Jade - The Horror Before Nightmare Night

Nov 20th, 2016
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  1. >This school year isn't your finest of the bunch.
  2. >It is actually the very opposite, it just might be your worst.
  3. >Already two months in and you are slacking it in a few classes, but all of that is nothing when it comes to math.
  4. >Not only did you fail the tests, you nuked them. Along with abandoning the homework, you’re drowning in a failing grade here.
  5. >That’s where Twilight came in and fixed your shit.
  6. >For the last week, she has been spoon-feeding you formulas and how-to steps on equations.
  7. >Who would’ve thought that you would have to carry the number over?
  8. >Forget it right now, you’re off the clock.
  9. >That is, until your parents demanded that she would teach you throughout the weekend.
  10. >Yesterday was nothing special, but tonight is going to be a different story.
  11. >You’re going to miss out Norman’s party tonight, all because of your uptight parents.
  12. “This is ridiculous.”
  13. >”No, what is ridiculous is our eighteen year old son is already giving up on his final year of high school!” Your mother nearly screams out.
  14. “But there is going to be a big party tonight!”
  15. >”If this wasn’t a problem in the first place, you would have left a long time ago.”
  16. >The doorbell rings.
  17. >Your mom opens it up, revealing Twilight in a strange cat-like getup. ”Please, come in, Miss Sparkle.” She kindly suggests to Twilight.
  18. >”Even though we won’t be around to keep an eye on you, the security system on the house will keep us informed.” You father announces to you and Twilight, standing right beside you.
  19. >You mother punches in a code. “And don’t even try to disarm it, we changed it when you were at school.”
  20. >That haggy old cunt.
  21. >”We trust you to stay put. Good luck with your session, Twilight.”
  22. >Wait, she said that to her and not you?!
  23. >”Have a nice evening, Mrs. Mous!” Twilight replies with joy as the door is being closed.
  24. >Once it does, the alarm system makes a light beep.
  25. “Fucking perfect.”
  26. >”I know! We’re going to finish up on yesterday's lesson and start on working with cylinders!”
  27. >Oh God. You can barely handle on finding a circumference, now you are moving into the big boy shit.
  28. “Twilight, can we just take a break?”
  29. >”But, I just got here.”
  30. >You smack yourself.
  31. “I mean SKIP today’s lesson.”
  32. >She gasps.
  33. >”Anon! Learning mathematics is a very important blah, blah, blah…”
  34. >You drift away from her continuous nerd nagging about math and think of a way to dodge it for today.
  35. >If you are going to be stuck with her on what was going to be a special night, you may as well just stop her from teaching you this shit first.
  36. >You focus your attention back to Twilight’s tedious lecture.
  37. >”... and I won’t rest until you’ve clearly shown on what I’ve taught you.”
  38. >Something clicks in your mind.
  39. “All right then, how about a deal?”
  40. >”Anon, I’m not going to wager this lesson over something that’s going to be completely and utterly idiotic.” She crosses her arms and closes her eyes, trying her best to imitate a strict and serious pose.
  41. “Oh really? I was going to say that you should chalk up a small quiz for me.”
  42. >She peeks out her left eye and raises an eyebrow.
  43. >Looks like she’s all ears.
  44. “And, if I pass your quiz, we cancel today’s session.”
  45. >”Wh- You’re insane!” She breaks out of her stance and flinches.
  46. “Take it, or leave me alone.”
  47. >She rubs her thumb along the pages in her book, thinking over your proposal.
  48. >"Fine." She grumbles out.
  49. "Yes!"
  50. >"But, I'm not going to make it that simple for you."
  51. "Shit..." You whisper out as she takes out a blank sheet of paper.
  52. >She draws it on the coffee table, while you sit on the couch and try to get a peak.
  53. >Twilight draws all over it, making elaborate equations and questions.
  54. >"Hey!" She yells out. "No peaking!"
  55. >You look away. Out of fear on what she has, your toe taps against the floor.
  56. >”There!” She slaps the paper on the table. You move closer and look over the paper. Ten questions, all written out for you to answer. To your surprise, they seem doable. “If you payed attention to my previous lessons, this will be manageable.”
  57. “Sure, no problem.”
  58. >”All under a certain time limit.” She pulls out a stopwatch.
  59. “Are you fucking kidding me?”
  60. >”I’m serious, Anon. You have twenty minutes to complete it, or you automatically fail.”
  61. “This is--”
  62. >”Go!” She flicks her thumb on the button.
  63. >In an instant, you turn back around and look over the first question.
  65. >”Three minutes left, Anon.”
  66. “I got it! Get off my back.”
  67. >”I’m just keeping you informed. You don’t need to be so touchy about it.”
  68. “The last seventeen minutes have been a drag, all thanks to your help.”
