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AEB Present 1.5 Log 63

DNA-zama Jan 15th, 2016 58 Never
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  2. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  3. Eclipse has connected.
  4. DNA:    Gentleman Starly arrives today!
  5. Kaorin Sakura:  Hello~
  6. Avara has connected.
  7. Chloe has connected.
  8. Kaorin Sakura:  I've learned that people like drawing old people more than children.
  9. Avara:  weird
  10. Kaorin Sakura:  Man, that was awkward.
  11. Kaorin Sakura:  *finally finds an image of a child she likes* YAY! *realizes that the image is of a very distinctly female child. She needs a male*
  12. Kaorin Sakura:  Everyone present and ready?
  13.     Chloe Blanchett:    Yep
  14. Eclipse:    I'll be playing off the laptop for now, but yes.
  15. Avara:  hiyo
  16. Kaorin Sakura:  Anyone want to: RECAP?
  17. Avara:  LAST TIME ON 1.5: We met up with a bunch of ridiculously scary-strong 'mons that were going to investigate the source of the pockets. To that end, we gave them one out of two The Things.
  18. Avara:  Then we got to town, spent the night, and when we had breakfast we were told that the mayor wants to talk to us.
  19. Kaorin Sakura:  Date: February 25th, 1549. 1000 Hours, Wednesday.
  20.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Oh, Gloria? I want you to have something." Chloe went into her back and pulled out a single berry. "This is a berry we found, it's called a Ros Berry. Eating it helps heal minor injuries over time, sort of like bandages or other medical supplies. It has been vital to us as trainers... but it is selfish to keep it to ourselves. Not if it can help people. But... I was also too nervious to give it to anyone who would try to profit from it over using it to help people. But I trust you." Chloe smiled brightly, "Just make sure to tell people who discovered the berry and help the Winter Lotus reputation in exchange, okay?"
  21.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn blushed slightly at the mention of the name 'Ros Berry'. To this day she still thinks Natasha deserves the credit over her.
  22.     Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance will tilt her head but accept the berry however, "A berry that heals injuries. These magical fruit snacks will never cease to amaze me. I wouldn't be surprised if we ever discovered berries that temporarily help increase a persons skills one day." Gloria Dance turned and smiled to Chloe, "Ros berry, huh? Thank you for the gift, little lady. I'll be sure to plant it and grow more."
  23.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I hope we can find a berry like that. If we do, I'll tell you."
  24. DNA:    Berries increasing skills? I sense foreboding.
  25. Avara:  i like it.
  26. Chloe:  Or berries that swap gender. Or change species.
  27. Avara:  genda berries already are a thing
  28. Chloe:  Indeed
  29.     Gloria Dance:   "Now, I believe Miss St.Pierre wanted to speak with you little ladies. Come, run along now."
  30.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe grabbed the last bit of food she had left over and stood next to the door, waiting for the others.
  31. Gloria Dance: (( My daughter saw the art of Josephine and screamed ARIEL! I cannot unsee now. ))
  32.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn's ready to go. She sways back and forth with her legs, floating a little as she does so.
  33. * Jennifer Attaway will go with the others, happy to have a real meal after days of rations.
  34. Avara:  brb, restroom
  35.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe wasn't the one who prompted the visit, so she followed in last.
  36.     Chronicler:     Exiting Mud Orchards you return into the town only to get a better view of its state. Much of the buildings have scorch marks and the ground has signs of battle damage. You can see the Fischer's, Irma and Norma, moving around town repairing the damage done to the ground and buildings. St.Pierre's home seems to have suffered the most damage.
  37.     Chronicler:     Entering her home you find her speaking with Cherrel.
  38.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn's lip recoiled a bit. What exactly was the nature of these invasive species that damaged Fairview so much? ...She had a feeling that St.Pierre was going to answer that question, and she wasn't going to like the answer.
  39.     Cherrel Harkness:   "I can put up a bounty for him."
  40.     Josephine St.Pierre:    Josephine St.Pierre rubbed her brow, "I'm not sure if we want a bunch of bounty hunters running through Fairview..."
