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atupd5 install disk

kssr3951 Jan 23rd, 2016 42 Never
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  1. local function fileOverwrite(filePath, text)
  2.   local hFile = fs.open(filePath, "w")
  3.   hFile.writeLine(text)
  4.   hFile.close()
  5. end
  7. shell.run("rm /atupd5")
  8. shell.run("copy /disk/atupd5 /atupd5")
  9. shell.run("rm /netRescue")
  10. shell.run("copy /disk/atupd5 /netRescue")
  11. disk.eject("top")
  12. fileOverwrite("/startup", "shell.run(\"/atupd5\")")
  13. os.reboot()
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