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Jun 12th, 2019
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  1. Cannon city development:
  3. In summer 2018, I was thinking about remaking cannon city to enhance the second version made my the original author.
  4. Later in the year in mid to late October, i was given the original model to build off of as i wanted to keep the track fresh, scaled to the correct size, and still have the same vibe as the original.
  6. MODEL DEV 1 (15k Polys, 8 animations)
  8. Around Early to mid January, the model for it had been completed. It had gone through a heap of changes and now makes the track more open and environmental with adding elements such as grasslands, proper skyscrapers and buildings, flowers, rocky mountains and an overlook of the city after entering 1 of the 2 cannons that used to shoot you into a wall. An SZS file was made with this model around mid March by ZPL (ZPLGaming) and for the most part was well made. However, since the the Author (Me Spyro) forgot to keep track of the poly count, it unfortunately lagged a bit in time trials.
  10. MODEL DEV 2 (8.5K Polys, 5 animations)
  12. After the track lagging in time trials with the old model, I was determined to make the track more functional, visually appealing and more optimised to reduce its lag and improve its visual standard. In April, I started focusing on firstly optimising the course model. I removed all lamp posts, trees (which were then replaced with better ones from Moonview Highway) and high poly bushes and flowers. After that had been done, I looked around for some higher RES textures or better looking ones, and took ones from MK8 and adjusted them to fit the theming and color palette of the track. Once the retexturing had been completed, new objects models and decorations were added at a substantially lower poly count. New and fewer animations were made, and overall was a great improvement over the latter. This version is viewable in NoClip as shown in the media tad on the Wiiki page.
  14. Other things
  16. It is almost complete with the newer version in hand, A few BRRES issues need attending to and the cars and trucks need to be added. once those are done, look out for this being released!
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