  41.     Cherrel Harkness:   "Prudence and I can go hunt him down ourselves if you want."
  42.     Josephine St.Pierre:    Josephine St.Pierre snapped her head up at Cherrel, "And leave our town undefended? No, there's a better option..."
  43.     Cherrel Harkness:   Cherrel Harkness turned slowly to your group, "Perhaps..." Cherrel Harkness nodded to Josephine, "I'll leave you to it. I'm going to check on Prudence."
  44.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Hello Cherrel."
  45.     Cherrel Harkness:   Cherrel Harkness gave a slight bow before stepping over to the exit, nodding to you all as she did, "Lotus." Cherrel Harkness stepped outside and walked away, a woman on a mission.
  46.     Chloe Blanchett:    "...at least she's walking around outside how." Chloe said after she left.
  47.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Miss St.Pierre... Long time no see. I know you called for us, but...I feel like we came at a bad time?"
  48.     Josephine St.Pierre:    "No better time, I'd think." Josephine St.Pierre stood from her desk and picked up an image of a middle-aged man in a business suit and looked it over, "Our town has a problem with someone who refers to themselves as Infiltrator Man. He seems dead set on ending our settlement and everyone in it." Josephine St.Pierre hands the image to you all.
  49.     Infiltrator Man:    Cast Map
  50.     Infiltrator Man:    Handout (click this)
  51. DNA:    Sean Sullivan, that is one huge picture.
  52.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Sounds dangerous. Is he the one behind the attacks?"
  53. Avara:  back
  54. Avara:  catching up
  55.     Natasha:    Gen Edu 5d6 , perhaps I've seen or heard of this guy before?
  56.     Josephine St.Pierre:    "He hasn't displayed any particular abilities outside of the norm for a human, except extreme persistence." Josephine St.Pierre sighed heavily, "He claims that settlements like ours are a blight upon our planet and must be wiped out in order to have a brighter future and its his goal to make sure that happens. Fairview isn't the first nor will it be the last." Josephine St.Pierre scoffed.
  57.     Natasha:    Supposed to be a whisper, but oh well.
  58. Josephine St.Pierre whispers: You have no idea who this man is.
  59. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: ...That was fast.
  60.     Chloe Blanchett:    "That's crazy... did he say why he thinks it is a blight?"
  61.     Jennifer Attaway:   Knowledge check on Infiltrator Man. Anything that might be known.
  62.     Saturn Rosewell:    "It's...not the first? Where did he already do this to!? Any clues? Patterns? Behaviors?"
  63.     Josephine St.Pierre:    Josephine St.Pierre shook her head, "He didn't. But he's been riling up strange Pokémon and convincing them to attack us to the death ever since. He's made a few appearances himself but never got directly involved in the conflict." Josephine St.Pierre rubbed the bridge of her nose, "He's even managed to injure Prudence enough that Norman forced her into bedrest."
  64.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...What do you mean, 'strange'?"
  65.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Have any of the strange pokemon been captured or questioned?"
  66. * Jennifer Attaway waits for more info, trying to wrack her own mind for anything relevant.
  67.     Josephine St.Pierre:    "No, we haven't captured any of them. They're strange in the sense that we've never seen them before and that they all seemed to have the ability to walk along walls and teleport. All of them, no matter how incredibly different they were in type or appearance."
  68.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Dexter Wales, an old robotics genius before the Calamity. He doesn't want humans using Pokemon as weapons, companions or pets. Basically... total division of the species, which is impossible to begin with."
  69.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn looks at Jennifer agape. "How on earth did you know th--?"
  70.     Josephine St.Pierre:    Josephine St.Pierre blinks at Jennifer, "Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time."
  71.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Knowing things is part of making stories and putting on shows. It's my job."
  72.     Chloe Blanchett:    Has Chloe heard the name before? Gen Ed
  73.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I recognized the picture." She shrugs.
  74.     Natasha:    Human-Hoenn: "Oh yeah. She's a keeper."
  75.     Jennifer Attaway:   "So, does anything from the pokemon he's altered match up with Wales' old tech?"
  76.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Or maybe they're machines made to look like creatures."
  77.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Walking along walls and teleporting aren't exactly commonplace abilities even among Pokémon, so it's possible..."
