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Sequoia Session 11

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  1. [19:12:07] [castfromhp] We ended last time with everyone setting up camp for the night. Despite any reservations anyone may have had about going to sleep amidst a swarm of hungry, hungry mawiles, you all make it through the night without incident. As you're you start to awaken and rub the sleep from your eyes, you hear the soft chatter of hwies from all over camp - seems like the Mawiles were up early.
  2. [19:13:25] * Lucian is up the earliest, courtesy of his long day in, and stands in front of his tent flap with his arms crossed, staring down the gaggle of Mawile as they mill about the camp.
  3. [19:13:50] [Dann-] "Time to count all my digits and party members." Dann groans quietly to himself as he rolls out of his tent and takes a look around.
  4. [19:14:24] [Lucian] He says nothing, wakes nobody up, and makes no movements as he surveys the scene in front of him, realizing that he should never have trusted those three to go off on their own.
  5. [19:14:34] [castfromhp] Most of the Mawiles are actually gathered around the trees in and around your campsite, chattering amongst themselves and occasionally snapping their steel maws toward the sky.
  6. [19:14:42] [Dann-] "Oh hey Lucian! Have you met the horde yet?"
  7. [19:15:19] [Lucian] "We haven't been formally introduced yet, no."
  8. [19:15:20] * Adrienne sits up, having woken up about now. "Oh, I was hoping that was a dream."
  9. [19:15:32] [Lucian] "We aren't taking them with us, are we?"
  10. [19:15:34] [@Doxy] Loptyr is high up in a pine tree, cawing loudly at the sun. Like, jumping up and down and making threatening gestures at it. Fuck you sun! Try being a big bright shiny bastard down here, you coward!
  11. [19:15:48] [@Doxy] How did he even get up there? Hm
  12. [19:16:18] [Adrienne] "Not permanently, no."
  13. [19:16:24] [Percival] "Finally up huh? I hope we haven't lost much of any importance while we were sleeping. I really do not want to have to retrive some of my friends from a mawile jaw"
  14. [19:16:27] * Lucian looks up at the devil bird approvingly feeling much the same but for decidedly different reasons as he tries to sort out the mess of a camp.
  15. [19:16:48] [castfromhp] Peering up in to the branches of the other trees, you can see a few scattered, rather grumpy looking Snubbulls and Spritzees, carrying rolls of toilet paper.
  16. [19:16:49] [Adrienne] "If you're going to complain about the mob, do it later when I'm more awake."
  17. [19:17:03] [castfromhp] Once in a while, one makes a motion as if to jump down, but then is snapped at by a Mawile.
  18. [19:17:15] [Lucian] 'Who's complaining? I'm not the one who has to deal with them."
  19. [19:17:24] * Lucian looks at Adrienne, "That's your job."
  20. [19:17:49] [Dann-] "By that, Adrienne means that we've been tasked with taking them to Grandma Lou's. There's apparently a man there that can take over their relocation from there."
  21. [19:18:05] [Dann-] *By not permanently
  22. [19:18:05] [Adrienne] "I'm covering my bases."
  23. [19:18:55] * Lucian waves at the bird, throwing a rock at the thing to get its attention. "Loptyr! Get down!"
  24. [19:20:17] [Lucian] "We need to get going. You can be a bird at the sun on the road."
  25. [19:20:36] * Adrienne checks all of her stuff. This is a forest of little thief-y shits. Also hungry mawiles.
  26. [19:20:41] [Percival] "Is that what the consider "treasure?" Toilet paper of all things?"
  27. [19:20:48] * Dann- looks up into the trees quizzically and scratches his head.
  28. [19:20:59] [Dann-] "I wonder how long those fairies have been stuck up in the trees."
  29. [19:21:06] [Lucian] "Maybe they're going to use it to TP other traveler camps."
  30. [19:22:06] [Percival] "Maybe, though they don't look like they're doing it terribly gleefully for a prank. We probably should get going before the hoard thinks about lunch."
  31. [19:22:08] [castfromhp] Your stuff is all where it should be! And no extra pebbles to be found either.
  32. [19:22:38] [castfromhp] It seems like whatever prank the Fairies had in mind for you, the swarm of Mawiles has kept them at bay and stuck up in the trees.
  33. [19:23:16] [@Doxy] Loptyr hops down in a single leap, and begins running around the camp instead.
  34. [19:23:37] [Lucian] "Correction. They were going to TP /this/ traveler camp."
  35. [19:25:15] [Percival] "Oh good, something less we have to clean up then."
  36. [19:25:49] [Adrienne] "Yeah, let's get going."
  37. [19:25:55] * Lucian puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head at the bird's antics amusedly, "What a stupid Pokemon."
  38. [19:26:05] * Lucian looks at the others, "Isn't Loptyr the best?"
  39. [19:26:35] [Dann-] "I've enjoyed him thus far."
  40. [19:26:56] [Percival] "He's been quite helpful regardless of how absurd he can be."
  41. [19:27:21] * Adrienne shrugs. "He's alright."
  42. [19:28:25] [@Doxy] Loptyr runs up behind Adrienne, with a head on either side of hers so that she has a mouth next to EACH of her ears - and then screeches loudly. YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP
  43. [19:28:50] * Lucian laughs deep and loud, "Yeah, you tell her."
  44. [19:29:03] [Lucian] "He won't stop until you admit he's great."
  45. [19:29:24] [Percival] "Aw, you've offended him."
  46. [19:29:26] * Adrienne covers her ears. "Gaaaah!"
  47. [19:29:35] [Adrienne] "This bird is a turd."
  48. [19:31:59] * Lucian stares Loptyr right in the eye and then nods his head, running a thumb over his throat. "You know what to do."
  49. [19:33:00] [@Doxy] 1d20
  50. [19:33:17] * CritSenpai (lol@Rizon-6349BC74.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  51. [19:33:32] [@Doxy] 1d20 Loptyr used bully
  52. [19:33:32] [CritSenpai] Loptyr used bully: 10 [1d20=10]
  53. [19:33:47] [@Doxy] Loptyr messes up Adrienne's hair! >:D
  54. [19:34:10] [@Doxy] It's not very effective! Adrienne's hair was already BAD
  55. [19:35:53] * Ecthel (~Obs@32821722:C77E7EB0:3CCF95F4:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  56. [19:36:36] * Adrienne unmesses up her hair as best she can and starts leaving. "What a crappy morning."
  57. [19:37:50] * Lucian sticks his tongue out and ruffles both of Double Satan's head feathers before clamping their mouths shut and leading the bird along with him. "She's had enough...for now."
  58. [19:37:55] [castfromhp] As you all get your camp packed up and get ready to leave, the Fairies gathered in the trees lose interest and grumble as they hop off away, going from tree branch to tree branch to avoid the living beartraps all around.
  59. [19:38:28] [castfromhp] The Snubbulls need a bit of help from the other Fairies doing this, and one actually falls to the ground where it briefly gets nipped at by Mawiles before running off.
  60. [19:43:08] * Dann- packs up the rest of his things and then calls Winston out, placing the furpig gently on his head.
  61. [19:43:12] [Dann-] "Ready when you all are!"
  62. [19:43:35] * Lucian leads the way with Loptyr in tow once they're all ready to leave.
  63. [19:44:58] * Percival follows along with leading along Fumu once everything is packed.
  64. [19:46:20] * Adrienne walks at the front alongside Lucian, letting Arthur out of his ball.
  65. [19:46:53] [castfromhp] With the Fairies successfully dispersed, the Mawiles congregate behind all of you, making hungry "hwie" sounds as you proceed through the forest.
  66. [19:48:09] [Lucian] "Cute. They're like ducklings."
  67. [19:48:17] [castfromhp] You hike for a while -mostly- without incident. Along the way, Arthur discovers a small berry bush off your path and makes the mistake of starting to hand some out to the Mawiles - who then mob around him for the rest of your hike, of course.
  68. [19:48:22] [Lucian] 1d20
  69. [19:48:22] [CritSenpai] 1d20: 3 [1d20=3]
  70. [19:49:00] [Adrienne] 1d20 pickup
  71. [19:49:00] [CritSenpai] pickup: 14 [1d20=14]
  72. [19:49:00] [Adrienne] 1d3 berries
  73. [19:49:00] [CritSenpai] berries: 1 [1d3=1]
  74. [19:49:10] * Dann- attempts to lean over the swarm and snatch a berry, which he promptly passes up to Winston.
  75. [19:50:06] [castfromhp] Dann, you earn a chorus of whiny hwiiiiies as you take the berry, and a couple half-hearted snaps at your ankles, but Arthur quickly assuages the Mawiles with the remainder of the berries.
  76. [19:51:21] [@Doxy] Arthur also finds a POTION as you're walking. Just lyin' there, on the side of the road. People these days, dropping perfectly good potions. Hrmph.
  77. [19:51:44] [Percival] "I can't imagine what an unfriendly hoard of these guys would do to us."
  78. [19:52:13] [castfromhp] Eventually, the terrain begins to become more mountainous, and you see a sheer cliff face coming up in the near distance. It's not particularly tall - about the same height as the rock wall from the triathlon, but it does stretch across the forest as far as you can see through the dense trees.
  79. [19:52:44] [Lucian] "Do we have a map?"
