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Dec 25th, 2018
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  1. First time making a green or whatever but your Outbreak prompt seemed too good to resist
  3. >DAY 1
  5. >Be /k/ommrade
  6. >Have friends all over the fucking place, you tend not to be too critical of others
  7. >On your discord you have a couple furfags, a shit load of gaming losers and of course, that one Brony friend
  8. >The horsefucker mostly keeps to itself, but at least hes good at seige
  9. >Be playing with the squad and the horsefucker one night
  10. >We be killing it, but slowly through the night our performance goes to the shitter
  11. >We all know who is dropping all the slack
  12. >Apparently Horsefucker is wrapped up in some pony bullshit
  13. >whygod.jpeg
  14. >Over the mic I tell him man to man, “Get off your fucking fagboard, you are ruining this game.”
  15. >He says yeah yeah
  16. >We continue playing
  17. >Not even 5 minutes later Horsefucker goes afk
  18. >He isn’t even in the VC anymore
  19. >I am going to fucking burst a vein
  20. >I text him telling him to get the fuck back on
  21. >He just replies with “ITS HAPPENING”
  22. >Retard horsefuckers
  23. >Just kick him and continue for the rest of the night with a rando
  24. >We do pretty good, and since Its the weekend I pour myself some bourbon as a reward
  25. >You gotta enjoy the finer things in life
  26. >Check my text messages again
  27. >Horsefucker has spammed me with random letters for some reason
  29. >What a tard
  30. >Decide its better to stay away from your circle of rejects for a while
  31. >Hop on over to your couch and turn on the news
  32. >You know its kinda boomer shit, but you do enjoy watching the liberals get roasted on fox all the time
  33. >The sexy newscaster is bitching about some weird shit
  34. >You just sorta zone out
  35. >The bourbon is really good
  36. >Fox is going on about some kinda plot from President Sanders about turning the population docile and gay
  37. >implying the population isn’t already nothing but docile queers
  38. >Right then a picture comes up
  39. >Its legit as fucked up as some of the worst shit on liveleak
  40. >Looks like someone was split in half
  41. >Their jaw is just completely gone, as is the front of their chest and neck
  42. >Some aliens type shit
  43. >Put down the glass, pick up the remote, crank the volume
  44. >”-urst from the victims abdomen and proceded to assault the nearest pedestrian before flying out of sight of witnesses. Two other reports have recently come in from Chicago, along with a third from Wisconsin. Recent posts online seem to imply these are simply the most recent of perhaps hundreds of incidents. These mysterious deaths are currently being investigated by state offica-”
  45. >Holy shit its genuine alien shit
  46. >You live in Indianapolis
  47. >Not even 3 hours from Chicago
  48. >All of the apocalypse plans you have been building for the last ten years of your life, all the way back since middle school, all of those plans crystallize in your mind
  49. >When the power grid goes out you can go and loot all of your neighbors. All of them are libcucked “A gun in the household is the most dangerous thing” types
  50. >You can probably overpower the dad of that sexy high schooler
  51. >rape
  52. >You leave the news on as your jump to your gun closet
  53. >Mosin, AR, Like half a dozen Glocks
  54. >Run upstairs and grab the revolver from underneath your pillow
  55. >Jump on discord to contact your other Indiana friends
  56. >You will have the best raider group
  57. >Before you can send a message you see the picture in general chat
  58. >It’s a corpse, blown wide open
  59. >You recognize that room
  60. >The pony body pillow gives it away
  61. >RIP Horsefucker
  62. >Wait, who is holding the fucking camera in that picture?
  63. >You see *Sunrise Flourish* typing in textchat
  64. >Horsefucker un-RIP?
  65. >Another picture is posted by Horsefucker
  66. >Its a god damn pony staring at the camera, gore and viscera still hanging off it’s frame
  67. >”It didn’t even hurt that much! And I look just like my OC. Also don’t bother trying to type with hooves just use the speech to text option if you have a phone”
  68. >Oh sweet Jesus no
  69. >Text Horsefucker
  70. >”Is this a fuckign Joke?”
