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  1. Aqshy
  3. Light ‘em up!: At the start of the shooting phase, a unit with this trait can opt to harness the heat of Aqshy’s fiery skies to set any missile weapons they are equipped with ablaze. Increase the rend value of that unit’s shooting weapons by -1. Roll a d6 for every model in the unit after the attack is made: on a 1, that model’s weapon combusts and the unit suffers 1 mortal wound (D3 if the unit consists of a single model)
  5. Master of the Burning Sky: A Hero or Wizard with this trait can attempt to harness the burning winds of Aqshy to stymie the enemy. In your herophase, select an enemy unit that can FLY within 24” of the hero or wizard and roll a d6: on a 3+, it suffers d3 mortal wounds and loses the FLY keyword until the next battleround. On a 1, the hero or wizard suffers d3 mortal wounds as the winds batter them instead.
  7. Molten Armaments: Increase the rend value of any melee weapons this unit is equipped with by -1. Once per game, at the start of the combat phase, you may declare that this unit’s weapons are overheating: increase the rend value by -2 instead of -1, but subtract 1 from that unit’s saves until the end of the round.
  8. .
  13. Ghyran
  15. Overgrowth: A unit with this trait heals d3 wounds in your herophase. If no models are wounded, you may return slain models to the unit with a combined wound characteristic of d3 or less.
  17. Wood Walker: A unit with this trait that is in cover may not be targeted by missile weapons if another friendly unit is closer to the enemy declaring a shooting attack.
  19. Barkskin: A unit with this trait ignores rend of -1 when making save rolls in the shooting or melee phases. Subtract 1 from move and run rolls for this unit.
  26. Ghur
  28. Apex Predator: Nominate a model in a unit with this trait to be an Apex Predator. Add 2 to that model’s wound characteristic and reroll hit rolls of 1 for the unit while the Apex Predator is part of it.
  30. I’m gonna wreck it!!!: The bestial strength of a unit with this trait can turn the very terrain into a deadly weapon. In your shooting phase, if this unit is within 1” of terrain, you may select an enemy unit within 18”. On a 2+, the enemy is struck by your hurled boulder and receives d3 mortal wounds.
  32. Berserk Fury:  A unit with this trait fights with untamed savagery, leaving them open to canny foes but allowing them to access bursts of vicious energy when the need is dire. Enemy units may reroll 1s when attacking this unit in the combat phase, but once per round, you may choose a Triumph from the Triumph table and apply it to this unit.
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