  80. [19:52:51] [Lucian] "Is there a road up or will we have to climb?"
  81. [19:53:06] * Dann- checks for cell service.
  82. [19:54:48] [castfromhp] You can pull up a map via your phones, sure. It's a loooong way around if you want a proper road or path up the cliffs. Seems like whoever quoted you the 2 day estimate for travel assumed you would take the direct route - no matter if it was more difficult.
  83. [19:56:14] [Dann-] "Looks like we're scaling this cliff."
  84. [19:56:30] [castfromhp] However, as you get closer to the cliff, you can see crude make-shift ladders hanging down the side, woven from vines and ivy and partially camouflaged by the moss covering many of the cliff face rocks.
  85. [19:56:55] [Percival] "Shouldn't be too bad, I mean we had to climb over a bunch of this sort of cliffs for that triathalon."
  86. [19:57:01] * Adrienne approaches one of the make-shift ladders and tests to see if it's sturdy.
  87. [19:57:20] [Dann-] "True enough. I wouldn't mind a little added precaution since it's not a race. Do we still have that rope?"
  88. [19:57:39] [Adrienne] "I still have rope, yeah."
  89. [19:57:40] [zoofdude] As you get closer to one of the ladders, you notice a little wooden sign sticking out of the ground.  On it is a crude painting of two...painted pebbles, and an arrow pointing down
  90. [19:57:57] [zoofdude] at the base of the sign is a little clay pot, which actually has a few pebbles in it
  91. [19:57:59] * Lucian shrugs, digs into his bag, and deposits two pebbles.
  92. [19:58:07] [Lucian] "Maybe it's some kind of service."
  93. [19:58:19] [Lucian] "Is it a per person deal?"
  94. [19:58:21] [Dann-] "Or protection money..."
  95. [19:59:39] [Dann-] "Hard to say if it's two for each of us or not. Eight isn't all that much in any case, I vote for safe rather than sorry if we can't figure it out."
  96. [20:00:16] [Lucian] "Well Adrienne, the package we got should have pebbles in it. You can pay for yourself and Percy, right?"
  97. [20:00:28] * Dann- slings his backpack onto the ground for a moment and withdraws 6 of his 69 masterwork pebbles. He offers 2 to Adrienne and Percival.
  98. [20:00:52] [Adrienne] "I didn't take the package, I don't have any of these rocks."
  99. [20:01:05] * Adrienne takes the two from Dann and drops them in. "I just have the one Dann handed over."
  100. [20:01:20] [Lucian] "We didn't just leave it behind, did we?"
  101. [20:01:23] [Lucian] "Somebody took it."
  102. [20:01:33] [Percival] "I think I'm alright, I have a good bunch from what was thrown into the bag I had, you looking for some specific number in yours?"
  103. [20:01:42] [Lucian] "I was taking to Alex and Lawrence. Who took the package?"
  104. [20:01:57] * Percival sticks in two pebbles regardless.
  105. [20:02:32] * Dann- shrugs, deposits his two and places the extra two back in his pack. "Nah, I don't need a magic number."
  106. [20:04:03] * Lucian lets Loptyr go to scout ahead for good footholds and takes initiative, climbing up himself.
  107. [20:05:14] [castfromhp] Roll Survival or Athletics as you start to climb!
  108. [20:05:15] [Lucian] As he climbs he calls back down, "You know, you might want to divvy up those pebbles Dann."
  109. [20:05:22] [Lucian] "In case we get split up or something."
  110. [20:05:24] [Lucian] 3d6+1 Athletics
  111. [20:05:24] [CritSenpai] Athletics: 10 [3d6=5,3,1]
  112. [20:05:31] [Percival] "How strange, I wonder why these pebbles came to use."
  113. [20:05:40] [Adrienne] Once Adrienne is sure the ladders aren't some kind of death trap, she heads up after putting Arthur back in his ball. "I'm still skeptical of these pebbles."
  114. [20:05:51] [Dann-] "Well, I think you're the only one without any extra Adrienne. Want a few more?"
  115. [20:06:22] [Dann-] "I'm sure the one you've been hanging on to has convinced you of their worth by now." He adds with a wink.
  116. [20:06:41] [Percival] "Might as well climb this, even if it looks... rather make-shift."
  117. [20:06:54] [Percival] 3d6 Athletics
  118. [20:06:54] [CritSenpai] Athletics: 12 [3d6=6,4,2]
  119. [20:06:55] [Dann-] How sturdy are the ladders?
  120. [20:07:18] [castfromhp] They feel pretty sturdy, despite their crude construction.
  121. [20:07:33] [Dann-] So having a pokemon hold it at the bottom or top for added stability probably isn't too necessary?
  122. [20:07:34] [Lucian] "Adrienne is a strong, independent, modern woman of science. She doesn't believe anything until the tech gurus from on high have elucidated the value of any given item."
  123. [20:08:19] [Adrienne] "Ha ha," she replies drily.
  124. [20:09:05] [Adrienne] "Look, we don't know if the collection jar actually works, for all we know it's some kind of local tradition for fun."
  125. [20:10:32] [Lucian] "Well, you can elect not to place the pebbles in. But wait until I'm at the top before you decide that, please."
  126. [20:10:35] * Dann- recalls Winston and sends Stefan out.
  127. [20:11:07] [castfromhp] Dann, Adrienne, climbing up? Athletics or Survival if you are.
  128. [20:11:17] [Lucian] "I mean, I'm pretty skeptical myself but who cares, really."
  129. [20:11:29] [Dann-] "We've all paid the tax already, so there's nothing to worry about." He turns to the bug. "Do me a favor, Stefan. Fly alongside us and try to give someone a quick save if they lose their grip?"
  130. [20:11:33] [Lucian] "Even if it is just a local custom, I think it's neat."
  131. [20:11:37] [Percival] "Still, even if it was local tradition it can't really cause too much harm."
  132. [20:12:08] [Percival] "It's not as if they're too reactive... I think at the very least."
  133. [20:12:14] [Dann-] "I'll see you at the top."
  134. [20:12:37] * Dann- starts on the nearest ladder, preferably one that no one has taken yet, if there are that many.
  135. [20:12:44] [Dann-] 3d6+1 Athletics
  136. [20:12:44] [CritSenpai] Athletics: 9 [3d6=3,1,4]
  137. [20:13:02] [Lucian] "I mean, it could be a trap and paying actually makes the way more dangerous but that's kind of dumb, even by fairy bullshit standards."
  138. [20:13:41] [Adrienne] 4df+2
  139. [20:13:51] [Adrienne] 4d6+2 Survival
  140. [20:13:51] [CritSenpai] Survival: 14 [4d6=4,2,1,5]
  141. [20:14:17] [Dann-] "I think we're all agreed that it's a good idea to pay regardless. I just can't help but bemoan the loss of such finely wrought pebbles." Dann covers his face with his arm in a mock expression of weeping.
  142. [20:15:39] [castfromhp] The climb is relatively easy for all of you, and there's even a nice view as you climb as there are bushes growing out of the cliff side and...crystal deposits lining either side of the ladders? The occasional footholds you have to use in the cliff itself seem like they've been further carved out for ease of climbing.
  143. [20:16:10] * Dann- spots the crystals and tries to pull out his dowsing rod mid-climb.
  144. [20:16:29] [castfromhp] However, on the way up, your hand slips for a moment, Dann! But just as it does, a part of the crystal deposit on the side detaches, revealing itself to be a Carbink. It floats over and reattaches itself near your hand to grab and steady yourself.
  145. [20:17:07] [Dann-] "Woah!" Dann pauses for a moment to steady himself after the near-fall. "Thanks little guy."
  146. [20:17:50] [castfromhp] It'd be pretty difficult to actually mine anything out of the cliff while climbing! And after that, if you glance at the crystal deposits again, you're pretty sure they're -all- carbinks.
  147. [20:17:52] * Lucian watches Dann's near fall and hums once he's near the top, whistles for Loptyr to get ready, and lets go for a second to see what happens.
  148. [20:18:40] [castfromhp] Near the top, the ladders become a bit sparser and further between each other, but Cottonees pop out of the bushes to helpfully drag the end of each next ladder over to be easier to reach as you climb.
  149. [20:18:54] * Dann- pauses a little longer to admire the crystalline Pokemon. After giving one of them another affectionate pat, he continue to the top.
  150. [20:19:43] [Dann-] *continues
  151. [20:20:41] [Dann-] "This is the best rock climbing I've ever had the pleasure of doing. I guess those pebbles were well spent." He smiles at the next Cottonee to approach before gratefully grabbing the offered vine.
  152. [20:20:49] [Percival] "I wonder if these are who the pebbles are for?"
  153. [20:20:50] * Adrienne thanks the Cottonees for the help.
  154. [20:21:10] [Percival] "Oh thank you fluffy ones."
  155. [20:21:51] [zoofdude] Now that you are at the top of the cliff, you can see a burnt out, abandoned farm and farm house not far off from you!  And when I say old, I mean like decades abandoned, plants growing all over it.
  156. [20:21:57] [castfromhp] The Cottonees wave their leaves happily as you finish the climb, then return to their bushes.
