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Lukasvii Spacepod app(Fixed[probably not])

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  1. BYOND Key: Lukasvii50
  2. Character name: Nako
  3. Tech applying for: Spacepod
  4. Public or Private tech: Public
  5. RP:
  7. Nako walked around in circles trying to figure something out, she knew what she had to do but she didn't know how to do it. A big, big project for the lonely tsujin: build a vehicle that could travel in the vacuum of space, pretty simple don't you think? No, not simple at all. She had never, ever made something like this before and was confused about how to start. Nako read books, analysed old blueprints and tried making prototypes, nothing seemed enough to her.
  9.     Well the young tsujin couldn’t surrender now, it was not for personal use anyway, it was for a friend. She stopped looking on what was already in a stated and started thinking more about it, planning and studying at the same time. It should be easy to move in space if she could make a pod capable of passing throught planet Okara’s atmosphere, so she started to work!
  11.     She prepared a strong propulsion system that she would use to exit the planet, and a little different fuel system, it would use energy or Ki to fly, giving it a quite efficient propulsion for the SPESS TRIPS! Now she needed to figure out how to assemble everything together in a pod with a strong enough casing to land in a planet, and exit it.
  13.      Nako prepared everything, getting the the most resistant and heat proof metal that she could find and making a sphere shaped pod that would be comfortable and strong enough for long space trips. She took a while to get everything ready and finnaly decided to test it out.
  15.     Nako prepared to launch the ship getting everything ready including some other resorts if the space pod didn’t work properly. She started it and the propulsion system started to lift the pod, quickly flying throught the atsmosphere and to space. Nako finnaly saw how beautiful was space, millions of stars in an empty void, full of emptiness, for her it was quite beautiful.
  17. She quickly returned to planet Okara, the landing was harsh, probably because of it being her first space ship, well she had seem a lot more of those around the place so it was easier to make one. She then returned to her place, now with a new toy, a spaceship, oh Anahel was going to be soo happy with this gift~.
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