[RGRE] Brandywine Bordeaux - Nurse Braveheart

Dec 4th, 2019
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  1. >"Brandywine, I've put up with your fanciful notions for long enough."
  2. >You are Brandywine Bordeaux, and your secret has been found out.
  3. >Your mother, Burgundy Bordeaux, tosses your medical textbooks onto the dinner table with an angry and sloppy hoof.
  4. >"You want to become a nurse? Why in the world would you want that when you have our wonderful winery?"
  5. >She gestures out the open window at the Itailian hills your family owns, all smattered with green and purple grapes from your vineyard.
  6. >You can see ponies wandering the vineyard - some of them are local ponies employed by your family to gather grapes, and others are a few cousins who stubbornly do it themselves to "pick them properly", whatever THAT means.
  7. >"We've lived in these parts for hundreds of years. My mother made wine. My grandmother made wine. My great-grandmother made wine as well."
  8. >Your mother sits on her rump and taps her forehooves together with each listing of relatives.
  9. >"And my great-great-grandmother as well. It goes back more than ten generations, a noble line uninterrupted in the art of winery."
  10. >She peers at you, eyes darting all over your body.
  11. >It's as though she's seeing you for the first time.
  12. >"And you're going to throw all that away?"
  13. >She somehow manages to mix 'pleading', 'disdain', and 'disbelief' all into one disapproving hiss.
  14. >Your mother gets back to her hooves and marches over to you, a deep frown on her wrinkled face.
  15. >"Wine is in your blood, filly. Get rid of those damn books and go find your papa - he'll be out mashing grapes. Maybe a few hours of that will remind you of where you came from."
  16. >Your mother turns her back and begins to walk away, having decided that the discussion was over and that her meek daughter would fall in line again.
  17. >Just like she's been doing her entire life.
  18. >Until now.
  19. "No."
  20. >The word came out more quiet than you had intended, and it sounded quite breathy.
  21. >But it carried weight with it, and your utterance filled the corners of the room.
  22. >Your mother freezes in her tracks.
  23. >She stops walking so quickly and so suddenly that you hear her hooves clack on the stone floor of your dining room.
  24. >The room is silent, save for the pounding of your heart in your ears.
  25. >"...what did you say to me?"
  26. >You're surprised your mother can't hear your heart beating against your ribs as she slowly turns around to face you.
  27. >It's all you can hear; surely the sound is deafening to her as well.
  28. >She looks surprised as she turns around - you think you BOTH are.
  29. >You hadn't planned to say 'no'.
  30. >You hadn't planned to stand up to her.
  31. >You had hoped that your mother would somehow not discover your textbooks, and that you could slip away some vague and undetermined times in the future without confrontation.
  32. >You'd never verbalized your desire to do something other than wine-making, before.
  33. >You wanted more in life than some shack on a hill in Itaily.
  34. >You wanted to help ponies.
  35. >You wanted to make a difference!
  36. >You love your family and you love your rich history, but...
  37. > love your passion even more.
  38. "I said," you utter after you take a deep breath, voice cracking only a little bit, "No. I'm not going to work in the winery, mama. That's not what I want to do with my life."
  39. >Your mother stands there, unmoving.
  40. >Glaring.
  41. >Her face scrunching up into an unrecognizable monster's face as she grows angrier than you've ever seen her.
  42. >You're about to have a long discussion, and you get the feeling it's not going to end well for either of you.
  43. ---
  44. >You are Brandywine Bordeaux, and things could have gone better.
  45. >You have only a few things with you: a saddlebag, the bits you've saved up over the years, and your medical textbooks; all tucked away in the saddlebag pockets.
  46. >It's now the evening, and you're wandering the streets of your former home.
  47. >Your mother made it clear to you: either you continued your family's work, or you...
  48. >Your eyes sting and your breath hitches at the remembrance.
  49. >The hurt still feels so fresh; despite all this, she was still your mama.
  50. >She gave you an ultimatum: stay with them, or leave and never darken their doorstep again.
  51. >You stood up to yourself for what felt like the first time ever, and you didn't give in.
  52. >If your younger brother were still alive, you think he'd be proud of you.
  53. >But he's not.
  54. >He got sick, and he passed away with his hooves cupped in your own.
  55. >You had never felt more powerless in your entire life, and you had desperately wanted to do something - ANYTHING - to help make him better.
  56. >But you couldn't.
  57. >You could only sit there and watch.
  58. >But maybe, now you can.
  59. >You know you want to help ponies, and you can't do that when you're stomping on grapes and taste-testing wine.
  60. >To make a long story short, she disowned you.
  61. >You're not a Bordeaux anymore, and the name "Brandywine" leaves a sour taste in your mouth.
  62. >Like a bad batch of wine that a street-peddler is trying to pass off as top-shelf.
  63. >You need a new name.
  64. >A name to match your new destiny.
  65. >The name of a pony who's going to learn how to help other ponies.
  66. >A nurse, or maybe a doctor.
  67. >You don't care, as long as you're doing something to make the world a better place; even if it's just for one pony.
  68. >This is your passion.
  69. >Your fire.
  70. >Your heart's desire!
  71. >They may have your blood and your name, but you'll always have your heart.
  72. >And you'll be damned if you're going to stop being brave just because you finished standing up to your old mare.
  73. >You need a new name.
  74. >Something that's you.
  75. >Something...
  76. "Hmmm..."
  77. >Heart...
  78. >Bravery...
  79. >Confidence...
  80. >Passion...
  81. "Braveheart," you announce, a powerful feeling blooming in your chest like an inflating balloon, "I am Braveheart!"
  82. >Your rump warms and glows, lighting up the dark alcove you're standing in.
  83. >You adjust the medical textbooks in your saddlebag so that you can crane your neck around easier.
  84. "O-Oh, my Celestia!"
  85. >Staining the cream-coloured fur of your rump like spilled red wine, a cutie mark.
  86. >It's a dark red cross-sign; burgundy in colour, if you had to place the shade of red.
  87. >A medical cross, specifically.
  88. >You feel any fleeting nervousness and uncertainty become smothered by your new confidence.
  89. >You're meant to be a nurse; destiny has decided your new identity.
  90. "Nurse Braveheart, huh?"
  91. >You like the sound of that.
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