  157. [20:22:09] [zoofdude] That said roll me perception
  158. [20:22:22] [Lucian] 3d6+2
  159. [20:22:22] [CritSenpai] 3d6+2: 16 [3d6=6,3,5]
  160. [20:22:42] [Adrienne] 2d6
  161. [20:22:42] [CritSenpai] 2d6: 4 [2d6=3,1]
  162. [20:22:49] [Dann-] 2d6 Perception
  163. [20:22:49] [CritSenpai] Perception: 5 [2d6=3,2]
  164. [20:23:33] * Dann- withdraws 20 pebbles and tries to find an outside pouch on Adrienne's pack to stuff them in. "Just in case." He says, giving her a grin.
  165. [20:23:45] [zoofdude] Lucian can see something on the front porch of the farm house moving about.
  166. [20:24:42] * Adrienne gives Dann a half-hearted "are you kidding me" look, and then sighs and gives up. "Oh look, a dump," she says. "Let's skip it."
  167. [20:24:53] * Lucian squints as they draw close, pointing out the movement for the others.
  168. [20:25:07] [Lucian] "Check the map. What's at the top of the cliff?"
  169. [20:26:06] * Adrienne checks her map. "This looks way too old to be Grandma Lou's."
  170. [20:26:26] * Dann- pulls out his phone to check the map. "Besides, Adrienne, aren't stones useful for outdoor cooking sometimes? I assure you, these masterwork pebbles would retain heat excellently.
  171. [20:26:28] [Dann-] "
  172. [20:26:42] [Percival] "This is a pretty remote place for a farm but, it can't hurt too much to check can it?"
  173. [20:26:45] [Dann-] He grins like he has no idea what he's talking about.
  174. [20:27:15] [castfromhp] Granny Lou's village is still a ways off. There are no particular landmarks of note in the spot of forest you're at on the map. If there was a farm here at some point, it was long enough ago that they just didn't bother listing the remains.
  175. [20:27:41] [Dann-] "Hm, doesn't seem to be anything marked on the map. Must be old."
  176. [20:27:58] [Adrienne] "Stones are," she agrees. "But not a bunch of painted pebbles. The map doesn't have anything here, the cartographers probably just ignored this place."
  177. [20:28:00] [Lucian] "Well, it doesn't need to be said but let's be careful."
  178. [20:28:29] * Lucian approaches the porch with a hand flush over his head, waving at whoever or whatever is there.
  179. [20:28:59] [Adrienne] Now that she's at the top, she rereleases Arthur from his ball.
  180. [20:29:01] * Dann- recalls Stefan and follows cautiously behind Lucian.
  181. [20:30:10] [castfromhp] You see a flash of red from one of the broken windows as you approach, Lucian and Dann. Then the door flings open, attached by only one hinge, and a Mime Jr with a red pom pom pops out with its arms held out in a wide, welcoming gesture.
  182. [20:30:52] * Lucian mimics the gesture with a smile, not knowing what to make of the creature.
  183. [20:30:58] [castfromhp] Past it, you can see picnic baskets and an assortment of common travelers' items, like sleeping bags and flashlights, each with a little sign with a number of pebbles painted on it behind the item.
  184. [20:31:25] [Dann-] "Well huh."
  185. [20:31:28] [castfromhp] It waves you, then pops its head out to gesture to Adrienne and Percival as well.
  186. [20:32:00] [Adrienne] "... I did not expect this."
  187. [20:32:00] [castfromhp] Arthur looks warily up at you, Adrienne, as the Mime Jr gleefully waves over to you.
  188. [20:32:38] * Adrienne looks down at Arthur. "Something wrong?"
  189. [20:33:06] [Lucian] "...I think it's either some kind of shop. Or it's a thief who preys on travelers who think it's a shop."
  190. [20:33:14] [Lucian] "It's one of those either/or situations."
  191. [20:33:16] [Percival] "Is... that the one that tried to steal from us earlier?"
  192. [20:33:19] [castfromhp] Arthur looks pensively over at the farmhouse, then shrugs.
  193. [20:34:03] [Percival] "Should we still check what's there?"
  194. [20:34:11] [Adrienne] "Might as well." She heads inside.
  195. [20:35:35] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr jumps in the air with a little spin as it returns inside. The Mawiles you were shepherding huddle in too, having made it up the cliff as well with the help of the Cottonees and Carbinks.
  196. [20:35:37] * Dann- follows everyone inside. "It sort of looks like we already have a lot of this stuff. But maybe there's something interesting."
  197. [20:35:55] [castfromhp] Roll perception
  198. [20:36:01] [Dann-] 2d6 Perc
  199. [20:36:01] [CritSenpai] Perc: 10 [2d6=6,4]
  200. [20:36:05] [Lucian] 3d6+1
  201. [20:36:05] [CritSenpai] 3d6+1: 11 [3d6=1,3,6]
  202. [20:36:22] [Adrienne] 2d6
  203. [20:36:22] [CritSenpai] 2d6: 6 [2d6=5,1]
  204. [20:36:36] [Percival] 3d6
  205. [20:36:36] [CritSenpai] 3d6: 9 [3d6=6,1,2]
  206. [20:37:38] [castfromhp] Lucian and Dann, one thing stands out to you as you enter and look over the items - the sleeping bag, a backpack, a lunchbox, and some other items have name tags or names written on them. All different too.
  207. [20:38:18] * Lucian pauses and then nudges Dann, "You lost a Fire Stone right? It might be here."
  208. [20:38:18] [castfromhp] The Mawiles are eyeing the picnic baskets hungrily, and the Mime Jr quickly summons a Barrier around them, which the Mawiles press up against with little "hwie" sounds.
  209. [20:39:16] [castfromhp] There are three picnic baskets and a lunchbox, and they're all marked with 10 pebble signs.
  210. [20:39:28] [Dann-] "Just a shard actually, I would have chased a little more passionately if I lost the stone." He replies quietly. "Still, these names worry me a bit."
  211. [20:39:39] * Dann- tries to carefully read the names as he inspects the 'wares'.
  212. [20:40:20] [Adrienne] "Names?"
  213. [20:40:44] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr looks over at the Mawiles, then at you, then dispels its Barrier briefly to step inside and bunch together the baskets and lunchbox, then sets up that bundle with three of the signs, for a total of 30 pebbles instead of 40. It looks over at you eagerly.
  214. [20:40:57] [Lucian] "There are names on all of these items."
  215. [20:41:35] * Lucian walks through the store, looking for anything that might be useful medically. (herbs, concoctions, etc.)
  216. [20:42:38] [Adrienne] "Oh." She shrugs. "Nothing here I really want. Well, maybe the food." She sidelong glances at the assorted mawiles. "I think one of them bit me in the middle of the night."
  217. [20:43:47] [Percival] "I wonder how long it's been collecting this stuff... or how many other people have picked it up."
  218. [20:46:48] * Adrienne rolls her eyes and roots around in her pack for the pebbles. She counts them all and looks over at Dann. "Hey Dann, I need nine more pebbles. Wanna hand 'em over?"
  219. [20:47:09] [castfromhp] There's no medicine here to speak of, but there's a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook here for 15 pebbles.
  220. [20:47:17] * Lucian sifts through the bundles the Mime Jr. pushed together.
  221. [20:47:29] * Lucian picks up the book and leafs through it.
  222. [20:47:40] [castfromhp] There's also a Traditional Medicine Reference for the same price.
  223. [20:48:20] [castfromhp] Flipping through the book, you see guides on how to modify Repels to be even more potent among other dubious home recipes.
  224. [20:49:49] [castfromhp] The Mawiles continue to press themselves against the Barrier with whiny hwie hwie hwie noises.
  225. [20:49:54] [Dann-] "Uh, I guess so? Are we sure we should endorse this fellow? There's a good chance he stole all of those lunchboxes."
  226. [20:50:15] * Lucian waves at the Mime Jr. to get its attention and then deposits the correct number of pebbles before stuffing the Anarchist's Cookbook in his bag. Traditional reference books could be easily purchased in town anyway.
  227. [20:50:58] [Lucian] He shrugs his shoulders at Dann, "I don't think I really care."
  228. [20:51:03] [Adrienne] "Well, they're not going back to their owners."
  229. [20:51:35] [Adrienne] "So I might as well feed these mawile."
  230. [20:55:10] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr nodly encouragingly, hopping around the baskets.
  231. [20:59:01] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr then goes to Percival and tugs on the hem of his shirt. It pulls out a small map of the area, showing the cliff, this farmhouse, a river further out, and a bridge.
  232. [20:59:28] [castfromhp] There's an X at the farmhouse here and another X across the bridge.The Mime Jr motions with its hand at what you guess is an attempt at a thumbs up.
  233. [20:59:52] [Lucian] Is there anything on the map that we can't get from our phones?
  234. [20:59:56] [Dann-] "I know they won't be getting them back. Even if we wanted to hunt them down, it's probably impossible. It just doesn't seem right to endorse this, well, piracy?"
  235. [21:00:19] [castfromhp] Not really, no. It's more like the Mime Jr is trying to show you the marks it made on the two locations.
  236. [21:01:00] * Adrienne shrugs. "Hey Lucian, Percival, either one of you want to give me the pebbles to feed our new hangerons?"
  237. [21:01:25] [Lucian] "Not really. If nothing else I can send my Pokemon out to forage."
