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  4. Frankie (Pornhub)
  6. May 21, 10:22 EDT
  7. Hey,
  9. You would need to get written consent from all the models that appear in your compilation video. We would also require an ID for each of those models.
  11. Regards,
  12. --
  13. Frankie
  18. Yes, I think by now I understand that much Frankie. Afterall it's been told to me I five times now (two being from you Frankie) all within the last 3 days, and never before did anyone tell me that. Nore could I find anything on the Internet about this curiosity of compilation making and earnings. I remember 2 months ago before I signed up with, I couldn't find a damn thing anywhere on the web that gave me a direct answer regarding making compilation videos and earning revenue. So I decided to sign up and find out for myself, and what happened?
  20. I started EARNING!!!!!!!! Which answers my question!!!!!!!!! and I started working much harder, and harder!!!! The more I viewed my earnings the harder I wanted worked, especially since they stopped moving when reaching $700... that made me work the hardest because I thought things were slowing down at that point and maybe things really are too good to be true, and its a joke to think I can have a chance to make my life right... but there was no room to think that way I just had to work harder.
  22. ANYWAY, here is my previous email again. I hope someone of importance can read this or someone is atleast listening this time. Thanks.
  24. Hi,
  26. Thanks for reaching out to me. I see, well just because the actual content is not mine, which I know. Doesn't mean I didn't put together the video and spend lots of time in doing so. But I understand, I get it, same as always, reason being because the actual content in the video being viewed, is NOT mine or NOT me, therefore I cannot receive any funds people watching it, which makes perfect sense. Because that technically would mean I am being paid for someone else's work, so I see, I understand.
  28. However, I already knew that rule/law, because its ALWAYS been that way! And I knew that! The reason for me thinking I could be paid and wasting all my time making videos for Pornhub was NOT because I thought I could be paid for someone else's work, because again, I already knew how things worked for media publishing rights. THE ACTUAL REASON for me thinking I could be paid is because my account WAS showing me that I was being paid! For 2 long months my account was earning a balance, and that just encouraged me to work harder, until just recently it was all taken away from me and set to $0.00 with no email notice or anything at all explaining the reason or why this has happened. I wasted 60 long hard working days making compilations for my user account on and have nothing to show for it because I was under the impression "I could be paid" because "I WAS BEING PAID" The proof of earnings were in my Account > Model Earnings > Dashboard section, and they definitely meant something to me, as well as proof that everything was going smooth and I was being paid for my work. I had no idea that earnings could just be erased to zero after earning them, for 2 months the balance was growing... What's up with that huh? It feels wrong to me, like I've been fucked, and not in a good way.
  29. Sincerely,
  30. Nicky
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