  71. >You wait a fair bit, glancing back at the TV, hoping to see some evidence that this isn’t a god damn pony invasion
  72. >Horsefucker texts back
  73. >”Can you believe it I am so happy I just knew celestia would grant me this one day”
  74. >Holy shit its off the deep end
  75. >It is happy about this for fuck sake
  76. >Its like being happy to be a zombie
  77. >Or a target down range
  78. >”You better cut that shit out right the fuck now or I swear to god i will make you regret losing your humanity. The Anon I know would never give up his god given form”
  79. >You silently pray that Horsefucker knows how fucked up this is and is just playing a cruel joke
  80. >He texts back
  81. >”My name is Sunrise Flourish now, and I am the same pony i was before, just in a different packa-”
  82. >You turn off your phone and legitimately cry for a little bit
  83. >You always knew the ponyfags were degenerates but you never expected them to genuinely be species traitors
  84. >Just then you realize in horror
  85. >Horsefucker knows your address
  86. >Oh god, what if its conspiring with other pony monstrosities to come after you
  87. >Oh god oh god oh god
  88. >Rush outside for just a minute, grabbing some spare lumber from your backyard
  89. >Hammer and nails too
  90. >Before you board up your house to keep the fucking beasts out, you think you have enough time for an emergency supplies run
  91. >Most of the normies won’t be listening too much to the news and you doubt many of them have the common sense to do any prep
  92. >On the drive to the Grocery store you keep your eyes open for any of those fucking things
  93. >None so far
  94. >You guess the infestation hasn’t run that far
  95. >Or maybe its already taken over invasion of the body snatchers style
  96. >You never watched any ponyshit but you remember Horsefucker talking about Changeling type things
  97. >Its possible all these people are just Skinwalking ponies, ready to pounce on any remaining humans
  98. >You try to dismiss the thought
  99. >If that were true then the war is already lost
  100. >At the store you get like twenty cans of chili and beef soup
  101. >Ponies are vegans right?
  102. >The more meat the better then, Western civilization was built on meat
  103. >You would rather die than eat something that didn’t result from the slaughtering of an animal
  104. >On the car ride back, you can’t get that skinwalking theory out of your head
  105. >You see a couple people looking at you on the sidewalk
  106. >It would be so easy
  107. >Just nudge the wheel a little to the right
  108. >No
  109. >Not yet
  110. >Not while there was a chance that they were still human
  111. >However unlikely that may be
  112. >Get home and blast the news again while hammering boards over your door and windows
  113. >You have seen and read too many apocalypse stories to know that the unprepared are the ones to go first
  114. >Spend the night checking updates on social media and staying glued to fox
  115. >More *incidents* occur every hour
  116. >People fucking exploding out ponies
  117. >You keep tabs on Horsefucker too
  118. >Keep your enemies closer
  119. >It looks like It has grouped up with a mob of other beasts and are running around species raping humans
  120. >TFW it was the bronies who killed us in the end
  121. >With your windows and doors all locked and boarded up, there is no way for a beast to get in there
  122. >All safe and cozy
  123. >You make yourself some spaghetti and meatballs with the last of the ground beef in your fridge
  124. >Its pretty good
  125. >You fall asleep clutching your Mosin, her curves easing any remaining anxieties and worries
  126. >No matter what you still had natasha
  127. >Your little girl loved it when you pulled her trigger
  128. >You made sure to take her to the range at least twice a month
  129. >The AR is a tool, but Natasha is poetry in motion
  130. >You wonder how many ponies she will fell
  131. DAY 2
  132. >You wake up to the shouting of a newscaster
  133. >During the night apparently the country started to finally get the gravity of the situation
  134. >Four thousand reported deaths in the last 8 hours
  135. >A state of emergency is being called
  136. >Good that you got the supplies yesterday
  137. >You open up your phone to spy on the Horsefucker
  138. >Pictures of it with at least thirty others, all surrounding a campfire
  139. >They are cuddling and being gay as shit
