Dragon Etude (impression by w)

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  1. Music is incoherent, and it's a little painful to listen to.
  2. [Normal 4]
  3. Seems like there was an effort to make an easier chart than the impossible chart. Difficulty-wise, it's fine. I think it's suitable as a low leveled-chart, aside from one long note pattern in the middle (measures 84-85) which is a little too hard for a 4. Some criticism:
  4. 1. The normal chart shouldn't be released in a separate bms folder. Typically, there is only one bms folder (and set of keysounds) per song. To have multiple difficulties, include multiple .bms files in the same folder. Use the same set of keysounds across the charts.
  5. 2. The total is set to 700, which is a little too high (too much recovery). Try using this TOTAL calculator to get a rough gauge of what would be a good number to set the total to. With around 300+ notes, a TOTAL of around 250-300 might be more suitable.
  6. 3. The chart is a little repetitive, I feel like there could be more variation in the patterns, and hopefully less reliance on long notes.
  8. [Insane 20]
  9. There's a lot I can say, but I believe most of the issues I could point out are already covered in other comments. I'll just point out the ones that matter the most to me:
  10. 1. The chart is literally unplayable. Reasons:
  11. (a) Inappropriate use of bpm changes. I would suggest avoiding bpm changes unless you know what you are doing.
  12. (b) Too many long sequences of jacks (notes in the same lane, packed closely together).
  13. (c) Unnecessary scratches everywhere, especially during sections with heavy use of long notes.
  14. I would suggest only making charts you can comfortably play/clear yourself. Since you're on bemuse, which has no concept of clearing, I'd say at least an 80 or 90% score.
  15. 2. The chart has basically no correspondence with the music. (It seems like a haphazard mishmash of notes that don't really follow the music). You don't need to place all of the keysounds in the note lanes.
  17. I would appreciate having a mid-leveled chart, though if that is out of your comfortable difficulty range, I guess it's understandable. (sometimes people cooperate with others who can play higher-difficulty charts to help make or test-play their charts)
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