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  3. TANKS
  5. Mark V Landship (Considered the first tank in modern war, a tracked breakthrough tool. It comes fitted with machine guns and two six-pounder cannons mounted on the side sponsons, to enable the crew to fire into the trench it is crossing.)
  7.    Tank Hunter Landship
  8.      This version is geared towards medium range anti vehicle engagements. It can deploy a defensive gas cloud and be quickly repaired.
  9.    Mortar Landship
  10.      Equipped with a rear mounted mortar that can fire smoke or gas shells makes this version effective at long range. Particularly against infantry.
  11.    Squad Support Landship
  12.      With the capacity to carry an entire squad, this version can be a powerful offensive Landship, and at the same time supporting friendly infantry in its proximity.
  14. FT-17 Light Tank (Built by the French and known as the ƒFT„. This model shaped the design of future tanks. Nimble, and with less armor than its bigger cousins. Equipped with a fully rotating turret and a 37mm cannon.)
  16.    Light Flanker Tank
  17.      Suited for close range combat with high firepower and the ability to restore mobility fast and deploy anti-tank mines.
  18.    Light Close Support Tank
  19.      Offensive and suited for close to medium range combat this version has the ability to support friendly infantry as well as the ability to restore mobility fast.
  20.    Light Howitzer Tank
  21.      Suited for long range fighting against static enemies, emplacements and with the ability to deploy a defensive smoke screen.
  23. A7V Heavy Tank (Nicknamed ƒThe Moving Fortress„ featuring thick armor, a stronger engine than the Mark V, the main cannon facing forward combined with machine guns pointing in every direction makes this beast a true threat.)
  25.    Heavy Flamethrower Tank
  26.      Rare versions of this tank actually had two flamethrowers making it effective in close combat. This version can also deploy a defensive gas cloud and restore mobility quickly.
  27.    Heavy Assault Tank
  28.      Suited for medium range combat against infantry with a strong defensive loadout including a defensive smokescreen and the ability to restore mobility fast.
  29.    Heavy Breakthrough Tank
  30.      This version comes with heavy firepower suited for long range fighting both against other vehicles and emplacements. Can supply and heal friendly infantry in its proximity.
  32. Artillery truck (A fast formidable versatile but weakly armored gun platform serving many different roles in the Great War. The driver has a defensive machine gun that can be used when parked.)
  34.    Armored Anti-Aircraft Truck
  35.      Armed with an anti air ƒPom-Pom„ gun and defensive smokescreen capabilities this version is a threat to all things in the sky.
  36.    Armored Artillery Truck
  37.      Armed with a 13pdr cannon and anti tank mines this version can engage with both direct and indirect fire.
  38.    Armored Mortar Truck
  39.      Equipped with a versatile mortar firing many types of shells is what makes this version suitable for dealing with infantry from a distance.
  44. DR.1 Fighter/Sopwith Camel Fighter (Many aces of the Great War marveled at the maneuverability they had at their disposal in the 1-seater fighter planes at the time. Their speed and the lift produced by the 2, or sometimes 3 wings gave them the edge they needed in the legendary dogfights.)
  46.    Trench Fighter
  47.      Primarily a dogfighter but with the extra capacity to harass infantry on the ground with anti-personnel bombs. This version can also deploy a flare to help spot enemies.
  48.    Dogfighter
  49.      A true interceptor and dogfighter in its purest form, nimble with quick repair abilities, this version is perfect for hunting other planes.
  50.    Bomber Killer
  51.      Armed with a heavier machine gun with a slower rate of fire, this fighter becomes a serious threat to enemy bombers in the hands of the right pilot.
  53. Halberstadt CL. II Attack Plane/Bristol F2.B Attack Plane (Two-seater aircrafts saw extensive use during World War 1. Their roles shifted but were mostly aimed towards recon and ground attack missions. Utilize its rear gun to defend yourself.)
  55.    Tank Hunter Attack Plane
  56.      This version comes equipped with an engine mounted cannon and high explosive bombs making it perfect for tank hunting.  
  57.    Ground Support Attack Plane
  58.      Equipped with a small caliber automatic cannon and fragmentation bombs makes this version effective against infantry, and in supporting your ground troops
  59.    Airship Buster Attack Plane
  60.      Armed with wing mounted rockets is making this version especially suited for busting observation balloons or giant Airships out of the sky.
  62. Gotha G.IV Bomber/Caproni CA.5 Bomber (The Great War saw the dawn of strategic bombers that could support troops on the ground and destroy strategic positions. They carried varied bomb loadouts and had several machine gun positons to defend themselves.  Teamwork can make these giants truly lethal)
  64.    Firestorm Bomber
  65.      A version best suited for area denial work against infantry delivering massive incendiary or fragmentation payloads on to the battlefield.
  66.    Barrage Bomber
  67.      Equipped with a camera for spotting enemies on the ground, and carrying both high explosive and demolition bombs, this version is effective for supporting all ground forces.
  68.    Torpedo Bomber
  69.      Suited for attacking ships with torpedoes or other vehicles with demolition bombs. This version is specialized for dealing with single armored targets.
  72. OTHERS
  74. QF 1 AA
  75. M30 SCOUT
  76. FK 96
  79. HORSE
  81. SUPPLY DROP (?)
  85. Grenade Roof
  86. MG Cooler
  87. Smoke Screen
  88. Speed Loader
  89. Zoom Optics
  90. Applique Armor
  91. Flamethrower
  92. Emergency Repair
  93. Track Repair
  94. HMG
  95. TuF HMG
  96. LMG
  97. Tankgewehr
  98. Airburst Mortar
  99. Gas Mortar
  100. HE Mortar
  101. Fire Mortar
  102. Incendiary HMG
  103. 20mm Autocannon
  104. Bomb Sight
  105. High Alt. Carburetor
  106. Holt Flares
  107. 10kg HE Bombs
  108. 10kg Fragmentation Bombs
  109. 10kg Fire Bombs
  110. 115kg Demolition Bomb
  111. 40kg HE Bombs
  112. 250kg Demolition Bomb
  113. 50kg Bomb
  114. Torpedo
  115. AT Rocket Gun
  116. Explosive Rockets
  117. Explosive Darts
  118. 115kg x2 Demolition Bomb
  119. 10kg x9 Fire Bombs
  120. 50kg x2 HE Bomb
  121. 50kg x4 HE Bomb
  122. 50kg x8 HE Bomb
  123. 10kg x16 Fragmentation Bombs
  124. 10kg x8 Fragmentation Bombs
  125. 37mm Cannon
  126. 75mm Cannon
  127. Coaxial LMG
  128. AT Ammo
  129. Fire Ammo
  130. Case Ammo
  131. Anti-Tank Cannon
  132. Anti-Aircraft Gun
  133. 57mm AT Cannon
  134. 57mm HE Cannon
  135. 57mm Case Cannon
  136. 57mm Incendiary Cannon
  137. 57mm Cannon
  138. Rear Gunner Position
  139. Air Dropped Torpedo
  140. 57mm Nose Cannon
  141. 40mm Cannon
  142. Ground Attack MG
  143. Front Beam Gunner Position
  144. Rear Beam Gunner Position
  145. MarkV SIDE MG Gunners
  146. Gas Emitter
  147. Ammo Crate
  148. Medic Crate
  149. Self Destruct
  150. Anti-Tank Mine
  151. Wing Emergency Repair
  152. Spotting Flare
  153. Speed Boost
  154. Spotting Camera
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