  238. [21:01:58] [Lucian] "And even if those Mawile couldn't forage where they were being harassed by the Metagross doesn't mean it'll be the same whereever else we take them."
  239. [21:02:13] * castfromphone` (~AndChat42@Rizon-DDCB1168.sub-97-34-3.myvzw.com) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  240. [21:02:32] [Lucian] "And no, I don't really feel bad about patronizing this Mime."
  241. [21:03:11] * castfromphone has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  242. [21:03:14] [Percival] "Sure, I don't see why not."
  243. [21:03:31] * castfromphone (~AndChat42@Rizon-5AA368AF.sub-70-194-70.myvzw.com) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  244. [21:03:41] [Percival] "Actually that might be pretty helpful to check that map."
  245. [21:03:51] [Lucian] "It's not."
  246. [21:03:55] [Lucian] "It's trying to scam you."
  247. [21:04:03] * Lucian looks at the Pokemon, "No offense."
  248. [21:04:27] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr spins around in indignation.
  249. [21:04:36] * Percival whips out his phone and takes a picture. "Most likely yes but, I doubt they thought of this."
  250. [21:05:18] [Lucian] "Uh, congrats. You now have two identical maps on your phone."
  251. [21:05:22] * Adrienne just puts one pebble back into her pocket and points to two of the picnic baskets/lunchboxes. "Seventeen," she attempts to haggle with the Mime Jr.
  252. [21:05:30] [Lucian] "Anyway, I'm done here. You guys meet me outside when you're ready."
  253. [21:06:17] * castfromphone` has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  254. [21:07:39] [Percival] "I think I'll be fine really. It's much appreciated, you offers little guy but, maybe some other time."
  255. [21:07:50] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr hops back and forth, thinking, then nods. It dispels the barrier and takes out two of the picnic baskets, then goes to get a small, very old looking miner' lunch pail, which it holds out open for you. There are some pebbles inside already..
  256. [21:09:11] * Adrienne deposits seventeen pebbles into the pail and takes the baskets. Then she checks inside.
  257. [21:10:15] [castfromhp] One of the baskets is packed to the brim with cold-cut sandwiches of all sorts. The other has some pasta salad packed into tupperware, some fried chicken, and a couple hot dogs.
  258. [21:10:58] [castfromhp] *fried torchic?
  259. [21:11:54] [Adrienne] "Nice doing business," she says to the Mime Jr. before heading out. Once she's outside, she'll start passing out food to the mawile.
  260. [21:12:51] [castfromhp] The Mawiles are tugging at you before you even get outside and gleefully pass out and scarf down the food. Even in their starving state though, you see them prioritizing their most tired and injured, passing them the first sandwiches and hot dogs.
  261. [21:13:04] [castfromhp] As you leave, the Mime Jr waves gleefully and hops up and down, pointing at its map again.
  262. [21:13:59] [Dann-] "Well, it seems like we should at least check out the site that had the 'X' marked on it."
  263. [21:14:25] [Lucian] "It's not too far out of the way, is it?"
  264. [21:14:38] [Lucian] "I don't think we should taking these Mawile out for too long."
  265. [21:15:16] [castfromhp] It's pretty much on the way - unless you want to cross the river without using the bridge.
  266. [21:15:34] [castfromhp] After the river, it's a pretty clear hike to Granny Lou's village.
  267. [21:16:06] [Lucian] "Then sure."
  268. [21:16:20] [Adrienne] "The mawile are getting dropped off aorund Grandma Lou's. Come on, we're done here, let's get going."
  269. [21:17:39] [Percival] "I don't see why not, they're fed for the time being atleast."
  270. [21:18:23] * Adrienne leads the way since they're done here.
  271. [21:19:42] [zoofdude] As you continue on your way, you come across the river and bridge - just as the maps describe.  You see another little sign with two pebbles, another little jar as well.  The bridge is a very dated stonework one, with some archways along its supports in the water.  The river itself is a good length across, and has some pretty rapid looking water.
  272. [21:20:52] * Lucian lets Merric out and asks, "Can you swim safely in the water there?"
  273. [21:22:02] [Adrienne] "I have an idea. The pebbles summon that Mime Jr. like some kind of teleporting pebble bartering shopkeeper."
  274. [21:22:34] [@Doxy] Merric jumps into the water, and once inside the strong current, looks back up at you all :D like ... it doesn't seem to be fazed by the water at all!
  275. [21:23:20] [Dann-] "You considering crossing without the bridge?" Dann asks Lucian.
  276. [21:23:42] [Lucian] "Nah, but if somebody falls in, I want my Pokemon to be on hand to rescue us."
  277. [21:24:05] [Dann-] "Ah, fair point. How many people can Merric rescue at once?"
  278. [21:24:05] * Lucian reaches out and pats Merric on the head and then sets out on the bridge.
  279. [21:24:15] [Lucian] "Maybe half a person."
  280. [21:24:48] * Adrienne just dumps in two pebbles. It's not like the transition from four to two is going to do a lot to her purchasing power. After that, she heads across.
  281. [21:25:08] [Percival] "It can't be too bad, it is still standing afterall."
  282. [21:25:49] [Dann-] "I think I'll follow your lead." Dann calls Glyce out. "How's the water, Glyce?"
  283. [21:27:02] [@Doxy] Glyce looks at the water, and tries slythering in... it definitely has more trouble than the Corsola in the strong current, mostly because it lacks the weight advantage. Glyce seems to be doing alright for himself, but rescuing someone else too would probably be too tall an order.
  284. [21:29:58] [Dann-] "Hm, maybe not then. Next time, bud." He recalls Glyce and then deposits two pebbles in the jar. "Let's get going."
  285. [21:30:27] * Lucian deposits two pebbles before setting off.
  286. [21:31:22] * Percival slots in two pebbles before crossing.
  287. [21:31:58] [zoofdude] Well okay you all paid so nothing happens! yay you cross the bridge
  288. [21:34:03] [zoofdude] Well once across the bridge you aren't far out from Grandma Lou's home, and continuing on, you find some pretty well trodden paths, and can even see a few homes in the distance.  Some with smoke rising from chimnies
  289. [21:36:27] [Dann-] Where would that 'X' have been?
  290. [21:36:39] [Lucian] "How big did they say the village would be?"
  291. [21:36:40] [castfromhp] Along the way though, there's a small wooden stall at the side of the path, with another Mime Jr sitting behind it. This one has a pink-ish pom pom and looks to be lighter colored overall. Laid across its small table is an assortment of items, marked for sale as in the farmhouse.
  292. [21:37:14] [Dann-] "Ah." Dann mutters gruffly. "It's a chain."
  293. [21:37:38] [castfromhp] First, you see Oran, Pecha, and Persim Berries. They're marked at 5 pebbles each. There are 3 in stock of each.
  294. [21:37:38] [Percival] "How many of these even exist in this area?"
  295. [21:38:08] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr motions wide with its arms, in response.
  296. [21:38:36] [castfromhp] There are also three of an odd-looking, larger berry. It's sorta nut-like, similar to a Lietchi berry.
  297. [21:39:04] [castfromhp] Those are 10 each.
  298. [21:39:06] [Lucian] "I'm not interested in buying anything. Who wants to come with me ask around?"
  299. [21:39:38] [castfromhp] There's also one each of a cute little basket, a woven hat looking like a Mime Jr head, and a Moonstone. The former two look like they were made from materials found out in the forest.
  300. [21:39:44] [castfromhp] They're 20, 30, and 50 pebbles.
  301. [21:40:53] * Dann- takes a glance at the odd looking berry before replying. "Well, I don't plan to endorse a different shop either, so I can come with, if you want. I'm not sure it will take long enough to warrant splitting up though."
  302. [21:41:26] * Adrienne peers closely at the weird big berry.
  303. [21:41:26] [Adrienne] 4d6+2 What's this berry??
  304. [21:41:26] [CritSenpai] What's this berry??: 11 [4d6=2,2,2,3]
  305. [21:42:43] [Dann-] 3d6 That's a big berry
  306. [21:42:43] [CritSenpai] That's a big berry: 12 [3d6=5,5,2]
  307. [21:43:22] [castfromhp] None of you have seen a berry like this before anywhere! But as you examine it closer Adrienne and Dann, you see more similarities to the Liechi Berry. It's possible it has some sort of offense-boosting effect.
  308. [21:44:21] [Lucian] "You should set up a picket protest Dann."
  309. [21:45:09] * Adrienne decides to pass on it. "Let's move on, I'll go with you Lucian."
  310. [21:45:22] [Dann-] "Because I'm sure the Mime Jr. can read the signs."
  311. [21:45:23] [Lucian] "Nah, if we aren't going to be long, I can wait."
  312. [21:45:38] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr looks disappointed, its pom pom drooping.
  313. [21:45:58] [Lucian] "Look, you made it sad."
  314. [21:46:32] * Lucian approaches the stall placatingly, "Aww don't worry about him. Mimes just give him bad tummy feels."
  315. [21:46:41] [Lucian] "It's a very irrational fear, we know."
  316. [21:46:45] [Lucian] 3d6+1 Charm
  317. [21:46:45] [CritSenpai] Charm: 11 [3d6=4,3,3]
  318. [21:47:35] [Lucian] "I'm not interested in buying any but here," he digs into his bag and gives the Mime the jelly donut he found a while back.
