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  3. RULES:
  4. 1. Do not spam.
  5. 2. Do not contact an admin for problems that can be fixed by yourself.
  6. 3. Do not FRP.
  7. 4. You can ERP as long as we don't see it, such as doing it on discord, steam chat, skype, or whisper.
  8. 5. Use quotations, "..." for speaking when in roleplay. Please use parenthesis, (..) for OOC, or Out of Character, roleplaying.
  9. 6. Be mindful of others, no offensive jokes or actions, if you do indeed make an offensive joke, clarify it is a joke.
  10. 7. You can NPC but there are some rules to it:
  11. You CANNOT get OP loot from it.
  12. NOR, can you have bodyguards without logic.
  13. NOR, can the NPC without development have magical metals.
  14. 8. Only admins+ may start events, unless they are private, for example, a normal player cannot make a dragon attack the town unless the approval/help of an admin.
  15. 9. And this is for you, admins and mods, do not admin abuse, if you are found to have been admin abusing, your privileges will be taken away.
  16. 10. Treat admin and staff with respect, and do not abuse loopholes in the rules.
  17. 11. You MUST have permission from an administrator to own a Pheonix as a pet.
  18. 12. No AAing.
  19. 14. Enjoy!
  21. WARNING: If you are caught disobeying the rules, or disrespecting admins/staff, there will be consequences.
  23. Jinkord takes place in the mid 1400s. The group status should hold current information about the time period unless there is an urgent status update.
  25. Jinkord uses a currency called chips. Two chips are equivalent to a dollar.
  27. There is no PTK system in Jinkord, but excessive random attacking/killing can get you banned.
  29. You do not need to read the entire lore to play, but you must at least have a basic understanding. It is recommended that you read things you are interested in using with your character.
  31. The Jinkord Develpment Team has spent many all nighters and hours into this lore so please follow the lore while role-playing. If you repeatedly do not follow lore, there will be consequences. We appreciate it and have a fun time in the mythical world of The Kingdom of Jinkord.
  33. LORE---
  37. HISTORY--
  39. Jinkord
  44. RACES--
  46. Orcs-
  48. Orcs can be found deep in the moutains. They can be found together or alone. They are strong, powerful beasts that can kill many in just a couple swings.
  50. Appearance: Orcs' appearance can be different, they have many skin colors, going from light green, dark red, dark blue, and light gray. Orcs' eye colors range from red to blue, green to yellow, but they are all neon and emit light. Orcs are commonly atleast 6'5 to 7'5. They usually have jacked up teeth and hair that can only be colors on the greyscale. They are massive, buffed, and ripped.
  52. Personality: Usually Orcs are very agressive towards other beings. Some are gentle giants, but most of them are not. Even though some are not hostile, they are still stereotyped as so, and get a lot of racism from other races. They are generally not very smart, but make up for what they lack in intelligence in strength.
  54. History: Humans and Orcs have been in a small war for ages, humans and orcs don't accept  each other's kind. After many years of fighting, the Orcs retreated into the moutains, where it's hard to reach. Many of the Orcs went their seperate ways into the deep moutain range. Through out the whole moutain range, lay mysterious and eerie Orc caves, these caves consist of one or two Orcs, though one is most common. Orcs had their rebellion on the humans after settling, the humans finally took down many Orcs, leaving them to rot. Orcs have then developed a rivalry towards humans, how they have gotten their nasty, agressive personality. The Orc's day commonly consits of fighting, sleeping and feasting. Orcs' diets are made of meat and very few fruits.
  56. Racial Ability: Orcs are almost completely immune to pain. They may feel pain if it is extremely intense. And just because they are immune to pain, does not mean they are invincible.
  58. Vampirism (More Like a Sickness?)-
  60. It is presumed that Vampirism is a race, but it is more of a sickness. The ways it spreads is either giving birth to a child whilst you have the sickness, or from another vampire . They can suck the blood from a dead or alive creature to gain a slight buff. If a vampire goes a few days without doing this, they will start to feel weaker.
  62. Appearance: Vampires are a nocturnal race, meaning they usually rest in the day, and stay indoors, and go out at night. When they do go out, during the day, they appear to be almost fully white. At night, they appear to be slightly taller, almost three inches taller in height. They dislike heat and light, so they wear lighter colors that absorb the least heat. They have pale yellow eyes, and usually have an mysterious look in their eyes.
  64. Personality: Vampires usually leave people in the dark about their secrets. They are also sometimes shunned because people have a large fear of being bitten by one. Vampires do not mean harm most of the time, but since a few have left bad marks on Jinkord, they are stereotyped to be extremely bloodthirsty.
  66. History: Vampires were originally found in 1247 when a lone farmer got bit, and reported his findings and his sickness. After this was released, Vampires were hunted to extinction, but were they really all wiped? Humans quickly realized fire was the Vampires' biggest weakness, and started using torches against them.
  68. Racial Abilities: Vampires become more buff and strengthen during the night, as well as gain a resistance to cold. But they also become more vulnerable to light and heat, meaning it could be easy to kill one with fire.
  70. Lycanthropes-
  72. Lycanthropes are born Lycans, but there is a .1% chance that a baby will have the disease. It starts taking effect at 13, and they start to transform on full moons.
  74. Personality: When found in human form Lycanthropes have increased senses and have a urge to hunt. They also have animal like instincts and urges. When in beast form, they forget about their surroundings and attempt to kill anything living nearby, unless they know their target well enough to back down against them.
