The Lewd out of Space (Series) [151024]

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  1. Contents                                        line    comments
  2. Death                                           8       nameless horror
  3. Corruption                                      62      sinful fall
  4. Escape                                          108     elopement [ARC END]
  6.    ***   ***   ***
  8.         Death
  10. On that dark, chilly night my world came to an end, even if I did not realize it at the beginning. A shooting star fell from the sky, bright and beautiful, and destroyed everything I held dear. I lay in my bed, sleepless, as the darkness outside was suddenly lit as if by the sun itself. I quickly dressed myself and dashed outside, following the faint glow and white smoke rising from the edge of the village.
  12. I arrived just in time to see my cousin, a dark braid dangling across her unbleached linen nightgown, approach the village well, from which the smoke rose, from the opposite direction. Her slender form tiptoed forward, cautious but curious, as I hid behind a tree. I had always had my eye on her, even if it could never be. Her boundless, cheerful energy had charmed me since we were children, but I could never let her know how I felt. Even then, I felt too self-conscious to approach her. Instead, I admired her barely-dressed form from afar.
  14. The well flickered as she approached. Just as she bent over to look inside, an infernal rainbow shot out of the stone structure and into the sky, twisting and pulsating in a caleidoscope of colors. I saw her eyes turn up in their sockets, exposing only white in the horrifying light. It narrowed, twisting itself, from a nightmare searchlight burning through the skies, into a beam focused on her head. Slowly her mouth fell open, and a similar light began to emit itself from her mouth and eyes, scanning the landscape as her head began to fall.
  16. The monstrous beams withered all vegetation before it, turning grass and leaves to ash in an instant. Her gaze swam across the edge of the village, slowly converging on the well itself. Finally she almost collapsed on the wellring, her arms and hanging over the edge, and I saw her begin to wither as the plants had moments before - her skin slowly turning grey, her beautiful hair bleaching with every passing moment. I watched in terror as she twitched one last time before the light died.
  20. I cautiously approached the colorless form before me. I shivered as I reached with my fingers for her collar, to pull her back from the well. I almost fainted as her body fell to the burnt grass before me - empty, milky-white eyes stared into nothingness above a slack, open mouth. Her skin was like ash, an unnatural, dark grey. Her equally grey lips were dry and cracked. The freckles that I had dreamt of caressing with my lips had turned into speckles of white scattered across her ashen face.
  22. Tears of despair welled in my eyes as I stared into hers, framed by the once-dark hair, now frayed and the same, unsettling. bone-white as her eyes and freckles. What was I to do? My love lay dead in front of me, brought to a horrifying end by that thing still lurking in the well. I had to warn the other villagers, that much I knew. However, as I knelt, frozen, I noticed her move. An otherworldly groan emerged from behind her cracked lips, as if ringing from beyond the grave.
  24. I watched, transfixed, as her lifeless body twitched as it contorted to face me - her head slowly sun to face me, staring right through me with those dead eyes. I felt the most terrible dread as she slowly rose, but the slim glimmer of hope that she still survived kept me frozen still, even when my brain screamed at me to run and never look back. Then it was already too late.
  28. Suddenly her ashen hand shot forward like a bullet. Cold fingers wrapped around my neck like iron hooks, pulling me off balance and toppling me over her terrifying remains. Her touch was cold and slimy, yet somehow it seemed to burn at my very soul. As I fell, the low groans from her throat began to resemble words, although her voice was dry and disturted enough to be barely recognizable as herself. "Help me," she groaned into my ear, "Feed me..."
  30. As my mind reeled from the ominous plea, her iron grip pulled my face to hers. Her cracked lips pressed into mine as her milky eyes continued to stare a hole into my soul. The same wet, cold, and yet burning sensation of her touch spread to my lips from her graphite-grey lips. I felt the heat drain from my lips into hers, tingling almost pleasurably as some ethereal fire scorched my soul. With every passing moment I felt myself grow more sluggish, and her movement grow more fluid.
  32. Soon I was stiff, almost immobile, and her lips had begun to violate me on their own, not only depending on her drainign touch. I could not resist as her tongue forced its way into my mouth, now burning at my insides. The unnatural fire burning my soul grew more and more enjoyable, even as I feared for my life and soul. Deep inside, I felt almost happy - even if I could not be certain if the creature assaulting me was really her, or if it would kill me, I was finally joined with her.