  319. [21:49:07] [Lucian] The seawood wrap on the donut is still very much intact.
  320. [21:49:12] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr sniffles but takes the donut and takes a small bite.
  321. [21:50:07] [castfromhp] It then tries to put the Mime Jr hat on you for a moment to show you how cute it is.
  322. [21:51:11] * Dann- sighs and approaches the stand. "Did you make that yourself?"
  323. [21:51:35] * Lucian lets it happen but puts it back on the Mime after a few seconds, "Sorry, not interested. I'll send some people your way if I can though. /Somebody/ will want to buy a cute hat like that."
  324. [21:52:27] [castfromhp] It nods happily, then hops down to retrieve a small woven bag from behind a nearby tree, where it shows off a stash of knitting and weaving supplies, all looking to be hand-made.
  325. [21:52:35] [castfromhp] There's a half-woven basket in there too.
  326. [21:53:08] [Lucian] "Face it Dann. You are prejudiced against Mimes."
  327. [21:53:28] [Dann-] "It occurs to me that I'm being a bit rude, given that none of this seems stolen. Did you want any of these berries, Adrienne?"
  328. [21:54:56] [Percival] "Huh, maybe not all the fairies he want to prank us."
  329. [21:55:01] [Adrienne] "Maybe the Liechi berry."
  330. [21:55:29] [castfromhp] (to clarify, it's not a liechi but looks to be similar)
  331. [21:55:31] [Dann-] "The big one?"
  332. [21:55:52] * Dann- calls out Atlas.
  333. [21:55:56] [Adrienne] "Yeah, the similar-looking one."
  334. [21:56:41] * Lucian snaps a photo of the hat and posts it on his Chattr account, as well as the location of the Mime shop. "There we go."
  335. [21:56:45] [Dann-] "Sounds good." He hefts the heavy rock-crab up to the table's height. "You've had a pretty bad recent week, so I think it's present time, Atlas. Your pick: the basket or the hat?"
  336. [21:56:52] [Lucian] "Do you mind if I take a picture with you too?"
  337. [21:57:09] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr poses!
  338. [21:57:37] * Dann- experiments with placing both the basket and the hat on the Dwebble's shell, to see how they look.
  339. [21:57:50] * Lucian snaps a few quick photos and puts them all up to get the shop trending.
  340. [21:57:59] [Lucian] "It might take a while but you'll see some customers soon."
  341. [21:59:24] [castfromhp] Atlas seems to like the basket a lot, skittering back and forth with it on!
  342. [22:00:08] * Dann- smiles, and tries to get Atlas to sit still for a bit while placing one of the large berries on top of him. He looks at the Mime Jr.
  343. [22:00:47] [castfromhp] A dwebble's shell isn't really suited for balancing a berry like that on top. It rolls off, no matter how Atlas tries to stay still.
  344. [22:00:51] [Dann-] "All right, the basket and one of these berries. How about all of that for 25 pebbles and," he reaches into his pack and withdraws one of each color of shard he has, "your choice of one of these."
  345. [22:01:06] [castfromhp] Atlas is trying to wear the basket upside down on its shell, by the way.
  346. [22:01:25] [Dann-] *these?
  347. [22:03:09] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr looks curiously over at the shards, as if not sure what to make of them. Eventually it points at an orange shard.
  348. [22:03:13] * Dann- places a hand on the berry to keep it from rolling off the table.
  349. [22:04:03] [Dann-] "You might be able to work it into your next basket or something." He says, noticing the Mime Jr's quizzical look.
  350. [22:04:26] [Dann-] He lets the Mime Jr pick the shard up to inspect it.
  351. [22:04:29] [Dann-] "So it's a deal then?"
  352. [22:06:37] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr nods and takes out a cup for your pebbles, then stashes the shard away in its bag.
  353. [22:08:50] [Dann-] "Thanks! That hat really is very cute. I'm sure Lucian's photos will get you a buyer."
  354. [22:08:52] [Adrienne] Once Dann pays for the berry, she stashes it in her bag.
  355. [22:09:03] [Lucian] "If we're done here, let's go."
  356. [22:09:28] * Dann- turns and tosses the berry to Adrienne. "Sorry for being a spoil-sport earlier. I guess not all Mime Jr are thieves around here."
  357. [22:10:13] [castfromhp] The Mime Jr hops up with a happy "ku-po!" and then gets to weaving another basket as you all get ready to go again.
  358. [22:10:31] [Adrienne] "It's fine. Lucian, you lead the way."
  359. [22:11:13] [Lucian] "It's okay Dann."
  360. [22:11:20] [Lucian] "At least you didn't start using slurs."
  361. [22:11:34] [Dann-] "Mostly couldn't think of any."
  362. [22:12:02] * Lucian checks the map, their relation to Grandma Lou's residence, and wherever they're supposed to meet with the guy taking care of the Mawiles.
  363. [22:12:03] [Percival] "I wonder if that Mime gets any of his things stolen by the other."
  364. [22:13:03] [zoofdude] Well, the Mime Jr's shop was on the road to the small settlement, you can see the houses down the road.
  365. [22:16:31] [zoofdude] As you get closer you see that there's 5 modestly sized houses in this little hilly clearing.  They are quite old, but seem well maintained.  Up on top of the hill however, is a slightly more modern looking home.  You also notice a big satallite dish up there, and a power generator as well. It seems the actual electric lines must be underground, though, because you don't see any poles.
  366. [22:18:32] [zoofdude] You hear a canine Pokemon barking from one of the closer homes, where you see an Arcanine running around the yard, a man sitting on the porch, and a young woman in the front yard with the Arcanine.
  367. [22:20:19] * Lucian waves as he approaches, "Hi, I was wondering if you might be able to help point us in the right direction."
  368. [22:21:58] [Percival] "Huh, Arcanine? I doubt it has too much relation to the fur we found but, still."
  369. [22:22:08] * Dann- stares suspiciously at the Arcanine for half a moment, before he catches himself and alters his expression to a mild smile.
  370. [22:23:00] [zoofdude] The man on the porch looks up, and does a double take at the Mawile armada with you.  This guy is -clearly- a local.  Mullet, overalls, no shirt, big mudded boots...  "Lord almighty, they wasn't kiddin' after all about them mah-wiles.  Ya'll got a whole circus full of em'."
  371. [22:23:22] [zoofdude] The Arcanine is dog, it rolls over and wuffs at the girl in the yard.
  372. [22:23:37] [Lucian] 3d6+1 What is the correct term for a group of Mawile Poke Edu
  373. [22:23:37] [CritSenpai] What is the correct term for a group of Mawile Poke Edu: 11 [3d6=3,1,6]
  374. [22:24:01] * Adrienne addresses the local with a mullet. "Are you Skeeter?"
  375. [22:26:09] [castfromhp] The girl smiles and brushes her long, red hair aside as she pets and plays with the Arcanine. She's wearing a baggy hoodie and is pretty covered up for this time of year.
  376. [22:27:06] [zoofdude] "Sho' am.  N' I guess that makes ya'll the Pro-fessor's hoodlums."  Skeeter gets up and walks over to a big cooler sitting on the porch, and opens it.  "Well come on over, ya buncha bear traps."  He tosses out a bunch of jerky into the yard.
  377. [22:27:17] [castfromhp] It's a "dungeon" of Mawiles. Cause it's a bunch of traps.
  378. [22:27:39] [@Doxy] Sadly not the 'bunch of traps' that Masterly most likes.
  379. [22:27:54] [Percival] "Oh good, sorry about the dungeon of these guys."
  380. [22:28:30] [castfromhp] The Mawiles perk up and scramble to scoop up and devour the jerky.
  381. [22:28:45] [Lucian] "You mean a 'dungeon' of Mawiles, sir."
  382. [22:28:58] [Lucian] "The collective noun for Mawiles is dungeon, not circus."
  383. [22:28:59] [castfromhp] After demolishing the first wave of food, they all huddle around Skeeter expectantly.
  384. [22:30:07] [Dann-] "Annnd their allegiance has changed. I'm a little sad to see them go, honestly."
  385. [22:30:16] [zoofdude] "Shucks you kiddin' me?  Couldn't arrived at a better time with a bunch of these guys, with that curse bein' on the woods n' all. Damned Leeches and their tom foolery."  He spits into a spitoon.
  386. [22:30:17] [Dann-] "Then again, my ankles were mostly safe."
  387. [22:30:31] [castfromhp] Some of them wave back at you as you say that, between big bites of yummy meat.
  388. [22:30:41] [Lucian] "Curse?"
  389. [22:30:42] [zoofdude] Skeeter chuckles and tosses out more jerky, its like feeding pigeons, but scarier.
  390. [22:30:53] [Percival] "What sort of curse?"
  391. [22:30:58] * Adrienne watches the mawiles for a short while. They're kind of cute. "Yeah, we're Professor Benedict's aides."
  392. [22:31:33] [zoofdude] "They gone n' pissed off the mountain guardians, and not we got batsquatches flyin' around n' drainin' Pokemon and hicks dry."
  393. [22:32:17] [Dann-] "...batsquatches?"
