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  1. [9:55:45 PM] CalocoDoesGames: so
  2. [9:55:54 PM] CalocoDoesGames: on the evening of my second vacation day
  3. [9:56:10 PM] CalocoDoesGames: I hear a new server called "BlueBench" is starting
  4. [9:56:20 PM] CalocoDoesGames: is this true?
  5. [9:57:23 PM] Calum Goodall: I'm starting a new server as a joke we said yeah blue bench but were not actually calling it that they took things way to seriously its called redemption man
  6. [9:57:46 PM] CalocoDoesGames: why is there need for redemption?
  7. [9:58:09 PM] Calum Goodall: It's the name of the server we all think it's catchy
  8. [9:59:24 PM] Calum Goodall: The amount of griefing and hacking that's gone on that server and Jack shit has been done we've all had enough so yes I getting a server so me oj oryman tburge liczale and Jambob can play without any drama and little kids
  9. [10:00:12 PM] CalocoDoesGames: will it have a whitelist like RedBench?
  10. [10:01:00 PM] Calum Goodall: Yes of course
  11. [10:01:15 PM] CalocoDoesGames: Age restriction?
  12. [10:01:53 PM] Calum Goodall: Yes and instead of just saying there is an a he restrication a Skype call with me is required so people don't lie about there age like beerglind
  13. [10:03:20 PM] CalocoDoesGames: You are aware that some people sound older than they are right? Either way. What would happen if someone were to grief like what happened?
  14. [10:07:12 PM] Calum Goodall: I am aware of that I already own a public server several times before and just like a white list should be 1 strike and your out simple as and quit it with the 20 questions bud I am starting a server if u red or Julian have got a problem with that then go cry to someone who cares non of you know how to run a waitlist server don't come message me acting all high and mighty red even said he doesn't wanna ban people.... WTF what kind of owner doesn't ban people look they way we all seek it ur guys server needs rethink they like my ideas and they wanna join my server so deal with it and maybe next time deal with shit a bit better.
  15. [10:07:20 PM] Calum Goodall: I'm out peace.
  16. [10:13:10 PM] CalocoDoesGames: If anyone you think your so high up. Off course he doesn't want to ban people. If you ban someone because they did 1 thing that you don't like then what kind of a server owner are you? Minecraft servers aren't prisons. There places for people to have fun an learn from mistakes. We wanted to investigate so we didn't just ban someone on public opinion. If we are going to ban someone we want to make sure we ban the right person according to data gathered from the investigation and not "he/she did it because he/she just did".
  17. [10:14:18 PM] CalocoDoesGames: And all I'm try to do is understand the what and why about the start of "Redemption"
  18. [10:16:38 PM] Calum Goodall: Okay pal I don't think for 1 second I'm high up I know how to run a server and no on white lists there is a zero tolorence to griefing and hacking people join whitelist servers to get away from kids hackers and griefers so don't come in pm's with me and give me attitude u guys r just pissed cuz u kids have lost all your players u guys think u know how to run a server but hmmm from what i can see you've lost all your player oh no shame... tuff luck buster better luck next time bye bye now xD
  19. [10:20:05 PM] CalocoDoesGames: We are not sad because we lost our players. were just a little surprised at how things went. We get that white-list servers are there to escape the griefers and modders of public servers. And I'm not here to win any of you back. For all I care you lot leave minecraft forever. The point I'm trying to make is: If anyone is salty, its you.
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