  140. >You think the one scooted next to what used to be Horsefucker is a male
  141. >He seems to be rubbing his face all into Horsefucker’s hair
  142. >Or mane
  143. >whatever
  144. >You always knew he was a faggot
  145. >Sad to see that he will not only abandon his species, but any semblance of dignity
  146. >You belong on a cross.png
  147. >Apparently they are gonna meet up with another “herd” from New York and start to work their way west
  148. >Major panic
  149. >Clutching Natasha
  150. >Minor panic
  151. >Eat the left over spaghetti
  152. >Pretty good
  153. >Fox is doing a big covering of the event, so you just cuddle up with the raifu and relax
  154. >Halfway through the day you hear sirens outside
  155. >Lots of sirens
  156. >You try to ignore them and just blast some music
  157. >You can’t help but sing alot to the sweet serenade of the greatest band in the world
  158. >”BACK IN BLACK I hit the sack with the moves and things hashback coming black in the back BACK IN BLACK dun dun dun dun dun BACK IN BLACK dun dun dun dun dun BACK IN BLACK I SAY BACK IN BLAAAAAACK dun dun”
  159. >Never were much of a singer
  160. >You check back in on the enemy
  161. >Horsefucker and it’s swarm is already half way to Baltimore
  162. >You can’t tell the size of the swarm from the recent pics but you can guess that their numbers have increased
  163. >Its ok though
  164. >Your bullets will outnumber them ten to one
  165. >They may work their way through the west coast, but you will halt them at indianapolis
  166. >This is the line that will never be crossed
  167. >Not until they pay for every inch with a corpse
  168. >You play air guitar and masturbate, both with natasha, for the entire day
  169. >As you fall asleep you think you can hear Hooves outside
  170. DAY 3
  172. >The news has gone completely insane upon realizing the aponycalypse is taking place
  173. >Apparently New York Massachusetts are more Pony than human now
  174. >The beasts work fast
  175. >You spend today peeking out from your windows
  176. >There are so few cars in sight
  177. >Maybe an evacuation has already taken place
  178. >Fools
  179. >Running will never solve a problem
  180. >Pussy footing like this is why we lost Iraq
  181. >You have to stand up to your problems and shoot them until they stop moving
  182. >The only people still walking around are a couple thugs
  183. >One of them has some colour in their hair
  184. >Its so fucking bright, just like those ponies
  185. >You take the shot and blow the skinwalker’s head off
  186. >”what did you feel?” you whisper to yourself
  187. >”The recoil”
  188. >Chuckles
  189. >The roaches scatter
  190. >One pony down, a million to go
  191. >You make some of the canned Chili tonight
  192. >You can’t help but see the meat in your head as gore harvested from one of those beasts
  193. >You suppose when you get close to running out you will have to go on hunting trips
  194. >Might as well get acclimated to the idea early on
  195. >The news reports are getting more and more quality
  196. >They have people coming on explaining the week points of the ponies, where to aim, what calibers are best
  197. >God bless america
  198. >None of your woke friends have responded to your messages
  199. >You hope the beasts haven’t gotten to them already
  200. >You venture through the SJW infested dregs of the mainstream media sites to get a better idea of whats happening
  201. >On twitter there is a trending hashtag, #PonyFirst
  202. >A bunch of shaky selfies of those beasts and broken typing about how happy they are
  203. >You feel bile rising from your stomach
  204. >On 4chan every fucking board is being spammed with ponyshit
  205. >You spend a few hours spamming antipony on your home board
  206. >It seems you are managing to stay the hordes of pony posting
  207. >Faith in /k/ restored
  208. >You check up on Horsefucker
  209. >It’s swarm has started their western treck
  210. >They are camped outside of york
  211. >There is a video posted of them all singing some kids song
  212. >Fucking degenerates
  213. >You kinda wish you hadn’t nailed your front door shut so you could clean up the skinwalker off your sidewalk
  214. >You sleep that night a little better
  215. DAY 7
  217. >You heard the helicopters buzzing the neighboorhood in the morning
  218. >They had speakers or something on them blasting out an evacuation warning on loop
