The Boy : Park Chorong

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  1. 「よおすん 」
  3. ⇒Username:Isabella37
  4. ⇒Password: ot12
  6. ⇒Name: Park Chorong
  7. ⇒Nickname/s: Choco, she's soft and sweet like a chocolate and she liked to eat chocolate too
  9. ⇒Date of birth: 31st December 1999
  10. ⇒Age: 17
  11. ⇒Birthplace: Jeju Island
  12. ⇒Hometown: Jeju Island
  14. ⇒Nationality: Korean
  15. ⇒Ethnicity: Korean
  17. 「 りゅひゅ 」
  19. ⇒Personality: She's a sweet and soft-hearted girl. She can't really reject someone, except when it comes to love. She's someone who's calm and collected in every situation> She's really smart and can come out with a solution within minutes.  She's generous and never hesitated to give her everything to someone else. She wants everyone to be happy so she always try her best to cheer someone up. She's very innocent and kind but she can understand most of the dirty jokes. She's really dense when it's love. She will never understand what's happening when it's about love.
  21. ⇒Background: Chorong was born and grew up in Busan. Both her parents were very busy so she lived with her grandma instead of her parents. She only see her parents once in a year or maybe more than that. No one wants to play with her because she's a rich chaebol. She always feels lonely and the kids loves to bully her. All those bullies incident makes her realizes that animals are even better than humans.
  23. ⇒Likes:
  24. - pastel
  25. - sweets
  26. - chocolate
  27. - dancing
  28. - pets
  29. - singing
  30. - drawing
  31. - children
  33. ⇒Dislikes:
  34. - bullies
  35. - someone abandoning his/her pets
  36. - liars
  37. - backstabbers
  38. - seeing someone cries
  39. - crying in front of someone
  40. - being the spotlight
  42. ⇒Trivias:
  43. - She loves singing, drawing and dancing and she's good in it.
  44. - She has achluophobia.
  45. - She has trust issues.
  46. - She loves tapping her finger when she's thinking.
  47. - She will bite her lower lip when she's nervous.
  48. - She has the habit of hugging something when she goes to sleep
  49. - She loves visiting the children at orphanage every weekend and plays with them.
  51. 「 ジュみん 」
  53. ⇒Username in your messenger app: Choco Cho
  55. ⇒Slot: Kirstyn
  56. ⇒backup slot: Grezzle
  58. ⇒Face claim: Chorong from Apink
  59. ⇒Backup face claim: Chae Soo Bin
  61. ⇒Love interest: Chanyeol
  62. ⇒Backup love interest: Sehun
  64. 「 ぅしえ  」
  66. ⇒why do you want to join in this applyfic? It's interesting
  68. ⇒Will you still support even if you're not accepted? Of course
  70. ⇒Message to author(sanchi): Love you and stay healthy ><
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