Alp Adventures - Chapter 14

Jul 24th, 2015
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  1. Despite the events of the previous night and the ones I'd rather just forget about from this morning, things seem to be going alright as we continue our travel through the forest. He even insisted on leading and has been diligently checking a map every fifteen minutes or so. Heh, bet he feels bad about the whole knocking me out with a canteen thing and is just being nice. How cute of him. Wait, I just mean nice. Yeah. I certainly didn't mean cute. Yeah, that's right. "Have you finally burned away what little brain cells you had left back there? You're doing a lot mumbling to yourself." I get caught unprepared for the sudden words and fumble over my own. "Eh? Ah. Ummmm no. No no. Just, ummm, talking to myself and wondering about what to cook when we make camp." He shakes his head and opens up his map once more to look at it. "I'll handle it. You'll be busy doing something else." With my curiosity piqued I move beside him to look at the map as well. "Hmmm? What did you have in mind?" After getting right next to him, he tuns his head away and shields his face with a hand, causing a smug grin to build on my own. "Oh ho~. Aren't you being all cute and shit by being embarrassed." He folds up the map and places it away before taking a few steps from me. "Well, we're close enough now that I guess I don't have to beat around the bush."
  2. I tilt my head to side in the age old physical language of "Eh?". "First, I decided to take lead so I'd have the chance to do two things. One of those being upwind of you. To put it simply, you fucking reek." Well...guess I'll take back my thoughts about him being cute and/or nice. "You smell like some unholy combination of dead and rotting animal with pungent notes of what I can only describe as terror piss. And yes, before you start tying to explain things, I know you did toss your fancy hat a while back. The smell is rather stuck to you now, though. Also, I was awake early enough to see you balling up your damp bedroll and shoving it to the bottom of your knapsack. So yeah, I'm aware you wet the bed last night. But did you really think using the same coverup method from when we were kids playing at camping in my back yard would work? Because you should know it didn't work back then either." Under the verbal assault and realizations I can only mutter back incoherent syllables while fidgeting from one foot to another. Unable to come up with a single defense or quip I simply slump my shoulders down in defeat. "...fine. So what was the other reason you decided to lead?" As I'm idly mulling over which makes me feel more dejected; him leading the way and offering to make food tonight not just him being nice or him having known about my embarrassing urinary incident as well as the attempted coverup, he walks back up to me and grabs me by a horn. "I had to find the right spot to do this."
  3. My eyes go wide for a moment before I start wincing as I get forcibly pulled along by a horn. Even after my protests turn into pathetic and rather girly sounding whines and whimpers, he still pulls on for another five minutes or so before letting go. "There we go. Right where it showed on the map." I rub away the tears blurring my vision while muttering obscenities to my friend until I can finally see what he's talking about. A small spring of crystal clear water surrounded by the occasional vibrantly colored flower. In all I can't help but think it looks rather "....beautiful." My friend nods and pulls out his map once more. "A note said it was under the care of one nature spirit or another but had been recently abandoned. Aaaand seeing as another note beneath that says it's a great spot for some skinny dipping, I can only assume that queen was the author." He shrugs and places the map away again while looking up to the sky. "It's only a bit after midday, but I figure I can set up an early camp while you..." He slips around behind me while I'm still distracted by the scenery and, while grabbing my knapsack quite literally kicks my ass forward, sending me flying without it. "...take a fucking bath!"
  4. After a couple seconds of airtime while pointlessly flapping my leathery wings and flailing my arms, I come down into the water with a noisy splash that interrupts my surprised scream abruptly. After raising my head above the water level I cough and shake my head back and forth to send water droplets scattering. "You fucking bastard! I'll get you back, you know!" My childhood friend chuckles and waves a dismissive hand as he digs my bedroll out of my pack and tosses it into the water with me. "I'll start making up camp a short walk this way." He says while jerking a thumb in the direction we just came from. "Don't forget to clean behind you ears and between your toes! And wash the piss from your bedroll while you're at it." I'm left grumbling to myself as his figure disappears amidst the trees. "...ugh. Whatever. Fine." Since I'm already soaked I figure I may as well clean up a bit. After finding a decent branch hanging near the water I start stripping off my wet clothes and leather jerkin, hanging each article in turn on the branch to start drying. After taking a few moments to look at my now naked body I let out a long sigh and mutter quietly "...I think I'm getting far too accustomed to this..." The thought leaves me wondering if that is good thing or not while I move my right hand between my legs. A self derisive smile forms on my lips and I shake my head. "Dunno what I was expecting with that, but ah well." However as a sudden thought comes to mind, my tail traces wide, slow arcs behind me. I haven't really had a chance to...ahem...explore the various changes to my own anatomy by myself.
  5. My grin takes on a much lewder look as thoughts keep popping up into my head. I cross my arms and mumble to myself once again as I make my way to the deeper end of the spring . "It's not like I'm doing anything bad. It is my body, after all. And it's for SCIENCE!" I nod a few times to myself, my list of reasons seeming quite rational and thought out. "Hmmmm chicks don't usually just 'go for the gold' right away, right? There's all that foreplay and such. Soooo then....beasts and nipples first, right? Huh...bah, sounds good enough to me." I take a small breast in either hand and start to squeeze a little and moving the soft flesh around in small circles. It doesn't feel unpleasant but neither does it make all hot and bothered. "...maybe if I..." I use my index fingers to touch my nipples and rub them in tiny circles, their flesh having already been made stiff by the cool water. I grumble to myself while thinking out loud. "Not bad. But....hmmmmm....maybe I need to take things a bit further." Taking my nipples in between my thumb and forefinger I begin to roll them between the two, eliciting a barely audible moan to pass though my lips. My mind starts to get a tad muddled as I work at my own nipples over and over a few times before surprising even myself when I take them both and not only pinch harder but tug at them. I bite my lower lip and stifle out a full blown moan of pleasure as my entire body trembles within the water, making tiny ripples cascade against the sides of the spring and back. When that striking sensation fades I'm left breathing obviously heavier. "Th-that...felt good. So I can...give myself little orgasms just like that from just my nipples, huh? Heh guess that could prove interesting later. However..." it seems I've been rubbing my thighs together for a while now, trying to suppress a growing itchiness. I cautiously look around the immediate area and, once I see it's still clear I nod to myself. "Soooo I guess there's nothing wrong with checking out other parts, right? Y-Yeah. It's fine. Again, it's my own body. And it's for SCIENCE!