  69. >”You wanted this, and I’d hate to see you fail.”
  70. >If that was sarcasm, you have something to say about that high functioning brain of hers.
  71. >You quickly scan over your paper, making sure that no question was left unanswered or bullshitted on.
  72. >With confidence and fear perfectly blended in the deepest part of your body, you hand the paper over to Twilight.
  73. >Once more, she flicks her thumb over the button on the stopwatch.
  74. >”Done, and with two minutes left to spare? Impressive.” She takes the paper and pulls out a red pen that was sitting in the side of her skirt. “Let’s see how well you did.”
  75. >After a few corrections were done in a minute, you were sure that your goose was cooked.
  76. >That is, until Twilight hands you over the paper with a big “72%” marked on it..
  77. >”You passed.” She said with no emotion. In the possibility of fucking yourself over a night to relax, you ask her if this is right. “You did exceptionally well on my test, so I will keep my end of the deal and leave you alone with the math problems.” She puts the book away, signaling her defeat.
  78. "Holy shit, I passed!"
  79. >"Barely." She taunts you.
  80. >That purple-haired…
  81. >Hold on, how can you piss her off in the most inconspicuous way.
  82. >With that in mind, you immediately hug Twilight, expecting her to be repulsed or at the point that she would try to put up a struggle to escape. Instead, she embraces it by returning it to you.
  83. >”I know, it feels good to be smart.”
  84. >Is she able to reflect this without even trying?
  85. >Even if that were the case, you cannot deny the fact that this hug is so comfortable.
  86. >”Take as much time, you rightfully earned it.”
  87. >You wonder what she meant by that.
  88. >Screw it, just enjoy this while it lasts.
  89. >You close your eyes, feeling a warm sensation in your torso.
  90. >As it rises, a sharp pain emerges from your back.
  91. >It grows to a point that you couldn’t even bare it, thinking that someone is stabbing you through your shirt.
  92. >You push Twilight away and slide your hands behind you to feel what was digging through.
  93. >”Anon, what’s wrong?” She asks out of genuine curiosity.r
  94. “I just… I felt a sharp pain, almost as if someone was dragging a knife through me.”
  95. >”Is it still there?”
  96. “No, not anymore.”
  97. >You stop and look at Twilight, noticing that her kitten costume is unusual from everyone else that you saw from school and the costumes back at the store.
  98. >”Do I have a stain on my shirt?” She blushes.
  99. “No, it’s your costume.”
  100. >”What about it?”
  101. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”
  102. >It’s true. Her ears are bigger, and it is expertly shaped to represent on what a feline would have. Her eyes are a deep scarlet red, with a black vertical slit in the middle, and… is that a tail? It could be a fake, but that thing just moved from side-to-side. Possibly an electric buttplug that makes it swing.
  103. >”Oh, this?” She points to her ears and her eyes. “All of it isn’t a costume.”
  104. “It’s not?”
  105. >”I learned it from a very suspicious book in the back of the school's library.”
  106. “This is from some sort of spell?”
  107. >”Precisely! And a tricky one at that.”
  108. >Weird. A book that can turn anyone into an animal?
  109. >Furries would love to have their hands on this shit.
  110. “Do you have it with you?”
  111. >”Yes, and no to the question you are about to ask.”
  112. “I can’t even look at it?”
  113. >There’s an awkward pause as Twilight thinks it over.
  114. >”I actually expected you to ask if you wanted to hold it, but you can only look at how odd this book looks like.”
  115. >She goes through her bag and pulls out an old, brown book with a strange hardcover.
  116. >”See? And the previous owner never considered on giving this book the care it needed. They may as well should have tossed it into a blender!” She complains about the books condition. “Just look at this hardcover!” She nearly shoves the rugged thing in your face.
  117. “Okay, I get it. Maybe it is just a very old book?”
  118. >”Even so, it should have never experienced such a burden.” She slides it back into her bag.
  119. >If she can’t even let you read what’s inside that book, then you may as well call her bluff on this hocus-pocus.
  120. “Does the book have a title?”
  121. >”I don’t know; there wasn’t anything written in the first few pages.”
  122. “What about the rest?”
  123. >”Aside from weird directions and a near untranslatable language, you can get an idea on how peculiar this book is.”
  124. “Can you tell me about the stuff that you were able to translate?”
  125. >Her eyes shoot open..
  126. >”That’s not a good idea.”
  127. “And why is that?”
  128. >”For starters, you barely cared about learning."
  129. "But I'm interested now!"
  130. >"And you treat your books like nothing.”
  131. >Shit, you just opened up a can of worms.
  132. >”Remember what happened to your Chemistry book?”
  133. “Okay, that’s my fault. Turns out that adding Rarity’s nail polish made it burn even faster instead of being fire resistant.” You excuse yourself in a nonchalant way.
