MHGen to MHX Save Transfer

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  1. Due to some event DLC not being present in the Japanese games, X and XX may crash if we don't first remove hunter and felyne armors unique to Generations. Weapons and items maybe suspect, but reportedly armor is the primary culprit. i.e. Lodestar, Hiryu, etc.
  3. You are strongly advised to backup your Gen and X (if you had it) ExtData before deleting any equipment and proceeding. That leaves you the option to restore either as they were. Any of the following three programs are good for this.
  5. JK's SaveManager -
  6. MHX Data Manager -
  7. SaveDataFiler    -
  9.  0. Install MHXX, but don't launch it yet. We're not ready to create a save file.  (See Troubleshooting A if you need a redo.)
  10.  1. Install MHX Data Manager.
  11.  2. Launch it and select "Copy Character".
  12.  3. Copy character from MHGen to MHX.  (See Troubleshooting B on 'Error: Unable to open extdata'.)
  13.  4. Launch MHXX and spam A to transfer your char from MHX to MHXX.
  15. Once you start XX, be certain you can access the equipment screen free of crashes. Possibly test hovering items in your box. Confirm that editing your shout outs does not crash either, though it seems XX solved that one.
  20. A) Something went wrong and I need to clear MHXX's data in order to try again
  21. System Settings > Data Management > Nintendo 3DS > Extra Data > MONSTER HUNTER XX > Delete, or Delete ExtData in JK's SaveManager.
  23. B) MHX was never installed on this 3DS, and downloading it sounds like a lot of work
  24.  1. Install SaveDataFiler.
  25.  2. Unzip and copy this folder 'filer' to the root of your SD card.
  26.  3. Open SaveDataFiler and turn to the SD tab. Press A to import this ext save data, '00001554'.
  28. C) MHXX or MHX crashes when accessing equipment sets
  29. Follow Troubleshooting A, then search your Gen save for possible non-compatible DLC items that must be deleted.
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