  78.     Josephine St.Pierre:    Josephine St.Pierre shrugs, "I never used any products from Wales. So I couldn't say. He wasn't popular in Kanto. Not with Samuel Oak advocating for people and Pokemon to get more accustomed to one another."
  79.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I imagine not, no."
  80. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Would a Tech Edu check be relevant at all to see if they could find out what kind of machines he's using, or would I actually require a sample of his work to do that?
  81.     Alsine:     "Likely. If he loathes the use of pokemon only to use them, that is within the limits normal human hypocricy. If these are pokemon displaying unusual traits, that makes it all the more likely that they are not pokemon."
  82.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Either way, we should try to find out where he's operating from and shut him down."
  83. Josephine St.Pierre whispers: You'd need a basis: such as a sample, yes.
  84.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Any way they could be traced? If they are machines, after all..."
  85. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: I thought so.
  86.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Which direction do the attacks come from? And what vehicles does he use, if any? Any noticable armor or heavy equipment that might make distinct tracks..."
  87.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Do they come from any particular direction, when they attack? We might be able to intercept any attack parties on the way."
  88.     Josephine St.Pierre:    "You want to talk to Norman or Cherrel about that." Josephine St.Pierre paused before looking your group over, tears forming in her eyes, "I just want to say thank you."
  89. * Jennifer Attaway gestures to offer Josephine a hug. "We're just doing what's right."
  90.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Th-thank us!?" Saturn reacted, awkward as ever. "F-For what...? We haven't been here in weeks..."
  91.     Josephine St.Pierre:    Josephine St.Pierre hesitates before accepting the hug from Jennifer before nodding to Saturn, "You're selflessly helping my town. Thanking you is the very least I can do - though it isn't the least I intend to do."
  92.     Josephine St.Pierre:    "Cherrel and Norman are likely at Prudence's house. She lives just behind me."
  93. * Jennifer Attaway holds the hug for a bit before letting go, nodding. "Alright. We'll head over there now."
  94.     Natasha:    HH: "Don't worry, Saturn. We'll beat up those marauding machines. Then you won't feel awkward for being thanked."
  95.     Gentleman Starly:   Gentleman Starly flies into the house and looks everyone over before giving a low-bird-like bow, "Greetings and salutations my good fellows."
  96.     Josephine St.Pierre:    Josephine St.Pierre stares blankly up at the Starly.
  97.     Natasha:    HH: "This one speaks Kantonese!"
  98.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe turned and curtsied almost as a reflex.
  99. * Jennifer Attaway turns to look at Gentleman Starly.
  100.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Oh, it's you! ...Wait, you're a different one. Hi!"
  101.     Gentleman Starly:   "I have with me a parcel for one: Rosewell, Saturn." Gentleman Starly looks about and recognizes Saturn, "Ah, there is the good lady!" Gentleman Starly flies down before Saturn and bows again, "My lady Saturn, for you." Gentleman Starly presents the parcel to Saturn.
  102.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Thank you very much!" She accepts the parcel, curtseying in response. "...I should probably read the letter so I can write back right away, shouldn't I?"
  103.     Natasha:    HH: "I hope he has more cookies!"
  104.     Gentleman Starly:   "Indeed." Gentleman Starly sits quietly on the floor and noticeably relaxes, "But take your time, my lady. It is quite the trip and I do believe I will rest before I begin back."
  105.     Saturn Rosewell:    "That's okay. We still have a few people to talk to anyway. But I promise not to waste your time."
  106.     Josephine St.Pierre:    "...We should invest in a mailing system like that." Josephine St.Pierre rubs her chin thoughtfully.
  107.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...Carrier Starly, you mean?" Saturn turns to Josephine.
  108.     Josephine St.Pierre:    "Flight mailing, is what I meant. Not necessarily Starly themselves but I wouldn't be all that picky."
  109.     Jennifer Attaway:   "That would be a pretty useful system to have all around Kanto, honestly."
  110.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...Maybe I should ask him how he does it. If it works for a traveler like him, it should work for a settlement."