  219. >The ponies were apparently only a day or two away
  220. >Apart from the helicopters, the world has grown silent
  221. >The power was cut off earlier last night
  222. >The final news report you saw was a bunch of politicians trying to argue why we should try diplomacy with the hordes of ponies
  223. >You have been following along though, you know there is no leader, no state to send diplomats too
  224. >This is a plague
  225. >It would be like sending an armistice to the black death
  226. >You are getting really tired of eating chili
  227. >You ran your bathtub and faucets for as long as you could, filling up anything you could with water
  228. >You don’t know when the water will be shut off as well
  229. >You are prepared for the long haul
  230. >No one knows you are even here
  231. >The wide open streets will be a shooting gallery once the ponies get here
  232. >Your dad used to take you on hunting trips
  233. >You remember killing your first deer
  234. >You cried for hours
  235. >Your dad slapped you around and explained they were brainless and basically just insects
  236. >Pigeons at best
  237. >No higher reasoning
  238. >No logic
  239. >Just base instinct
  240. >These ponies remind you of a locust swarm
  241. >Apparently some of them can even fly
  242. >The higher they are the farther they fall
  243. >DAY 9
  244. >The noise started around noon
  245. >A constant, droning thunder
  246. >You can feel it in the ground
  247. >You don’t have to guess what it is
  248. >Not a single pony is visible yet
  249. >But their hooves
  250. >My god their hooves are audible even from miles away
  251. >The sounds grows larger but not closer
  252. >They must be camping outside the city, waiting to grow their numbers so they can swarm over the streets in one swift movement
  253. >You use the last of your phone charge to look up some human porn
  254. >Dem titties
  255. >You kiss and nuzzle Natasha once the battery runs out
  256. >Her ass is thicc
  257. >It fits so nicely against your shoulder
  258. >When the locusts come you and her will be a good team
  260. >DAY 10
  261. >The ponies aren’t here yet
  262. >Their fucking noise is deafening, but they are nowhere in sight
  263. >You spend the day screaming at the horizon
  264. >You know they can hear you
  265. >DAY 12
  266. >They are much brighter than you thought. Some of them have wings, other have horns
  267. >Some show their true nature as demons, fangs and leather wings
  268. >You wonder if they bleed like actual living things
  269. >You are going to take your first shot at one of the flying ones
  270. >It will alert them to your position
  271. >So you need to make this first kill count
  272. >You take natasha up to your attic
  273. >You spot the prey
  274. >It has wings, and jet black hair
  275. >It’s coat is a light cyan, maybe blue? It is hard to tell in this light
  276. >Once that thing was human
  277. >Now it is a crime against god
  278. >If it’s soul is still ensared within that flesh prison you pray that you are releasing it
  279. >”See you in hell”
  280. >The shot cracks through the sky and finds it’s target
  281. >The thing immediately plummets
  282. >It lands on the road with a hefty slap
  283. >You must have caught it’s wing
  284. >You can hear it’s pained mewlings all the way in your attic
  285. >It sounds female
  286. >You fire a second shot, and the sound stops
  287. >The ponies around in the street seem confused, a few of them realize the danger and immediately run
  288. >You can’t outrun my bullets
  289. >Natasha launches lead into three more of the ground bound ones, you don’t bother follow up shots, you can finish them off once you have a good amount of them on the ground
  290. >The ponies scatter, screaming and in fear
  291. >Once the street is empty of upright beasts, you take aim at a winged on in the distance
  292. >You watch as the pony violently drops behind the houses
  293. >The sky clears seconds later and you take the opportunity to finish off the beasts still alive in your street
  294. >You giggle a bit as they are powerless to stop you as slowly they watch each other be picked off by you
  295. >When night comes you quickly pull down the boards around your door and retrieve a few of their corpses
  296. >Good eating
  297. >You make sure to board the door back up
  298. >Their coat’s are really soft
  299. >Would make a good pelt
  300. >You always did like the *Fur trader look*
