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4/26 - State Senator Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) - Ohio gaming bill update on local radio

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Apr 26th, 2021
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  1. Description: Senator Kirk Schuring (R-Canton, $HOFV legislative ally) is back on local Canton radio (4/26) for his weekly update on things happening in the state capital. Last week’s conversation (4/19) focused specifically on the “Senate” gaming bill he’s putting together. However this morning, only Pam Cook’s (host) last interview question focused on the gaming bill.
  3. Audio Link (begins at 6:25 mark):
  5. Old 4/19 conversation transcribed from local Canton radio can be found here (dives deeper into the process):
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  8. Pam Cook: And before I let you go, I also want to ask you just for a quick update on the gaming legislation. I know you are working on that.
  10. Senator Kirk Schuring: Wow! Am I working on that!?
  12. Pam Cook: Haha
  14. Senator Kirk Schuring: Over, as I think I told you last week, I put together 200 bullet points on just the rules, regulations and governance. And last week I met several times over, several hours with Senate President Huffman. On Wednesday of last week, we finally got to the point where we offered language to the Legislative Service Commission, so the bill is actually being drafted right now. I expect it to come back from the Legislative Service Commission this week and we'll introduce it soon. I think we're going to have to have a press conference before we introduce it, just so I can explain exactly what it does and does not do. But, it's coming, it's going to be before the select committee on gaming here in the very near future.
  16. Pam Cook: Alright very good. Well it was good catching up and I know we'll continue to have lots to talk about Kirk, thank you.
  18. Senator Kirk Schuring: Thank you.
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  21. FAQ:
  23. Who’s leading the “House” Bill?
  24. Ohio Representative Bridget Kelly. She spoke to where she’s at on a Friday (4/23) interview found on YouTube:
  26. She was also the previous sponsor of HB 194 (, all of the other sponsors weren’t re-elected or had term limits. She partnered with the Senate sponsors of SB 111 (, they worked to merge the bills. Unfortunately this wasn’t a success coming out of the 133rd General Assembly at the conclusion of 2020.
  28. Has anyone in the House recently commented on the bill?
  29. Yes, Rep.Gonzalez last Tuesday (4/20) on the Pat McAfee Show:
  31. I need to brush up on the process for a bill to become a law, where can I look?
  34. What seems to be the general timeline to get this passed?
  35. Many (House and Senate) are hopeful this can get done before July 1st, then it would take at least 5-6 months to get everything operational in the state.
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