  76. Appearance:  Lycanthropes when in human form normally have brighter eyes then a normal human. In human form they sometimes have more hair then usual. Lycanthropes also can be identified in human form by acting weird like a dog or wolf. When Lycanthropes are in 'Werewolf Form',  they are covered in hair and there mouth or muzzle is shaped like a wolf. Their eyes are normally a dark red. When transforming, their clothes are ripped off and left in tatters where they transformed. Lycanthropes are usually found without clothes, if after a transforming night. Meaning once they return back to human form they are found naked, or mostly naked.
  78. Racial Abilities: Lycanthropes have increased senses and strength when in human and Lycanthrope form. When a Lycanthrope is transforming into Lycanthrope form it is a painful process. As they are  transforming, Lycanthropes' muscles, bones, skin, ETC is evolved to a point where they take the shape of a true Lycanthrope. Lycanthropes have the ability to create true wolf howls and communicate with wolfs. They also have clear vison at night, and even in human form, they have better senses when they have moonlight touches them. They also can retract their claws, but only at night, when they are in Lycanthrope form.
  81. Kal'e'dian-
  83. Appearance: Kal'e'dians are a tribal race, having Olive or dark-ish skin colors. A few have very dark skin, but it is extremely rare to see one have light skin tones. This race is primitive to blonde or black hair, and usually have dark colored eyes. They are generally unable to grow facial hair.
  85. History: The Kal'e'dians are said to be the first race to set foot in Jinkord, having been there before it was discovered by any of the other races. They were very interactive with animals and nature, even more than that of the Elves. They are usually from tribes in the mountains, or from far away lands. They are known to be the race with the most travelers.
  87. Personality: The Kal'e'dians are generally kind and caring, and strive to not get into arguments. They will only attack if it is for the greater good. The Kal'e'dians usually act somewhat like their spirit animals, having a fox as their spirit animal would make them somewhat deceiving, having a lion would be protective and powerful, etc.
  89. Racial Abilities: A Kal'e'dian has a spirit animal they are born with. They can speak with this said spirit animal, as well as transform into them.
  91. Tribes of Kal'e'dians
  94. Elsu: The Elsu are the curious tibe, always wanting to explore. They to be bold and precise as people and as fighters. Elsu can be quite the daydreamer and don't tend to have a lot of lower-body strength. This tribe is made up of spirit animals of things that can fly, mostly birds. When a child has a spirit animal not alligning to their tribe's theme, they are very accepting.
  95. Ex~ Eagles, Phoenix, Dragons.
  96. Alliance/s~ Actaeon, Tayanita
  97. Enemies~ Bimisi
  98. Color/s~ White and Gold
  99. Leader: No
  100. Actaeon: The Actaeons are powerful, sneaky, and rageful, They are quite physically fit and don't have trouble getting control over something they want. Actaeon's people tend to close off their emotions and be quite stubborn. This tribe is made up of protective forest animals. When a child has a spirit animal not alligning to their tribe's theme, they disown them and all them a weak disgrace.
  101. Ex~ Bears, Wolves, Mountain Lions.
  102. Alliance/s~ Elsu, Tahki
  103. Enemies~ Tallulah, Halona, He lush ka
  104. Color/s~ Red
  105. Leader: No
  107. Tallulah: The Tallulah consist of aquatic sea/fresh water animals, mostly mammals, in rare occasions they are born with a fish spirit animal, they are usually relaxed and lazy, not always the most fit. They are one of the most passive of the tribes, usually not starting conflict, they are the ones who try to mellow out the situation. When a child has a spirit animal not alligning to their tribe's theme, they also will be accepting and make sure the child feels at home while they can.
  108. Ex~ Whales,  Sharks, Goldfish.
  109. Alliance/s~ Bimisi
  110. Enemies~ Actaeon, Tahki
  111. Color/s~ Blue
  112. Leader: No
  114. Bimisi: The Bimisi consist of amphibious creatures, they are trouble makers, and are known to slip away from punishments and things they can't handle, they are not trust worthy in the slightest, they may seem rough, but they are in reality sensitive and cryptic, they often start fights they cannot finish. When a child has a spirit animal not alligning to their tribe's theme, they will often boot them out, and feel guilty afterwards.
  115. Ex~ Salamanders, Frogs, Caecilian.
  116. Alliance/s~ Tallulah, Halona
  117. Enemies~ Elsu, Tayanita
  118. Color/s~ Green and Yellow
  119. Leader: No
  121. Halona: The Halona are quite the hyper tribe, as they tend to get excited quickly. Masters of trickery, they move swiftly right under people's noses. They might not be the tallest or physically strong tribe, but does not mean they are a weak tribe. This tribe has rodents as spirit animals. They are very close, so if a child has a spirit animal not alligning to their tribe's theme, they might tease them about it, but accept them.
  122. Ex~ Mice, Squirrels, Opossum.
  123. Alliance/s~ Bimisi, Tayanita
  124. Enemies~ Actaeon, Tahki
  125. Color/s~ Yellow
  126. Leader: No
  128. Tayanita: One of the most loyal tribes, they consist of domestic animal spirit animals. They know what people want and tend to be more civil, not causing much conflict. However, they can be oblivious and innocent at times. They are quite loyal to each other and wouldn't let each other down. When a child has a spirit animal not alligning to their tribe's theme, they will love them to death, but be slightly worried where they went wrong.
  129. Ex~ Dogs, Cats, Ferrets.
  130. Alliance/s~ Halona, Elsu
  131. Enemies~ Bimisi
  132. Color/s~ Purple
  133. Leader: No
  135. Tahki: the reptile group, they are the most strict tribe, like the Hunters, but less rageful and murderous,  they are known to be amazing at creating strategies, and enforce their rules, the tribes are almost run like military groups, they often create battles, but easily take them down, despite their cold nature, they care deeply for their tribe, and are often depressed after someone dies. When a child has a spirit animal not alligning with their tribe's theme, they will try to change the spirit animal, and if that fails, they will sadly be rejected.
