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YK 05 part01

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Nov 24th, 2013
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  1. Assassin YK 05 (end)
  3. P01
  4. B: Huh...strange.
  5. I remember it was somewhere around here...
  6. Why isn't it here...?
  7. Y: You haven't changed at all.
  8. Bertholdt-san.
  9. B: Eh
  10. ...Ymir!!
  11. Y: How's it going?
  13. P02
  14. B: Long time no see!
  15. What brings you here?
  16. Y: Thanks to you, I'm still alive.
  17. B: There you go again... (Geez)
  18. B: It seems like you came here voluntarily, is something -
  19. C: So tall...
  20. Y: Ah, that's right.
  21. Hey, don't hide behind me.
  22. Y: I'd like to ask you a favour.
  23. Where did that guy go?
  24. B: Eh?
  25. B: Ah, he's on the second floor...
  27. P03
  28. R: Bertholdt,
  29. do we have guests?
  30. If it's about work, come upstairs...
  31. ...Hm?
  32. R: Isn't this Ymir?
  33. So you're still alive.
  34. B: Rainer!!
  35. Y: Yeah, I guess.
  36. B: EH!?
  37. R: You,
  38. isn't it about time to stop doing dangerous things...
  39. Y: Ah, I know, I know.
  40. Y: You see, I want to ask you two a favour.
  41. R: ...A request?
  42. R: Oi oi,
  43. if it's something troublesome I'd rather...
  45. P04
  46. R: Y-Ymir
  47. This, this person is...?
  48. Y: Ah, I should've introduced you first.
  49. Sorry, sorry.
  50. Y: Come here.
  51. C: Okay.
  53. P05
  54. Y: I picked her up not long ago...
  55. due to some circumstances
  56. I can't leave her alone.
  57. Y: However, I can't take her with me, either
  58. ...which is why I want you guys to take care of her.
  59. B: ...Uhm, Ymir,
  60. by picked up you mean...
  61. R: You didn't kidnap...
  62. Y: How can that possibly be the case!
  63. I'm the protector!!!
  64. R: ...Protector...
  65. B: Protector, huh...
  66. Y: Watch out or I'll make you cry
  67. Y: Well, anyway
  68. That's the situation. I hope you can take good care of her.
  69. Y: Oh that's right, she can do jutsushiki, so she'll be able to help Bertholdt-san.
  70. B: Heh...!
  71. Y: Once you've taken her in, I'll leave.
  72. If I stay any longer, new problems may arise.
  73. B: We're fine with that
  74. right, Rainer?
  75. R: Y-yes,
  76. it is indeed safer if she's not with you...
  77. C: UH, UHM!
  79. P06
  80. C: ...Thank you very much for your kindness
  81. B-but
  82. C: ...I, still
  83. want to go with this person!!!
  84. I'm sorry!
  85. B: Wah~
  86. Y: ...You...hey...!!
  87. Y: I told you already!
  88. I told you I couldn't take you with me!
  89. Why don't you get it!!
  91. P07
  92. C: ...You
  93. You also said
  94. I had to decide for myself!
  95. C: I
  96. have made my decision.
  97. I want to go with you!
  98. C: ...there are things...
  99. even I can do.
  100. R: Uh,
  101. uhm...!
  102. Y: ...sorry
  103. B: (She's pretty stubborn...)
  104. B: Don't worry
  105. We don't really mind either way...
  106. B: Hey, Ymir
  107. Y: Hm?
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