My Game Library

Nov 20th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. My Game Library
  3. notes:
  5. * I have a 'virtual tabletop' device called a TapTop - looks like - which has a dozen or so games on it, most of which I've never tried. Availability of those games may be limited by me not wanting to cart it places lightly - it's 20 pounds so I'm not going to bring it somewhere just for a quick game. Games which are on the virtual table are noted.
  7. * Some games I have expansions; I've marked them with a '+' and have details at the bottom
  9. Can Teach Well:
  10. Crokinole - dexterity game, very highly rated despite anti-simplicity bias
  11. Root+ -- highly asymmetric cutthroat game, loosely area control and combat
  12. King of Tokyo+/King of New York+ -- Yahtzee but with Kaiju, fast and light
  13. Scythe -- big economy/war meld, heavy, not terribly forgiving
  14. 7 Wonders+ -- drafting game, tableau building
  15. The Godfather -- worker placement with tricky money/score dynamics and some aggression
  16. Power Grid (deluxe) -- network-building economic game, math-heavy
  17. Hive -- two player, abstract strategy
  18. Tsuro -- many-player tile placement, light
  19. Tsuro: Phoenix Rising -- tile placement, but somewhat heavier
  20. Twilight Imperium 4e -- extremely heavy and long, science fiction cold war simulator, not going to inflict this on the unprepared
  21. Set -- classic pattern recognition (on virtual tabletop)
  22. Button Men -- two-player small quick dice-but-not-totally-random game
  23. Girl Genius: The Works (old printing) -- tableau-based collection game, silly art
  24. Codenames -- team word game
  25. Suspend -- dexterity game, place hanging bars and don't collapse
  26. Standard playing cards
  27. -- Mao? -- the first rule of Mao is that you may not talk about the rules of Mao
  30. Can Teach, Less Well:
  31. Liberté -- worker placement, manipulate factions in the French Revolution
  32. Coal Baron -- auction-esque worker placement about mining
  33. Forbidden Island -- light coop, exploration
  34. Shadow Throne -- drafting game mixed with War, manipulate factions in a civil war
  35. Churchill: The Big Three Struggle For Peace -- heavy three-player political maneuvering
  36. Machi Koro -- light, dice-based tableau building, build a city (on virtual tabletop)
  37. Mini Metro -- coop(/solo) network game, build a subway
  38. Burgle Bros -- coop heist simulator (on virtual tabletop)
  39. Catan (but plz no)
  40. Shinobi Clans
  41. Tigris & Euphrates
  42. Risk: Legacy
  43. Betrayal: Legacy
  45. Have, But Unprepared to Teach:
  46. Viceroy
  47. Mage Knight
  48. Vivarium
  49. Age of Mythology
  50. Swords & Bagpipes
  51. A Fistful of Dinero
  52. My Little Scythe (on virtual tabletop)
  54. I Probably Have These But I Don't Remember Anything About Them (probably all on virtual tabletop)
  55. 12 Orbits
  56. Bam Fu
  57. Hardback
  58. Nika
  59. War Chest
  60. Space Base
  61. Splodey
  62. Texcoco
  65. Expansions I have:
  66. King of Tokyo/New York: Power Up! (both versions, Tokyo/NYC)
  67. 7 Wonders: Cities, Armada
  68. Root: Underworld(Underground Duchy(Moles) and Corvid Conspiracy(Crows), variant boards), Riverfolk(River Company(Beavers/Otters), Lizard Cult(Lizards), NPC Cats faction for low-player games), Vagabond Pack
  69. Twilight Imperium: Technically I also have 3E with all its expansions. No 4E expansion yet.
  71. Expansions I don't have (yet, growth mindset):
  72. Power Grid: most expansions are incompatible with the Deluxe version
  73. 7 Wonders: Leaders, Babel, Wonder Pack
  74. Root: Marauders(Lord of the Hundreds(Mice), Keepers in Iron(Badgers), Hireling Packs, Landmarks Pack, Exiles and Partisans Deck
  75. Scythe: Invaders from Afar, Wind Gambit, Encounters Deck
  76. Twilight Imperium 4E: Prophecy of Kings
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