  134. >Her tail rises up and stays there.
  135. >”You stole it and knew darn well what it does!” She roars out.
  136. “I was curious! Shit, I’m going to start a fire.”
  137. >You walk away and approach the firebox of the chimney.
  138. >”Why? Plan on doing the same to your math book?”
  139. >You crouch down and open up the fireplace.
  140. “It’s cold in here. Aren’t you freezing?”
  141. >”No, I’m fine right now. But, if you are within two meters of that fireplace with any book, you’re going to regret it!”
  142. >Oh boy, another lecture. How terrifying.
  143. >You light up a match and toss it into the neatly stacked pile of wood sitting in the middle of the fireplace.
  144. >When you get up and turn back around, you see Twilight putting your textbook in her bag.
  145. “Not cool.”
  146. >”Do you want to keep on going with this?”
  147. “I’d rather move along and do something with my night off.”
  148. >”Okay then, what do you want to do?”
  149. >That’s actually a good question.
  150. >Maybe a movie wouldn’t hurt.
  151. >You turn on your Playbox 32 and grab the remote.
  152. >”Of course it would be video games.”
  153. >That wasn’t your intention, but it might as well be now.
  154. >You grab out another remote and hand it over to Twilight..
  155. >”Anon, what is this?”
  156. “For you to join in on the fun.”
  157. >”I’d rather not.” She sets the remote down, and pushes it to you on the couch.
  158. >You push it back, refusing her to give up before even going through the menu.
  159. >Let’s see on what you left inside the console.
  160. “Just one match, it wouldn’t hurt to try it.”
  161. > [Embed]
  162. >As the eerie music plays over an image of a noir filtered battlefield, you watch Twilight uncomfortably accepting what this is.
  163. >”I’m not so sure if I want to.”
  164. “Relax, we’re just going to exterminate some zombies.”
  165. >”I don’t really advocate violence, Anon.”
  166. “Fictional violence isn’t the same as real violence. No one is getting hurt.”
  167. >”Tell that to the traumatized children and the school shootings across the country!”
  168. >Fucking perfect, she’s one of those people.
  169. “Blame the parents for buying it in the first place, and we are both mature enough to handle it.”
  170. >”I can’t refuse that fact.” She stumbles along her sentence.
  171. “Try it out. If you don't like it, we’ll move on. Simple as that.”
  173. >”FUCK OFF, YOU FILTHY, UNDEAD FASCIST!” She screams out while rapidly tapping the right trigger.
  174. “Twilight.”
  175. >”WHAT?!”
  176. “It’s dead.”
  177. >You point at the “lifeless” body on the screen.
  179. ”They do that when one is left alive, and when the first few rounds are over with.”
  180. >”THERE’S MORE?!”
  181. “It’s a never ending mode.”
  182. >”SWEET BURNING CHRIST, WHEN WILL IT END?!” She yells out as the next wave of zombies comes through.
  183. “When we die, and can you start screaming now? The neighbours are going to call the cops if you keep that up.”
  184. >”I--” She clears her throat. “Sorry about that.”
  185. “It’s a fucking game. Damn, have you even bothered to try it with your friends?”
  186. >”I’d prefer to read and study in my spare time, rather than waste it on remembering the set of buttons to press so that I could take down my opponent.”
  187. “A bit cynical on something that you’re now enjoying, huh?”
  188. >”Oh, shut it.” She nearly blushes when she realizes how hypocritical she was on video games.
  189. >In her fixation with the game, she starts to work her way up.
  190. >From round to round, she acquires better perks and weapons along the way.
  191. >It almost brings you to shame when you realize that she’s doing better at this in her first time, whereas your first time was constantly dying in the early stages.
  192. >From the bottom of your mind, you almost want to give up and move on.
  193. “Hey, Twi.”
  194. >”Yes?” She smashes the square button, determined to get the next magazine in the weapon.
  195. “You want to watch a movie?”
  196. >”Why do you want to stop?”
  197. “It would be best to give those fingers a rest.”
  198. >You didn’t want to admit that if she kept on going, she might have destroyed the remote controller.
  199. >”Okay, a movie does sound nice right now.”
  200. “Before I put something on, would you like some popcorn while we watch?”
  201. >”You have some?” She says in a giddy way.
  202. “First cabinet on the left, near the microwave.”
  203. >She gets up and heads for the kitchen, leaving you to check on the remote you let her use.
  204. >The buttons on the D-pad feel like they were smashed in. Turning the controller around gives you a slight chill. The handles on the remote have a few markings, almost as if someone was digging right through the plastic.
  205. >Twilight’s fingernails couldn’t be that strong to go through the remote. However, this shit was made in a foreign country.
  206. >The controller can wait. Besides, you can always buy a new one.
  207. >You toss the remote to the side and look through Netflix on your Playbox.
