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Feb 7th, 2019
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  1. Stellaris
  2. System:
  3. Language: English
  5. Downloads Changelog
  6. Update 2.2.5 (07 February 2019)
  7. 2.2 ‘Le Guin’ Free Features
  9. Added the new "Legion" flag set, with 6 new flag emblems
  11. Balance
  13. Pop growth: Reduced Random factor in pop growth, habitability has more of penalty on growth selection, lessened bias towards new species, and traits have a larger effect on Robot selection
  14. Strike craft now do more damage, have longer range, are faster, and turn and accelerate quicker
  15. Machine Empires get 50% more resources from mining bases
  16. Machine Empire Tech Drones now produce 6 energy (up from 4) base. Agri Drones now produce 5 food (down from 6) base. Both of these also apply to Synth Empires.
  17. Machine Empire Colony ships now add 2 pops to a new colony, but cost 400 alloys (up from 300)
  18. Machine Empire Outposts now cost 150 alloys
  19. Machine Empire Fabricators produce 4 alloys (up from 3) at the cost of 8 minerals (up from 6).
  20. New Machine Empire colonies start with 2 replicator jobs to give a bit of early boost (up from 1), upgraded capitals reduced to give the same number overall. The extra Replicator jobs beyond the 2 granted by upgraded capital buildings now depend on the planet still having >= 10/40 pops, to remove a tedious exploit with resettling pops to unlock the upgrade, then moving them again
  21. Machine capital planet grants +5% drone output
  22. Unemployed Machine Pops now use 0.25 Energy for upkeep (down from 1)
  23. Replicators now also produce 1 Engineering research
  24. Coordinators now produce 1 of each Research (was 3 Society)
  25. Each Coordinator on a planet now boosts Simple Drone resource output by 1%
  26. Energy grids/nexus' are more expensive, but give an additional 5% bonus and add 2/4 Max Generator Districts to their planet. This also applies to Synth empires
  27. Mineral purification planets/hubs are more expensive, but give an additional 5% bonus and add 2/4 Max Generator Districts to their planet. This also applies to Synth empires
  28. Robots with Emotion Emulators are now more likely to become maintenance drones
  29. Citizen Service civic effect on soldier unity generation increased from +1 to +2
  30. Eco Simulation, Gene Crops and Nano-Vitality Crops technology effect on farmer output increased from +10% to +20%
  31. Geothermal Fracking, Deep Core Mining, Mineral Isolation technology effect on miner output increased from 10% to 20%
  32. Field Modulation, Quantum Energy States, Quantum Field Manipulation technology effect on technician output increased from 10% to 20%
  33. The Repugnant/Uncanny trait now has less of an effect on pops avoiding amenity producing jobs
  34. Maintenance drone job priority now considers amenity level of the planet
  35. Simple drones now ponder the empire level food/mineral/energy income when choosing a job
  36. Made the bad outcome of the Abandoned Terraforming Project event produce a Tomb World, rather than a totally unusable Toxic World
  37. Added potential negative outcomes the Atomic Clock chain, since previously there was no real choice involved
  38. Made Fanatic Purifiers always able to choose "no retreat" war doctrine
  39. Scaled back bonus resources from planet modifiers to just be for chthonian planets and carbon world, for now...
  40. When freed from the time loop, the Prikkiki-Ti lizards will start with the same level of tech as their closest neighbour. Also their economy and fleet power has been improved
  41. Telepaths, head researchers, high priests, administrators, executives, researchers, enforcers and entertainers now have weights for ascension/events/uplifts related traits
  42. Returned removed orbital deposits to uninhabitable Precursor homeworlds
  43. Species with very low habitability will not generally be selected to grow new pops
  44. Ministry of Culture for Hive Mind empire now adds Synapse drone jobs, rather than Coordinators
  46. UI
  48. Added missing modifiers on army strength to some tooltips
  49. Fixed some text overlaps in the empire creation screen for Robot Empires in Russian language
  50. Fixed missing tooltip on leftmost trait, if a leader had more than three traits
  51. Removed some obsolete modifiers from the shipyard UI
  52. Fixed resource cost display in colonization menu showing all required resources as red, even if you were only short on one of them
  53. Updated Machine inteligence food tooltip to mention that Cyborgs need food too. Don't let your Cyborgs starve!
  54. Unhallowed Ground Traditionalist pop faction demand tooltip now clarifies that even terraforming tombworlds upsets them
  55. Clarified relative power requirement to offer subsidiary status in the tooltip for this diplo action
  56. Fixed the Expansion Tradition finisher effect not being displayed in tooltip about max district numbers, making the math look really broken
  57. Fixed bug where closing planet view side panel brings up redundant window for a split second
  58. Plasma Accelerators no longer display Caravan Cannon tooltips
  59. Migration pull tool tip now displays actual pull with factors
  60. Fixed tooltip that wrongly stated that only full citizens can take ruler jobs
  61. Fixed debug string shown in the tooltip of certain diplomacy interactions with fallen empires
  62. Fixed broken string in tooltip for event option you absolutely should not click, you have been warned
  64. AI
  66. Machine and Mechanical AI empires will favor generator districts a bit more
  67. AI will not build housing buildings when it doesn't need them
  68. AI will no longer start scrapping buildings immediately once it decides it doesn't need more of them, it will just stop building new ones for a while
  69. Improved AI budgeting for megastructures
  70. AI empires will generally not build more than 2 buildings of the same type per planet
  71. AI should be keen on building Organic sanctuaries if their bio-trophy pops are unemployed
  72. AI only becomes more interested in building commercial zones if it needs energy and amenities (was previously overbuilding these)
  73. AI will check for surplus population before making buildings
  74. AI now budgets the full total available resources into categories
  76. Performance
  78. Reduced performance cost of the outliner
  79. Threaded calculations for rendering planet icons on the galaxy map
  80. Cached habitability calculations for planet icons on the galaxy map
  82. Modding
  84. Changed scope of the faction_approval trigger from pop scope to pop_faction scope, making it not broken anymore
  86. Bugfixes
  88. Fixed broken targeting for strike craft that caused them to meander out to the edges of the system rather than engage enemy fleets
  89. Fixed some Planetary Features (and thus Districts) not surviving the terraforming process to Gaia planet class, because what's a paradise planet if you can't strip mine it and turn it in to a honeycombed shell?!