  394. [22:32:33] [Dann-] 4d6 Occult Edu
  395. [22:32:33] [CritSenpai] Occult Edu: 16 [4d6=6,5,2,3]
  396. [22:32:48] * Lucian perks up at this, "Can you tell us more?"
  397. [22:33:07] [Adrienne] "Probably a reference to a Golbat," she says to Dann.
  398. [22:33:42] [castfromhp] The young woman shakes her head lightly as Skeeter begins his explanation but quickly returns to tending to the Arcanine. The dog seems like it's going to go for the jerky as well, but with a small motion of her hand, it stops.
  399. [22:34:16] [Adrienne] "Quick question, was one of the drained Pokemon a Houndoom?"
  400. [22:34:25] [zoofdude] "Ya know, batsquatches.  Big Ursaring lookin' things with batwings, sharp claws, blood suckers, like vampires."
  401. [22:35:13] [Percival] "Right, I think we understand what those are."
  402. [22:35:44] [zoofdude] Dann knows there's a few types of -squatches that are known crypids in the Region, Batsquatches are one of them.  But their existance is well, questionable.  Its the sort of thing Mr. Jenks would know more about, but then again, you'd have to talk to crazy old Jenks
  403. [22:36:26] [Adrienne] "Definitely not a Golbat, then."
  404. [22:36:35] [zoofdude] "Sure hope your pro-fessuh didn't send you out here to slay the squatches, nuh uh."
  405. [22:36:50] [Lucian] "Well, it /might/ be in the job description."
  406. [22:36:59] [Lucian] "Being an aide is...pretty vague sometimes."
  407. [22:37:16] [Dann-] "I'd rather catch one than have to kill it, personally."
  408. [22:37:21] [castfromhp] At the mention of the Houndoom, the woman turns and opens her mouth as if to interject, but thinks better of it and stop. She starts brushing its fur carefully, examining the Arcanine from head to toe.
  409. [22:38:25] * Lucian hums and breaks off for a second, "Excuse me a moment."
  410. [22:39:16] * Lucian approaches the red-haired woman carefully and calls out casually, "Ms. Leech?"
  411. [22:39:22] [castfromhp] "Skeeter, you're not using the conditioner I gave you." She says quietly. "Every time before you brush her."
  412. [22:39:25] [zoofdude] "So how's ol' Rex lookin', Irene?  Told ya pa I'd take good care of em', sho did.  Swear the man thought I'd cook it for dinner or whatever he imagines us country folk do."
  413. [22:39:48] [castfromhp] *him
  414. [22:40:32] [castfromhp] "What?" The woman glares daggers at Lucian and also looks a bit confused.
  415. [22:40:37] [zoofdude] "Well its hard to rub it into his fur and hold the hose at the same time!  Sides he's just gonna roll around in mud anyway."
  416. [22:42:04] [Lucian] "Ms. Luna, then? Apologies, I'm having a difficult time keeping track of the going ons of this town.""
  417. [22:42:45] [castfromhp] "How do you mix -that- up?" Irene says with irritation.
  418. [22:43:33] [zoofdude] Skeeter howls with laughter, slappin' a new, "Oh you done goofed now, this gal here be the daughter of their family patriarch, tell ya what."
  419. [22:46:20] * Lucian laughs placatingly, "It wasn't my intention to offend. It was just, I saw you react to the word Houndroom and thought you might be from one of the families. I shouldn't have presumed, though."
  420. [22:46:23] [Lucian] 3d6+1 Charm
  421. [22:46:23] [CritSenpai] Charm: 7 [3d6=3,2,1]
  422. [22:47:56] [castfromhp] "You think any Leech could tame a beast like this?" Irene kneels down, and Rex rolls over to let her rub his belly.
  423. [22:49:05] [Lucian] 3d6+1 Med Edu: How's it's health
  424. [22:49:05] [CritSenpai] Med Edu: How's it's health: 14 [3d6=4,6,3]
  425. [22:50:07] [castfromhp] Dog is fine!
  426. [22:50:25] [castfromhp] Better taken care of than you'd expect for a hillbilly
  427. [22:52:11] * Lucian kneels down to examine the Pokemon, "Well, Arcanine are big lovable mugs but you're right, taming one to this extent certainly is a surprise."
  428. [22:52:52] * Lucian carefully his hands on the dog's mouth and asks it to open its mouth, "It's also in spectacular health. You had a hand in that, no doubt."
  429. [22:52:55] [zoofdude] Skeeter turns his attention toward Dann, Percival and Adrienne, "Oh, right.  When that Watcher called me he mentioned ya'll were lookin' into what happened to Grandma Lou, right?"
  430. [22:52:59] [castfromhp] Irene takes a short step forward to block Lucian's way.
  431. [22:53:25] [Adrienne] "Yeah, is that her house up there?" Adrienne points to the more modern house.
  432. [22:53:29] * Lucian backs off, "Sorry, I get a little excited when I see strong Pokemon."
  433. [22:53:31] [Percival] "Yeah, we're looking for where she might be around. We're thinking of paying her home a visit."
  434. [22:53:32] [castfromhp] "Who are you? Coming out all this way and bringing up -our- family matters first thing."
  435. [22:53:53] [zoofdude] "Sho is.  He mentioned yall might wanna check out her place and investigate in her place.  I got a spare key to her place if ya'll want to go ahead and do that."
  436. [22:55:01] [Adrienne] "That'd help a lot."
  437. [22:56:00] [zoofdude] Skeeter gets up off his porch and starts heading up to the house on the hill, fiddling around in his pockets till he gets a key ring out.
  438. [22:56:29] [castfromhp] Irene turns as Skeeter starts to go. "I'll be heading back soon then. Father will worry. Keep taking good care of Rex."
  439. [22:56:30] [Lucian] "We're Professor Benedict's aides. We were sent to investigate some...local phenomenon. We're trying to make headway in whatever way we can, even following leads we're not even sure about."
  440. [22:56:53] [zoofdude] Closer you get to this house the more you notice it IS a bit out of place with the others.  It's probably a quarter their age, and built a lot more...professionally?  
  441. [22:57:13] [zoofdude] "Aite, will do, Irene," He calls out as he guides the rest of you up the hill.
  442. [22:57:20] [@Doxy] ie: it's not a shack made of sticks glued together by incest and mud
  443. [22:57:28] [Lucian] "You can understand that, can't you? We have an obligation to our work and so on."
  444. [22:57:38] [Lucian] "Regardless, I apologize for offending you."
  445. [22:58:52] [zoofdude] He unlocks the front door and slides it open for you.  "Well, there ya go.  Place was locked up when she went missin', like she'd just gone to get groceries from town or somethin'.  Not sure if you'd find much but hey, I ain't the smart one."
  446. [22:59:27] [castfromhp] "Accepted." Irene says simply, then turns to leave, giving Rex a last pat on the head. She reaches into her hoodie pocket and pops out a Stoutland from a poke ball, which walks alongside her as she starts on the path out of town.
  447. [22:59:50] [Adrienne] "Thanks. Is the key used for anything else?"
  448. [23:00:42] * Lucian clicks his tongue and returns to the others.
  449. [23:01:37] [zoofdude] "...Huh?"  Skeeter seems confused by your question.
  450. [23:01:47] [zoofdude] "Well you can...uh...lock the door with it too?"
  451. [23:02:02] [zoofdude] Skeeter is not a clever man.
  452. [23:02:18] [Lucian] "She means, do any other locks share the key."
  453. [23:03:12] [zoofdude] "Oh, not that I'd know.  Just all of us neighbors got spares with others, in case we lost em' or somethin'."
  454. [23:03:30] [Adrienne] "Do you mind if I borrow the key, then?"
  455. [23:03:39] [Adrienne] "Just for while we look around."
  456. [23:03:44] [zoofdude] He shrugs and hands it over.  "Go ahead."
  457. [23:05:12] [Adrienne] "Thanks." Adrienne takes and pockets the key. "Do you remember anything at all different or weird before Grandma Lou just disappeared? Or maybe after?"
  458. [23:06:25] [zoofdude] Inside you find a really...busy home place.  Looks like Grandma Lou had a penchant for collecting things, cause the decore is loud, numerous, and has absolutely no sense or pattern to it.  Wooden masks on the wall, garden gnomes above the fire place, knick knacks and paddywacks on the surfaces of all the furniture in this part of the house.  Upstairs you can hear the humming of electronics.
  459. [23:07:08] * Lucian lets Ishtore out and hides him in his palm, carefully making his way upstairs.
  460. [23:07:23] [zoofdude] "Different? Naw, just as pissed as she usually is about Bubba's crew n' their shine.  Talkin' about how they'd get someone killed fo' sho at the Gym Leader's hoedown."
  461. [23:08:06] [zoofdude] Skeeter follows you into the house...but not without taking his boots off first.
  462. [23:08:45] [Lucian] "Bubba. We've heard that the bootleggers keep their activities out in the mountains. Is this true?"
  463. [23:09:04] [zoofdude] Upstairs, Lucian, you find a really wide open room with a lot of lab equiptment, and a desk with a computer.  There's a door on the far wall.
  464. [23:09:25] * Lucian resolves to open the door before checking out the computers.