  136. Ex~ Iguanas, Crocodiles, Snake.
  137. Alliance/s~ Actaeon
  138. Enemies~ Helona, Talluhah, Ha lush ka
  139. Color/s~ Green
  140. Leader: No
  141. He lush ka: This is for the people who do not allign with the tribes, it is very to rare for this to happen, due to this having many types of spirit animals, they do not have a common personality, though, most of these people were rejected from their tribe, for they didnt fit in, so the group tend to be emotionally unstable.
  142. Ex~ Worms, Bugs, Coral, anything that doesn't fit in the other tribes.
  143. Alliance/s~ Nobody
  144. Enemies~ Actaeon, Tahki
  145. Color/s~ Brown
  146. Leader: No
  148. Humans-
  150. Appearance: They can range in skin colors in the natural color spectrum and have realistic eye colors, as for the hair are basic natural colors unless dyed. Their normal heights range from 4'11 to 6'3 in adult form, though it could differ but rare. Unique things about humans they all look so different, usually never two look alike unless related.
  152. History: They have fought for silly things like land, money, and power and won't hesitate to repeat that history again. Each human has had conflict with each race at least once, including themselves specially. Humans are also known to be the creators of the Holy Trinity and first users of magic.
  154. Personality: Humans can differ from what drives them in life and what their strengths and weaknesses are. No two personalities alike, though a lot of them will do anything for the right amount of cash and want a certain level of power. Humans for the most part are intelligent, but are easy to manipulate emotionally.
  156. Racial Abilities: They aren't born with any special powers, but are all capable of learning magic as they please. Humans can build muscle if they work for it, and gain fat if they dont. They can be powerful if they are willing to learn how to do so.
  159. Metallics-
  161. Appearance: Metallics are massive beings made of metal, and metal only. They may have many different appearances. Some are empty suits of armor, some are just metal figures that somehow came to life. They are usually either very big or very small, some are 2'4 - 4'2, whilst the others can be 7'8 to 10'9. They are usually not built at the same size of a human, and it is still unknown why they do this, but they do.
  163. Personality: Metallics will usually try to be kind, but they usually will have artificial behavior. As such, they will not have much feeling when someone dies, and are usually unable to feel real love. Most of the time, the only reason they save people is because they were programmed to do so.
  165. History: Some believe that the armor Metallics were souls that died inside the armor, brought back to life by a necromancer, but trapped in the said armor. Some say that the pure metal ones are fueled by ancient magic that is found in sun rays. Metallics have a blurry history and nobody really knows that much about them.
  167. Racial Abilities: From being pure metal, Metallics cannot die of sickness or age. They are also resistant to fire and vulnerable to lightning. Metallics are also completely immune to venom or poison, as it cannot reach their supposed 'blood stream'.
  169. Dragon Riders-
  171. History: The first Dragon Riders were almost the first beings to roam on the land. They made a group, then living and learning from the dragons, worshipping their way. Soon enough the Dragon Riders friended the winged-reptilians. Dragon Riders and dragons have lived in harmony ever since.
  173. Appearance: Dragon Riders can have many hair colors. They are somewhat like humans. Their eyes are ranged like Human's. They can be green, blue, hazel, brown or dark brown. Their height ranges to atleast 5'4 to 6'1 in adult form. Unlike Humans, Dragon Riders are physically more endured and strong. When Dragon Riders reach 10 years of age, they tame their forever companion. Sadly if they lose this dragon they cannot get another one and the Dragon Rider usually becomes very depressed without the dragon. Without their friend, they feel useless.
  175. Personality: Dragon Riders are fearless beings, as they can be sassy and fierce. Dragon Riders are mostly just concerned about their dragons. Nothing really isn't more important to them than their trusty, winged-reptilian companions.
  177. Dragon's Appearance/Personality: These beasts can range in colors. Their scales can be colored like the elements, such as fire, ice, water, shadow, poison, blood and more. These dragons are massive in size. They are well attached to their riders and protective of them.
  179. Racial Abilities: Dragon Riders are very skilled at taming dragons, doing this with ease. With other dragons, that aren't their own, the dragons aren't too hostile towards them by their aura.
  181. Faeis [Plural Form: Faei]-
  183. Appearance- Faei look somewhat like tiny angels, As the originate from them. They are known for their unearthly beauty.. Many Faei are extremely attractive with delicate and regal faces and exquisitely colored features, such as their eyes, with colors "as clear as glass". They mostly resemble human beings, with the pointed ears and an occasional other odd quality. They are tiny, ranging from 1'5 to 2'5 in height.
  185. Personality-  They are known for their cunning and their cruel sense of humor, and they especially delight in tricking humans. They frequently seek to bargain with humans. They are very long-lived and become only more artful and powerful as they age, though they are not immortal. Faei are associated with the beauty of angels and the viciousness and malevolence of demons.
  187. History-  Faei usually fly around, mistaken for birds. But if you come across them, you will see their true beauty. People would trap them, thinking they were fairies from fairy tales.
  189. Racial Abilities- They all have wings, and can fly using them. Their smaller size makes them have the ability to hide easily and fly fast. Their weaknesses are iron, particularly those merely wrought but yet to be heated and shaped, is toxic to faeries. Steel does weaken them to some extent. They are also vulnerable to rowan wood, salt, and gravesoil. Faei are severely weakened and become ill if fooled into drinking holy water.
  191. Avians-
  193. Appearance: Avians are human-like, but a bit taller than the average human. They are generally 6'2 - 6'8, and have impish features. They have large wings that shine brightly and are colored beautifully and have a glowing aura to them, multicolored with milky, washed out pastel colors. Other then their wings and colorfulness, they are set apart by the talons they have as well.