  111.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Oh, whoops! We should go talk to Norman and Cherrel. I can think of what to write back while we gather info."
  112.     Alsine:     "Burrowers might even be safer. They are much harder to see in the sky."
  113.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Right! We should go."
  114. * Natasha flew up ahead and held the door open for the rest of the party.
  115. * Jennifer Attaway will lead the way.
  116.     Chronicler:     Exiting the house you can immediately turn to see Prudecen's residence. It has been completely repaired and reinforced. The door is unlocked and thus easy to enter. When you do Cherrel instantly enters the main hall and looks you all over before motioning for you to follow her into the bedchamber.
  117.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe follows along quickly.
  118. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Intuition 6d6+2 . What's Cherrel feeling like? What kind of thoughts are going through her head?
  119. * Jennifer Attaway will follow as well.
  120. * Saturn Rosewell follows suit.
  121.     Cherrel Harkness:   Cherrel Harkness steps into the bedchamber where both her and Norman's child remains, lying quietly in its carrier. Norman stands over Prudence, who lies unconscious and heavily bandaged in her bed.
  122. Avara:  is it all injuries, or are there any status conditions in play?
  123. Cherrel Harkness whispers: She's alert and stressed, more so than the last time you saw her.
  124.     Saturn Rosewell:    "H-...How long until she recovers?"
  125. Chronicler: (( Sorry, kayla just got home. ))
  126. DNA:    I knew breaking the silence would do something!
  127.     Chronicler:     You can see that Prudence has 8 injuries currently and has recovered from at least one in the past 24 hours. Outside of that she doesn't appear to be suffering from anything else.
  128.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... is she going to be okay?"
  129.     Chloe Blanchett:    "It will be at least two days before can walk around without hurting herself, and that's pushing it."
  130.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We had some questions about the attackers. Where they came from, what they might be wearing, any distinctive tracks they might have. Vehicles or tools."
  131.     Norman Harkness:    Norman Harkness breaks his attention away from Prudence and looks to your group, "Long time no see, Lotus."
  132. Norman Harkness: (( back officially now. Had to get Emi to come play downstairs. ))
  133. DNA:    You have STAIRS!?
  134.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((She has a very skinny house))
  135. DNA:    Ohhhhhh, I get it
  136.     Norman Harkness:    Norman Harkness nods to Chloe's assessment, "Chloe has the right of it. Which is precisely why I've drugged Prudence so she'll stay more or less asleep."
  137.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...'More or less'?"
  138.     Norman Harkness:    "As far as our attackers go, they just sort of 'appeared' in town through long range teleportation. So we have no idea where they appeared from."
  139.     Chloe Blanchett:    "If she pushes herself as soon as she can stand, she'd be right back in bed." Chloe sighed, and gave Norman a smile, "It might be inappropriate to say with everything going on, but I'm really glad to see you getting along well here. I was worried about you and your family."
  140.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We heard they were strange pokemon. What kind of bodyshape did they have?"
  141.     Norman Harkness:    Norman Harkness waved dismissively at Chloe, "I have you to thank for that. This town has been nothing but helpful and accepting."
  142.     Norman Harkness:    "They were all humanshape. Possibly deformed, I'm not sure. Its the first I've encountered those species so I can't say if anything about them was natural. But they were all humanshape for sure. The Infiltrator Man himself, however, descended in from above on a large balloon."
  143.     Norman Harkness:    "I do mean that. A balloon. Not a Pokémon or anything. An honest-to-arceus balloon."
  144.     Cherrel Harkness:   "I bit his head off."
  145.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Wait, his creatures all teleported in from somewhere else, but the mastermind shows up in a balloon?"
  146.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Which direction did the balloon come from? And... if you bit his head off, does that mean the pokemon are doing this on their own now, or did he regrow it somehow?"
  147.     Chloe Blanchett:    "The infiltrator Man was a figure in developing Curcuit Ball, which involved humans wearing augmentation armor." Chloe crossed her arms and nodded with a smirk, "I suspected they might have been humanshape! He might just be using human lackies in suits."