  90. Foundry level 3 now correctly gives Machine Empires Fabricator jobs instead of Foundry Drones
  91. Fixed Private Colony Ships being generated without names in some circumstances
  92. Fixed an issue where the "Galactic Market Hub Nomination" Decision would once again become available if a nominated planet's rating was boosted past a certain point
  93. Orc and cyclops portraits from the Humanoid species pack no longer have a shoulder clipping through their clothing
  94. Fixed an out of sync due to parallelization of pops calculation
  95. Fixed a source of OOS on reconnect
  96. Fixed OOS introduced by caching starbase related values
  97. Fixed clicking "colonize" on a planet not working for Machine Empires (planet naming didn't work, colony ship insta-builds but did nothing, this bug was a real champion)
  98. Free movement faction demand no longer cares about robots or their rights
  99. Pops without military service rights will no longer take soldier or enforcer jobs
  100. Fixed not being able to assign/unassign leader (by clicking portrait) from fleet manager view
  101. Fixed literally unplayable typos in certain Italian names in the human namelist
  102. Fixed a case where a build outpost command inside space you already own would wrongly claim you were trying to build in another empire's territory
  103. Finally got around to adding a proper confirmation click sound when adding claims on the galaxy map
  104. Fixed cases where pop growth would not overflow properly after a new pop is spawned (99+3 used to = 100), causing all sorts of weirdness with pop growth modifiers
  105. Fixed cases where science ships on auto-explore would just stop, or randomly choose a crazy indirect path to the next unexplored system
  106. Fixed the supply ship wreckage event to not fire if the other party is a genocidal empire, since it makes little sense for them
  107. Fixed Expansionist Overtures leader agenda appearing before you've made contact with any other empires
  108. Fixed an issue where a Fallen Empire's Shielded World would not spawn
  109. You can now build multiple habitats at the same time, in the same system
  110. Fixed the "Ships Lost" outcome of the Fleet Maneuvers event sometimes not having any effect, by preventing it firing if there are too few ships in the fleet to destroy
  111. Updated the text in some of the Synth Uprising events to better convey the scale of the disaster, since while we'll never tell how many beings compose a Pop, it's probably more than a dozen
  112. Removed nonfunctional and unintended "merge fleets" button for things like the lost amoeba, that are not supposed to merge with normal fleets
  113. Fixed a pathfinding issue that would cause fleet to not move towards their destination
  114. Fixed ship losses not being correctly counted in the battle list in the war overview
  115. Fixed a bug from 2016 (!) where if you split a fleet, then tried to drag-box select both, only one would be picked
  116. Atomic clock follow-up anomaly rewards that grant Engingeering deposits will now correctly convert any existing Mining Stations into Research Stations
  117. Fixed duplicate component slot and moved slots around on the Automated Dreadnought
  118. Fixed bug where deposits granting districts wouldn't actually grant the districts until a game reload
  119. Bonus minerals from planet modifiers will no longer overwrite the dragon hoard
  120. Fixed bountiful plains (level 1 food deposit) not showing up on savannah worlds
  121. Fixed workers abandoning the mines to displace specialists, leading to basic resource starvation and a lot of unemployed high strata pops later in the game. No social mobility for you!
  122. No longer possible to sometimes rival countries that have pathetic relative power
  123. Made sure to cull the old, empty lost amoeba fleet from the fleet manager as the amoeba matures
  124. Ensured capital buildings can convert to the correct type when a planet of primitives/machines/hive minds is taken over by another empire type
  125. AH4B from Distant Stars can no longer change composition to prevent naval capacity bypass exploit
  126. Dead/killed slaves are now properly culled from the slave market, so no more invalid entries, you heartless monsters
  127. Added checks to help ensure that buildings specific to one empire type are properly destroyed/converted when the world is taken over by a different empire type
  128. Fixed primitives and fallen/awakened empire pops not being purged by the Prethoryn and Contingency (Valar Morghulis)
  129. Fixed the Horizon Signal's "waiting world" events erroneously occurring on Ecumenopolises
  130. Coloniziable planets will no longer be clear-cut and paved over to hold a single mineral or energy deposit by survey teams who become over-excited at their planet modifiers
  131. Caravaneer weapons should no longer appear at game start
  132. Fixed pop growth bravely continuing even while the planet was being purged by the Prethoryn
  133. Fixed coming across the Caravansary home base (before encountering a Caravaneer Fleet) not giving you communications with them
  134. Added fixes for more cases where the Scourge would sometimes stop expanding
  135. Fixed Contingency and Scourge not being able to purge the final pop on an occupied planet, because thoroughness is important
  136. Fixed An Odd Factor event triggering even if no pop had the Odd Factory Worker job, and pops not actually being removed by event despite claims to the contrary
  137. Fixed broken pirate ship turret graphics
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