  195. Personality: The men are hard working and loyal, and find it hard to tell lies. The women are generally powerful and take charge most of the time, leading the male Avians on what to do.
  197. History: Avians have helped construct in Jinkord, although mostly women helped with agriculture. They used to live in the mountains before Jinkord was built, as many races did. They seemed to have died off a bit since the building of Jinkord. They are currently helping construct New Jinkord. They believe that women are more superior to men, and often time make male Avians do most of the work.
  199. Racial Abilities: They are able to fly using their wings.
  201. Lizorgans-
  203. Appearance: Lizorgans are huge reptiles, their apperance has gotten them their name. They are large, usually ranging from 15' to 24'5 and have green, red, or blue scales. They have a variety of different eye colors and are typically green or a off shade of yellow. A lot of the time they like to harm others that aren't of their kind for over-terittorial reasons, due to their low intelligence. They like to attack by stomping or spitting their high venomous spit.
  205. Personalities: Lizorgan's personalities are like Orcs, as they are very agressive and destructive. Lizorgans have the exception of being logical, unlike Orcs. They only use their venom slyvia for good uses. Lizorgans are very introverted, for they never travel or live together. Only reason they would be with others is if it were there family, which they are very territorial of. Lizorgans live in dark, mysterious caverns and caves, spending their day sleeping and defending their homes. Lizorgans barely travel anywhere, even to hunt as they don't get hungry often. They store fat in their tails so they can regurgitate and live off of the fat stored for a large timespan.
  207. History: Lizorgans are said to be far reletives of dragons, but they lack the wings and intelligence that the dragons do. Humans know to stay for away from them, because if you are in their sight, it's their territory. There is no cure yet for their venom if it gets into your blood stream, so humans build civalization far as possible from these creatures.
  209. Racial Abilities: Lizorgan's racial abilities would consist of their size, venom and food storage. Their size gives them an advantage because many beings aren't as large as them. With their massive bodies, it would take at least fifteen average humans to take the beasts down. Another ability from size is Lizorgans also have poisonus venom. Their teeth are snake like which holds that venom. When they spit or bite and the venom gets in contact with a being, they are gone for. With massive bodies comes a collasial tail, where they store fat for the Lizorgans to feed off of. The fat also gives the Lizorgans extra energy, with that, it helps them last a large time span without hunting.
  211. Yeti [Plural Form: Yeti]-
  213. Appearance: The Yeti looks like a "white" depiction of Big Foot, an adult reaches 50.0 max, they have clear, mangy fur, what makes them seem white is the reflection of the snow, they have a pale, purpleish blue skin, they have very large sharp teeth, and two larger fangs in the front row of their teeth, which reach around 9" long, and 4" thick. They have claws, reaching around 8", they are made of normal Keratin. They are extremely sharp.
  215. Personalities: The Yeti is a volatile and irritable being, they have more intelligence than an ape, but less than a normal human, this allows them to use tools as they do, they are solitary beings, and usually only interact to mate and the females to care for their children while they need to, they have an extreme dislike towards Fire Elementals, naturally, of course, and they will try to put out any fire nearby, they are not known to venture far from their nest, a reason for why they are not well known.
  217. History: Most Yeti stay in the mountaintops, holing up in tunnels or things of the like. They are known to have chased hunters down the mountain tops, leaving their frozen corpses tumbling down hills. They have not done much working with civilizations, which is why most of their history is undocumented.
  219. Racial Abilities:  They have immense strength, extreme stamina, though not fast, resistance to cold, clubs made of a primordial ice found deep in the caves of the mountaintops, but also have a weakness to fire, meaning a Fire Elemental could kill them easily.
  221. Elementals-
  223. Appearance: All elementals look different. According to their element, that will be the elemental's hair and eye color. The rest of their appearance is just like that of humans.
  224. (These are just a few examples)
  225. Fire Elementals usually have red, orange and yellow eyes.
  226. Water Elementals usually have shades of blue and sea foam green hair and eyes.
  227. Air Elementals have gray and white hair and eyes. Another possibility of eye color is blue.
  228. Blood Elementals are usually mistaken for fire. Their eye and hair color are only shades of red.
  229. Earth Elementals have many colorings to their features. They have soil-coloring like hair and plant-coloring like eyes.
  230. Ice Elementals are mistaken for Air Elementals most of the time, their hair generally being snowy white or clear like a Polar Bear's fur, they typically have blue or grey eyes.
  232. Personality: Elementals are very cocky of their element. They think that they are the best at controlling their element. When not bragging about their element, they can usually be found making sarcastic remarks or just helping people out. Depending on their element, it also alters their personality.
  233. (Here are examples)
  234. Fire Elementals can be very feisty and fierce, probably the most cocky of them all. Fire Elementals are also very destructive.
  235. Water Elementals are calm and kind, but like the water they can turn on you quickly, one minute they are kind and and calm, the other minute they are rageful and volatile.
  236. Air Elementals are learners, they want to know everything about their element. Air Elementals are very intellegent, but look too much into their mistakes and tend to be perfectionists.
  237. Earth Elementals tend to be the calmest of the elements, they are the most, "down to Earth" of them, they are arguably the most serious, also, but are relatively cold, and have a sarcastic humor.
  238. Blood Elementals are cocky and like to cheer up with comedy in dark times. They do have a very dark, twisted, and messed up side to them, making most of them of insane.
  239. Lightning Elementals are normally high tempered or easily angered. They can be very useful or can be your enemy...They can bring down lightning too electricuting you. So be careful around these beings.
  240. Ice Elementals are irritable, intelligent, and solemn, 1/3 of them are shown to have Sociopathic traits, or straight Sociopaths, they are hard workers, stubborn, and calmly audacious.
