Woshou 5th floor

Jan 31st, 2020
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  1. 5th level: “The Mountain Monastery”
  3. Those entering the floor will see that what looks to be an expanse of narrow mountains, but closer inspection will see that they are all the same pattern: this floor loops in on itself, which creates the illusion of a mountain range. In actuality, there are only on mountain of note on this floor. The floor itself is relatively small in dimensions considering it is an outdoor tile, but it is very, very tall. The main mountain itself breaks the artificial clouds in the room, meaning those on the floor cannot see the monastery.
  5. The entire floor is encompassed with anti-magic; most items and nearly all spells do not function, and magical buffs are removed as character’s enter the floor. Notably, this means that many means of flight will not function in this zone. Additionally, the floor is set to a cold enough temperature to inconvenience most who enter.
  7. The mountain directly ahead has a staircase heading up, that turns and twists as it goes. It is filled with as many steps as Woshou could get away with putting in.
  9. Though there is a trap here or there to knock off an unwary climber, the main function of these steps is to waste time and, more insidiously, stamina. While the steps here take only a minor amount of stamina to climb, the thin air impedes stamina regeneration, and the cold temperature also chips away at a climber’s endurance. As an added asshat move, the stairway has just enough narrow edges and turns that one must pay attention as they ascend or else step off the edge.
  11. Once the weary travellers break the cloud cover, and step from the stairs onto a narrow precipice, they can see it: the mountain top monastery, Kung Fu Castle. Or atleast, they can see the walls, across a short stone bridge.
  13. It when trying to cross the stone bridge that the floor guardian appears: the great maximus Baafolk, Tianmen- the Gate in the Sky. Tianmen leaps over the walls and attempts to bull rush invaders off the mountain top with his dual great shields. As a Baafolk suited to life in the mountains, Tianmen is unsettlingly adept at ascending and descending the mountain, which allows him to harry enemies even as they attempt to retreat down the stairs. As a side note, this trait also makes him something of an elevator service for guildies who want to go up or down the mountain quickly. Tianmen is an armament master, and beyond his two great shields, he possesses a heavy lance, a master crafted repeating crossbow, and an M79 grenade launcher.
  15. The floor is largely inhabited by Vanara Pop NPCs. They can assist in the defence of the floor with the use of wall mounted ballistae and oil attacks. There are also some fire elementals and water elementals on this floor, who help keep the floor running and habitable.
  17. The fortress has a massive quadrangle for group exercises, with a raised platform on two corners for more personal single or paired fighting. The barracks with luxurious blankets and curtains to keep out the cold. Best of all, there are hot springs atop the mountain, fuelled by some latent volcanic activity, that give warriors a place to relax after tiring themselves out in the cold. Next to the hot springs is an few more luxurious rooms. There is a ‘stable’, although it is really just an apartment for Tianmen. There is a mess hall, beyond which is the gates to the 6th floor.
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