Rules Lunarys

Jan 5th, 2020
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  1. <color=#ff0000ff><b><size=30><align="center">LUNARYS SCP:SL SERVER RULES</align></size></b></color>
  2. <align="center">Join us on Discord at <color=#335a87ff><link="">(Click here)</link></color></align>
  4. <color=#ff0000ff><b><size=20>General</size></b></color>
  5. 1. <indent=2%>Follow the directions of all staff. Staff have the final say regarding what is or is not breaking the rules and the severity of the punishment. If you have a concern do not argue with staff, file a staff report on <b><color=#335a87ff><link="">this google form.</link></color></b></indent>
  6. 2. <indent=2%>Do not attempt to impersonate staff.</indent>
  7. 3. <indent=2%>Do not reveal staff if they have their moderator status hidden.</indent>
  8. 4. <indent=2%>Hacking, doxing, ddosing or threatening to do so will result in an immediate and permanent ban.</indent>
  9. 5. <indent=2%>General toxic behaviour is not allowed.</indent>
  10. 6. <indent=2%>Do not attempt to loophole the rules.</indent>
  12. <color=#ff0000ff><b><size=20>Gameplay</size></b></color>
  13. 1. <indent=2%>Intentional teamkilling is strictly prohibited. Players are strongly encouraged, but not required, to announce when they take actions like throwing a grenade or firing the micro HID.</indent>
  14. 1a. <indent=5%>This includes actively detained class D and scientists unless they are being uncooperative or are the last alive.</indent>
  15. 2. <indent=2%>Do not intentionally delay the round. This includes waiting on the surface for a respawn.</indent>
  16. 3. <indent=2%>Do not spawncamp/spawnkill.</indent>
  17. 3a. <indent=5%>"Spawnkilling" is considered killing NTF or Chaos before everyone has a reasonable chance to equip their gun and react. This rule does not apply to people who spawn from escaping as a class D or scientist.</indent>
  18. 4. <indent=2%>SCPs and NTF may never team. Chaos and NTF may only team together for the purpose of killing an SCP. Scientists and class D teaming with chaos and NTF respectively must be making an effort to be escorted out.</indent>
  19. 5. <indent=2%>Role evasion is strictly prohibited. </indent>
  20. 6. <indent=2%>Do not go on any banned areas.</indent>
  21. 6a. <indent=5%>Banned areas can be found in the discord in the #scp-rules channel.</indent>
  22. 7. <indent=2%>Ghosting is strictly forbidden.</indent>
  24. <color=#ff0000ff><b><size=20>Voice Chat</size></b></color>
  25. 1. <indent=2%>Use of racial and homophobic slurs is strictly prohibited.</indent>
  26. 2. <indent=2%>Micspam and earrape are strictly prohibited.</indent>
  27. 3. <indent=2%>Music is acceptable in local chat but should not be played over spectate, intercom, radio or SCP chat.</indent>
  28. 4. <indent=2%>Chat is to be kept English only to ensure efficient moderation.</indent>
  29. 5. <indent=2%>Using soundboards to trick other players with game sounds is prohibited.</indent>
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