  242. History: Elementals originally decended from the golems. When Golems give birth, they sometimes have "Deformed" children. These children become Elementals. When the children are older, they run away from the mountains, where they were born. The cause of this is because the elementals aren't appreciated by their parents. Then there are second generation elementals, elementals born from Elemental parents.
  244. Racial Abilities: Elementals are able to control their element. They can only control what their element is, but someone could manipulate the enviroment to make them have little control of it. Their weaknesses depends on their element's opposite.
  247. Elves-
  249. Appearance: Elves's skin is either grey or purple of a lighter shade and their eye color is always a light color of sorts. Elves hair are long by tradition and usually black or white. The adult heights for elves are 5'6 to 6'3 and they are typically slim, though they can gain muscle. Due to their love for animals, they never wear animal product clothing and stick to wearing plant based clothing.
  251. Personality: Elves have a strong love towards animals and can easily make connection with animals they encounter. They tend to be calm and quiet, but when they do speak it's precise and clear. They are very intelligent and are very educated on nature due to them living in it.
  253. History: Elves are known for being highly interactive with animals, as well as good at taming them. Their love for animals makes them vegans in everyway (diet, clothing, ect.). They usually don't respect people who don't care much for nature and hurt it, such as humans, but do respect those who do like Kal'e'dians. With the ones they respect, they form trades and give them peace, such as they have a trade system with Argiles. Argiles and Evles' trades system consists of the Argiles giving them swords and bows and the Elves returning with crops and plants, due to Elves being very handy in archery and swordsmanship. They tend to live in the trees and practice their culture there.
  255. Racial Abilities: They are very talented with animals and nature can easily connect to both and have a talent with a bow and arrow and sword. They have a hard time adapting to new cultures and surroundings that are man-made.
  257. Argile-
  259. Appearance: Argiles tend to have grey to white skin with little pointy ears (not to be confused with elves). They tend to be small ranging from 4'9 to 5'4 for adult form, very rare to be tall. Their eye color is usually hazel to black, dominant colors. They often dress like blacksmiths with a steampunk twist to it. They will even walk around with oil and grease smudges on them to show they have been 'working hard.'
  261. Personality: Argiles are very friendly to others when someone requests for a weapon, since it's their passion to do so. They are rather laid back and like to have a good time while working rather then having a strict and serious method when doing work. They don't have the highest personal space due to them living underground. Their usual driving forces in life are to create and express themselves, and get depressed if they can't.
  263. History: It was said in the past they were put to work underground to make a mass production of weapons. Doesn't mean they didn't ever take a break to fight, their skills with weapons made people fear to challenge a fight with them, even heard they could summon weapons away from opponets. Ever since they formed their own community and culture underground and happily live there. They believed in an open-concept work place when working and still follow that rule.
  265. Racial Abilities: Due to them working with around fire and the heat so much, it is rumored that they are near/completely fire and heat immune. Their talent for engineering brings them into a high advantage for inventions and innovations. Although unless they have magic, they are very easy to defeat if they do not have a weapon on them, as they rely heavily on weapons.
  270. Metals/Minerals--
  272. (btw kiddies you have to find/loot this irp, no spawning with anything better than low tier)
  274. Rasrok: Rasrok is a metal that has a dark, shiny material. It is durable, and also the standard for most races. There isn't much special about it, but it is easier to obtain.
  276. Nesline: A light green colored metal, typically used by elven warriors and guards, it is known to be lighter than most other metals, making it great for melee weapons and armor.
  278. Kuspite: The petrified wood of an enchanted tree, it takes a dry dirt like brown color with small colorful opal looking spots, it is heavier as it is like stone, it is mostly used for daggers and tools due to it being extremely durable, not the best for swords or armor.
  280. Ushil: A light blue metal with small white splotches, used by Avians, it is a light and airy material, lighter than Nesline, easily sharpened, yet it is not durable, about as durable as Iron. it is formed in the summit of the Mountains of Nruk, it is said that the white splotches are actually clouds. It is sold in the Avian market for relatively high prices.
  284. -:Enchanted Metals/Minerals:-
  287. Ocryx: Ocryx is the first low-tier gem you can get. These gems come into a variety of colors depending on what magic they are charged with, for example fire would be red, these are the apprentice type gem for magic users, you insert them into your wand or staff (or flesh) for the wand/staff to work they are relatively common, and sold at the Market yearly. This gem is inscribed with a rune depending on the magic type.
  289. Susnyx: Susnyx is the second low-tier gem, more powerful than the last, but still weaker than the next, and the one after that, etc. Like Ocryx, they come in a variety of colors depending on the magic infused in it, also a rune inscribed in it, depending on the magic, a shipment of 50 is sent to the Kingdom of Jinkord every two years, making them rare. But not as rare as the next.
  291. Zunlase: Zunlase is a mid-tier gemstone used to power a magical item such as a staff or wand. These are a bit more expensive then Ocryx or Susnyx, but are better for the average mage to use. These gems are sold more rarely than lower tier, as well as costing a pretty penny. This gem is inscribed with a rune depending on the magic type.
  293. Calcron: Calcron is the second mid tier gemstone. this gemstone is a bit more powerful than Zunlase, but also costs a lot more than Zunlase. This is extremely rare, in some months it can only be found on the black market. This gem is inscribed with a rune depending on the magic type.
  295. Actiene: Actiene is the first high-tier gemstone, this gemestone is extremely powerful, only found by looting ancient Magic users, crafting, or enchanting, all of which require extreme training, it is the color of the magic infused in it, and has a rune inscribed on it depending on what magic it is, again infused with, it is extremely rare, and never found in the normal Market, or Black Market.