  302. DAY 13
  303. >The Ponies have tried their best to stay away from your house
  304. >The fuckers must have communicated that there is still a human here
  305. >You spend the day taking pot shots from your attic and sampling Pony-chili
  306. >It tastes pretty good
  307. >Meat is really tender
  308. DAY 16
  309. >You get up in the morning to see a single pony standing in your front yard, staring at your house
  310. >You grab Natasha and quickly loose a shot at the arrogant little bitch
  311. >The Bullet bounces off of a bubble that appears around her
  312. >wtf
  313. >You take another shot and it just ricochets into one of your neighbor's houses
  314. >You pull out your AR and unload a clip into the pony
  315. >Half way through the clip, it’s shield breaks and the pony is shot full of half a magazine of 5.56
  316. >It falls over
  317. >You can’t help but yell out at the ponies you know are watching
  319. >Looks like the horny ones can deflect moderate to light amounts of gunfire
  320. >But you can brute force them to death with just a little determination and an application of human supremacy
  321. >You unboard, retrieve its body, then reboard the door
  322. >No pony even tries to stop you
  323. >You could feel their soulless eyes on you as you pulled the cunt’s body inside
  324. >When inside you take an explorative look under her tail
  325. >The pussy looks relatively undamaged
  326. >You can’t imagine anything more alpha that what shoots through your head, so you just say fuck it and rape her corpse
  327. >Still warm
  329. DAY 18
  330. >The Ponies have been avoiding you, but you can still hear them out there
  331. >You wanna go hunting, but not before you finish your outfit
  332. >Sewing is really difficult
  333. >But so worth it
  334. >You Have already made a hat out of the scalps and coat’s of the first couple of kills, but you want to get a jacket of largely a uniform colour, which means finding a specimen with very few bullet holes
  335. >Like you said, you really wanna go hunting
  336. >A clean one shot kill means a fine addition to your wardrobe
  337. >And more Chili
  338. DAY 19
  339. >You set out into the city just before the sun rises
  340. >You are going nomad for a bit
  341. >At least until you have a good coat
  342. >In a little over two weeks the city has been reduced to a ghost town.
  343. >It takes you half an hour of walking until you hear anything
  344. >Clopping in a nearby building
  345. >One or maybe two ponies must be pacing around
  346. >Perfect
  347. >You crouch low to the ground and scurry inside of the building's front door
  348. >It is dark without the lights on and you hit your shins on something you can’t see
  349. >You do your best to keep quiet in despite of your clumsiness
  350. >You open a door and peek inside
  351. >There is a campfire which has been reduced to ash, around which dozens of ponies sit cuddled against each other, laying on top of eachother, squirming about
  352. >Like a clutch of cockroaches
  353. >There are two guard ponies circling the group and looking out the window
  354. >It looks like they didn’t spot you
  355. >You pull out your Natasha
  356. >Neither of the guards are the horned beasts so this should be a fucking piece of cake
  357. >You fire once and before the other guard has time to understand whats happening you send a second bullet into his skull
  358. >The noise obviously wakes up the entire room, but the ponies are quite a bit smaller than you and you just finished killing their guards.
  359. >They all shrink back from you in horror
  360. >A couple of the smaller ones begin to cry
  361. >You start to scream
  362. >You gotta make this good
  363. >This is a war not only of bodies, but of fear
  364. >Start waving your guns around as you scream, helping the brainless fucks understand what you want them to do
  366. >Your voice is already going a bit *hoarse*
  367. >You point to about a third of the beasts
  369. >You point to the another rough third of the ponies
  371. >You then unload your AR into the remaining third
  372. >The ponies not ridden with bullets all quiver in fear
  373. >You clear your throat and reload your AR
  374. >There are tears in all of the pony’s eyes
  375. >Disgusting how they attempt to copy genuine human emotion
  376. >You hold your rifle steady, alternating your target between the two remaining groups of ponies