  148.     Norman Harkness:    "The balloon came in from the up. No one saw where exactly it came from."
  149.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Teleportation isn't long-range unless you have some kind of large mechanism for it. So these creatures probably can't teleport on their own... Maybe the balloon had something to do with it?"
  150.     Natasha:    Human-Hoenn: "Ooh, you think so?" Natasha turned to Chloe, eager to hear more of her theory.
  151.     Jennifer Attaway:   "So... there's no way to be sure where they're coming from?"
  152.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Has anyone here watched Curcuit Ball?" Chloe asked, she was a bit young before sports took a hit (with the rest of the world) but tries to recall what she had seen. General Education. "There might be a clue in the rules of the game."
  153. Avara:  Knowledge Check on Circuit Ball?
  154.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I...I don't think so. I didn't have much TV or anything in my house growing up..."
  155.     Cherrel Harkness:   "When I bit his head off he disappeared. Like a clone."
  156.     Norman Harkness:    "There was a lot of chaos happening during the time so no one else saw it happen."
  157.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Then there is a chance they aren't... 'beings' at all."
  158.     Natasha:    "...Bunshin," Natasha stroked her chin. HH: "Or illusions."
  159.     Norman Harkness:    "However, when the pokemon retreated they did teleport out but they were doing frequent teleportations so Saturns theory has some truth to it. Maybe there's tracks somewhere around town to give an idea where they went."
  160.     Alsine:     Alsine considers magic, though most of this conversation has been going over her head. Occult, what kind of magic could make the described effects of teleportation and vanishing minions.
  161.     Cherrel Harkness:   "No, wasn't an illusion. He was solid when I bit him."
  162.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Natasha thinks it might have been a Double Team thing. Those copies are solid until damaged."
  163.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Did you notice anything when they fled? Did they all go in one direction, or in different ones?"
  164.     Norman Harkness:    "They were all teleporting away so I couldn't tell."
  165.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Hmm... I guess I'll have to look for signs. I might be able to retrace their steps, if only a little."
  166.     Cherrel Harkness:   "The majority of them were heading northeast, but not all of them did."
  167.     Jennifer Attaway:   "You were asking about circuitball, right? I know a bit about it, but I don't think there's any hints I can get from it right now. We'll have to head into town to look around.\"
  168.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Long range escapes are harder than long ranged assaults. I think. We could look outside of the town and see if their tracks start meeting up."
  169.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Alright. Hopefully we can find a way to intercept them or attack them before they come back... I don't want to use the only back-up strategy I can think of to stop them."
  170.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I've been a bit quiet this whole time because I'm not sure what I should do." Miss Nobody 'Inbee' fidgeted a bit, "If you guys are going to investigate this thing should I come with you or should I stay here to help defend the town in case another attack hits while you're away?"
  171.     Cherrel Harkness:   "I'm sorry, who are you?"
  172.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Nobody."
  173. DNA:    ...lol
  174.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I'd prefer if you stuck around to defend the town. I'll leave some of my team behind too."
  175. DNA:    I should have seen that one coming
  176.     Cherrel Harkness:   Cherrel Harkness turns to the rest of the group, "Who is this woman?"
  177.     Chloe Blanchett:    "She is chronically nicknamed Inbee. And hasn't complained yet."
  178.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn giggles. "That's her name. 'Nobody'."
  179.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "It is a better name, admittedly."
  180.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Does anyone in town have any experience working alongside pokemon?"
  181.     Cherrel Harkness:   Cherrel Harkness looks back at Inbee and nods, "It is better than 'Nobody'."
  182.     Chloe Blanchett:    "She's really dependable."
  183.     Norman Harkness:    "The people here don't, with the exception of Prudence here. She used to be a Pokémon Trainer at the Cerulean city Gym."
  184.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Mn... that's not so good. Like I said, I'm thinking of leaving some of my Pokemon here for defense. I was hoping to leave them with a trainer, but..." she shrugs. "Anything's better than nothing."
  185.     Cherrel Harkness:   "I'll take all the help I can get."
  186.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Sorry we keep getting distracted by these investigations Inbee." Chloe said. Though she knew the heroic to a fault Inbee completely understood without it being said. It was a nice thing to say regardless.
  187.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "You don't have to apologize for that."
