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/qst/ Useful Pastebin, 1st Revision

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Apr 14th, 2022
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  1. Thread Template:
  4. FAQ:
  7. Basic Advice for QMs:
  8. >Read other quests. Learn from their mistakes.
  9. >Use prompts. Don't remove prompts unless your players are creative with write-ins or they'll stop posting.
  10. >Only give options you want to write. Yes, they will pick the joke and demand you run with it.
  11. >Use a majority vote. Don't use the last number of their post or highest roll to decide which option is picked.
  12. >Rolling goes after the option is locked in. Players otherwise choose the best option that can't fail.
  13. >Read your update out loud before you post it. Don't spend hours editing your update because of this.
  14. >Chargen can kill quests if done improperly. Less form filling out and more interweaving it into the narrative.
  15. >Never demand your players name anything. They either disappear or post the worst suggestions.
  16. >Don't feed the trolls. Shut down their stupid write-ins before they sink your quest.
  17. >Don't fear failure. Experience helps more than any guide. Don't get too attached to your premises.
  18. >Don't be afraid to stop. If you're not having fun, don't force yourself. Tell your players and try a different idea.
  19. >Make a Twitter so people know when you're running; so your quest doesn't fizzle out for lack of votes. Link it at the start (and end) of your thread. Give at least several hours notice before running. Use UTC for times; not everyone lives in America.
  20. >Don't be afraid to ask for advice here or in the Discord.
  21. >Don't write in the 4chan reply window; you'll lose an update someday. Use a word processor that autosaves and back up your previous updates with a private Pastebin or file upload.
  23. Git Gud:
  24. --Quest Specific--
  25. [QM Starter Guide]
  26. [TRUFAX QnA]
  27. [How to Start a Quest] (by Exabyte)
  28. [How to Write a Quest Main Character]
  29. --RPG/Dice Mechanics--
  30. [Stuff About Dice]
  31. [System design pointers]
  32. --General Writing--
  33. [BIG Character sheet]
  34. [Sentence Length Variety]
  36. Archives:
  37. (Needs manual archival)
  40. Tools:
  41. [4chan X]
  42. (Greatly improves 4chan usability; use with your favorite userscript manager)
  43. [sup/tg/ Archive Script]
  44. [Tweetdeck]
  45. (Twitter management, good for readers and QMs; requires a twitter account)
  46. [Notepad++]
  47. (Install Autosave2 in plugin manager to not lose everything)
  48. [Writemonkey]
  49. (Minimum-distraction word processor)
  50. [Lucid Chart]
  51. (Flowchart web tool; requires email)
  52. [Worldographer Map Tool]
  53. [Polygon Map Generation Demo]
  54. (Only gens islands at the moment)
  55. [Random Character Generators and Writing Prompts]
  56. (The generated character personality and character traits are especially good for NPCs and such)
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