  6. After making numerous excuses to myself I slide a tentative hand down my body, first noticing the smooth softness of my belly before finally reaching the intended destination between my legs. After spreading my legs slightly for better access I cover my new lady bits with my palm and become a little shocked. First was the fact of the amount of heat that built up even amidst the cool waters. Next was the realization that much of what I thought had been warmed water was in fact my own sticky bodily fluids. But ignoring all that for now I trace the line of my pussy from bottom to top, ending with a slight touch against my clit. The sensations, stronger by far than those caused by my nipples, makes me tremble once again and let out sharp moan before I can quickly silence it by biting my lower lip. Even then, muffled whines escape with each panted breath. A voice of reason in my head tells me I should stop now before I get caught. But the growing desire and the ever present itchiness begging for relief drowns out my common sense. "I...I need a better spot." I start frantically looking around the spring for anything that would work until I catch sight of large stone near the waters edge. Just large enough to comfortably lean back against.
  7. I climb atop the stone as soon as I make my way to it and stretch out a bit. That voice of reason kicks in once more, telling me that there isn't any turning back if I do this. But once again, under the onslaught of the ever rising desire, the thought is quickly ignored. On top of the stone I sit up and spread my legs, giving myself a clearer view of my own pussy. Giving in to curiosity I reach both hands down spread my own labia apart to look wide-eyed at the vibrant and glistening pink of the folds within. Mesmerized by my own naughty bits I reach a damp finger across that deep pinkness. It sends a shiver down my spine but nothing on the level of earlier. Ah yeah, it was my clit I rubbed against a little earlier, wasn't it? I look at the tiny protuberance, bloodshot and pink while looking slightly firm but bare at having it's protective hood peeled back. My curiosity once again gets the better of my as I send a damp fingertip rubbing across its surface, learning too late that I put more pressure to it than I should have. Uncontrollably my legs clamp shut, trapping my hand between my legs as I end up with my back directly on the rock and my hips trembling up into the air. And no amount of effort could have kept the loud cry of overstimulated pleasure that I let out and echoing amidst the trees. I'm sure everything and anyone nearby could hear it. But I still wasn't satisfied with that. I needed more. And so my right hand returned to between my legs and I began working my fingers over every bit of my slit and making me raise my hips once again into the air and sway back and forth. "...more..." I whimpered out in a desperate plea. As if answering myself my left hand seemed to automatically begin groping at my left breast, squeezing the small mound of flesh before roughly pulling at the nipple till a tinge of pain began to mix with the rising pleasure. I start to give less and less care of my own noises as the area is soon filled with both my lewd, panted moans as well as a distinct wet noise coming from between my legs. But even still, my knees rub against one another and I'm left saying "...p-please....more. I want more!" Without even putting much, if any, thought into it beforehand, I grab my madly whipping tail with the hand that had been previously teasing my breast and begin licking and sucking on the spaded tip as if I were performing fellatio on it. It only lasts a moment before I take my saliva coated tail and drive it deeply into my own pussy. The sudden feeling of fullness causes my hips to ascend that much higher and tremble while being supported up precariously on tip toes. My mouth opens and closes like a fish desperately seeking water when pulled into the air. Before I can even begin to get accustomed to the sensations, my hands move with a mind of their own regardless of my will. One begins to pump the end of my tail in and out at a steady rate, flinging droplets of my sticky fluids flying all about the surface of the stone. The other hand frantically begins drawing tight circles around my engorged clitoris, venturing more and more frequently directly to the tiny bit of sensitive flesh. At some point I gave up any hope of being clandestine as every breath I exhale carries with it ecstatic moans of rapture sometimes sprinkled with various, but barely intelligible words best described as begging and pathetic whimpering, I thought I'd never say. "Please, fuck me! I want it all in me! Fuck me harderrr! Go as deep as you can! My pussy wants it so bad it's drooling for it." Minutes more of this pass till the feeling of something building up takes more and more of my attention. Recognizing it as my own orgasm I start shoving the end of my tail deeper and faster. "G-Gonna...I can't hold on! I'm going to cum! Gonna cum! Gonna cu-!" My last words get lost amidst an ear piercing scream of absolute ecstasy as I drive my own spade tipped tail as deep as I can into my own pussy and nearly crush my own clit with the fingers of my other hand.
  8. My screams diminishes down to staccato huffs and whines as my body remains in its tensed posture for many moments before going completely limp and spread eagle atop the rock. The only movements left I make are the rising and falling of my chest as I breath heavily while trying to catch my breath. And every few moments my body begins having light convulsions as much smaller climaxes arc their way through my strained nervous system. Many minutes pass before my breathing becomes steady once more and my body finally calms down. The only thing left in me is a feeling of intense satisfaction, as even what energy I had begins to quickly drain from every inch of my body. But as my consciousness slowly stats to fade, a couple dangerous thoughts flit through my exhausted mind. "Maybe being stuck as a succubus isn't so bad." and "I wonder if it would feel even better if he willingly did stuff like this to me.?"
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