  188. * Jennifer Attaway hands over the Pokeballs for Ruby and Maya. "My only other pokemon has some anger problems, so he might not be safe to keep around. On the other hand, he's a bit of an offensive powerhouse..." she thinks it over.
  189. Avara:  leave all three pokemon behind, or no? working towards Jovvam
  190.     Cherrel Harkness:   "You'll need something for yourself so be sure to keep a few, there."
  191. Cherrel Harkness: (( Jovvam takes time for the summons, keep that in mind. ))
  192. Chloe:  that will leave you with only level 1 espers. Which is bad.
  193.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I have my friends, but yeah. I'll hang onto Raijin."
  194. Avara:  ... oh, damn. do summons arrive at level 1?
  195. DNA:    Jennifer has a Thundurus!?
  196. * DNA shot.
  197. Cherrel Harkness: (( I'd never make you have LV1 espers ))
  198. * Jennifer Attaway hands over Ruby and Maya!
  199. DNA:    I'm assuming a baseline or average level for acquisition. GM isn't that mean.
  200. Cherrel Harkness: (( They come in avg LV. ))
  201. DNA:    The whole point of acquiring something new is to actually use it, so you won't get anything at LV1.
  202. * Avara hugs everyone
  203. DNA:    wow we are a long way away from PR1
  204. * Jennifer Attaway gives a basic covering of the pokemon and their moves and such.
  205.     Cherrel Harkness:   Cherrel Harkness accepts both of those Pokémon and nods a thanks to Jennifer.
  206. Chloe:  I can agree with this, though Chloe's highest isn't counted toward average (alsine) so there's still some undercut. But that was a worry of mine.
  207.     Natasha:    Have no fear! I push everything up!
  208.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We'll be walking around town for a while. I hope it isn't snowing."
  209.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I think we'll be alright."
  210.     Norman Harkness:    "I wish you the best of luck in tracking this bastard down."
  211.     Cherrel Harkness:   "I think this goes without saying but if you find him. Deal with him."
  212.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Hm, if you're doing that, then..." Saturn pulls out a Poke Ball of her own, "take this one too. She's an excellent cook and is pretty well-read in the occult as well. Not so much of a fighter, but...I'm sure you'll find some use for her."
  213.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe wraps up in her warmer clothes before setting out into the town. Looking for strange footprints and signs of skirmish, hoping they are still fresh enough to find. Perception!
  214. * Jennifer Attaway nods.
  215. Miss Nobody 'Inbee': (( Dammit Chloe ))
  216. DNA:    lol
  217.     Cherrel Harkness:   "Many thanks, Lotus."
  218.     Alsine:     "Master Chloe isn't comfortable ending lives. But if this man is as you say, I'm sure he will end up an exception."
  219.     Cherrel Harkness:   "If that is the case, confine him and bring him here for justice. The people of Fairview can decide what to do with him."
  220.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I let someone teleport and get away before. I'm not in the mood to mess up again."
  221.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' looks away, "No. Killing isn't a job of a hero. But it does lead to more suffering..."
  222.     Natasha:    HH: "It's...not the job of a Hero?"
  223.     Natasha:    HH: "Suddenly I have second thoughts..."
  224.     Chronicler:     The sort of Perception Chloe is performing takes time so while the conversation is still happening at Prudence's residence I'll hold off on results.
  225.     Jennifer Attaway:   "We have options for nonlethal takedowns."
  226.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Its not the kind of hero I try to be, Natasha."
  227. Chloe:  ((Tooootally a shift action))
  228. DNA:    dat scavenger
  229.     Alsine:     ((Yeah, I don't care if its longer because of what it is))
  230.     Natasha:    HH: "...That's right. Saturn has other options. Phew."
  231.     Chronicler:     Even if you argue its a shift action, it'll be so many shift actions to search an area that it'll tally up to being several hours.
  232.     Alsine:     "I don't think it is what any of us try to be."
  233.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "Go do hero things, guys. We'll keep the town safe."
  234.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Alright. Good luck, everyone." Jen will go join the search for Clues.