  36. As I began to resign myself to my fate, she rolled me onto my back. Her face stood vacant, her mouth again hanging open as she withdrew from my lips, as she stumbled to her knees above me. I continued to burn even without her touch, and yet somehow desired its return. Soon her burning touch returned, this time at my hips, as she wriggled her ashen fingers into my trousers, and began to pull them down by force. Her slimy, burning-cold touch then slowly snaked its way down the sides of my hips.
  38. Suddenly my nether region lit on fire - I looked down to see her fingers wrapped around my member. The apparition turned its head to face me, against staring a hole through my skull with a vacant, empty-eyed face. Shivers ran though my spine as the unholy mixture of pain and pleasure radiated up my body - it almost seemed as if a hint of the gentle smile she had worn in life remained as she looked at me. I felt myself shamefully harden at the sight.
  40. She clumsily positioned herself above my paralyzed form, burning my thighs, letting her charred skirt caress my flesh in the cold night air. I felt my head dig into her cold flesh, obscured under her gown, and in an instant a roaring inferno engulfed me to the base. I barely held on to my consciousness as my mind was assaulted by the intertwined bundle of terror, suffering, pleasure, and affection. Through my tears I watched her terrifying visage draw ever closer, until her face passed mine, her slimy cheek burning mine like a brand as she settled into what almost resembled a hug.
  44. I couldn't tell how long she lay on top of me, unmoving, unbreathing, scorching me all over, before she slowly rose, lifting her head back into my field of vision before falling again on my lips. She began to softly rock her hips above me just as her lips met with mine - acting almost like a living human, rather than the milky-eyed monstrosity that loomed above me, torturing my body and soul with her hellfire. I could not focus on her face, as close as it was, and my unfocusing eyes relayed me a terrifyingly distorted double view of the almost white-on-black face of my destroyer.
  46. Then it happened - the dead body assaulting me brought me to painful orgasm. My seed flowed uselessly into her deceased flesh, even as the fire seemed on engulf my entire member. She continued to grind herself into me, gently shivering, for a moment before she fell onto me. Again her cheek seemed to burn a hole into mine, but now I heard her groaning voice again echo in my ear: "Love you..."
  50. That was the last thing I sensed before I fell unconscious. When I awoke, her remains were nowhere to be seen. I scrambled to warn the village of the well, but whatever had killed my cousin was already gone. Only the scorched ash remained, and a particularly brave man even confirmed that the well was empty. Ever since that night I have not found peace in this world. In the night I hear her voice on the evening wind, imagine seeing her face in the reflections of lights flickering in windows.
  52. Somehow it is her face in death that haunts me, taunts me in my dreams. Her white hair, her white eyes, her white freckles, that empty expression - I dream of her twisted corpse as I once dreamt of her in life. I dream of making that milky-eyed monstrosity into my bride, marrying it in the village church during the darkest night. Sometimes I wonder if she really is out there - stalking me, calling for me from whatever dark corner of the world she has hid herself in. What if I saw her in the woods? Would I follow her?
  54. I fear that I would, and forever damn my soul to whatever hell hers now resides in.
  60.    ***   ***   ***
  62.         Corruption
  64. Every hair on my body stood on end as I saw that familiar ash-and-pearl pattern in the corner of my window. Was it my imagination? I couldn't tell. Existential terror gripped me as I pulled myself to a ball under the sheets. I stared, unflinching, into those barely-visible white eyes outside, filled with something more than just fear. I felt it, as I had every other time I thought I saw her, or her mangled form appeared in my restless dreams - a nameless desire tugging at the base of my brain.
  66. It had been three weeks since the incident - three weeks of confusing nightmares, of an apparition I should by all rights loathe, but one that somehow still called to me. I had loved her, of that I was now sure. I had loved her until the night she had died. There was something else I could not face - did I still love her? I knew the abominable husk that was once my cousin still roamed the woods. There was no other possibility, there was no body, only savaged bodies of birds and small game littered around the village. What would I do - what should I do - if it was really her outside?
  68. I suddenly snapped to reality as a dark, ashen palm pressed into the window frame. That was not my imagination. It was that horrible monstrosity. I knew Reason and God demanded I destroy it. My heart wavered as I leapt to my feet, grabbing a heavy iron poker from the fireplace, and dashed outside. As the door flew open, I saw a ghost in charred white limp away, halfway to the treeline. I knew in an instant what I had to do.
