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  2. Given f:R->R, f(x)=e^x(x^2-5x+7).
  3. a)write the equation of the - infinity asymptote
  4. b)compute the function's extreme points
  5. c)prove that 7<=f(x)<=3e, for any x from [0,2]
  7. Given f:R->R, f(x) is sin(x) if x<0 and x/(x+2) if x>=0
  8. a)compute the integral of f(x)dx on the range -1 to 1
  9. b)compute the volume of the body obtained through the rotation around the abscissas axis of the graphical represantion of g:[-Pi, 0] -> R, g(x)=f(x)
  10. c)compute the limit for x going to infinity of 1/x multiplied by integral from 0 to x of f(t)dt
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