  378. >There is a panicked silence before the rooms erupt into begging
  379. >They all just lower themselves to you and beg for mercy
  380. >No mercy for insects
  381. >You wait roughly twenty seconds before shooting into the left and right crowd once each, each time catching a pony’s leg
  383. >A white and yellow girl-pony steps forward from the right group
  384. >In a convincing imitation of human speech, it says “I will be your offering, there is no need to hurt anypony else”
  385. >You unload your AR into the other group of ponies
  386. >The final third is lucky, they will get to live and spread news of your actions
  387. >Let them come
  388. >You grab your offering by the hair, mane, w/e
  389. >You undress and force your cock into her, you can feel her buckle and wheeze as you do
  390. >She is crying uncontrollably but that just makes you happier
  391. >Nothing better than a beast in pain
  392. >Once you cum inside her cunt, you shoot her in the back of the head
  393. >Then you laugh and tell the final third of the ponies to run off
  394. >As they run in terror out of the building you kneecap one of them with a shot, and then you kill the one who stops to try and help that one
  395. >You laugh
  396. >The Offering’s coat is relatively untouched
  397. >Looks like you got a new jacket
  398. Day 24
  399. >You can see them in the distance
  400. >You have retaken half of the city
  401. >Those things are too afraid to come here
  402. >This is now ANONLAND
  403. >The holy homeland of humanity
  404. >The beasts often appear on the horizon
  405. >They are watching me
  406. >Let them
  407. >I have become a god
  408. >Draped in the pelts of the inhuman
  409. >I eat ponies
  410. >Its fucking incredible
  411. DAY 30
  412. >No ponies have appeared for a couple days
  413. >Anonland is safe and secure
  414. >Starting to scavenge seriously now that the pony meat is going bad
  416. DAY 32
  417. >Hungry
  419. DAY 33
  420. >You ate some garbage out of the can
  421. >You spent the day shooting at birds with your Natasha
  422. >You ran out of bullets
  423. >Plucking feathers out of a bird is fucking gross and difficult
  424. >Your clothes are fucking stinking
  425. >You suppose you didn’t clean all the flesh off of them
  427. DAY 35
  428. >You keep trying to kill the fucking birds, but you ran out of 7.62 and 5.56 a while ago
  429. >Now you are stuck with just your glock
  430. >Glocks are shit for hunting
  431. >You are burning through ammo
  432. >You are going to save at least a little in case the beasts come back
  433. >You are getting hungry to for beast meat again
  434. Day 40
  435. >You Yelled at the horizon until your voice died
  436. >Then you shot at the horizon
  437. >Once your last shot rang out, you saw her
  438. >She stayed in the glare of the sun but you know she is there, slowly flying closer and closer
  439. >She knew you were out of bullets
  440. >You aren’t afraid
  441. >You can’t be killed
  442. >You are the Pony fucker
  443. >You are the fucking Pony killing
  444. >You eat ponies
  445. >Your mouth waters as your try your best to get a look at the horse flying towards you
  446. >About two hundred meters above you she stop and starts to circle around you
  447. >Fucking bird brain
  448. >At first you think she is doing the buzzard thing, until you see the air around her start to form a little mist
  449. >in no time at all a cloud has formed above you
  450. >You yell at the smart ass cloud horse
  452. >You catch a glimpse of an impossibly bright flash, and lose consciousness
  454. >You wake up feeling like death
  455. >You can’t think
  456. >You can’t see
  457. >Everything is burning
  458. >It all smells like the chemical residue of a firecracker
  459. >You feel melty
  460. >You pass back out from the pain
  461. Day 41...42..?
  462. >When you wake up, you are initially very confused
  463. >You try to move and simply squirm around in your bonds
  464. >Your neck fucking hurts
  465. >You take a moment to just orient yourself
  466. >You are above the ground, slightly bobbing up and down with your legs and arms bound by something
  467. >You strain your neck to look up and see a fuzzy blue glow surrounding them
  468. >Fuck
  469. >Fuck fuck fuck
  470. >You start to squirm and struggle to get a look at your surroundings
  471. >It is really dark
  472. >You can make out the silhouette of a pony next to you, a blue glow emanating from it’s horn
