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  1. command /reaction:
  2.     trigger:
  3.         open chest inventory with 6 rows named "&b&lReaction Tester&7(&c%{reaction::top::%uuid of player%}%&7)" to player
  4.         set {_win} to random integer between 0 and 53
  5.         loop integers from 0 to 53:
  6.             set slot loop-value of current inventory to red concrete with no nbt named "&c&lNOPE!" lored "&c&lDONT CLICK ME!"
  7.         set slot {_win} of current inventory to green concrete with no nbt named "&a&lAIM TRAINER" with lore "&a&lCLICK ME!"
  8.         set {reaction::start::%uuid of player%} to now
  9.         set {inventory::%uuid of player%} to "reaction"
  11. on inventory click:
  12.     if {inventory::%uuid of player%} is "reaction":
  13.         cancel event
  14.         if name of event-slot is "&c&lNOPE!":
  15.             close player's inventory
  16.         else if name of event-slot is "&a&lAIM TRAINER":
  17.             set {_reaction} to difference between {reaction::start::%uuid of player%} and now
  18.             if {reaction::top::%uuid of player%} is set:
  19.                 if {_reaction} < {reaction::top::%uuid of player%}:
  20.                     set {reaction::top::%uuid of player%} to {_reaction}
  21.             else:
  22.                 set {reaction::top::%uuid of player%} to {_reaction}
  23.             make player execute command "/reaction"
  25. on inventory close:
  26.     delete {inventory::%uuid of player%}
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