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MPC-BE 1.5.6 changelog

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Feb 2nd, 2021
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  1. Splitters
  2. Improved work over the HTTP protocol.
  3. Removed MPC FLAC Source filter.
  4. Ignore corrupted 'APIC' and '\0PIC' tags in ID3v2.
  6. UDP/HTTP Reader
  7. Added support for ShoutCast.
  8. Added support for streams with content-type "video/mpeg".
  10. VTSReader
  11. Fixed getting the list of chapters.
  13. AudioSplitter
  14. Added support for chapters for WAV format.
  15. Added support for FLAC format.
  16. Added basic support for AIFF format.
  18. AviSplitter
  19. Added support for AV1 video.
  20. Improved compatibility with some external H.264 video decoders.
  22. DVRSplitter
  23. Added support for Chinese KKmoon CCTV camera file format.
  25. RawVideoSplitter
  26. Added support for AV1 OBU files.
  28. MatroskaSplitter
  29. Fixed playback of some VFW type videos.
  30. Fixed reading HDR data for VP9.
  31. Added support for the "ProjectionPoseRoll" element, in which the frame rotation angle is recorded.
  33. MP4Splitter
  34. Added pixel format detection for DNxHD.
  35. Fixed playing files from "edit list".
  36. Fixed getting frame sizes and aspect ratios for some MOV files.
  37. Fixed opening files with empty 'ctts' atom.
  38. Fixed bitrate detection for some audio tracks.
  40. MpaDecFilter
  41. Fixed encoding in AC-3. Added check for SPDIF output at 44100 Hz.
  43. MPCVideoDec
  44. Improved AV1 multithreading decoding.
  45. The DXVA2 decoder will only connect for compatible media types.
  47. AudioSwitcher
  48. Fixed turning off the mixer when not required.
  50. MpcAudioRenderer
  51. Fixed playback of DVD-Video with no sound in the menu.
  53. Video renderers
  54. Fixed display of HLG for EVR-CP.
  55. Fixed showing the first frame in some situations for EVR-CP.
  56. Minor optimization of EVR-CP and Sync.
  57. Removed support for VMR-7 ("System default") and VMR-9.
  59. Subtitles
  60. Fixed flickering of some subtitles.
  62. Youtube
  63. User pages like are now parsed as playlists.
  64. Added check for the availability of the received link.
  65. Fixed opening of various links.
  66. Improved YouTube format selection menu.
  67. Added the ability to open only the audio track for a YouTube video.
  69. Player
  70. WIC is now used for imaging instead of GDI +.
  71. Fixed saving thumbnails for video files whose video tracks are noticeably shorter than audio tracks.
  72. External interface change files (toolbar.png, gpu.png, flybar.png) can now only be in PNG format.
  73. Added the ability to upload logo and covers in HEIF and WebP format.
  74. Reduce the size of large images when viewed in the "Logo" settings panel.
  75. The window size limits the size of the desktop when the player is started and at the beginning of playback.
  76. Fixed leaking GDI objects when using a playlist.
  77. Reworked mouse settings. Added the "Mouse" settings panel.
  78. Added the ability to set the Ctrl, Shift and "Right button" modifiers for some mouse actions.
  79. The "Previous" and "Next" control buttons are supplemented with the "Previous file" and "Next file" actions when the right mouse button is pressed.
  80. Optimized primary rendering of the main window for Windows 7, 8, 8.1.
  81. Fixed the state of the "GPU" indicator after closing a file.
  82. Optimized rendering of playlist items.
  83. Added "Repeat A-B" functionality.
  84. Added the ability to assign a hotkey to open a folder.
  85. Working with settings has been slightly optimized.
  86. Optimized text output in the "Information", "Statistics" fields and the status line.
  87. Improved OSD functionality when displaying permanent messages.
  88. Fixed various issues for exclusive full screen.
  89. Optimized Seek Bar output for an exclusive full screen.
  90. Added the ability to assign a hotkey for calling the "After playback" menu.
  91. Improved work on multiple displays and different DPI systems.
  92. Rotation and Flip commands have been added to the "Pan & Scan" submenu.
  93. Added the ability to add all media files in a folder when adding one file.
  94. Toolbar, flybar, taskbar buttons and other graphics are now in SVG format (thanks to Ivan Shatsky). Improved display of interface elements on large Windows scales. Added the ability to load external toolbar.svg and flybar.svg.
  95. Fixed display of chapters in the search bar for some DVD-Videos.
  96. Various fixes in the player interface.
  98. Installer
  99. Added path to the player to the "App Paths" registry key.
  101. Shell Extension
  102. Fixed freeze when opening files from qBittorrent.
  104. Updated Ukrainian translation (by arestarh1986).
  105. Updated German translation (by Klaus1189).
  106. Updated Hungarian translation (by mickey).
  107. Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (by wushantao).
  108. Updated Turkish translation (by cmhrky).
  109. Updated Chinese (Traditional) and Dutch translation (by beter).
  110. Updated Greek translation (by George).
  111. Updated Portuguese (Brazil) translation (by SIEGFRIED JANKE).
  112. Updated Polish translation (by maxoku).
  114. Updated libraries:
  115. dav1d git-0.8.1-17-gb12229c;
  116. ffmpeg git-n4.4-dev-2373-ga7f9b3b954;
  117. Little-CMS git-2.11-42-g7dcc91f;
  118. MediaInfo git-v20.09-66-gacf041ac;
  119. openjpeg git-v2.3.1-59-g0f169867;
  120. ZenLib git-v0.4.38-25-g11a96d5;
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