  473. >You spit at the beast
  474. >It whips its head and stares at you
  475. >”I am going to take your hands for that” It coldly intones
  476. >You feel a vice against your wrists suddenly
  477. >You can’t help but scream out
  478. >It keeps getting tight and tighter
  479. >You pass out before she snaps your wrists clean through
  481. Day 41… 43… 45..?
  482. >You pass in and out of various states of awareness
  483. >It doesn't matter
  484. >Anonland is pony free and safe
  485. >You are fine with being a martyr
  486. >You killed so many of them
  487. >And got a fair amount of pony pussy to boot
  488. >Oo ra
  489. >You can’t tell where you are
  490. >Everything is so dark
  491. >Everything hurts so bad
  492. >The beasts
  493. >You can’t stop thinking about how good they taste
  495. >You stay in that darkness, slowly drying up, feeling your guts churn and begin to digest themselves
  496. >You can’t tell where one day ends and another begins
  497. >You can’t even tell where you stop and where you begin
  498. >You keep reaching out to feel things with your hands
  499. >Your stumps hurt like a bitch
  500. DAY ???
  501. >Blinding light
  502. >You don’t even have the energy to shield your eyes
  503. >You just shut your eyelids and bite your tongue to hold back any whimpers
  504. >You feel the molesting grip of pony magic grab onto you
  505. >You are pulled into the light, your limp body flopping around like a doll
  506. >You can’t see anything through your scorched irises
  507. >You hear something talking
  508. >”-is the pony eater, he has k-”
  509. >You black out again
  511. >When you come to again you are still being held aloft by the magic
  512. >You hear the voices again
  513. >”The seed has been sown. We will have our retributed”
  514. >That can’t be good
  515. >Probably some forced tf
  516. >No worries, its all ok
  517. >No matter what they do they can’t hurt you as much as you hurt them
  518. >You have won
  519. >You feel magic tighten around your neck and you black out again
  521. DAY ?????
  522. >Your head aches
  523. >Everything aches
  524. >You vomit before you are fully awake
  525. >Your guts are turned around
  526. >You writhe in pain for hours
  527. >Maybe days
  528. DAY . . .
  530. >wake up to the stinging of something slapping your face
  531. >You wake and find yourself staring at a Unicorn, it's blue magic holding you up
  532. >You spit at it again, hoping to get her to lash out at you and perhaps accidentally kill you
  533. >She just smiles as she wipes your saliva off her coat
  534. >"I want you to be aware of what is happening, so please don't interrupt me"
  535. >You laugh
  536. >The moment she opens her cunt mouth you start yelling obscenities at her
  537. >You launch into retelling the story of how you raped that once pony in front of her child, but you are cut off when you feel a terrible pressure release against your throat
  538. >You gasp for breath, but warm blood and sinew are all you get, sucked into your lungs
  539. >you feel magic penetrate into your skull and into the heart of your being
  540. >It grips you and chokes your every spec of being before settling into tiny reserves all around your body
  541. >"Ponys, as I am sure you are unaware, are able to wield terribly strong magics if conducted through gemstones"
  542. >Why is this bitch monologuing
  543. >You feel more of your throat catch, blood spilling both out of the gaping wound in your neck and into your chest cavity
  544. >"The most powerful gemstones are made with the flax of soul, built from the captured essence of a living thing"
  545. >"Normally we ponies tend to bind souls such as that of a blade of grass, or a gnat, as the complexity of the soul is irrevelent. Most memories or feelings will be rendered out"
  546. >"Normally we focus on joy or ecstasy or comfort as the primary feeling"
  547. >"But for you"
  548. >The unicorn chuckles
  549. >"For the most despicable monster we have ever encountered, we will reduce you to nothing but a psyche filled with constant agony. You will be nothing but a continuous stream of pain, free from context or understanding. You will be nothing but the most absolute of agony, and as we are rendering you down into a soul gem, you will be immortal."
  550. >The unicorn stops for a moment
  551. >"So I am going to strip every spec of flesh from your body, then every nerve i will pluck away and singe, all while gripping and keeping your nervous system alive as I vivisect you"
  552. >"You will eventually be nothing but a single point in space, defined completely by your suffering"
  553. >"Lets begin"
  554. >And with that the unicorn began to patiently and slowly tear you apart, a spec of flesh at a time
  555. >You tried to scream out but it was first your blood clogged throat which halted your attempts, before she took your throat and mouth all together
  556. >You could do nothing, not even express your pain beyond the bleaching of your mind into a searing white hot sea, featureless and perfect in its uniform and complete experience of suffering
  557. >Time melts away as you reach an infinity
  558. >You deserve this you sick fuck
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