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  1. ON *:text:*:#chan:{
  2.   if ($nick isop #chan) msg #chan $+(7,$chr(40), 14,$chan, 7,$chr(41), 7,$chr(40),,@,14,$nick,,7,$chr(41),:) $1-   {
  3.     if ($nick ishop #chan) msg #chan $+(7,$chr(40), 14,$chan, 7,$chr(41), 7,$chr(40),,%,14,$nick,,7,$chr(41),:) $1-   {
  4.       if ($nick isvoice #chan) msg #chan $+(7,$chr(40), 14,$chan, 7,$chr(41), 7,$chr(40),,+,14,$nick,,7,$chr(41),:) $1-   {
  5.       }
  6.     }
  7.   }
  8. }
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