Download Product and Still Life Lighting Secrets Karl Taylor

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  1. Product and Still Life Lighting Secrets Karl Taylor Download DVD
  3. Download link for: DVD Product and Still Life Lighting Secrets
  6. Product and Still Life Lighting Secrets [Karl Taylor]
  7. Expand you skills to new levels with creative studio lighting techniques for advertising, still life and product photography.
  8. Advertising photography is amongst the most technically difficult and challenging of them all, it can also be the most lucrative with the best photographers demanding top fees for professional eye catching product and still life images. In this course you can learn from one of the UKs most experienced pro's how to create images with impact that will help you expand your skill set to potential new clients and businesses.
  10. Product and Still Life Lighting Secrets [Karl Taylor]
  13. On this course you will learn:
  15.     Luxury Jewellery Photography
  16.     How do professional advertising photographers achieve those pristine images of luxury brands such as, Rolex, Omega or Diamonds? See behind the scenes step by step as Karl shoots and explains the perfect jewellery image
  17.     Bottle Shots
  18.     Glass and bottle shots such as wine and whiskeys are notoriously difficult to execute to perfection. Karl has shot for some of the world's leading brands and will demonstrate in this shoot how to create a dynamic, atmospheric and striking bottle shot.
  19.     The Perfect Pint
  20.     How to make the glass of liquid look desirable and thirst quenching, with top tips for the bubbles plus the secret formula for condensation effects on glass.
  21.     Car Shoot
  22.     Car shoots are usually big budget and dependent on masses of lighting kit. On this classic car shoot Karl shows you how we can do it in an empty warehouse on a budget using the most general studio equipment.
  23.     Food Photography
  24.     How do you keep ice cream looking good? How do you keep the food looking fresh and delicious? What lighting works best for appetising food images? The answers are all here in this chapter on stunning cuisine photography.
  25.     Cosmetics and Perfume
  26.     On a model or in the bottle the advertising images need to be perfect and the product has to look sexy and desirable. Karl demonstrates three shoots covering beauty and make up and the product shots.
  27.     Moving Liquids
  28.     Flying liquids make for some of the most spectacular and sought after images, but controlling the liquid and freezing the action is key. Karl shows you how to achieve this and how to prepare and plan the shot, from liquid in motion to tank shots, get the inside knowledge.
  29.     Designer Shades
  30.     For the last 10 years Karl Taylor has photographed images for the worlds leading brands in designer eyewear. In this shoot he shows you the lighting techniques and the product positioning to create stunning advertising images that will wow your clients
  31.     The Perfect Pack Shot
  32.     The packshot is a great way to make money if you can provide a simple cost effective set up for your clients. In this example Karl shows you his top tips for simple, quick and effective pack shots with most common lighting kit and some simple accessories.
  33.     High Gloss and Chrome
  34.     Glossy stuff looks great but can be a nightmare to shoot and light tents just don’t cut if for professional results. Find out how Karl lights chrome and glossy objects for images with lighting impact.
  35.     Body Shots
  36.     Hands and the human form are often used in advertising images for product, cosmetic or fashion images. Watch step by step as Karl delivers a stunning product and combined model shot with all the details on how it’s done
  39. Download link for: DVD Product and Still Life Lighting Secrets
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