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  1. Robust advertisement
  3. Robust is an absolutely natural male enhancement supplement designed to supply you the power you lack in bed. In short, Robust is a sexual enhancer because it's made up of Spiral Algae, Corn Extract, Medlar Extract, Ginseng Extract, Epimedium Extract, Cistanche Salsa Extract and Hawthorne Berry. The product advertise to abs-cbn and other tv station with the 0.33 seconds duration.
  5. This product has been already advertised in the television and billions of people will saw this both adult and young that will encourage them to try the product. In this advertise we saw the girl look like horny and the guy look like tired because of work and he look like no energy to get sex to her wife or no any interesting to her wife, her wife give him a robust extreme supplement and the guys take this and when he take this he look like feeling active and feel more energy and performance to bed. Their kind of advertisements is awesome beacuse they use beautiful girl to attract men to use this kind of product. The commercial was really good at their sales presentation in television but for me as a teenager viewer, i think their show is harmful for kids because it contains basic sexual acts that may affect to the children's imagination and consciousness and maybe it will be  the reason to develop obsession to pornography if they will see this. Thier persuasion is not good to see in the television.
  7.  So my concern is i hope that the management would give plan of action to this kind of product on how do they do or what steps must be taken in order to achieve thier specific goal if they can't remove I suggest that they will advertise at the mid night or around 10:40 to 11pm just make sure there few kids will see this.
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