  465. [23:09:30] [zoofdude] There's also a map of the Greypine Reserves in this room, hung up on a wall, with a lot of notes and stuff stuck on it.
  466. [23:09:43] [Adrienne] With the questions done for now, Adrienne just explores the inside, after turning on the lights. She heads to the hum of electronics first, and once she's in, she reads the notes on the map.
  467. [23:11:02] [zoofdude] "Well, I ain't really sure where they brew it...only ever bought it when they were makin' their rounds at other lil' towns out here."
  468. [23:11:30] [zoofdude] Lucian, the far door appears to be her bed room - the lights are off but you do see a neatly made bed in the room.
  469. [23:12:21] * Lucian hums and shuts the door, the others could help him look in there afterward. In the meantime he hops on the computer to check if there are any telling messages and notes that might hint at her disappearance.
  470. [23:12:48] [zoofdude] Adrienne, roll me General Education.
  471. [23:13:04] [Adrienne] 4d6+3 AP
  472. [23:13:04] [CritSenpai] AP: 18 [4d6=3,4,2,6]
  473. [23:13:47] [zoofdude] The map shows little pinpoints where the other rural settlements are in the area, as well as pinpointing some abandoned sites and ruins that she hadn't gotten a chance to explore yet, and also where she suspected the Moonshiners to be operating.  
  474. [23:14:09] [Dann-] "Did Grandma Lou have guests over often, Skeeter?"
  475. [23:14:12] [@Doxy] Dann-, you should roll Gen Edu too btw
  476. [23:14:35] [Dann-] 2d6 GenEdu
  477. [23:14:35] [CritSenpai] GenEdu: 5 [2d6=1,4]
  478. [23:14:56] [@Doxy] You identify one of the machines as a Fossil Reanimator!
  479. [23:15:09] [zoofdude] From your Education roll, you get the idea that she has an interest in folk lore, antiques, and the history around these old locals.  It's also really clear that she's marked off a section near the mountains that the Moonshiners call their turf.
  480. [23:15:48] [zoofdude] "Guests?  Sure, she gets plenty.  Ol' bat's popular on the intertubes or whatever.  N' got book wormy friends all over."
  481. [23:16:06] [Adrienne] Is there any indication of where she's gone to recently, or planned to have gone to, besides the existence of the notes themselves?
  482. [23:16:30] * Dann- lights up when he spies the Fossil Reanimator!
  483. [23:17:15] [Dann-] "Oh right, Lenny mentioned that she had one of these. Wow! I wonder if it's easy to operate..."
  484. [23:17:40] [Percival] "That's quite the expensive piece. What would you even operate it on Dann?"
  485. [23:18:41] [zoofdude] Well, first thing you notice Lucian is there's no password or anything set on her PC, it just shakes out of resting state and to her desktop.  Poking around you notice she's been documenting a lot of the symptoms that the moon shine carries and formatting into banners or ads for the Raltelfest, sort of like...'if you see someone with these, contact a Watcher asap'
  486. [23:19:22] [Lucian] Is there a way I check how long her session has been up?
  487. [23:19:34] [Lucian] And how long it's been stuck on resting, etc.
  488. [23:19:42] [zoofdude] Well, there are some more marks by the mountain but you aren't really sure what they are for, Adrienne.
  489. [23:20:12] [zoofdude] She'd been marking them with big red thumbnails, by the base of Greypine Peaks itself.
  490. [23:20:26] [Dann-] "I'm pretty sure this is her Fossil Reanimator, Percival." Dann replies gleefully. "You can take a sufficiently large fossil sample from an ancient Pokemon and create a Pokemon egg containing a genetic clone of the fossil specimen."
  491. [23:20:47] [zoofdude] Lucian, her files that you are looking at were last saved before she went missing.
  492. [23:21:02] * Adrienne looks at Skeeter. "Hey, Skeeter, do you know if anything special is over here?" She points out the marks near the Greypine Peaks.
  493. [23:21:06] [Percival] "Well yes, but did you have something planned you were going to use it with?"
  494. [23:21:10] [@Doxy] Dann - they're INCREDIBLY complicated machines, with lots of things that you need to adjust manually throughout the process. It's very easy to screw up!
  495. [23:21:27] [@Doxy] But thankfully, due to your interests and parents, you know what to do! (ie you have the paleontologist edge)
  496. [23:21:28] [Dann-] "My parents had one back home, but I was never allowed to use it. They had a lot of fossils, but didn't want to have too many youngsters to take care of in addition to their jobs."
  497. [23:21:31] [zoofdude] Skeeter walks over and hrms and haws as he looks at it.
  498. [23:22:17] [Lucian] "Well, she certainly wasn't abducted in her home."
  499. [23:22:23] [zoofdude] "Oh, think that's the batsquatch attacks.  She musta been markin' where they happened, with the red ones."
  500. [23:22:28] [Lucian] "If she went missing, it probably happened out in the field."
  501. [23:22:34] [zoofdude] "Cause that's where ol' Billy Ray got nicked." He pokes one.
  502. [23:22:40] [Dann-] "Oh! Of course you know what it is, sorry, I'm just excited. It just so happens that I found a fossil back on the beaches at Oceanspray. Or rather, Kai found it for me, heh."
  503. [23:22:44] [Lucian] "Billy Ray?"
  504. [23:23:13] [zoofdude] "Ya he lives like two days over, ya'll wouldn't know em'." He shrugs.
  505. [23:23:48] [Adrienne] "Does this Billy Ray do anything notable?"
  506. [23:24:12] * Dann- gets ready to start using the machine, but then feels a little guilty for ignoring the investigation. He calls out Kai.
  507. [23:24:46] [Dann-] "Kai, can you try to find something that might have Grandma Lou's scent on it? Maybe we can use that to find clues about where she went. Or at the very least, we'll know if she's nearby later on."
  508. [23:25:03] [Percival] "Oh, you did now?"
  509. [23:25:10] * Lucian points at the bedroom, "Her bedroom is through there."
  510. [23:25:16] [Lucian] "Try not to disturb too much though."
  511. [23:26:26] [Dann-] "Yep." In response to Percival's reply, he sets his pack down and pulls out the cumbersome, crystalline fossil.
  512. [23:27:06] [zoofdude] "Well...after monsoon season he likes to take all the fallen timber, pile it up and make it explode with gasoline?  Guy's not too bright."
  513. [23:27:19] [castfromhp] Kai sniffs around, and well, this whole place is kind of covered in her scent! The little fox wanders over to a laundry hamper though and yips.
  514. [23:28:06] [Percival] "How is he not dead?"
  515. [23:28:13] [Adrienne] "I... see. I'm just going to check out the rest of the place, thanks again."
  516. [23:28:35] * Dann- leaves his stuff near the machine and wanders over to Kai. "What's up Kai? Something in there?" He opens the hamper.
  517. [23:28:46] * Adrienne heads off to do just that.
  518. [23:28:58] [zoofdude] "Guy's like a Meowth, got 9 lives."
  519. [23:28:59] [castfromhp] Dirty clothes, of course! If you want someone's scent, that's pretty much the most direct way to get it.
  520. [23:29:43] [Lucian] "How many of them has he used so far?"
  521. [23:30:07] [Dann-] "Ah, just clothes. But those are probably a perfect place to nail down the scent. Good job."
  522. [23:30:38] [Lucian] "I'm assuming people have told him otherwise, but to no avail?"
  523. [23:30:47] [zoofdude] "Audino."  Skeeter shrugs.
  524. [23:32:15] [castfromhp] Kai yips happily and accidentally releases a tiny puff of flame. He quickly covers his mouth with his paws and shoots a look around to make sure no one else saw that.
  525. [23:32:16] [zoofdude] Adrienne went to look in the bed room?
  526. [23:33:58] * Dann- returns to the machine, and continues setting up. Once he's ready to start it, he cracks his knuckles. "Time to play Arceus..." He mutters as he throws the power switch.
  527. [23:35:27] [Adrienne] The bedroom seems pretty occupied, so some other section of the house seems like a better idea.
  528. [23:35:56] * Lucian goes to the kitchen.
  529. [23:36:16] [Lucian] Also, does she have an answering machine or a cell phone plugged into a wall?
  530. [23:37:44] [zoofdude] what is this, 1996? Course not Lucian.  That said when looking around the kitchen, you notice a lot of empty wrappers in the trash and a sandwich bag box out on a counter.  And a cutting board with some bread crumbs on it.  Looks like she left with food ready.
  531. [23:39:49] [zoofdude] As you go back downstairs to look around, Adrienne, you find a section of the house with more...weird occulty stuff.  Like a large painting with some fae looking woman sitting atop a mountain, with a stone alter with a butchered mareep behind them.  And some peculiar wooden statues as well.
  532. [23:41:15] [Lucian] "Well, I guess don't have to worry about her starving while we look for her..."
  533. [23:41:20] [@Doxy] The lights flicker as Dann turns on the machine, and spirals of blue electricity begin racing down its coils!
  534. [23:41:41] [Lucian] What rooms are there left?
  535. [23:42:03] [@Doxy] A cold, bright light shines from the machine's central chamber, as the fossil is destroyed and something new is created in its place - an egg.
  536. [23:42:24] * Adrienne checks out the wooden staues? Everything here is kind of incomprehensible to her.
