here
  81. AdwelNightFire: ikr
  82. AmayaSingingbird: He must have gotten name from xenia and looked at the rooms and saw me here
  83. AmayaSingingbird: that's why
  84. RayNightMusic: growl
  85. AdwelNightFire: mhm
  86. AmayaSingingbird  runs and hides from family
  87. AmayaSingingbird: this my fault
  88. AdwelNightFire: sweety no need
  89. RayNightMusic: its not amaya
  90. AdwelNightFire: no its not
  91. LilithRoseDalkasav: no its not
  92. AdwelNightFire: stop
  93. AdwelNightFire: sweety come here
  94. AdwelNightFire: bbg
  95. AmayaSingingbird: no I brought the drama and I have to end it
  96. NoraNyteWolf: brb
  97. RayNightMusic: no u didnt
  98. AdwelNightFire: sweety no u di not
  99. LilithRoseDalkasav: tyt
  100. RayNightMusic: tyt sis nora
  101. AdwelNightFire: tyt bug
  102. AdwelNightFire: bbg
  103. AdwelNightFire: hwl
  104. AdwelNightFire: bbg
  105. AdwelNightFire: dam it answer
  106. LizzieDragonStorm: what
  107. AdwelNightFire: u ok
  108. LizzieDragonStorm: i was asleep
  109. AdwelNightFire: oh ok well please say something bbg k
  110. AmayaSingingbird: I messaged Lamia and asked her to let me leave. You guys are peaceful and need to be left out of it
  111. LizzieDragonStorm: ok i sorry
  112. AdwelNightFire: sweety block
  113. AdwelNightFire: its ok bbg
  114. AdwelNightFire: we love u
  115. RayNightMusic: sis amaya just block all of them
  116. LilithRoseDalkasav: yes blocks tem
  117. RayNightMusic: k now i sound sacastic
  118. RayNightMusic: zz
  119. AdwelNightFire: block soulreaper99 now
  120. AdwelNightFire: i just did
  121. senshinohime: i dont mean to chime in on your family meeting but his card says hes a member of an MC and i know for a fact they dont put up with that so i would bring it to their attention
  122. RayNightMusic: u mean as on all of us
  123. AdwelNightFire: he can't come in here
  124. AdwelNightFire: so ur safe sweety
  125. AdwelNightFire: mhm he is once u join ur in for life
  126. RayNightMusic: we know sens that why i find it streage that he was here
  127. AmayaSingingbird: I was the daughter of the founder of the MC he belonged to
  128. AdwelNightFire: they say ur not a fsamily mamber
  129. RayNightMusic: till i told daddy about it
  130. senshinohime: bring it to them maybe?
  131. AdwelNightFire: nope this the home of the ohana nights
  132. AdwelNightFire: its not allowed
  133. senshinohime: nods
  134. AdwelNightFire: u know that sen
  135. RayNightMusic  sneeze from twinny tail in front of my face
  136. AdwelNightFire: why would i have in our home
  137. AmayaSingingbird: It won't make a lick of difference Sen if War or Lamia says to jump they say how high
  138. AdwelNightFire: bless u son
  139. RayNightMusic: ty daddy
  140. AdwelNightFire: yw son
  141. senshinohime: what interesting creepy like people amaya
  142. AmayaSingingbird: I blocked soul reaper
  143. AdwelNightFire: sweety if they come in
  144. AdwelNightFire: i block
  145. AdwelNightFire: so the home is safe ok
  146. RayNightMusic: spiceally when its war
  147. AdwelNightFire: mhm
  148. LilithRoseDalkasav: yes
  149. AdwelNightFire: ifthey come into the clubs u kids head here ok
  150. AmayaSingingbird: I have to face them or we will never have peace
  151. senshinohime: hes been blocked as well
  152. senshinohime: ^^
  153. AdwelNightFire: no sweety u don't
  154. RayNightMusic: no sis amaya
  155. RayNightMusic: u are one of us now
  156. AdwelNightFire: so u 4 kids this home is safe now ok
  157. AdwelNightFire: if we are in the clubs and i say poof u all come home
  158. AdwelNightFire: ok deal
  159. RayNightMusic: deal
  160. AdwelNightFire: sunshine
  161. AdwelNightFire: sweety
  162. LilithRoseDalkasav: yes
  163. AmayaSingingbird: yes
  164. NoraNyteWolf has left the chat
  165. AdwelNightFire: bbg
  166. AdwelNightFire: bug
  167. AdwelNightFire: growl
  168. RayNightMusic: sis bug just poof
  169. RayNightMusic: zz
  170. AdwelNightFire: ik
  171. senshinohime: im in a room with her you want me to talk to her?
  172. RayNightMusic  sit on daddy
  173. AdwelNightFire: tell bug daddy wants her back its safe
  174. senshinohime: okies
  175. AdwelNightFire: nothing gonna happend
  176. RayNightMusic: k on it
  177. AmayaSingingbird: -eyes turn red and I run for my rain-
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