  72. "Ase..." I began as I dropped the poker and broke into a run. "Assie!" The groaning terror seemed to pause at hearing its old nickname. It was not enough to stop it. "Stop! I want to see you!" My voice broke with the tidal wave of anxiety that seeing her aroused in me - barely-controlled fear, but also a fervent desire to touch her, hoping beyond hope that the monster still contained some part of my beloved. She was just inside the woods when I caught her shoulder.
  74. A burning pain began to consume me at the very moment I touched her bare skin. I pulled her back, spinning her to face me, into a desperate hug. The burnt linen that covered her lifeless husk pressed into my own nightgown as my cheek burnt with the touch of hers. I felt my immortal soul burn away with every moment the abomination touched me, both my skin and my heart. "Please...!" I almost cried into the creature's ear. "Please come back to me!"
  76. A dry voice creaked in my ear, barely audible even over the almost silent rustles of a nighttime forest. "Yes..." The creature's struggle ceased in an instant, and its arms wrapped clumsily around my shoulders even as I pulled it tighter to my chest. The pain seemed to dull, it became a quiet, constant throb instead of the searing inferno that I had felt only moments before. I slowly pulled away to see the husk staring at me with blank eyes, mouth hanging slightly open, almost leaning onto me. "Will you come home with me?" I asked it as the hellfire of slender fingers consumed my hand. "Yes..."
  80. I almost laughed when that - no, she - sat down onto my bedside. I was already doomed. I could not forget her. My beloved... A sick desire clawed at the edges of my mind. We could never marry as upstanding, god-fearing people - but neither of us was that anymore. I did not even know what I had become, much less her. I only knew I still loved her as much in death as I had in life, and that whatever she had become now sat next to me on my bed. I swallowed hard before I damned myself for eternity.
  82. "Assie?" She somehow seemed to focus on me, even if there was nothing in her eyes to show it. Her jaw tightened slightly, leaving her lips only ever-so-slightly ajar. "Do you love me?" I set my palm on hers, now almost dull to the physical pain her touch caused me. I could bear it, if only she would be mine. "Yes," she croaked from beyond the gates of death. I swallowed again as I prepared myself. "Assie..." Her mouth hung more open again. "Please marry me!"
  84. Her slender, ashy arm slowly climbed along my sleeve, all the way up to my neck. The burning touch pulled on me, bringing me closer to her terrifying visage. A word echoed from beyond her cracked lips: "Yes," and in an instant her slimy, cold-and-burning lips gently touched mine. As I opened my eyes, I saw her face had not moved - her pearl-white empty eyes still stared holes into my soul, and her lips had only pressed into mine, unmoving and clumsy. Yet my soul did not sink. Even as she was, she was my deepest desire.
  88. Stale air rushed through her throat, groaning with the compression of her lungs as she fell to the bed. My monstrosity lay upon my bed in a charred nightgown, her modest breasts almost disappearing, flattened by gravity and covered by the loose fabric. My hand pinned hers above her head in a cruel mockery of human love as I straddled her hips and lowered myself to kiss her ashen face. Every touch of her skin burnt my lips and my soul, and yet I could not stop myself teasing her jawline, the now-white freckles on her nose, the forehead where her frayed, bone-white braid spouted from her grey skin.
  90. Finally I returned to her lips. I pressed mine upon hers, savoring the unsettling taste of mold and fire, and suddenly pushed my tongue into her slack mouth. It felt horrifying, and yet pleasant - the cold, slimy texture of her death mixed with the intense fire of her corruption to drive shivers down my spine. I moaned into her mouth in pleasure and pain when, suddenly, her tongue twitched. With clumsy, unliving movements it reciprocated mine, returning my kiss as well as a stained corpse could. Happy tears welled in my eyes as I forgot myself inside her fetid mouth.
  92. Eventually the erection pressing into her soft thigh became too much to bear. I broke the kiss, leaving her tongue awkwardly wiggling inside her unmoving mouth for some seconds, and pulled my hands down to position myself at her lips. I pushed myself into her cold, dead flesh once more. Our wedding night - something that I had dreamt of for years. Perhaps she was no more a virgin since three weeks ago, and perhaps she was a twisted abomination preying upon my soul, but I gladly damned myself to be with her.