  537. [23:42:32] [zoofdude] Roll me Perception
  538. [23:42:59] [zoofdude] The house is pretty much - kitchen, entry living room / dining room, room Adrienne is in, upstairs
  539. [23:43:10] [zoofdude] (that was for Adreinne, the perception check)
  540. [23:44:17] * Lucian checks the entrance to the house. What shoes did she take to go out?
  541. [23:44:27] [Adrienne] 2d6
  542. [23:44:27] [CritSenpai] 2d6: 4 [2d6=2,2]
  543. [23:45:42] [zoofdude] Nope you're baffled, but maybe someone else would have better luck.
  544. [23:46:10] [zoofdude] Well...Lucian...you don't see a pair of women's boots.
  545. [23:46:35] [zoofdude] or rainboots, or kinky boots
  546. [23:46:36] [Lucian] "I've got it. She must have worn her boots to go out!"
  547. [23:46:45] * Lucian slumps against the wall, "Well, I've got nothing."
  548. [23:47:32] * Adrienne leaves it be and goes back upstairs. "Hey Dann, Percival, both of you want to help me with something?" If one/both of them agree, she leads them down to the weird occulty stuff room.
  549. [23:47:49] [@Doxy] As machine begins to cool down, its central chamber opens and out pops a pink and grey egg. boop!
  550. [23:47:53] [Lucian] Sends a text to the others, [We should get going. Not sure we're going to uncover much more while we're here.]
  551. [23:48:07] [Percival] "Hm? What do you need help with? There something downstairs?"
  552. [23:48:17] [Lucian] [It's clear enough to me that she went exploring. We should be focusing our search in the locations dotted onthe maps]
  553. [23:49:16] [Adrienne] "Some room filled with occult crap. It might as well be written in Kantonese, I figured one of you might know something if you took a look."
  554. [23:49:24] [Lucian] [Or otherwise went out for an extended period of time. She saved all of her documents, prepared food to take with her, and has several places marked out and a clear motive for most of them.]
  555. [23:49:30] [Adrienne] While she's there she takes a picture of the wall map.
  556. [23:49:39] [Lucian] 1d2 Is Lucian a closet weab y/n
  557. [23:49:39] [CritSenpai] Is Lucian a closet weab y/n: 1 [1d2=1]
  558. [23:50:08] * Dann- reverently lifts up the brand new egg with a bright smile. "Yeah, just a sec, I'll be right there. Can you remind m how many eggs can fit in that incubator, Percival?"
  559. [23:50:09] [Lucian] "I took a few courses on Kantonese in school, let me take a look."
  560. [23:50:10] [Percival] "I'll see what I can do? I'm not excessively versed in occultism but I'll take a lookie-loo."
  561. [23:50:30] [Percival] "Well 4 can, 2 spots are taken up, there's still space right now."
  562. [23:50:50] [Lucian] "I mean, I'm not much help with occult stuff but I can lend a head."
  563. [23:50:57] [zoofdude] Well, once you're in the same room as Adrienne, make me Perception checks
  564. [23:51:03] [Lucian] 3d6+2 AP
  565. [23:51:03] [CritSenpai] AP: 10 [3d6=3,3,2]
  566. [23:51:17] [Dann-] Occult any use?
  567. [23:51:31] [Dann-] 2d6 Perception
  568. [23:51:31] [CritSenpai] Perception: 10 [2d6=6,4]
  569. [23:51:38] [zoofdude] This is just a Perception check
  570. [23:51:48] [Dann-] "Great, can I maybe place this guy in the incubator as soon as you have a moment?"
  571. [23:52:05] [Percival] 3d6+1 ap
  572. [23:52:05] [CritSenpai] ap: 9 [3d6=2,3,3]
  573. [23:52:44] [Percival] "Oh of course, I don't see why not."
  574. [23:53:11] [Dann-] As Dann carefully places the egg in Percival's incubator, he gives it a strange look.
  575. [23:53:29] [Dann-] 4d6 Are Carbink eggs supposed to be this color?
  576. [23:53:29] [CritSenpai] Are Carbink eggs supposed to be this color?: 19 [4d6=6,4,5,4]
  577. [23:53:30] [zoofdude] ALl the boys notice what Adrienne did not - that these wooden statues vaguely resemble the Fae looking woman in the more...disturbing painting.  And that the bases of them look a little muddied.  There's a few other wingdings in this room as well that have similar motifs.  
  578. [23:53:58] [Lucian] "Well, she's either been doing her research or she's become a fae cultist."
  579. [23:54:09] [Lucian] "Though I suppose these two things aren't mutually exclusive."
  580. [23:54:53] [zoofdude] Skeeter pokes his head in and looks over the collection, whistling like he's impressed.
  581. [23:55:47] [Percival] "Seems like she's been using them if they have this kind of wear on the bottoms. I wonder if she went out to reinact this?"
  582. [23:56:13] * Adrienne shrugs.
  583. [23:56:14] [zoofdude] "Dang, didn't realize she'd gotten so many of them already," he comments.  "Guess ya'll didn't see any on the way over?"
  584. [23:56:39] [Dann-] "What are they?"
  585. [23:56:41] [zoofdude] He's pointing at the wooden carvings.
  586. [23:57:23] [Percival] "Those are real beings?"
  587. [23:57:27] [Adrienne] "No? I think I'd remember seeing these weirdo wood things."
  588. [23:58:06] [zoofdude] "Shrines for the Mountain Guardians.  Back when folks first moved out here, they were all over the place, you'd leave offerin' at em for safe travel n' such.  But when most folk left for the big cities, they left em' to rot.  Ol' Lou been' lookin' around for ones that still remained for historical purposes."
  589. [23:58:47] * Dann- reaches into his pack and withdraws a pebble. "Did these statues have anything to do with these things?"
  590. [23:58:48] [zoofdude] "Part of why she don't like Bubba's crew, too.  She thinks a lot of these are in their turf, specially given the paintin' she has," he nods at the creepy painting.  "That's the top of Greypine."
  591. [23:59:45] [zoofdude] "Yeah, actually, you'd leave a pebble or two at the shrines n' the Mountain Guardians would bless ya."
  592. [23:59:50] * Doxy has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  593. [23:59:53] [zoofdude] "Send their little helpers to keep ya safe."
  594. [00:00:14] [zoofdude] "That said, they sometimes gonna trick ya, and you can't help that, but they always leave pebbles as compensation."
  595. [00:00:24] [zoofdude] "Tit-for-tat, wanna travel safely, gotta get pranked."
  596. [00:00:49] [Percival] "Pebbles huh? I guess they had more use than I thought originally."
  597. [00:00:53] [zoofdude] "When Grandma Lou started takin' the shrines away, we helped them make little signs to replace em'."
  598. [00:02:07] * Adrienne facepalms a little.
  599. [00:03:40] [Adrienne] "Well, found all the clues we could find, let's go looking for Grandma Lou."
  600. [00:04:41] [Dann-] "What are the chances that Mime Jr ended up with her food?"
  601. [00:05:00] [Dann-] "The food in those lunchboxes didn't match the wrappers in the kitchen, right?"
  602. [00:06:20] [zoofdude] Skeeter starts to make his way out, putting on his boots again when he gets to the door. "Well, feel free to rest around here if ya need to.  We're worried about ol' Lou, but only so much a man or woman can do in a day."
  603. [00:06:47] [zoofdude] If you want to double check the kitchen, go ahead!  Though roll me Perception!
  604. [00:07:35] [Dann-] 2d6 Perc
  605. [00:07:35] [CritSenpai] Perc: 5 [2d6=4,1]
  606. [00:09:40] * Adrienne hands the key back to Skeeter, also leaving.
  607. [00:10:43] [zoofdude] While poking around the kitchen, you verify that the wrappers don't match the sort of food you found in those baskets.  You also find a mason jar in the fridge with an interesting label on it - its got a date (a month or so ago), and a sticky note with "Reminder: get to Reginald for testing."
  608. [00:13:02] [Dann-] "Hm" Dann reaches for the jar, and carefully removes it, trying to inspect the contents.
  609. [00:13:25] [zoofdude] Smells like apple pie! :D
  610. [00:13:37] [zoofdude] its clear as spring water
  611. [00:14:19] [Dann-] "Skeeter, do you know anyone named Reginald?"
  612. [00:14:25] [Dann-] For that matter, do I know anyone named Reginald?
  613. [00:14:37] [castfromhp] You all know Reginald Benedict :P
  614. [00:17:18] [Dann-] Oh
  615. [00:18:23] * Dann- brings the mason jar to the rest of the party. "Hey, I think she wanted to get this to Prof. Benedict...no idea what it is though."
  616. [00:18:53] [zoofdude] Skeeter guffaws
  617. [00:19:04] [zoofdude] He doesn't say anything for the moment, though
  618. [00:21:26] [Dann-] "Liquor?"
  619. [00:22:21] [zoofdude] "You's could always take a sip and find out," He locks the place back up.
  620. [00:22:55] [Adrienne] "That sounds like an awful idea."
  621. [00:24:38] [zoofdude] "The stuff is pretty darn good if you know what you're getting into...thing is most folks don't."
  622. [00:28:22] [zoofdude] Okay, so since that concludes your investigation for now, </session>!
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