WoC + HeXercise Changelog

Jan 9th, 2014
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  1. Download:
  2. 1.032 Hotfix
  3. - Second time's the charm - fixed the hammer immobility bug.
  4. - Fixed Serpent Staff drain.
  6. 1.032 Changelog
  7. - Fixed the Hammer of Retribution getting the player stuck occasionally when alt-fire is used (I think).
  8. - Fixed not being able to Mighty Blow or Death Blow while using the Axe & Hammer
  9. - Tweaked Mighty Blow to have a new animation and push targets back based on strength and Mighty Blow skill rank (almost unnoticeable pushback at level 1). Credits of the sprites used go to Crudux Cruo.
  11. 1.031 Changelog
  12. - Fixed being able to life drain from invulnerable targets with the serpent staff
  13. - Changed essence drain again - it drains magick now instead and does less damage
  14. - Scrapped crazy projectile deflection; cleric shield now deflects projectiles normally. Wand secondary no longer affects projectiles, since there's not much point in using it to deflect them (it makes you stand still) and I can't make them get absorbed without the crazy bullshit from before.
  16. 1.03 Changelog
  17. - Fighter can now hit ghosts with Timon's Axe, provided he has mana. This should make playing through Heretic levels bearable.
  18. - Cleric can now deflect projectiles towards their shooter with his shield, and they get a damage and speed boost based on his strength when he does. This may be a little finicky, but it works. This works with all projectiles from Hexen (see known issues); however, this will NOT work if you are playing on a WAD with custom monsters and they shoot custom projectiles, unless WoC replaces those custom monster spawn points and spawns normal monsters anyway. Basically, don't play on WADs with custom monsters with this mod on, because it would cause problems even without this change (and they wouldn't scale up with your level anyway).
  19. - Mage's wand secondary has a name: Essence Drain. This attack will now allow you to drain some life from those you hit with it. If you time it correctly, you can absorb the very energy, be it kinetic or otherwise, within a projectile about to hit you and convert it to health. The health absorbed depends on the damage that the projectile does. If you absorb a Cyberdemon's rocket, expect to get full health, but if you don't, well, yeah. Also, the puffs appear only when you're actually hitting monsters now.
  20. - Buffed Arc of Death secondary a bit, it has standard chance to cause pain now and costs 2 mana per tic instead of 3. It's still costly, but it should be; it's a last resort for close combat, which mages are not supposed to be good at, at least not for extended periods of time.
  21. - Removed the "double puff" effect from Arc of Death's secondary. (Most people probably won't be able to tell, but you'll be rendering half the puffs)
  22. - Fixed Cleric's shield graphic not being paletted correctly in non-Hexen games
  24. Known Issues:
  25. - The Cleric's deflection and the Mage's absorption of projectiles doesn't seem to work with Doom (and possibly Heretic). Sorry about that, I really don't know why. I wanted to release this, though, and I'll try to figure out what the discrepancy is in the meantime.
  27. 1.021 Changelog
  28. - Fixed Sapphire Wand secondary not dealing damage (seriously have no idea what the deal with that is)
  29. - Fixed Quietus' slash pattern not matching up to the green puffs.
  31. 1.02 Changelog
  33. - Tweaked Frost Shards' secondary again, this time it's 3 shards for every 2 mana.
  34. - Added invulnerability to the cleric's shield reflect so you don't try to reflect a projectile only to still get damaged by it. Unfortunately for scrubs, you can't spam the shield deflect move.
  35. - Reduced the cost of Firestorm secondary (another thing I forgot)
  36. - Serpent Staff finally behaves the way I fucking want it to, after I realized I should probably be using the RPG's heal script instead of trying to come up with one myself.
  37. - Fighter punches should behave properly now; they were skipping their impact/hit states because I assigned the wrong puff to their attack, making them punch "through" enemies and giving the strong punch a higher attack speed
  38. - Fixed Axe & Hammer not being obtained once you get Timon's Axe and Hammer of Retribution.
  39. - Made it so that the Axe & Hammer are the first weapon selected when you push 1 (as opposed to the spiked gauntlets)
  42. 1.01 Changelog
  44. - Somehow, I managed to mix up the regular Sapphire Wand bolt (the one that rips) and the weaker one's scaling. Fixed that so that mashing your mouse like a fucking maniac wasn't the only viable use of that weapon.
  45. - Added scaling to the Wand's secondary.
  46. - Reduced Frost Shards' secondary cost to 1 instead of 2 - that was a holdover from heXercise, which had way more powerful individual shards. Also made it accurate, since it's still less mana-efficient than primary fire (12 shards for 6 mana as opposed to the full 15 shards for 6 mana, and they don't all come out at once), so you're basically trading mana for accuracy.
  47. - Fixed the Arc of Death secondary fire costing way too much mana (I forgot to change that from WoC default), and buffed it a bit, since I noticed it was useless at level 12.
  48. - Buffed Arc of Death primary fire. It can bounce off walls now, and travels faster, so it's less likely that you'll waste mana missing (because I personally find it a pain in the ass to hit things with it half the time). The bouncing occasionally causes the top and bottom nodes of the arc to desynchronize (which results in them dying out), but it still helps.
  49. - Nerfed Serpent Staff drain damage slightly
  52. Changelog from WoC:
  54. - Changed out all of the weapons for the heXercise versions. Check that thread if you want to know what they all do.
  56. Fighter
  57. - In a nutshell, the fighter is much more melee-focused. He can output a shitload more damage in melee now than he could before, even at the start of the game, but Timon's Axe doesn't have a ranged alt-fire once again. His attack speed with all weapons is improved substantially.