  96. Assie slowly began to respond to my gentle thrusts - it was as if my warmth, or perhaps my soul, drained into her through both her mouths. I remembered how she had assaulted me immediately after her death, how much more controlled she had been. How starved she must have become in these three weeks to become so stiff, denied my soul that belonged to her. I labored to please her in every way I could, lovingly thrusting into her as I kissed her dead mouth and caressed her sides. I felt myself burn away with every thrust into the alluring hell inside her.
  98. Her arms had wrapped around my shoulders once more, and one leg clumsily tried to envelop my legs, when I reached completion. My back arched, straining to deliver my love as deep inside her as possible even as my tongue was violated by the cold flames of her mouth. Her body twitched as my semen shot into her dead body - a crude mockery of living pleasure, but one I could not but appreciate. I fell upon her, panting as if at the gates of hell, and buried my face in her shoulder.
  100. Her slender arms clumsily caressed my neck and hair as we lay on the bed. I had spent myself into her and felt an empty coldness inside me - one that only her burning touch could warm. I squirmed around her to bring myself even closer to her as I threw the blanket over us. She slowly positioned herself at my lips and planted an almost lifelike kiss upon them. A deathly croak emerged from her throat, haltingly, as she cradled my head to her chest. "Feed me... Always..." The words of a predator frightened me to the core - had I doomed myself for a monster after all? I could barely make out the final word: "Darling..."
  106.    ***   ***   ***
  108.         Escape
  110. I knew I had to go. As sure as the sun would rise in the morning, I no longer had a place in the village. A sinner of the worst sort - incestuous, necrophiliac, devil-consorter... I knew my soul was lost forevermore. Perhaps it was just that sorry state, but I felt nothing. No divine retribution burned through me, no guilt wracked me - there was nothing. The only worry I had was to be separated from her again. That worry burnt me like hellfire.
  112. I glanced over to my side in the dawn gloom. There it lay - the monstrosity that had consumed my soul, my darling Assie I had finally wed - whatever she truly was, she slowly and clumsily fingered the crude band I had put on her slender finger in the night. She spun it back and forth on her blackened finger, and it seemed as if she smiled as she did. Her mouth hung barely open in a sort of unliving pout, but her eyes were drawn tight around the pearls hidden underneath.
  114. We had to go. But where? There was nowhere to go, and we would have to go by foot. I didn't dare even think about putting her on a horse in that state, and there wasn't a single automobile in the village, even if I knew how to steal one. The village would notice I was gone within hours, and they'd soon put two and two together and realize it had something to do with the incident at the well. If I was caught with my new wife, they wouldn't wait for explanations before killing her again.
  118. Finally it struck me - the haunted forest. I chuckled to myself at the thought. Where else would a soulless man and an apparition go? None would dare follow us there. I glanced back to Assie to see her empty eyes turned up at me almost quizzically, as if she wanted to know what I had laughed at. I pushed aside her bone-ash hair to kiss her moist-fiery charcoal forehead. She groaned softly as the unnatural fire singed my lips.
  120. Assie's body curled and shivered as I explained my plan to her. I couldn't help but embrace her tighter - an unliving abomination as she was, she was still afraid of ghosts as she was in life. I threw the blanket further over her as her fists clung to my shirt and her face dug into my neck. I stroked her nape and twirled her braid as I so often had when we were children, and she seemed to calm down. I let her lie in a terrifying embrace as the gloom slowly kindled itself into an amber dawn.
  122. Finally I had to shake her awake. If we were to elope today, it was time to act. I gathered enough unused clothing to disguise her at a glance - just another raggedy hobo from the burnt-out towns looking for work here in the sticks. Shivers ran through my spine as I grasped her uncovered hand. I gave her shivering form a final hug before we set off towards the mountains and unknown horrors. Whatever awaited us, I knew I could face it to protect her.
  126. An unnatural cold permeated the air and the foliage as we climbed higher and higher into the foothills. By now Assie was almost too terrified to advance - I had to embrace her every step of the way. I was barely more brave - after all, I had never before left our home. My widower of a father had left for the war, as dashing as an aging man could be, and had died in the first year. That was all the contact I'd had with the wider world. I briefly wondered who would inherit the farm after me: my only brother was dead from the plague after the war...
