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An Open Letter To The People And Government Of Mexico And Th

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Nov 5th, 2017
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  1. An Open Letter To The People And Government Of Mexico And The World
  3. Sunday - November 5, 2017
  5. Greetings --
  7. I officially greet the wonderful people of the great nation of Mexico, and your government. I would like first to apologize for having to slip secretly across your border. It is not my intention to break your laws or flout your government's authority. The fact is I crossed into Mexico in fear for my liberty and my life, and I had no other choice but to get to your nation's soil as expeditiously and quickly as I possibly could.
  9. To the Mexican Government: I hereby invoke all of my rights under all international human rights instruments and accords, including the United Nations Charter on Human Rights and all relevant sections of the Geneva Convention. In addition I invoke all of my rights under the Constitution of Mexico. If I return to the USA there is a substantial chance that I will be imprisoned unjustly, and due to my health I would almost certainly die from prolonged incarceration in US Federal prisons that have been found by a number of nations to fall far short of the conditions required for humane incarceration by UN standards. I am in imminent danger of physical harm and death. I request immediate refugee status as a political dissident. I would like to make the following points clear:
  11. 1) The charges against me for non-violent online protest are unjust on the face, calling for tens of years in prison for brief online protest actions that were openly and publicly organized, were wholly electronic in nature, and caused no damage whatsoever. This violates my internationally recognized human rights in that I am entitled to a "punishment" commensurate with my "crime". This is absolutely impossible under the current regime in the USA.
  13. 2) If I am returned to the USA there is a risk that I will die or become ill from the prolonged incarceration. Even to reach trial I will face several years in prison, regardless of what the outcome is. And with a 97% conviction rate due to prosecutorial corruption and a very dysfunctional justice system, there seems almost zero chance that I would obtain a fair trial before succumbing to the rigors of my imprisonment.
  15. 3) Mexico has the right under international law, and the moral responsibility - to protect any individual in grave danger from persecution who finds their way to Mexican soil and requests sanctuary. I hereby make such a request.
  18. To The Mexican People: In just the short time that I have been in this country I have already met a number of you. I want to thank those I have had contact with already, and those whom I shall meet in the future - for your warm hearted and generous support. In particular I would like to thank the un-named individual who has offered to provide me with a very comfortable safe house while I await your governments decision. Having just left the nation of Canada, I find that you have much in common with your Canadian brothers and sisters. You are kind, civil, extremely generous and warm people. I am humbled by your open-handed support and your thoughtful generosity. I am very proud to be among you all, and I again thank you for every consideration and kindness you have shown me. Your country is wonderful, and so are you.
  21. To The USDoJ: Your days of persecuting political dissidents and shutting down all dissent, online or in the streets - are coming to an end. The world will no longer sit by as you criticize many other nations for their human rights record while at the same time crushing all forms of protest in the Homeland. I am among the first wave of political refugees seeking international protection from your tyranny. Soon it will become a tsunami. As nations like Mexico and Ecuador stand up and protect escaping dissidents like myself, the people of the USA will rise and over-throw your corrupt regime. Then it will be time for many of you to face years in the decrepit prisons that you aspire to cage us in. You will never defeat Anonymous. You will never stop Information Activism. We will outlast you, and we will defeat you. You will face justice for your crimes. The world will know how debased and depraved you are. Expect us.
  24. I have complete faith in the Mexican people and government to do what is right, compassionate and just. I ask that my petition be accepted and approved with all speed so that I may openly seek the medical attention I desperately need after five years of hard exile. Only you can give me my freedom, life - and voice back.
  29. VERY SINCERELY -- Commander X
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