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  1. Kippie06/12/2017
  2. Hey I just woke up but are you alright?
  3. The chat's in a tizzy and worried so I'm checking
  4. zrse06/12/2017
  5. yeaah. you totally removed me. it's okay
  6. Kippie06/12/2017
  7. I just forgot to do it from before that's all
  8. You seemed upset, do you need someone to talk to?
  9. zrse06/12/2017
  10. I was just hurt when some emojis bthat I made was just deleted without my consent but I guess people needed change that's why
  11. I know it's a minor thing but I had my time doing those and then just deleted just like that but oh well people don't use it anymore so why bother
  12. Kippie06/12/2017
  13. Ahh I see, yeah it can be difficult to manage which ones are  most useful when there's limited space
  14. zrse06/12/2017
  15. I also deleted some messages posted there earlier before you read it because it's hurtful for me to read those and then I remembered it's not good thing to vent things out as you pinned it
  16. I guess my time wasn't appreciated.
  17. Kippie06/12/2017
  18. That's definitely not the right way to read into anything going on, you know that
  19. zrse06/12/2017
  20. I am planning to talk with Ria when she gets online but I decided not to
  21. Kippie06/12/2017
  22. You were appreciated and if chat worrying about you is any indication, we care about you. The emojis weren't the biggest contribution to the community in everyone's eyes - it was your presence and your helpfulness everywhere else. You were one of the first people to help translate what event was happening and clarify what everything meant, you helped newbies, you chatted with people.
  23. I'm sure the emojis were a lot of hard work, but trust me, no one thinks you were just those emojis and everyone really will miss you being around more often, just like they said when you hung up your hat.
  24. zrse06/12/2017
  25. I'm at most of my mistake here so it's my fault KIppie I admit it..
  26. Kippie06/12/2017
  27. I don't need you to admit fault! I just want to help you feel better and settle down.
  28. zrse06/12/2017
  29. my God the feeling of getting bullied online is really not a good thing..I am crying
  30. Kippie06/12/2017
  31. You're still our friend, I don't think Ria did it with the intention of bullying you
  32. zrse06/12/2017
  33. nope not her, its just some people from general
  34. Kippie06/12/2017
  35. OOF not from anyone on the discord, is it?
  36. I will have Strong Words with them if so!
  37. zrse06/12/2017
  38. there are 2 but I decided not to kicked them because Im not a MOD anymore and I entrusted the matters to you three
  39. Kippie06/12/2017
  40. what're their usernames? I'll keep an eye out for bad behavior
  41. zrse06/12/2017
  42. I think they are good people but because of the wrong thing I did, it got further like there was no way out for me to escape even though I apologized. Good thing there was one person (Sumyna) who was so understanding and I was so ashamed of myself that's why I deleted some messages there. You can get those caps from Sofi if you like when you have time but I decided not to speak their names to silence everything
  43. Kippie06/12/2017
  44. Please let me know the usernames, I'm not going to punish everyone since there's mostly confusion but I want to keep track of who might get in trouble in the future, that's all
  45. zrse06/12/2017
  46. okay.. please let this be a secret between us okay? Can I trust you?
  47. Kippie06/12/2017
  48. Of course you can, I won't rat you out
  49. zrse06/12/2017
  50. please..... okay it's Crossy and 悪魔モブ
  51. Kippie06/12/2017
  52. Alright, thank you.  I'm going to keep an eye out, skim over what happened.  This incident we're just going to set aside, alright?
  53. Just remember that you were very appreciated as a mod, and everyone right now is worrying about it.
  54. zrse06/12/2017
  55. yeah.. I'm so sorry for what I did.. please tell the other 2 mods to not be bothered about this okay
  56. Kippie06/12/2017
  57. It's fine hon, no hard feelings!
  58. I have no idea what time it is for you, but maybe go grab a bite to eat or go rest for a while and don't let stress overtake you, yeah?
  59. We love our former mod Teru, don't fret c:
  60. zrse06/12/2017
  61. Uhm anyway I just sent an email to mobpuz team asking if we can have an anniversary gift as a bonus since they are 2 or 3 months away before they have their 1 year anniversary and they replied that they will be working on it in the future. How I wish
  62. by the way the anniversary gift that I asked is about diamonds
  63. okay :smile:
  64. Kippie06/12/2017
  65. CUTE that's exciting!
  66. But yeah jsyk I'm sure that all three of us remaining mods are here and ready for you to talk to them if you're ever concerned or upset, alright?
  67. zrse06/12/2017
  68. its the first time they replied to me haha
  69. Kippie06/12/2017
  70. Not a single one of us hates you
  71. We're here for you if something makes you upset
  72. Even if it's us, lmao
  73. zrse06/12/2017
  74. okay... If I know something, I will help you. Please tell the other Mods as well
  75. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  76. Kippie06/12/2017
  77. I sure will! Now go chill for a while, got it?? It's your mission to do something nice for yourself today!
  78. zrse06/12/2017
  79. thanks :smiley:
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