  297. Enaptase: The second high-tier gem, arguably the most powerful one that is accessible, there are only 50 in known existence, they are only found in the most dangerous places, or in the wands/staffs (or flesh) of the most powerful magic users. It is the color of the magic infused, but has a faint glow, and the rune inscribed in it also glows. The rune is of the magic symbol. **Requires admin permission and a very powerful magic user, (with permission) if you go that route**
  301. Azistiel: The Legendary gem, all powerful, it is not in existence it's self, it is only a recipe, found in a shrine on the summit of the Mountains of Nruk, known as the birthplace of Magic. it takes years to make, and true patience, you must kill a person and fill it with a virgin's blood.
  303. Auctel: A metal infused with scales from the Lizorgans. This metal takes a yellowish brown color. This metal is great for armor, as the scales cause a blowback effect to the
  305. Fallen: A nickname given to scrap metal from the ruins. This metal is said to increase the agility of the user by a large portion.
  307. Orbust: A strong black metal. It is also extremely hard to find, and only the best swordman use it. Said to cut through steel like butter. **This must have admin permisson.**
  309. Truk'luk: A rainbow colored ore that can not only cut well but sends a target back, around 5 feet, if the owner wills it to. **This must have admin permission.**
  311. Azurice, A primordial ice formed from the first waters that were created on the Earth, it's name is given from it's azure blue color, it is extremely durable, and powerful, it is found deep in the caves in the Mountaintops, guarded by Yetis, this is what their clubs are made of, it is an extremely rare material, and great for all things, due to it's light and powerful properties, it is specifically amazing for swords, bows, and armor. **This requires admin permission, and a non-npc Yeti to loot it from.**
  313. Factions:
  315. The Holy Trinity:
  317. The Holy Trinity is a religious faction believing that Magic itself is a deity, that grants powers to those who it believes are loyal to Him and are full of courage. The Holy Trinity will only accept you as a member if you have the gift of Magic. Those who believe in the religion of the Holy Trinity will capitalize Magic and will follow the path it may guide them through. The Holy Trinity and Mages of Jinkord are strongly linked together, as they both have a strong connection to magic.
  319. The Holy Trinity founded Jinkord back in 400, only having a few supporters. They met the race of Kal'e'dians, who had been the natives of the new land. They gained followers, and started up a democracy. One member of the Holy Trinity, of each race, would speak for their kind. They would gain info from their kind, and yes, even the Lizorgans, and bring it back to the group to agree on how certain laws would work out. The democracy had gotten to be somewhat corrupt a few times, but it was quickly worked out.
  321. There are some who don't follow the religion, and although it used to be seen as a crime, riots had gotten fairly out of hand, and so the democracy of the Holy Trinity made it legal to not believe in their religion. The Holy Trinity gets hate from lots of people, and have their falls sometimes, so they are not the 'perfect' angels that they set out to be, but they sure strive to keep that image. They will also not accept former members of the Red Robed Mercs.
  323. Red Robed Mercs:
  325. The Red Robed Mercenaries were founded on September 8th, which is known to be the day in Jinkord which most crimes happen. No one knows the exact person who founded, or currently owns the faction. All races are allowed, as long as they pledge their allegiance to the Red Robed Mercs and are truly loyal to the faction. When pledge your allegiance to the Red Robed Mercs, your eye color slowly changes to red.
  327. In the process of the pledge, you must say: "I pledge myself to be loyal to the Red Robed Mercenaries." And whilst saying this, you must not make any mistakes or to repeat it. You may get a certain urge to wear red, if you wear a visor and red clothes, then people will question you, as it is known for the Red Robed Mercs to have this sort of attire. The Red Robed Mercs have caused a bit of hate for the color red.
  329. Red Robes Mercs are a mercenary faction, meaning that they accept money from clients to do their bidding. They will not accept unreasonable pay for this, but they are known to go to the extreme to get the job done, fully, completely, and without a trace. Red Robes Mercs tend to be secretive when it comes to questions, and talk slowly, making sure they make no mistakes as they are talking, so the other person believes them. They also use their hands a lot when they talk, and look straight into the other person's eyes, to show they have their full attention. As the faction grows stronger, so do the people in the faction. This faction hates others, knowing they are usually the most hated faction, due to them being 'nasty' killers.
  331. Mages of Jinkord:
  333. Mages of Jinkord are faction of all races, mostly made up of humans, which believe in the power of magic. They think magic is the wisest choice to use over a weapon and believe it should be only for self defense purposes. Inner balance with oneself is how they think full magic can be obtained, so people of this faction are seen meditating in their spare time. The wiser and experienced also can teach newcomers, as they see that a person taught magic is a person safe for life.
  335. The faction was started off during the early 800s by Richard Expleious. Expleious was rumored to have mastered all standard magics and tried to teach people to have them all. He soon realized no one can master it and it was wise to stick to one magic per person for an internal balance. Sanity filled his mind and he deeply regretted learning all the magics. By the time he had finished his third, he had become weak and frail, unable to even try and pick up a piece of bread. By the time he learned the last one, he passed away, missed by many of his students. The Holy Trinity saw this and made it a law to only host one magical ability at a time. And, as people have tried to learn more than one, it was learned to be impossible. It was said that an anonymous Holy Trinity member used an ancient spell preventing the law from being broken.
  337. Qui Carnes:
  339. Qui Carnes consist of many races in which they believe in the practice in eating each other's races and their own race. They are said to be set up in an abandoned Argile tunnel where they hold their gatherings to eat. They tend to be loyal and respectful of ones in Qui Carnes, but if anyone were to mess with them, they would have them on The List. The List is a list of people they should kill and eat, and once you are on The List, it's hard to be removed and have an almost guarranteed death.
