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Sep 5th, 2018
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  1. Updates [5/9/2018]:
  2. Reset Update PLAN [Season 3]
  3. Remove all pickaxes from Crates
  4. - As if you buy a crate key for Pickaxes, then it will be pointless to upgrade
  5. - This is to remove the aspect of RNG being the source of your upgrade or your pace of income in the server
  7. With that being said, Rare Summon will be removed & replaced with a Token Crate
  8. - Chances of getting more tokens = lower chance
  9. - If you don't know, Tokens is a new currency [not from Dungeoneering] for upgrading your Pickaxes
  10. - Armor, Swords Crates will still be there but just no Pickaxes
  12. Quests & Votes will give you Tokens too [when the server resets]
  13. - Each Vote preferably for 3 Tokens
  15. Instead of 500 Blocks for 3 Tokens & 1 Sponge, it will now be 250 Blocks = 3 Tokens & 1 Sponge
  16. - The catch is Packed Iced will now cost you 10 Sponges instead of 5 Sponges
  18. Quests-wise, everything will be resetted
  20. Plots
  21. Due to many requests, I will be making the Plot Sizes bigger than the ones as of right now!
  22. - Instead of 32x32 (i think), it will now be 50x50!
  24. Build-wise
  25. If my staff team can't finish the new spawn build, I will be getting a new one from somewhere and use it.
  26. - For mines & shop etc, there won't be any 'new build' changes for it as I rather focus on the content than the appearance itself
  27. - If there is a possibility that people can help me build the new shops/spawn etc, send me the World File or screenshots of it!
  29. If there are any questions about the reset, please DM me in Discord!
  30. Link:
  31. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  32. Wood Mine
  33. It is now out for all Ranks!
  34. - Prices increases as you rank up!
  35. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  36. Thank you for playing League of Prison!
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