  58. - Added the Axe and Hammer (from heXercise), which is a straight upgrade for the spiked gauntlets. Goes in slot 1. Only available once you've gotten both Timon's Axe and the Hammer of Retribution.
  59. - Made Axe's strength scaling a tiny bit better when it's out of mana to give it an edge (zing!) over the gauntlets' normal punch, thus making the Axe & Hammer a more worthy upgrade.
  60. - Changed Quietus's projectile damage to use the ranged strength code instead of the intellect code, because, seriously? Fuck that. Don't need no book learnin'. I also found it silly that there was actually an incentive to train intellect; now, the only incentive is mana capacity, and if you're a real man, you don't need no mana, neither.
  61. - Quietus can't be used without mana, period. Sorry. Hope you like dual wielding!
  62. - On the plus side, Quietus costs less mana to use (roughly half).
  64. Cleric
  65. - The cleric is still good all-around. He is good at melee, but easily surpassed by the fighter. He's good at ranged, but can be out-bursted by the mage. His "X factor" comes in the utility he gains from his weapons that other classes do not, as well as his innate divine magic which he brings out through sheer zeal and force of will.
  66. - The mace does the tiniest bit more damage and swings faster. It puts it about on par with spiked gauntlets' primary fire.
  67. - The serpent staff now scales with Willpower, including the life drain. Yes, willpower, because it differentiates clerics from mages more and makes you split your stats between Willpower (for damage) and Intellect (for ammo), inherently making you worse at ranged than mages are. Which is how it's supposed to be.
  68. - Firestorm is buffed (scales better) and now also scales with Willpower. The small flames that explode from the point of impact rip. Careful you don't burn yourself.
  69. - Wraithverge is nerfed a bit. You have to charge it briefly to fire all four ghosts like you normally would, and the ghosts are released straight from the Wraithverge; there's no direct-hit splash projectile. However, there is a "rocket" secondary that does a shitheap of direct (and splash - watch yourself) damage, so you have to choose one or the other. Like the rest, the damage scales with Willpower.
  70. - The morningstar's explosion damage scales with - you guessed it - willpower. Of course, the melee damage still scales with strength.
  71. - Lightbringer scales with willpower.
  73. Mage
  74. - The mage is changed the least in playstyle. Just pump up intellect and shit fire on losers.
  75. - You can tap the shit out of your mouse button to shoot the Sapphire Wand fast now, but it's inaccurate and loses ripping when you do so. Hold it down to fire like normal.
  76. - You can deflect projectiles with the wand secondary -- if you time it properly.
  77. - Frost Shards' primary shoots faster because seriously, come on. Also it paled in comparison to the "ice rocket" in regular WoC. That is replaced with an accurate "nailgun" function, which is still pretty damn good, just without the splash (but with more rapid fire). The shards also travel quite a bit faster, to make the nailgun effective at range.
  78. - Arc of Death's weird "falling blue tissue paper" secondary was replaced with one that is basically the Necromancer's Gauntlets, but better. Because mages don't fuck around with flying blue origami.
  79. - Bloodscourge is a fucking carnage machine. The projectiles seek much more viciously and bounce off walls. They only explode after a set duration, which I've tried to balance so that hopefully they're in the middle of your foes when they do, because damn do they explode. It can shoot single fireballs that still ricochet as a secondary now instead of wasting all of your fucking mana for two seconds of flamethrower. This weapon is good to reflect how good the mage is supposed to be in the end-game.
  81. Changelog from heXercise:
  83. - Obviously, you get all the crazy skills and stats from WoC, so you should read that thread. Melee damage has scaling now, based on stats. Enemies also get tougher as you level up.
  85. Fighter
  86. - Fighter doesn't get bloodlust anymore because of all the sustain abilities he gets in WoC.
  87. - He also doesn't get reflection abilities with his gauntlets for the same reason.
  88. - Mana costs were reduced to their vanilla rates because you don't start with 200 mana capacity.
  89. - The Hammer's melee attacks don't hit twice anymore because that was too easy.
  90. - The Hammer's melee attacks explode without hurting you if you have mana.
  91. - Quietus costs about half as much mana to use both melee and ranged.
  93. Cleric
  94. - The shield's bash distance and velocity of the victims scales up based on your strength. This gives strength clerics an interesting bit of utility, since they can cause infighting quite easily or bash enemies off cliffs, rather than just deflect projectiles and give Ettins the babiest of shoves. Distance also goes up with blunt mastery.
  95. - Serpent staff's altfire doesn't hurt you anymore because that was a waste of everyone's time. It also drains about 40% faster (attacks every 6 frames instead of 10)
  96. - If you want to focus ranged, you can pump your "Willpower" stat and get good health and magick regen at the same time as weapon damage, allowing you to be good at casting defensive and utility spells.
  97. - Otherwise, cleric is mostly unchanged, except for scaling added to his weapons.
  99. Mage
  100. - You don't get any of those cool spells at the start in favor of similar spells being obtained through WoC.
  101. - Mana doesn't automatically regen anymore for the same reason.
  102. - Frost shards have the cool ice fog trail from WoC on them now. They also will be a bit less powerful at the beginning (on par with vanilla, really) but they'll scale up. The shards travel slightly slower compared to heXercise.
  103. - Arc of Death has a special accompanying spell that makes it more powerful when you fire it (primary fire only). Tell me if you find any bugs with this. I didn't test it, because I didn't feel like going through the effort required for this ("giving" myself shitloads of experience points, etc)
  104. - Bloodscourge explosion timer is almost half as long. Without the extra burst damage actually hitting things, it was just a shitty Wraithverge.
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