[TLH/SinKid] Liby and Gloom do nerd stuff

Aug 8th, 2018
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  1. >"No way!" Gloom exclaimed. "You play DnD too?"
  2. >Liby pushed the hefty rulebook back in place on the shelf. "Yeah, a little. I mostly run it, though."
  3. >"That's so cool~! I've always wanted to play but nobody seems to want to."
  4. >"Well, I've been thinking of running a campaign for family, you're welcome to join too."
  5. >Gloom's eyes sparkled. "Really?!"
  6. >Liby nodded. Gloom squealed and wrapped her in a tight hug.
  7. >"Thank you!"
  8. >Gloom let her go and she spent a moment catching her breath. "I've got some time, you wanna do some character gen?"
  9. >---
  10. >"So I add my Con bonus to ten?"
  11. >"Yep."
  12. >Gloom had decided that her first character would be a gnome paladin. Certainly an unusual combination, and she would never had picked Gloom to be the Paladin type.
  13. >What surprised her the most, though, was how quickly she was picking it up.
  14. >Gloom jotted down something on a sheet of paper. "Neat. What now?"
  15. >Liby skimmed through the handbook. It had been a while since she had run 5th Edition DnD, normally she ran Pathfinder. "Well, we've done most of the technical stuff, I think all that's left is equipment and what your paladin's like as a person."
  16. >"Are you running a pre-existing story or your own one?" Gloom asked as she took the handbook and flicked to the equipment section.
  17. >Liby paused. "M-my own. Is that okay with you?"
  18. >Gloom looked up with that same sparkle in her eyes. "Of course it is!" She leaned in, propping her head in her hands. "Tell me about it."
  19. >"Well, where would you like me to start?"
  20. >The two of them spend the next three hours talking about Liby's world, and only stopped because Gloom's mum had to leave.
  21. >Before the two of them got into their car, Gloom turned back to Liby and waved. "See ya later, Liby!"
  22. >"See ya next week." Liby waved back as they drove off.
  23. >"I'm happy you two get along." Luan said, placing a hand on Liby's shoulder. "That would've made things awkward with Maggie."
  24. >"Yeah." Liby frowned. "Dang it."
  25. >"Hm?"
  26. >"We forgot to finish her character."
  27. [written June 19 '18]
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