  235.     Alsine:     "Good luck." Alsine bowed out of the room to follow behind Chloe.
  236.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...All right. Thanks. ...Don't die. Please." Saturn sheepishly hurries out of the room, to search as well.
  237. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Do I need to make Perception checks separate to her, or is it just a scavenger hunt with us all together? Also how long does it take?
  238. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: If you're searching separately from her it'll be separate checks. If you're searching with her it'll be an assisted check.
  239. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Assisted check just being an add-on of 2 to her roll, with no roll of my own?
  240. Miss Nobody 'Inbee' whispers: You need to succeed a DC10 to assist. In the same skill she used.
  241.     Chronicler:     I am going to assume the group is searching together?
  242.     Chronicler:     More so, Chloe searching and Jennifer and Saturn assisting?
  243.     Alsine:     sure!
  244. Avara:  sounds good, yeah
  245.     Chronicler:     I need Perceptions from both Jennifer and Saturn then.
  246. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Challenge accepted! Spending 1 AP to make sure the assist succeeds, Perception 3d6+2+2 DC10 !
  247. Avara:  Perception Check
  248.     Saturn Rosewell:    Just whispered it to you. GM'd it to be safe.
  249.     Chronicler:     The group will search the boundaries and work outward around Fairview. There's a distinct lack of wild Pokémon in the immediate area compared to when you were last here - most likely scared off from the recent battle.
  250. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Intuition 6d6+2+2 as well, spending 1 AP. Looking for signs of life!
  251.     Chronicler:     You stumble across strange footprints spread about 11-meters apart each around the town and more of them collect around the north-northeastish parts of the towns borders.
  252. DNA:    By 11 metres apart, you mean that each pair of footprints is spaced 11m apart, or that each stride is 11m long?
  253.     Chloe Blanchett:    "It looks like they were right. But this might be another layer of misdirection. Lets hope we can stay on this trail."
  254.     Chronicler:     Following the density of the tracks you see that it leads into the woods northeast and after some point the creatures seem to stop teleporting as the tracks begin growing shorter in range and very badly cover their tracks in the woods. You can see foliage damage and broken twigs leading quite clearly in a single direction from a large group.
  255.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Now that's odd. Why would they stop teleport striding here?"
  256.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Saving power? Feeling safe?"
  257.     Chloe Blanchett:    "They must be confident they wouldn't be followed. Either that or a trap."
  258.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I'm inclined to believe it's a trap. If it were me, and I didn't want to be followed, I wouldn't stop warping."
  259. Avara:  brb
  260.     Chloe Blanchett:    "They have been moving together for a while now. So the best idea is to figure out what direction they are going, and follow alongside at a distance."
  261.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn nods in affirmation.
  262.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe enacts this plan. She finds the direction the path goes, then finds the furthest away she can keep it in sight. She does so while also keeping an eye on what is comming up ahead. "Follow a bit behind me. I'll scout ahead just a bit, to give us a better chance at finding them before they find us. Watch out for drones, this guy was known to make them. If I were him, I would be using them to scout around any base of opporation." Chloe snuck out ahead and enacted her plan. Alsine staying behind with the others. Perception is and Stealth is
  263.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((walking parallel to the tracks))
  264.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn stays as well, dead silent, but keeps her eyes locked on Chloe to see where she goes.
  265. Avara:  back
  266. * Jennifer Attaway does as Saturn does.
  267. DNA:    I didn't know Jennifer had the Dead Silent capability ;P
  268. * Avara bops DNA on the head
  269. Avara:  not dead silent, but staying quiet as she can
  270. * DNA deserved that.
  271.     Chronicler:     Now would probably be best to halt.
  272.     Chloe Blanchett:    Sounds good
  273. Avara:  wheee~
  274. DNA:    Seems like a nice juncture. Probably because whatever we find will be big. ...Damn, I miss the void pockets.
  275. DNA:    Anyway, cashout?
  276.     Chronicler:     TXP: 2
  277. PKMN XP: 55.
  278. Eclipse:    TL 20.7
  279. DNA:    I didn't expect I'd be able to give away the Wobbuffet that easily.
  280. Chloe is disconnected.
  281. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  282. You have disconnected.
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