KOTH Scare

idkwhy Sep 17th, 2013 362 Never
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  2. You are now chatting with: Brian
  3. 9 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  4. Hi there! Thanks for chatting in, my name is Brian. Who am I chatting with today?
  5. 9 minutes ago You
  6. Gabby
  7. 9 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  8. Hey Gabby! How can I help you tonight?
  9. 8 minutes ago You
  10. I'm actually a netflix member, I just can't call in right now
  11. 8 minutes ago You
  12. I would like to make a complaint .. I notice King of the Hill is being taken off streaming and I would like to request some way to petition it to be brought back
  13. 7 minutes ago You
  14. I'm sending this as feedback really
  15. 7 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  16. Right! You definitely can petition to get it brought back! There is a free petition making service you can Google search for. Big companies like Netflix and Fox react to public wishes.
  17. 6 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  18. So when those petitions come up they will be more likely to fight to have it re added!
  19. 6 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  20. I can notate your feedback here as well if you'd like!
  21. 6 minutes ago You
  22. Please
  23. 6 minutes ago You
  24. King of the Hill is my favorite show
  25. 5 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  26. I like the one where they first meet Khan, and Hank asks him if he is Chinese or Japanese a bunch of times. Hilarious!
  27. 4 minutes ago You
  28. Yess!!! Or the one where Peggy has to teach Bobby's Sex Ed class
  29. 4 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  30. Ahhhhhh yes! An instant classic! Or the one where they go to Mexico for Election Day and they all get Montezuma's revenge.
  31. 3 minutes ago You
  32. OMG! And the one where Peggy brings back a child from mexico without realizing and they think she abducted her!!
  33. 3 minutes ago You
  34. Oh dear, I really hope Netflix is able to negotiate something.
  35. 2 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  36. Me too! I had forgotten how much I love that show!
  37. 2 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  38. I need to rewatch that!
  39. 2 minutes ago You
  40. They removed the 9:30 slot on Adult Swim with the Cleveland Show and it's had me literally depressed
  41. 2 minutes ago You
  42. I feel very out of my comfort zone
  43. 2 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  45. 54 seconds ago You
  46. I know!! I hope Adult Swim's ratings go down
  47. 5 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  48. Yeah, I don't get to watch much cable anyways. If you'd like we do offer a one month free trial of our DVD service too, so you can get a few seasons of King of the Hill in.
  49. 4 minutes ago You
  50. That'd be great! But I already have up to three slots to take out DVDs with my account. Is there any way I could get one extra free slot for a month? Probably not
  51. 3 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  52. I don't have the authority to do that, I was suggesting it because a lot of our streaming customers feel the same way you do except with other titles too.
  53. 3 minutes ago You
  54. Ohh.
  55. 2 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  56. Yeah I completely understand how you feel though. Is there anything else I can help you out with tonight?
  57. You
  58. No, I suppose that's it. :/ How likely do you think it is that they will add it back?
  59. 2 minutes ago Netflix Brian
  60. I've already spoken to a few customers who have had the same feelings you did, so if their fan base is as widespread as I think it is, it is probably very likely.
  61. 3 seconds ago You
  62. That's really comforting to know. Thank you so much. It's really unnerving because it seems everywhere I turn they're trying to can it. But that definitely puts my mind to rest. Thank you again. That's all. :)
  63. Netflix Brian
  64. No problem at all! Glad to have helped, and may the Force be with you! Have a fantastic night, Gabby! And one more thing, if you wouldn’t mind, please stay online for a one question survey.
  65. This chat session has ended.
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