  208. >Romance, horror, comedy. Those genres popped up right when you scroll through. You need something to calm Twilight down, or appreciate you a bit more.
  209. >As you search for an ideal movie, you can hear someone speak to you.
  210. “Twilight, did you say something?”
  211. >”No, I didn’t. Why?”
  212. >As you focus on the voice, it turns out to be faint whispering coming from Twilight’s bag.
  213. >You look back to the kitchen doorway to see Twilight struggling with the packaging on the popcorn bag.
  214. >No doubt that she will be preoccupied on that for a while, giving you some time to check on the strange noise.
  215. >You drop the remote and move closer to Twilight's bag. You slowly unzip the bag, revealing an ominous red glow emitting from what appears to be from the book.
  216. >What you thought was one voice turns out to be multiple voices, all speaking in a language you cannot understand. You open it up, tempted to look at what is inside of that book.
  217. >”You shouldn’t have done that.” You drop the book in the bag to look up and see Twilight standing at the opposite side of the couch. You close the bag and pull it away from Twilight's side of the couch. “Hand me the book, before I do something drastic.”
  218. >The aurora coming from the book slowly grows.
  219. “Not until I see whatever is in this fucking book.” You harshly reply to her demand, enforcing your point by holding the bag closer to you.
  220. >”You wanted to see what the book could do?” She arches her neck, letting out a loud snapping sound, almost as if she’s snapping her bones into dust. “You got it.”
  221. >She gets on all fours, making eye contact with you the entire time. “Allow me to demonstrate.”
  222. >The bag in your hands start to shake around.
  223. >As it continues, Twilight start to vibrate, almost in sync with the rumbling bag. The hair on her tail and head start to stick out. Her eyes roll back, slowly vanishing into the depths of her eye sockets. She screams in pain as her mouth stretches out to dominate what once was her face. A row of monstrous, crooked teeth stick out from her forehead and chin. In the middle of her mouth is a deep hole that is letting out a long, purple tongue.
  224. >Her shirt rips open, revealing what once was her beautiful, luscious pair of tits are now another monstrous mouth, dripping out what appears to be a mixture of blood and saliva. Finally, her arms buff up, shredding her skin and exposing her muscles, with her hands spiking out claws that can tear through a metal can without a problem.
  225. >What once was your smart and cute study partner is now a dastardly deformed monster.
  226. “Holy fucking shit.” You whisper out of amazement and fear of Twilight’s transformation.
  227. >She roars before immediately pouncing on you, pinning you down to the couch.
  228. >Her tongue slips down and licks your face.
  229. “Eww.” You groan out.
  230. >It slips through your shirt, then slides down and goes under your pants to lick your more sensitive parts.
  231. >In a rapid response, you smack her with her bag. ‘Twilight’ hops back, slipping her tongue out of your private area.
  232. “Back off!”
  233. >She lets out a vicious roar.
  234. “Down, kitty?” You cowardly stand your dominance while hiding behind the backpack, trying to push yourself out of her grasp by rocking your body from side-to-side.
  235. >She leans down to devour you, but fails when you cover your head with her bag. When you thought you were safe, it was the perfect time for her to shake the bag out of your grasp.
  236. >You keep a strong grip on the bag, relentless on keeping it since the book contains the answers on what is going on and solution to bring Twilight back.
  237. >She pulls the bag, along with you slipping up and out of her. You and the bag fly over her, hitting one part of your body to the ground and the other part slamming into the wall.
  238. >The bag rips open, spilling out a bunch of pens, pencils, paperclips, and other school utensils around you.
  239. >The accursed book lands in front of you, surrounded by the clutter of what was in Twilight’s bag. It continues its sinister whispering, almost as if it’s chanting something.
  240. >Twilight roars and jumps off the couch, slowly approaching for you and the book.
  241. >In a desperate attempt to stay alive, you reach over to grab the book.
  242. >You successfully grab it and pull it over, quickly opening it up to read it.
  243. >It vibrates violently as an elderly old man laughs maniacally. In the background, a tortured female screams out of agony.
  244. >That scream sounded oddly familiar...
  245. >It’s Twilight!
  246. >Before you can process on what just happened, the beast opens up her mouth and grabs you by the shirt.
  247. >In a futile attempt to punch her, it makes matters worse as she is enraged by it and begins to swing you around. Twilight releases you from her grasp and watches you soar through the air.
  248. >You slam into the couch, causing it to fall over.
  249. >In the rough landing, you are met face-to-face with the book, completely opened up to a random page.
  250. >”What you seek for isn’t here; only your destiny lies within these lines. Join us.” A gloomy voice speaks to you, along with Twilight’s voice speaking along with its words.
  251. >The transformed Twilight sits down, idly waiting nearby. It would appear as if it was being held back by command from the books power.
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