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  1. like about 6 years ago.. I joined a server called InfiniteCraft. I played there for about 6 months and then i applied for helper. i tried my best doing helpful stuff and everything but the owner never noticed.
  2.    In the meantime i also made a faction with about 50 members in it and became the biggest faction. I also built a huge nice looking castle.
  3.    One faithful day, a moderator noticed this build, came to me and complimented my building skills, even tho i did it in survival.
  4.   He said that the owner needed a new spawn, so he invited me to build the spawn for him. He told the owner about me and gave me a chance.
  5.     so i built the spawn and he loved it. And gave me The builder rank.
  7. By the way that server had like 100 people always online at all times.. It was quite popular.. after about 4 months of this happy period, I made lots of friends and got close to all the staff and we were like family.    Then unfortunately, the owner's mother needed an urgent surgery on something, and he couldn’t afford it. The only option for him was to take the server funds for it.   So he did, and the server couldn’t pay for itself and it stopped For good.
  8.    the month after that me, the owner and 2 other staff decided to remake the server, but it was a puny attempt. Same thing happened a few months later.   Then 2 years after that, which is 3 years ago from now, The owner invited me and about 3 other old staffs to revive the server and invite all the old people who were in the old server too. We made this discord, and a faction server. I built the spawn and everything the server needed, and the owner and other staff did all the plugin stuff.    Back then I did not know ANYTHING about plugins. So I relied on them to do those stuff, all I could do is build, but building alone was not good enough, and they were taking lots of time to finish stuff.
  9.     I kinda got fed up with that, and not long after, one by one, all the staff have resigned and became inactive. The only one left with passion and ambition was me. I wanted to relive those moments of having a family like community. I realized that If I did not do it, no one else would.
  10.    So I asked that they gave me all the files of the server, and the ownership on discord, so they did and wished me luck.   I started from the very beginning, basic tutorials and wikis of how to do basic file uploading/downloading on the server, plugin stuff and I had to learn how hosting worked.   Then I had this vision, I wanted to make a server with magic, I just really really wanted that, I though t that would be so cool and unique. I always loved such games. So I looked up magic plugins and found some, tested each and I kept one that stood out the most.
  11.   Then I started building the town of valor, that is the very first thing I built in the valor world. Then I had an idea of elements, so I created a school. There were no element towns back then, just a school building with all the teachers in it, spawn was the valor town.
  12.   It was just last autumn we got the element towns.
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