Testing inversion sort gnuplot script

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  1. f1(x) = a1*x**b1+c1*x
  2. f2(x) = log(a2*exp(x)**b2 + c2*exp(x))
  3. a1 = b1 = c1 = a2 = b2 = c2 = 2
  4. fit f1(x) "inversion_sort.txt" using 1:2 via a1,b1,c1
  5. fit f2(x) "inversion_sort.txt" using 3:4 via a2,b2,c2
  6. print b1
  7. print b2
  8. set terminal png size 400,300 enhanced font "Cambria Math,10"
  9. set output "inversion_sort_normal.png"
  10. plot f1(x) title "fit" lt rgb "green", "inversion_sort.txt" using 1:2 with dots title "data" lt rgb "red"
  11. set output "inversion_sort_loglog.png"
  12. plot f2(x) title "fit" lt rgb "green", "inversion_sort.txt" using 3:4 with dots title "data" lt rgb "red"
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