  341. No one knows the exact date they were formed, but it was said to start in the late 700s by an anonymous Argile, who loved the taste of flesh and believed that it would give you powers, but this was simply a lie to get people to join him on this quest to kill and eat. People in the past have tried to stop this faction, but anyone who would speak a word against them suddenly dissapeared. Ever since people have referred to them as the "Unmentioned Group" and are scared to talk about it, keeping their distance from this faction.
  343. Disbelievers of Magic (commonly referred to as Disbelievers):
  345. Disbelievers believe that using magic is a sign of weakness and races should admire their own strengths without the use of it. They think magic is just a cheap way to make weak people strong and would be useless without it. They also believe that magic may someday go wrong and will cause a major disaster.
  347. As soon as Richard Expleious' disaster had happened, this faction kicked off and many people began joining, seeing magic in a way that villainized it. Some even started having raids on the Holy Trinity, and the Mages of Jinkord. They are still a known and important issue, so watch out for them if you are a magic user.
  349. Jinkord Buccaneers:
  351. A known pirate faction, famous for their saying: "It's not law breaking if you set your own laws." They are the usual drunken pirates, said to wash up on the shore occasionally or for years at a time. A few retire from the life because of lost limbs, or terrible injuries. They usually sink ships that seem to be full of loot or ran by richer people. Unless the opposite ship surrenders, they will just kindly take your loot and belongings, which is a known rule for them, as they don't want to cause any damage they can avoid.
  353. The pirates are known to be extremely sarcastic or humorous, even when about to die, which causes a lot of anger issues when in battles. Nobody knows exactly when they popped up, but it was in the recent years. They have ships full of loot and love to brag about it.
  355. History:
  358. Jinkord:
  360. Jinkord is a large, yet diverse place, full of many races, towns, cities, mysteries and creatures, it all began with Old Jinkord, it was the city of Jinkord, it was small and homely, not many lived there, the market was small and not a big place of trade, built by Humans and Avians,
  362. Magic:
  364. There are different types of magics that can be learned by a person (magic should not be confused with racial abilities). There are standard magics, which anyone is able to learn, though the process is challanging. Then there are custom magics which have to have admin permission to prevent someone being over-powered.
  366. Standard Magics:
  368. Fire Magic- Fire magic is the manipulation of fire itself and the ability to control it. They tend be fierce and have and to take hold of a situation. This magic is quite common compared to others, ranking in the top two most common magics.
  370. Water Magic- Water magic, a common magic, is to have control over pure water, it can be used as a weapon at the right PSI or by using the correct strategy. These people tend to be calm, but get irritated when one doesn't agree with them.
  372. Lightning Magic- People with lightning magic have control over lightning, thunderstorms, etc. The users of this magic are usually powerful and have anger issues.
  374. Earth Magic: People with earth magic have control over rocks, mountains, earthquakes, etc. The Earth Magic users tend to be stuck up or full of themselves.
  376. Light Magic: These people can control any form of natural light, even using it to make little energy balls. These people are very optimistic and maybe overally cheerful for some.
  378. Shadow Magic: Shadow magic users manipulate shadows and darkness to their advantage as they please. They tend to be pesstimistic and have a dark view on life, very opposites of light magic users.
  380. Ice Magic: These people are cold and almost dark at most. They like to freeze things to get a good laugh. At rare, you can find some Ice mages being happy and cheerful and use their power for fun and craftsmanship in ice sculptures or objects.
  382. Wind Magic: The people who weild this magic are often unknown and mysterious. They can control the wind using it in various ways such as blasting people with a wind force to lifting something in the air or even making themselves float.
  384. Illusion Magic: People use Illusion Magic to get to people's minds. They create different things to trick you and often times like pulling off pranks. Don't let them get to you, for it is all just fun and games.
  386. Custom magic: This magic needs to be admin permission to use depending on what and who use's. Including magics like shape shifting, metal, stone manipulation, etc. If you use any magic not listed in the standard magics (without having permission) you will be warned and if you still use it without permission again, you will be kicked or banned.
  388. Main Locations-
  390. New Jinkord: New Jinkord is a place where civilians of The Ruins dwell happily. It is secure and well guarded, since the last attack. Most of the population live in this new place. Survivors from the ruins fear that The Blue Lord will come back. New Jinkord is much larger than The Ruins and has more houses, additional market booths, bigger blacksmith area and a larger tavern to accompany Jinkord's growing population.
  392. The Ruins: The Ruins was once the original Jinkord until it was torn to shreds by The Blue Lord, a massive Lizorgan who wanted revenge over it's deceased child, the Red Lord. It is smaller in size then the New Jinkord and is beyond damage to be fixed. No one bothered to clean the kingdom, as corpses were left to rot and houses left to burn. You may find people there mourning their lost ones and desperate Vampires trying to suck up the last of the blood left.
  394. The Forest: Mostly Elves live here, or anyone one with natural life itself. The Elves tend to set up their living up in the trees and have their farms set up there. A few tribal claimed area also live there, unlike Elves, they usually stick to being on the ground. The Forest is very big, so tread carefully if you are an unsuspecting wanderer...
  396. Mountains of Nruk: The Mountains of Nruk are very anceint and are believed to house an ancient temple that holds the key to the rebirth of one self, that can only happen once in a life time. Other then that, all of it are very old mountains and many of those those who try to find the temple are either dead or missing. The mountain contains many golems within it.
  398. Creatures-
  400. Creatures are non-playable, meaning they cannot be roleplayed as, and can only be encountered in Jinkord.
  402. Golems: Golems are elemental creatures who usually stand in heights ranging from 12'0 to 24'0. They can control and are immune to their element to an extent. They also have extreme amounts of strength. They are extremely violent and aggressive.
