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Anubis RP Application

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Dec 8th, 2019
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  1. Anubis RP Application
  3. How did you find out about Anubis RP?
  4. I found out about Anubis RP through former players SammyP Nad Respis, I used to play in this server before me having to leave due to family problems.
  6. What is your age and nationality?
  7. Currently 17, Born in the UK
  9. What is your primary characters role? [EMS/Civilian/Police]
  10. Civilian
  11. What is your primary character’s backstory and characteristics?
  12. DeShane King,
  13. He doesn't like people very much and tends to keep to himself, never actively engaging in conversation.
  14. Growing up in the ghetto streets of Los Santos, DeShane saw nothing but death, blood and violence. In addition to this, his parents abandoned him when he was seven, forcing him to raise himself and learn the ropes independently.
  15. Due to these conditions, DeShane quickly found himself being involved with numerous Gangs, he became used to all of the Gang and gun violence. He’s grown up to be an incredibly street smart person, his only goal is to climb to the top of the food chain.
  16. He’s ruthless, merciless and money focused. With these characteristics in mind, he’s become the ultimate apex predator.
  19. You are hanging out with your friends and a car pulls up behind you, someone gets out with their gun drawn on you. The person tells you to put your hands up or else they will kill you, they then ask for you to get in the vehicle. What would you say and do in this situation?
  20. You respect the Fear RP rule, and you obey every single order the gun holder barks at you. You do anything to satisfy the person(s).
  22. Do you understand acting salty to officers when arrested and rushing them to process you is not considered valid RP, that “breaking character,” or acting “immature” even when someone appears to have broken rules around you, is punishable?
  23. Yes, of course!
  25. When is a good time to break character?
  26. When a staff member pauses the scenario.
  28. What should you do if you’re arrested by the police and your computer disconnects/power shuts off?
  29. You immediately log back in, and notify your arresting officer. Depending on the crime and if the officer wants you back in custody, you resume RP
  30. If you’re robbing a store with a hostage, how would your character deal with the police and the situation at hand if surrounded?
  31. Due to my character having a high level of street intelligence, due to his time spent in the ghetto, he would’ve pre planned this beforehand. Anything that may come in handy for him to know, possible escape routes etc.
  32. However,
  33. Me having a hostage, puts me at an advantage, assuming the police would do anything to ensure the hostage safety, I‘D demand immediate negotiations. Once negotiations are finished, I’d follow the instructions of the scene command police officer on how I should proceed with the hostage, then make my great escape.
  35. Do you stream, use YouTube, or other social media? If so, can you tell us about it?
  36. I do not stream or own any Streaming channels.
  38. Please explain why meta gaming is bad
  39. Metagaming is bad due to the significant Advantage it gives to the player abusing it, it ruins the RP experience and makes it not very fun for the victims.
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