Explanation of PayPal chargebacks

Apr 19th, 2013
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  1. This is a rundown of what led to all these chargebacks.I'll try to keep it shorter and to the point: Beginning with the cash purchases, I had started buying hats and buds around early November eventually buying more towards the end of march and April. I have been buying them on my credit and debit cards authorized under my bank account under my dad's name. He also is an authorized user on my Paypal. The circumstances that led to the chargebacks were a result of my father logging into my Paypal account for the first time in a couple of months on April 17th. He apparently saw the high value cash transactions that were being sent, specifically the two >$3000 trades for the burning Noh and moon KE and before asking or questioning me about them, he believed them to be fraudulent. He contacted American Express for my credit card charges and told them about the possible fraud. They responded like they are trained to: by charging back all the charges on that card. This resulted in a total of 21 different charges being charged back to the sellers, including some to newegg and eBay as well. I was notified by Vjim on the night of the 17th/morning of the 18th at around 12am on steam-mobile that he had been charged back. I immediately called my dad and explained the situation to him as I was at my mother's house that night (my parents are divorced). He explained he thought that they were fraud and was going to question me about any knowledge of someone accessing the account in the morning. I explained everything to him immediately. As soon as the next morning came he called Amex and explained the situation to them. They said it would take a day or two to start reversing the charges and that once it started it'd be another 2-3 days to have them all reversed. The reversal should either have began today on the 19th or tomorrow on the 20th.
  3. Again I really can't express how sorry I am that this misunderstanding occurred. I take the blame for not informing my father of the high value purchases I was making with my money. (Most of the purchases were being fueled by my bar-mitzvah money I had sitting in the bank since I was 13). I should have told him and avoided this whole misunderstanding, I know that some people believed/believe that I am a scammer but I hope that in the next coming days as the charges as re-reversed that you can understand the situation. Again, I am really at a loss for words as to reconcile this for all of those affected. My only hope is that once this whole mess is over, that you won't think of me as a bad person for allowing this situation to occur. To all my close friends, thank you for not Losing faith in me. To any friends or people I have affected: I am truly sorry that this happened and I wish that I could reverse time to prevent this entire debacle from happening. Thank you all who read this, I will be back from my trip to Washington D.C. Around April 26th and as such when I arrive back I will do my best to get on steam for as long as I can to answer any questions and concerns. After this is all sorted I plan on taking a break from steam and tf2 until I finish high school on June, come that time I am not sure what I will do. But I can tell you I will be back someday, maybe not to trading but at least to tf2.
  5. Thanks again for taking the time to read this
  6. -Jewlander
  8. ALSO as an update! Now that I am out and about in college my bank account is under my name completely and as such there is literally 0% chance of an misunderstanding like this ever happening again. Not that I'd let it after going through all this, thanks again for reading and I hope this helped clarify somethings you might have been wondering!
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