  403. Abilities~ Elemental control; High Strength
  405. Trolls: Trolls are believed to have descended from golems. They are also elemental, but do not have the ability to control their elements, but rather only resist their elements. They also stand at shorter heights, ranging from 8'0 to 12'0. They are less violent and aggressive than their ancestors, the golems.
  406. Abilities~ Resistance to selected element
  408. Hydra: Hydras are rare and violent creatures found in the depths of lagoons, a shallow body of water separated from a larger body of water by barrier islands or reefs. A Hydra's scale coloring can range from blood reds, emerald greens, and electric/icey blues. It's iconic color is green. A Hydra depict, or portrays, serpents with many heads, each of which, if cut off, grows back.
  409. Abilities~ Aquatics; Regrowth; Sharp Hits
  411. Banshee: A banshee is a humanoid looking creature, usually with skin sagging off of it, revealing rotten flesh and bones. They usually wear cloaks over their scarred bodies. If you come too close to a banshee, it will shriek with enough power to make your body spontaneously combust, if within close range. Those from a further distance have a chance to be knocked out. The sound of a banshee screaming is a very unique sound, and can be distinguished even from miles away. The only way to defeat one is to silence it.
  412. Abilities~ Deafening Scream, vanishing, teleporting.
  414. Nine Tailed Fox: A nine tailed fox is a rare sight to see, since the species is endangered. The cause of the small amount of these foxes is that their tails are often used for potions and poison, so it's not uncommon to see foxes with tails missing. It is a big part of common folk that seeing one will grant you luck in the coming days. Their fur comes in a wide spectrum of colors, sometimes even green or purple.
  415. Abilities~ Control of one of the five elements, fire, water, earth, ice, air, semi-immortality (they don't age), enhanced senses.
  417. Phoenix: A Phoenix is a mythical bird, that emits colorful flames, which can be reborn out of its own ashes. The Phoenix specices is an uncommon sight to see because they appear near civilization every 40 years on the same day every year. When the Phoenixes appear, the civilians celebrate since the tears can help the wounded. Phoenixes have large wingspans ranging from 30 to 50 feet. They're majestic creatures that are highly respected. However, they are also kept as pets by a select few who are able to capture them. Some of these pets are treated brutally, to collect their tears, while others are treated with kindness, respect and like royalty.
  418. Abilities~ Pyrokinesis, flight, sharp hit.
  420. Dragon: A dragon is a scaled creature with large wings, and can breath either frost or fire. A male's wing span can reach up to 200 to 300 feet wide in adulthood. A female's wing span can reach up to 100 to 200 feet wide in adulthood. A dragon has colored scales that show how powerful the dragon is. The least powerful dragon has grayish-blue colored scales, while the second tier of dragons have gray scales, and the most powerful dragons have bronze scales.
  421. Abilities~ Pyrokinesis or cryokinesis, flight, sharp hit, size.
  423. Ogre: An ogre is a buff creature with features almost identical to Orc, they are 15' to 25' feet tall and usually are found wandering around with wild Orcs, it is believed they are mutated Orcs and have spun off into their own sub-race. They have green skin and usually dark brown eyes, they are even less intelligent than the Orc and usually follow under the command of the more intelligent Orcs. It is said that the taller they are the stronger.
  424. Abilities~ Strength, stamina.
  426. Potions and Poisons-
  428.  ***(Adding a fox tail will double the duration of the effect. You can only use a maximum of two fox tails per potion/poison. )
  430. Potions and Poisons, there are a great amount of them. People get over-powered easily, so there has to be a list of Potions/Poisons that can be created so people don't go off making their own, so here is the list of them:
  432. Minor Healing Potion: This potion can be crafted by combining water and butterfly wings. This potion restores energy and heals small cuts and bruises for two minutes.*
  434. Major Healing Potion: This potion can be crafted by combining water, butterfly wings, and ground up dragon bone for two minutes.*
  436. Minor Potion of the Archer: This potion can be crafted by combining a dragon's eye and water. This increases accuracy with a bow by 50% for two minutes.*
  438. Major Potion of the Archer: This potion can be crafted by combining a dragon's eye, water, and ground up dragon bone. This doubles accuracy with a bow. for 2 minutes.*
  440. Minor Potion of the Warrior: This potion can be crafted by combining a golem heart and water. This increases strength by 50% for 2 minutes.*
  442. Major Potion of the Warrior: This potion can be crafted by combining a golem heart, water, and ground up dragon bone. This doubles strength for two minutes.*
  444. Minor Potion of the Infantry: This potion can be crafted by combining a patch of ground up hydra scale and water. This increases immunity to attacks by 50% for two minutes.*
  446. Major Potion of the Infantry: This potion can be crafted by combining a patch of ground up hydra scale, water, and ground up dragon bone. This doubles immunity to attacks for two minutes.*
  448. Potion of Invisibility: This potion can be crafted by combining a ground up fox tail and water. This causes the user to become invisible for two minutes.*
  450. Minor Poison of Sickness: This poison can be crafted by combining a ground up rat head and water. This causes the victim to get a fever, and lowers the speed of the victim by 50% for four minutes.*
  452. Major Poison of Sickness: This poison can be crafted by combining a ground up rat head, water, and ground up dragon bone. This causes the victim to start vomiting, get a fever, and lowers the speed of the victim by 75% for four minutes.*
  454. Poison of Paralysis: This poison can be crafted by combining a ground up rat head and water. This causes the victim to be unable to move for one minutes.*
  456. Poison of Flame: This poison can be crafted by combining dragon blood and water. This causes the victim's skin to set aflame for 5 seconds.*
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