  128. ...But what do the dead care of inheritance? I had married a dead woman, and I was surely as dead inside as her, even if both of us still walked on this living earth. Suddenly I noticed a hole in the rocky wall - too regular and human-proportioned to be a natural cave. I stood still for a moment, holding Assie, and swallowed. Perhaps whatever spectre of death that dwelled within would find us suitably damned to welcome into its terrifying fold.
  130. I stood at the first rough-hewn slab at the end of the overgrown path when Assie tugged at my shirt. I turned to look, only to find her pleading face staring through me with those milky-white eyes, underscored by the equally white freckles spattered underneath. She moaned weakly, and I bent over to hear her whisper: "Please... If we die... Last time...!" The hint of anxiety in her croaking voice was the first emotion I had heard in her since her death. Tears welled in my eyes as I realized how afraid she must have been.
  134. Her dead breath gave no steam in the frigid mountain air as I rolled her rags into a makeshift mattress underneath a nearby tree. The mist gave the woody hills around us an ethereal ambience that made my hair stand on end almost as much as her touch. Her arms wrapped around me, slowly rubbing my neck and shoulders just as I ran mine down her sides and under the ragged shirt she wore - and onto her modest chest. I pulled her shirt up enough to expose them to the frigid air and was promptly roughly drawn into them by her arms.
  136. She groaned as I licked her cold flesh, running my hands along her hips at the same time. She was even colder than before, her dead body chilled by the mountain air, but her taste still burnt me like an expensive pepper. She didn't seem to feel the cold as I pulled item after item of clothing off her, until the withered corpse of my cousin lay beneath me, completely naked in the filtered midday sunlight.I stood away to admire her all at once, and she immeadiately lifted her arms to pull me in.
  138. I obliged, and her clumsy grasp burnt my temples as my face made its way down her body, starting with her bushy eyebrows, descending down her neck, lingering at the tiny bust before plunging into her navel. Finally she began to twitch as I made my way between her slender and yet strong thighs - she groaned embarrassedly as my lips slid onto the bone-white hair below her belly. She pulled me back to kiss her even as I pulled down my own trousers, and I was simultaneously burned by both her lips and the thigh that I poked into below.
  140. Without breaking the kiss, she wormed one arm down to our hips and wrapped clumsy fingers around my shaft. The rough grip and infernal fire made me yelp into her ear, but to no effect. She roughly pumped at me even as she pulled her other arm down to her own opening. I wrapped mine around her as her burning hands worked to guide me into eternal damnation inside her cold body. Finally I felt her clammy, frigid-yet-burning slit at my head and instinctively thrust myself into her.
  142. I did not know if I would ever get accustomed to the sensation of fire in my groin and my soul, but I had begun to read it as pleasure - a pleasure only my beloved could give me. She wrapped her legs around mine and her hands around my hips and roughly guided me as I thrust myself into her with slow, powerful strokes. My jaw rested upon her cold shoulder as I gasped and moaned with every unnatural thrust. It was not long before I spent myself into her, losing yet another piece of my soul and vital essence without a care.
  146. With the warm liquid still inside her, the hastily-clothed Assie stood ready to enter the cave. She wrapped her arms around my chest as I slowly stepped forward into the darkness. As my eyes grew accustomed to the blackness inside, I understood what stood before me: a massive wall of ancient bronze, carved with unholy symbols flanking a giant skull. This was surely the door of the Devil himself. I swallowed and instinctively blessed myself before realizing how futile it was.
  148. In the corner hung a massive brazen bell - it, too carved full of marks of death and black magic - flanked by two chains. The chains ended with loops on bronze that still contained some vestiges of rotten wood, the Lord only knows how old. I swallowed again as I realized this was the door chime of whatever monstrosity lurked beneath the mountain. I looked at Assie, shivering in terror, and steeled myself against fear. There was no other choice.
  150. I took one chain and swung it at the bell. The sound rang as ancient as death itself, sending shivers down my spine and felling Assie to her knees as it echoed up a passage in the rock. I swallowed one final time as I sat down to comfort her. Whatever stood below now knew we were here, and would undoubtedly send some servile demon to investigate. I pressed Assie's shivering head into my chest as the bronze skull seemed to begin to move.
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